Thursday, November 10, 2022

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Wesley Hunt
Donald Trump Was the Midterm’s Biggest Loser
Russia’s Retreat From Kherson Brings Ukraine One Step Closer to Victory Ukraine has a very clear understanding of what victory will entail....... Ukraine’s victory will require defeating the Russian Army on Ukrainian territory, including in Crimea. Ukraine’s recent advances prove that this is not a distant dream anymore. Russia struggles to control the 800-mile front line that stretches from the Black Sea coast to the northeastern mining cities of Luhansk Oblast. In September, better-trained, well-equipped and highly motivated Ukrainian troops regained the strategic initiative........ To prevail, Kyiv has fought smart, causing the front line to crumble by attacking deep behind enemy lines. U.S.-supplied HIMARS rocket launchers have enabled this strategy. ........ Ukrainian victory without reclamation of Crimea is no Ukrainian victory. ....... For the war to end, a power transfer must happen in the Kremlin. ........ Losing a war is lethal to any dictator.

After Near Wipeout in Election, Israeli Left Wonders: What Now? Support for Israel’s left collapsed against Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right alliance in last week’s election. To regain relevance, the left’s leaders say they need to change — but disagree on how. ....... Israel’s Jewish-led left-leaning parties, long the standard-bearers for negotiations with the Palestinians, suffered a near wipeout in the elections, accelerating a long-term decline that has kept them from the prime minister’s office for more than two decades. ........ The Labor Party, which once dominated Israeli politics with its brand of social democracy and secularism, barely scraped into Parliament, winning just four seats. Meretz, a champion of the peace movement, dropped out of Parliament entirely. Yesh Atid, the centrist party led by the departing prime minister, Yair Lapid, who forged a coalition with leftists to form the last government, scooped up several new seats. But Mr. Lapid’s wider alliance was defeated because of the broader collapse of parties on the left. ........ Veterans of both Meretz and Labor have called for the two groups to merge into a single party with a clear goal and message, welcoming not only Jews but also large numbers of Arabs. Israel’s Arab minority forms about a fifth of the country’s nine million citizens, but they typically vote for Arab-led parties. ........ Arab politicians typically want to downplay Israel’s Jewish character, while the Zionist left, by definition, seeks to maintain it. Even in the aftermath of last week’s game-changing election, few are ready to compromise.

What Republicans Are Saying About Tuesday Night The midterms’ results showed the limits of “Team Crazy,” in the words of Representative Peter Meijer — one of many harsh judgments coursing through a demoralized Republican Party.

Path to 218: Tracking the Remaining House Races
Poor Countries Need Climate Funding. These Plans Could Unlock Trillions. As global warming delivers cascading weather disasters, leaders at U.N. climate talks say it’s time to radically overhaul the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. ......... The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were created 80 years ago to rebuild countries devastated by World War II and to stabilize the global economy. But an expanding group of world leaders now say the two powerful institutions need a 21st century overhaul to handle a new destructive force: global warming........ If implemented, the reforms being considered would make significantly more money available to developing nations to mitigate the effects of climate change, deploy those funds faster, offer struggling countries lower interest rates and allow them to pause debt payments after major disasters. Supporters say the changes would also enable the institutions to attract trillions of dollars in private capital to help nations prepare for climate disasters and transition to wind, solar and other clean energy. ........ Bridgetown Initiative, put forward this summer by Mia Mottley, the prime minister of Barbados, a heavily indebted Caribbean nation that is highly vulnerable to climate disasters. Ms. Mottley began her campaign at last year’s climate summit in Glasgow by calling attention to the plight of poor and small island nations. ........ the bank’s “current model” was “no longer appropriate in this time of global crises.” ........ more than $1 trillion in new funding ....... reform of the bank and the fund is being seen as the most immediate and practical way to help the developing world face the severe threats posed by increasing floods, fires, heat and drought. ..........

“It’s not right that some countries can borrow at 3 percent and others at 14, 15.”

A Compromise on Immigration Is Possible. This Bill Could Make It Happen. immigration imposes significant short-term costs on local governments but that the children of immigrants “are among the strongest economic and fiscal contributors in the U.S. population.” Immigration, in other words, is an investment in America’s future, but someone still needs to cover the upfront costs. ..... Winning broader support will require more compromise and courage. But regardless of the results of the midterm elections, Congress has a real opportunity to begin the critical work of fixing the nation’s immigration system by overhauling the asylum process.

Amazon has lost a record $1T in value
Bitcoin sinks on FTX collapse

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