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Bryan Adams In Kathmandu

Two Chief Guests: Non Resident Nepali Gathering: Times Square: June 25

Budding banker steals Bryan Adams' show in Nepal it was a 27-year-old budding banker who found herself a celebrity overnight with her face in the major newspapers Sunday..... For Brinda Singh, an executive with the Bank of Kathmandu, it was the icing on the cake. Her greatest joy was on being chosen by the Canadian rock star - from among nearly 20,000 cheering fans at the Dasharath Stadium - to walk up on the glittering stage and croon with him..... Dhaka, where he had sung at the inaugural programme of the 2011 World Cup, set Kathmandu's crowds cheering during his nearly two-hour concert by beginning with American rock singer Bob Singer's 1976 hit, 'Katmandu', and later, introducing himself by saying, 'Hello Nepal, I am Bryan Adams'...... he beckoned to the crowds, saying he wanted female accompaniment for the 1990s chartbuster single, 'When you are gone', originally sung with Melanie Chisholm. ..... his eyes fell on the waving Brinda, who had arrived at the stadium almost five hours before the show ...... Brinda clambered up on the stage breathless, still not believing her luck ....... Brinda, the daughter of well-known Nepali singer Bijay Singh Munal, had been trying to break in on the diverse and competitive music industry of Nepal for four years, finally taking up a banking job as an optional career. .... He also said he and his team members were extremely proud to be the first international band to perform in Nepal. ..... 'May this first become a way to many other bands to come and perform here,' he added. ...... The crowds behaved beautifully, showing the authorities' security concerns as exaggerated. Nearly 5,000 police personnel as well as a private security company had been deployed...... The surveillance was beefed up especially after Adams' show in New Delhi was cancelled due to fears about security. ....... It was a triumphant moment for Nepal's tourism authorities who said the show would send out the message to the world that Nepal was a safe destination and boost its Tourism Year 2011 campaign to fly in 1 million tourists. ....... Also seen queuing up at the gate were Radhesh Pant, chief of Kumari Bank, and Anil Shah, CEO of the newly started Mega Bank.

Bryan Adams in Kathmandu: What Does That Mean to Nepal an Indian team that was responsible for setting up a stage and managing the sound system at the venue. But the red tape that they had to go through and the hassles they faced to make that event happen were clear to see. Every concerned authority, from police officers to the sports officials who rented Dasharath stadium for the gig, wanted their share of the profits. And there were countless demands for free passes. Those in powerful positions, including senior police officers, wanted the most expensive tickets free for them and their families. Others only demanded free access to the cheapest seats. “There are so many people who are envious that we are bringing Bryan Adams,” a person associated with one of the organising groups told me last week. “Everyone wants to pull our leg. There are obstacles at every step.” ...... It’s not surprising that earning money is one of the most difficult feats in a society that is one of the world’s poorest. ...... The chief and a member of the sports council reportedly each asked for separate kickbacks. The chief denied asking for a bribe, while the member in question said he wanted money for ‘sports’. Organisers denied bribing officials, but it was hard to believe that they didn’t. Agitating employees, who were waging a separate war of sorts with the management, locked the stadium gates. They unlocked the gates only after securing volunteering opportunities during the concert. Simant Gurung, one of the organisers, hinted to me that the organisers unofficially promised to voluntarily donate some money to the agitating employees’ group. By the time of the settlement, some damage had already been done. Vandals had burned the closed-circuit television cables put in place at the stadium complex. ........ Friends of organisers wanted photo opportunities with the singer. Some wanted to see Bryan at their restaurants in Thamel and Durbar Marg. “That bhai at Tamas (restaurant) asked if I could take Bryan to his restaurant and make the singer sing just one song,” Simant said last week. “Another bhai from Lakhe had the same request. I would love to bring the singer to my own restaurant (Simol, Durbar Marg) and make him sing a few numbers if that was possible!” ....... A few hundred thousand Nepalis may have directly experienced Western societies by visiting and living in them. But celebrated personalities from the West don’t come to us that often. ....... our poverty. We can’t afford to buy the expensive tickets for their programmes. We don’t have the money for their authentic CDs and DVDs. We can’t spend money on the merchandise that they hope to sell during their tours. This is the reason many Western celebrities who come to India (which is becoming a lucrative market) don’t step foot in Nepal. We are not important enough for them to come because we are not rich enough. ....... people like Nilesh Joshi, a guitarist with Nepali rock band Cobweb, feel bad every time Western celebrities tour India but skip Nepal. ..... Here enters Bryan, into this gloomy scenario. ..... the spokesperson of Kathmandu valley police who thought Shree Bryan Adams was a “British national” and a “band but not a person”

Bryan Adams live-in-concert from 8 pmThe 53-year-old singer who is also known for his knack for writing songs headed straight to the Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kalimati, after he touched down at the Tribhuwan International Airport on his private aircraft from the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka at around 2:15 pm this afternoon. He was welcomed by a crowd of fans and the organisers of the event. ...... Also a freelance photogragher, Adams was seen coming out of the airport lobby carrying a camera on his hand. He took a few snaps before he got into the car and headed to the hotel. ...... After reaching the hotel, he posted a photograph on popular social networking site Twitter saying "A big welcoming at the airport on arriving for the concert in Nepal 19.2.2011". ...... In another post, Adams has written: Just flew over Everest into Katmandu, Nepal. We are the 1st western band to play here. With all the music in the world how is that possible? ...... The entrances of the concert venue, where Adams will peform before the capacity crowd of 25,000, was opened at 2:00 pm and closed at 5:30 pm. Tickets are priced between Rs 2,000 and Rs 6,000. ...... Three Nepali bands-- 1974 AD, Mongolian Heart and Namaste Band--will perform for half an hour at the opening of the concert. ...... The open-air show that will last two hours is being organised by the JPR events and supported by the ODC Network. Adams, known for his husky voice ...... The Candian artiste has been performing in India and Bangladesh as part of the Bryan Adams Live Full Band Show World Tour. ..... On Thursday, he had performed at the opening ceremony of the ICC World Cup in Dhaka.

Scam whisper over Bryan Adams’ concert in Kathmanduahead of his live performance in Kathmandu Saturday, two groups are slugging it out with each other amidst allegations of money-grabbing over the venue...... the new twist comes from the two groups associated with the stadium: Nepal's National Sport Council and the National Sports Council Workers' Association....... Both the Council and Association are accusing each other of having demanded money from the organiser of the concert, ODC Network Nepal, which is working in tandem with JPR Events. Both sides have held press conferences to air their views. The Association was off the mark first, saying two influential Council officials had asked the organisers for NRS 1 million for the use of the venue. On Tuesday, the Council refuted the allegations, saying the Association had taken NRS 500,000 from the organisers to let them use the stadium for the concert without informing it. ...... There is no sports minister to arbitrate with the new Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal unable to expand his four-member cabinet even almost a fortnight after becoming premier due to rows with his own party men as well as his allies, the Maoists. ..... as for the Bryan Adams concert, besides the feud between the two groups and reports that the Council has received five letters asking for scrapping the show, there's one more hurdle: the weather. After an unusually dry and cold winter, Nepal began receiving showers from Tuesday, courtesy the westerlies. It has led to snowfall in the mountains and a halt to domestic flights and left the capital drenched, cold and bedraggled. While the Met Office promised sunny days from Friday, it remains to be seen how fit the venerable open-air stadium will be for the show-stopper event that is also being regarded as a boost for Nepal's national campaign to bring 1 million tourists this year.

Facebook: Bryan Adams Live in Kathmandu Nepal
The Official Page For The ConcertThere are three categories of the tickets, which worth NRs. 2000 (Silver), NRs. 3000 (Gold) and NRs. 6,000 (Platinum) respectively.

Economic Revolution In Nepal And The NRN Movement

Two Chief Guests: Non Resident Nepali Gathering: Times Square: June 25

An economic revolution would be near double digit growth rates year in year out for 30 years. But the country has to get a new constitution first, and it will, it is only a matter of time.

I was The Reason the political revolution happened in Nepal in 2006. And I am going to be The Reason an economic revolution takes place in Nepal. Ma New York City ma Barack Obama ko Top Volunteer. Manhattan For Obama sangathan ko sansthapak le America ko sambidhan sansodhan garna parchha taki yo manchhe kunai deen rashtrapati ka lagi lados bhaneko manchhe. America aayeko chha mahina bhitra US South ko top liberal arts college ko student union president ko election jiteko manchhe. College ko 150 barsha ko itihas ma kahile na bhayeko kura. America aunu agadi high school pachhhi Nepal ma dui wata MP bhayeko party ko upmahasachib pad khayeko manchhe.

Bhanne bela ma Pahadi haroo le malai patrakar bhan dine garya chhan. Maile patrakarita gareko hoina, maile Nepal ko kranti lai political leadership diyeko ho. I did some major strategic thinking, major tactical thinking, and all of that is documented at my blog. Sambidhan sabha ko mudda ma sab bhanda pachhi ayeko byakti Girija Koirala, us lai kranti ko shreya kasari dina milchha? Tyo ta leader hoina follower ho.

At The Buspark
Southern Hospitality

Afoo le afai lai madisey bhanne Madhesi haroo chhan. Madisey bhaneko ta nigger bhaneko ho. Tone of voice makes no difference. Maile madisey bhanein tara mero voice ma hatred thiyena bhanna mildaina. There is prejudice and there is internalized prejudice. Malai patrakar ra cameraman bhanne Madhesi haroo chhan. Upendra Yadav lai visa dilayeko maile ho. Mero ek jana saathi le State Department ko South Asia desk officer chineko bela paryo tyati bela. Ma jail pareko bela oo bidesh mantri thiyo. America ko bidesh mantri lai phone garna parne usle, garya bhaye kunai deen pradhan mantri banne oo, aba bandaina. Gayo. Swaha.

Madhesi Self Hate
Ugh, Immigration (4)

Malai Upendra Mahato bhanda thulo banna saat barsa bhanda badhi na lagna parne ho. Kina bhane, maile mero company Nasdaq ma list garchhu. I have enormous respect for Upendraji, first as a successful entrepreneur, second as an overachieving Madhesi, and third as the founder of the NRN movement. 2008 ma Russia ko Manager Of The Year ghosit bhayeko manchhe. He is world class. No doubt. But I am going to be bigger than him.

Mero tech startup ko round one ma 10K invest garne pratyek NRN millionaire banchha. Google ma pahilo ek lakh invest garne byakti ko paisa 10 barsha ma 1.5 billion banyo. I could not do that well, but I could do at least 1/3rd as good in maximum twice as much time.

Ma chahanchuu 5 jana Nepali 5k each liyera mero round 1 ma aunu hos.

My Web Diagram
The Google/Facebook Of Microfinance

Duniya ko top venture capitalist Fred Wilson le afno blog ma mero bare lekheko kura.

Netizen Has Arrived: A Link From AVC
Fred Wilson: Mobile First Web Second

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The Most Important Question To Ask In Kathmandu

There must be other ways to unite Nepalis other than by simply blaming India.What could those other ways be? #nepalunitesless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rajesh Ahiraj Has A Right To Free Speech

(Some parts of the chat has been edited out)

Rajesh Ahiraj

37 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
kaise hay

37 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
thik hain? aap kaise hain?

37 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
may bhi...

37 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
how are things?
all that arrest and stuff -- is that all behind you?

36 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
sab kuchh aap kesamne hay.....

35 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
what? i am not getting it
lafra abhi bhi chal raha hai ki all that is over?
i don't know

35 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
kalh suprem court me final peshi hay

34 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
i am in the dark
i just saw the picture of your being handcuffed and that is all i know'
is there some place online where you have posted all the details?
i want to know
right now i don't even know what the charges are

33 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
www madheshvani com

32 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
nahi yaar, that site is there, i am talking about the specific case
what are the charges? and what have you said in defense?

31 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
desh droh ka mukadma hay
17000 madheshi sena ka bigyapan chhapa tha

31 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
you need a webpage that has all the details of the case
give me all the details, i will make some noise about it

31 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
case final hone ke bad

30 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
17,000 madhesi sena in the Nepal Army?
what if you lose and they arrest you right away?
and you don't have the option to get your word out?

29 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
yes. madhesh ke surakshya ab pahida sena nahi karega...hum log khus aapni sena banaege...eshi ka addvertise tha

28 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
was it your own advertisement? or was it on behalf of some organization?

28 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
jtmm ka sainya varna sambandhi suchna....

28 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
oh okay

28 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
jantantrik terai mukti morcha

28 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
are you on skype? can you do a skype call?
that perhaps was unwise
talking of our own police force in a madhesh state would be better
i have never been for either breaking up the country or for violence

27 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
sari media aur sarkar vi khilap me tha madheshi sena ki bigyapa pe

27 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
but you might still claim it was free speech on your part
they might disagree with it politically, but they can not deny you your free speech

26 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
e pahadiya ki desh hay boss

26 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
do you have Skype right now? what is your skype name?

26 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
yaha kanun vi samudae ke aadhar pe paribhashit hoti hay
ntc mo hay...98________

25 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
i don't have a card handy
well, what do you think might happen tomorrow?

24 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
may be jail......

24 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
you obviously have fought the case at lower levels and lost
how big is your Madheshvani team?
can they continue without you?
how long might the jail term be?

23 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
mujhe dekhna hay ki madheshi neta log ...morchh wale....madheshi intelectual....rest madheshvadi kya karta hay

23 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
who is your lawyer? and what angle is he coming from?
the free speech angle is the angle to come from
how long have you been free?

22 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
god knows
madheshvani band nahi hoga

22 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
in Canada the French legally talk about breaking up the country --- that is free speech
if you lose, how long is the jail term?
your lawyer must know that

21 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
(edited out)

20 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
(edited out)

20 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
may aapni phd jail ke ander hi pura karne ka soch raha hu

20 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
I understand the separatist sentiment. But I have never supported it. Neither political violence.
All we need to achieve we can do so non violently.

19 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
may jtmm ka kuch v nahi hu par 7 sal se madhesh pe kam karta hu.

19 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
Like the Congress got wiped out from the Terai in the last election, that was a big achievement.
i am aware of your work

19 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
madheshi morchha bale ki khamoshi kuchh to rang laegi na

18 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
and why would the JTMM want to harm any Madhesi leader? it is not like it is the Madhesi leaders who are going after you...
Look. You need to maintain some perspective.
You have to say all your are is a penman, not a gunman. You believe in equality for Madhesi. You have never been a member of any armed group. That what you have done is free speech.

17 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
(edited out)

16 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
No, I don't know. And I don't believe that.
It is the Pahadi establishment that is going after you.
(edited out)

16 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
samay aane pe sab kuchh praman k sath web pe rakhunga....wait kijiega

15 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
what if you are no longer free the day after tomorrow? then what?

14 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
mera team capable hay work karne k lie....

14 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat

13 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
mujhe jyada saja nahi hoga. sambidhan me hi press freedom hay.

13 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
free speech angle is the angle to come from
i hope you got a good lawyer and he is doing his best to come from the free speech angle
he will say all you are and you have ever been is a journalist

12 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
(edited out)
o neta nahi sirf byapari hay

11 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
I don't know the details. I can't say. One way or the other.
I am just worried about tomorrow
all the best

11 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
o madhesh ko marubhumi karke madheshi ko barbad kar rahe hay
kal jo kuchh vi hoga mere pakchh me hoga boss

10 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
the anger has to be directed towards people who have truly had the power and still do ---- (edited out)

10 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
jit gae to media man ke tarah kam karunga jail gae to bal thakre ke taral khud ko tyar karke niklunga

10 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
the energy should not be poured into madhesis fighting each other

9 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj

9 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
if you lose tomorrow, how long might the jail term be?
The Madhesh needs people like you. But we have to be clear about staying away from violence and separatism. We have to create a Madhesi police force inside a Madhesh state.
In a federal Nepal.
There are political solutions to our political problems.

8 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
(edited out)

13 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
but an ad in your newspaper is free speech, that can not be punished

13 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
(edited out)

12 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
i don't know any of these details that you are talking about ---- i just don't know --- i have been too far away for too long to know these things ---- i can't contest or support these claims
well ---- your best bet now is to make a strong case for free speech

12 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
abhi aap ko bura lag raha hoga... samay aae par sab kuchh bahar aajaega boss
dnt worry abt me

11 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
no, i am not feeling bad

11 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
may media man hu

11 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
i just don't know the details you seem to know

11 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
kalh court me bahut kuchh hoga .

10 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
You have been a trailblazer for Madhesi rights through journalism. That work has to continue.
Okay, good.

10 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
jit mera hi hoga...kyou ki may sirf fredom of speech ke pachh me kam kiya hu

10 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
That is the angle you have to come from.

10 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
may khud aapna case ladta hu

9 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
make the case

8 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
pahadiya paper me hum sare madeshi ko indian chhpne pe koe case nahi....mao ka sanya bhrna chhapne wala pahadiya media pe koi case nahi
with are vally me press meet karne wale pahadiya arms group pe koi case nahi aaur mujh pe case ?

7 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
in addition say you are personally opposed to political violence, and you are opposed to breaking up the country, although it has to be noted the french in canada talk of breaking up canada and that talk is still protected by free speech ---- but that you as a citizen are for equality for Madhesis, and federalism, and nonviolence, but everything you have ever published in your paper is protected by free speech, the martyrs of april 2006 paid for your right to free speech --- that you are surprised you are having to defend that

6 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
You are right. The Maoists still have an army. That should be illegal.
But be practical at this point and do your best to keep your freedom.

6 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
You can do more from outside than from inside.
I am going to blog about this.

5 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
boss...kalh ka faisala mera life ko aaham mod dega

5 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
If you want I can publish our entire chat at my blog. Or I can write up a blog post in your defense.
That is true.

4 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
(edited out)

4 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
I can do that.

3 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
unke sath aapas me clear karlenge....
may aap ko kuchh aur infor mation patha hu

3 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
Okay, all the best, good luck, and come strong from the free speech angle. You can't be sent to jail for publishing things.
That is free speech.
Yeah, we should not pour our energies into infighting.

about a minute ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
Read this, I was Obama's first full time volunteer in NYC http://technbiz.blogspot.com/2011/06/questions-prepared-by-my-lawyer-for.html

Netizen: Questions Prepared By My Lawyer For Immigration Court Date Tomorrow

about a minute ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
We are Madhesis in Nepal, and also in America.