Monday, February 19, 2024

19: Hanuman

19: Sora

A Trump Criminal Trial Is Finally Going to Begin. Maybe Two. The former president, who faces 91 felony counts in four trials, is admitting, out loud, that he has one overriding goal: to slow the administration of justice until he can get back to the White House and shut down or evade all criminal charges against him.

A Peace Initiative Emerges Out of Deadly Violence

Saturday, February 17, 2024

17: Navalny

A $450 Million Blow to Trump’s Finances, and His Identity A huge penalty for deceiving lenders about the value of his properties and his own net worth, if upheld, leaves Donald J. Trump in a perilous financial position.

In Death, Navalny Is Even More Dangerous to Putin’s Lies
My Mother Got on a Bike. It Changed Her Life. “People say, oh, that’s so dangerous, you know, you should take it easy. And I say, well, you see that couch over there? The couch will kill you.” ...... On a recent amble, she waxed nostalgic, but not about her youth. “I wish I was 60 again,” she mused, and we slowly continued down the sidewalk.

Putin and His Enablers Should Be Held Responsible for Navalny’s Death