Sunday, July 31, 2016

झापालाई South China Sea बनाउने प्रयास

एक मधेस दो प्रदेश मा नगएर, झापा कता, कन्चनपुर कता। Looking Tokyo, going London को अवस्था छ।

चीन ले अरुणाचल प्रदेश ताकेको अहिले देखि हो? अरुणाचल को मान्छे लाई भिसा दिनु परे स्टेपल गरेर दिन्छ। झापा मा तीन बिलियन को फैक्ट्री खड़ा गरेर झापालाई मधेस बाट अलग गर्नु को अर्थ के?

झापालाई South China Sea बनाउने धधक ।

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ओली को उ अर्थात उग्र होइन उल्लु राष्ट्रीयता

केपी ओली 2006 अप्रिल क्रांति मा घाम तापेर बसेको मान्छे । कुनै योगदान छैन। संविधान लागू न हुदा सम्म क्रांतिकारी सरकार हो। क्रांति मा घाम तापेर बसेको मान्छे लाई घोक्रेठ्याक न लगाए अर्को उपाय के थियो?

अब पालो एमाले को। सन्सदीय दल को नेतृत्व बाट घोक्रेठ्याक। होइन भने देश ले निकास कसरी पाउछ? पार्टी भन्दा देश ठुलो भन्दै घोक्रेठ्याक।

प्रचण्ड का लागि सुनौलो मौका। तीन ठुला पार्टी र पाच साना पार्टी सबै लाई मिलाएर लाने मौका हो।

ओली त माफियावादी हो। भारत सग अडान लिएर बसेको होइन कालाबाजारी गर्दै बसेको मान्छे। गफास्टिन्ग मा नौ महिना बितायो।

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Why The Brahmins Need To Vacate Power In Kathmandu

Hereditary Brahminism is Satan worship. Because hereditary Brahminism is the idea that these dudes are going to stand between God and the people. These are Satan's agents on earth. And the corruption is total. In Nepal much of the government budget stays unspent until the final few weeks of the year and then, poof, it's gone. The same formula is applied to foreign aid. Donor agents talk about the incompetence and the inefficiency but can't see the utter efficiency and competence of the corruption machine. It is a fine art.

The Brahmins already had every branch of government except the king's throne. So they orchestrated a people's movement to get rid of the non Brahmin king. Now they also occupy the throne.

The Brahmins own the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the legislative branch by owning all the major political parties. The Brahmins own the media, the NGOs. The Brahmins dominate the private sector and the parts they don't dominate, they milk it.

And of course there is the Brahmin electorate. After all, Nepal is a democracy. This priestly class is not exactly Hindu. These are Vedics, the Sanatanis, followers of the original, eternal religion. There has not been a better example of spiritual corruption in world history. The corrupt priests of Jesus' time have nothing on these Brahmins.

It is hereditary. If you are not born a Brahmin, tough. They claim the Vedas contain all knowledge that humanity will ever need and more knowledge than any university, ancient or modern, has ever had. But if you are not a Brahmin you can't read the books. And these Brahmins themselves don't read and understand them either.

Most of the Vedas is simply rituals. There is a ritual for everything. Brahmins recite them mindlessly and ask for fees.

The people of Nepal will not see democracy, federalism and prosperity unless they wipe out Hereditary Brahminism. There is nothing to reform. You come to the one true Living God.

Under hereditary Brahminism the body, mind, heart and soul are completely out of alignment. You have a country and society going round and round in circles. Forward progress is not being made.

There are concrete implications to not knowing the one true Living God. You see them every day all over Nepal. The corruption is total and it is unrelenting and it will stay that way until Hereditary Brahminism is completely demolished, utterly uprooted. These are sick people, these are Satan's agents.

The non Brahmins are almost 85% of the country’s population, so obviously it is not about the numbers. You can't liberate people who are not even aware they are slaves.

Democracy is one person one vote. Right now the person does not exist in Nepal. Somebody who has not conquered death is not even a person. Somebody who has not come to realize their soul is unique in the history and future of time is not even a person. There is but one God, there always has been but one God. There is no other God but the one true Living God. That is the path to liberation and prosperity, in Nepal, in India, in China, in the Arab countries, in Pakistan.  

Ancient or modern, knowledge is wonderful and should be shared widely. You should become a priest like you become a doctor or a health care worker, not by birth but by earning a degree. But such reforms are impossible. Brahmins need the Dalit to be Dalit. There is no room for reform, and so you utterly demolish.

These are ignorant, corrupt, Satanic Brahmins, standing between God and people, between people and liberty, between people and prosperity, between people and Heaven.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

Thursday, July 14, 2016

ओली ले एमाले सन्सदीय दल को नेतृत्व गुमाउनु पर्छ

चक्रव्यूहमा मधेस

ओली ले एमाले सन्सदीय दल को नेतृत्व गुमाउनु पर्छ अनि बल्ल देश ले निकास पाउछ।

पहिलो त माओवादी र कान्ग्रेस ले मधेसी मोर्चा सन्ग कुरा मिलाउनु पर्यो ।

साथै एमाले को नया नेत्रित्व साथ कुरा मिलाउनु पर्यो।

Monday, July 11, 2016

Madhesh Has No Choice But To Disallow The Elections

There has been no revision to the state boundaries. The Terai still has not been allocated half the seats in the lower and the upper houses. The flagrant disrespect to the Madhesi marriages across the border into India is fully intact. The millions of stateless Madhesis are not only still stateless but there are designs to snatch away citizenship papers from those that have them. Nepali has been designated the only language for government work, Mahendra style. The affirmative action clause still gives preference to the ruling elite of Bahuns. A more blatant travesty of a people's movement can not be imagined.

The 2006 April movement was the biggest democracy movement in Nepal's history. Madhesh has organized three major movements of that magnitude for federalism and inclusion with zero effects.

Now is not the time to give up. To allow elections would be to allow this constitution that turns the Madhesh into a permanent internal colony to come into full effect. That is not an option the Madhesh has.

Gyanendra also played the local election card in early 2006. Oli is walking in those same footsteps. And will meet the same fate.  

Only by now the fight is not just for federalism but also against fascism. Madhesh independence has always been on the table. With equality Madhesh will stay in a federal Nepal. Without equality Madhesh will not hesitate to march to independence.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Madhesh And Nepal And God

How many Madhesi Buddhists do you know of? The Buddha, who is all over East Asia, even in Sri Lanka, is completely absent in his own birthplace. Why? Madhesis don't stop to think. The Buddha attained enlightenment in Bihar, but is absent in Bihar. The Buddha left his body in Gujarat but is absent in Gujarat. How come?

The Buddha always maintained he was a human being. But the Brahmins will tell you The Buddha was a Vishnu incarnate. Those same Brahmins wiped out Buddhism from the Indian subcontinent Rwanda style. Those same Brahmins rule Nepal today, those same Brahmins have a monopoly in all aspects of the country's affairs, in sectors public and private, the media, the NGOs, the same Brahmins are at the forefront of cashing the global brand name that is The Buddha today. The contradictions don't bother them one bit.

The caste system is 100% satanic practice. To the Brahmins the caste system is order. No caste system, no order. And they maintain it with every weapon available, peaceful as well as violent. You can not maintain something as warped as the caste system without an active, persistent threat of force. It does not come naturally to people.

The biggest misconception in Nepal is that these Brahmins are Hindus. They are not Hindus any more than Ravana was Hindu. These are Sanatanis. They despise Rama. They despise Krishna. These are corrupt priests. Jesus railed against corrupt priests. There are three million of those in Nepal. These are a priestly class of hereditary Brahmins whose specialty is to stand between God and the people. They preach of the Vedas that they don't have the capacity to read and understand. But they know no one but them should be allowed to read the Vedas. The rest should just submit to the fact that those ancient texts contain all knowledge humanity will ever need and more knowledge than any modern university has. They claim they are like God.

To claim to be like God, and to stand between God and people fits the description of The Devil. These are agents of Satan you are dealing with. The extent of their brutality as recently as last year in a country claiming to be a democracy is well documented by some leading global human rights organizations.

The Brahmins insist on offering the Madhesis a second class citizenship. Nothing else is being offered. Equality is not on the table. Unless you grasp the inherent satanic character of the Brahmins, you are too far away from the ground realities. If Madhesis intend to live with hereditary Brahminism a second class citizenship is not that different and not much worse. But if the Madhesis want equality that is every human being's right then a total rejection of hereditary Brahminism to the point of sending the Brahmins to eternal political wilderness is the only available option. It is a nonviolent but uncompromising path to total justice. It is the path of waking up to the one true Living God. There is but one God, there always has been but one God. There are no other Gods but that one God. Every human being can pray to that God directly, no middle men necessary, least of all the satanic Brahmins. These are evil people with a bottomless capacity for violent oppression. They have to be resisted.   

Madhesis ought to be uncompromising on the question of equality. That equality automatically creates common ground between the Madhesis and the Janajatis. But if it does not also bring in the Dalits and the women, then it is not a true plank of equality.

Kumar: Wake Up To God


Friday, July 01, 2016

बार असोसिएशन को मध्यस्थता ले निकास दिन्छ

गठबन्धन र सरकारबीचको वार्ताको मध्यस्थता बार एशोसिएसनले गर्ने

बार असोसिएशन को मध्यस्थता ले निकास दिन्छ

सत्ता पक्ष एउटा पक्ष। आन्दोलनरत मधेसी जनजाति अर्को पक्ष। कुनै पनि विदेशी समुह लाई पर्याप्त जानकारी हुँदैन। नेपाल बार असोसिएशन लाई त्यो समस्या छैन।

सिविल सोसायटी ले 2006 अप्रिल का लागि ठुलो रोल खेल्यो तर त्यस पछि गायब भयो। फेरि रोल खेले देश ले निकास पाउछ।

तर दुई पक्ष सन्ग वार्ता गरेर एउटा वक्तव्य निकाल्ने ध्याउन्न हो भने निकास निस्कदैन। दुबै पक्ष ले पहिला म्यान्डेट दिनुपर्यो।

कम्प्रोमाइज हुन सक्छ। तर कर्मचारी बाहुन, पार्टी बाहुन, भोटर बाहुन वाला जुन त्रिकोण छ त्यसले अहिले सम्म समानता को भाषा बोल्न चाहेकै छैन।

बाहुनवाद भनेको परमेश्वर र आम जनता बीच खड़ा रहेको शैतान हरू को जमात हो। ओली रावण पुत्र हो। यो त राक्षस हो।