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New York Metro Nepalis: Organizational Challenges

ANONYM Audio 4 03/31/07
ANONYM Audio 3 03/31/07

As we head towards our May 12 meeting at Yak, I see a few options before us.

(1) The Tara Niraula Option. His organization the America Nepal Friendship Society calls up meetings, and he runs them, once every six months.

(2) The Khagendra GC Option. This is now in play. There is a Coordination Committee. And there is a rotating leadership. So if organization A ran the meeting this time, after all other organizations have done the same, it will be organization A's turn all over again, which will be in about15 years, considering there are about 30 organizations, and we are scheduled to meet once every six months.

(3) The Luna Ranjit Option. Meet more often, maybe once every three months. And have collective leadership. To be honest, I don't know what that means. What is collective leadership? It can mean wonderful cooperation, but then it can also mean everybody's business is nobody's business.

(4) The Anand Bist Option. There is no need for a Coordination Committee. There is definitely no need for an umbrella organization. "Organization haroo ko pani organization kahin hunchha? Kahin na sunya kura."

(5) The Paramendra Bhagat Option. Form an umbrella organization. ANONYM: Association Of Nepali Organizations In New York Metro.

Of course I will go with the democratic choice of the majority. And right now looks like it is going to be the Khagendra GC Option. But I do stand by my proposal. And I would like to continue to make a case for it.

My proposal is to:
  1. Make all the existing organizations much more accountable to their individual members. You do that by injecting democracy and transparency into them. All members will be listed online. All bookkeeping will be online. All voting will be open. Minutes of all meetings will be posted online.
  2. You form the umbrella organization and break it up from the rest of the diaspora. That way ANONYM goes head to head with NAC and NRNA. NAC and NRNA are too elitist and opaque. NRNA is more like a Chamber Of Commerce.
  3. This break comes to an end after NAC and NRNA have adopted democracy and transparency as their basic principles. Then we stitch it back up.
  4. Build The Matrix so as to rope in other New Yorkers as well. That way we Nepalis form the nucleus of an emerging movement in the city. We help export the April Revolution into countries like Bhutan, Burma, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.
  5. We use The Matrix to earn voting rights for us in the city.
  6. The flagship of the ANONYM will be Nepali Convention 2008, NYC.
Why is there resistance to my proposal?
  1. Very few Nepalis are organized, period. Less than 100 Nepalis in the city are active members of one or the other organization. People feel they are too busy making money. They don't have time. They feel there is no need. They feel they are being realistic. The most powerless are the ones who need to get organized the most. It is a chicken egg situation. The Nepali are powerless because they are not organized. They are not organized because they are powerless.
  2. Members of the various organizations are apathetic. They are not engaged. They are not involved much.
  3. Leaders do not practice democracy and transparency. And so they fail to empower their members.
  4. Organizing Nepalis in the city has never been a mass based concept. What I am proposing is a mass based thing. The thinking so far has been if you know these 10-20 people, you know everyone you need to know.
  5. There is this Nepal fixation. People don't talk about their utter powerlessness in the city. We are busy talking up the ethnic politics in Nepal. We have to talk up both.
  6. There is fear if ANONYM is formed, I might become its president. Symbolically speaking, that makes some people queasy. I am a Madhesi.
  7. There are a lot of Nepalis who feel they have finally seen my "true face" after the Madhesi Movement. They don't like what they see. I am not going to hide anything. I am wedded to the idea of a Madhesh state, Rapti to Mechi. And we will get it through the ballot box. If you believe in democracy and federalism, but you don't like my map, you have the option to try and sell that alternate map to the Madhesi people.
But primarily it is lack of political consciousness in the community. Lack of time, lack of money are secondary reasons. There is lack of money because powerless communities by defintion will be poor.

The Nepalis in New York City as dwellers of the capital city of the world are well positioned to provide leadership to the entire Nepali diaspora across the world. Nepalis are powerless across the world. If we can get them organized on a mass scale through the basic principles of democracy and transparency, we will realize this is but the natural next step to the wonderful April Revolution itself.

For me it is like this. The April Revolution made the Madhesi Movement possible. Both should make the Diaspora Movement possible.

But right now I am not hopeful that the ANONYM proposal will be adopted. My best bet is to go beyond the leadership and to the people. But that will be a tough nut to crack.

Another option is to take my focus away to my private endeavor which is the single best thing we can do for the Global South, the IC.

My new signature that goes out with all my emails is this.

Please take a moment to take an online survey. Just click here and enter survey number 49593 in the Take A Survey box on the bottom right!

Nepali Convention 2008, NYC (Put On Hold, Likely Not Happening Due To Rejection Of ANONYM Proposal)
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ANONYM: Association Of Nepali Organizations In New York Metro

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Suvechha Adhikari: Youth Representation

Girija Bahun Baje Dumbass


To all the youth of Nepal struggling for representation and space in current
political and peace process

to ALL the youth of Nepal and would invite you all to "walk together" with
us to secure a space for ourselves in current political and peace process.
Our intent has been to pressurize the CURRENT GOVERNMENT and POLITCAL
PARTIES to acknowledge our efforts and activism in bringing political change
in Nepal and in restoring peace and democracy in Nepal.

When a country is moving through a transition to democratic setup, its
future rests on the foundation of the responsibilities taken up by the
youth. In Nepal, youth have always played an integral role in bringing
social and political change either by participating in the democratic
struggle directly, fighting against social injustice or involving themselves
in the process of community development.

In the past, when democratic principles and values were curbed and
fundamental rights restrained, YOUTH managed to come to the forefront and
fought for the democratic movement. The democratic movement of 1990 and the
recent one of April 2006 have proved it.

In most of the countries where transition to democracy takes place, the
country also witnesses the end of OLDER GENERATION rule - the political
leaders and elite gets younger. Nepal is also moving through a transition to
democracy and process has been started in establishing "New Nepal " a
"Progressive Nepal ".

But progressive Nepal and social political and economic change is not
possible without the involvement of youth - youth, who are educated,
competent, dedicated, who are receptive to progressive ideas and are willing
to work across party lines.

WE YOUTH being a prime mover of the country, a strong defender of democracy
have often been used, misguided and exploited by the political and social
elite for their temporary gains and once the objective is achieved our
actions are forgotten and our activism is sidelined. We have become
marginalized from all the political and peace processes and become
completely powerless and disconnected from the mainstream political and
peace process.



Nepalese Politics: It’s Time for Generation Next

The young political leaders generally are also tolerant and open-minded regarding the democratisation process, economical reforms, and promotion of human rights - especially rights of women, children, minorities and the disabled. And, when we are talking about the young politicians we are talking about the people who are below the age of 40 unlike some political leaders of Nepal who still claim to be ‘young’ in their 50s.

By Suvechha Adhikari

The demand for change and an overarching spirit for the establishment of ‘New Nepal’ has dominated the current discourse for peace and democracy. However, the establishment of new Nepal is only possible if there is a replacement of one generation by another with new experiences and attitudes especially when it comes to social political and economic transformation. There has been a dramatic change in Nepal’s politics - signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the Maoists entering the Parliament and preparation for Constituent Assembly election. But in the face of tough challenges ahead the political leaders are the same - older generation leaders who are responding attitudinally and behaviorally in a similar fashion to these new political developments.

In most countries where transition to democracy takes place, the country also witnesses the end of gerontocratic rule – and the political elite gets younger. When Kenya was passing through the transition to democracy, the only hope for the Kenyan people was the new generation of people who entered the parliament. The people were hopeful and it was the only way to root out the inept and regressive parliamentary culture. Similarly in Serbia, after it came out of the conflict and was passing through a transitional phase the country’s political elite also became young; 68% of its political elite were below 36 years of age. Likewise, in Estonian election in 2002 over 50% of the MP were selected for the first time in the parliament and the country has a Prime Minster who is just 37, Minster of Finance and Justice who are 29 years old. When the country is in a transformative process, it demands new ideas, legislative techniques and understanding on the progressive legislative bodies to deal with the complex policymaking and legislation processes. Similarly, during country’s transition to democracy, the issue of party lines also emerges, and it is substantiated that if young political leaders represented in the ruling power they have fewer ties to corruption and power struggle. The young political leaders generally are also tolerant and open-minded regarding the democratisation process, economical reforms, and promotion of human rights - especially rights of women, children, minorities and the disabled. And, when we are talking about the young politicians we are talking about the people who are below the age of 40 unlike some political leaders of Nepal who still claim to be ‘young’ in their 50s. Young political leaders with new ideas; who are dedicated and committed; who are free from the judgmental values; who hold the forward-looking and progressive perspectives. It is not only in the countries which are in transition to democracy but countries with well established democracies also, the representation of young people in different level of state structure is in practice. In India’s 14th Lok Sabha, 175 MPs were young political leaders, the largest in number and many of them were the first timers in their thirties.

Nepal has politically astute and disciplined young political leaders in political parties and their sister organisations. Young leaders who have always played an integral role in bringing social and political change in the country either by participating in the democratic struggle directly, fighting against social injustice or involving themselves in the process of community development. In the past, despite unfavorable circumstances when democratic principles and values were curtailed and fundamental rights restrained, youth political leaders have always managed to come to the forefront and become explicitly political which vitalised their tactics of dissent. From 1951, with the start of Jayatu Sansritam movement to end the 104 years of Rana oligarchy, and the struggle for democracy to the struggle of 2006, young political leaders have always played an important role. However, after each struggle and with the restoration of democracy, the efforts of these young political leaders are neither legitimised nor recognised. During the struggle, their presence as strong defenders of democracy is celebrated, but after the restoration of the democracy, their active contribution is shaded out by history and by subsequent political developments. Senior party leaders mobilise these young political leaders as their auxiliary troops to fight for their benefit and once the objective is achieved the senior honchos disown the responsibility of organising and thus distance from themselves. In April 2006, the young political leaders backed up the movement of eight political parties to fight for the democracy and regressive regime but now with the reinstatement of democracy and transitional structure in place, these young political leaders have found themselves less and less central to the processes of transformation. They are indiscernible in all the critical transitional structures and have found very few political opportunities existing for them to play a meaningful role. The major political parties of Nepal are still bogged down by hierarchical tendency and are shaped with the principle of a single leader and family politics, appointing officials of their choice and distributing public roles not on the basis of actual capabilities and virtues of those chosen. In this context where the senior and old party leaders holding authoritarian principle and conservative views have an immense leverage in the political party the young political leaders who differ from their line of thinking find it difficult to get a meaningful space in the party and show their presence at the national and local level political scenario.

The 11 years of violent conflict has completely diminished the very fabric of Nepali society and coexistence but even after the end of conflict the situation hasn’t changed qualitatively. The gap between the eight political parties, civil society and the citizens of Nepal is widening, and the gap can only be bridged with a major switch in the generations in politics. Considering the current political environment and the decaying public spirit, attention has to be paid in engaging young political leaders in the ruling power – at the national and local level government - since they are more open and more willing than their older colleagues to cooperate with the civil society of the country - they understand the necessity of building strong civil society and are ready for a fair discourse. These young political leaders will also have a shared identity that is defined by political competence, receptive to progressive ideas and a willingness to work across party lines. They also have a shared aspiration for progress and they innately know that gender, religion, ethnicity and geographic boundaries should not stand in their way.

To reinforce the three final points underlying this whole argument, firstly there is a growing demand for change. Secondly leaders should be capable of providing this change and, thirdly, it seems necessary that for the said change to take place, more young leaders need to be encouraged to come to the forefront. It can be felt that with the emerging socio-political issues such as rights of women, Madhesis and even gays and lesbians in this post conflict situation, the leaders who are at the helm now cannot bring about the desired and required change since their socio-cultural orientation prohibits them from coming up with the creative and bold ideas and plans for an inclusive and democratic New Nepal. In any emerging democracy youth participation in a political and process is imperative since these emerging democracies often have a very large young population. Excluding them from political process would mean disregarding a larger part of the population, which would result in the misrepresentation of the population in general. And to re-emphasise this final point in context to Nepal, even though people have often spoken in favour of giving chance to second generation leaders in the current political process, but the defining factor here should be that we need more leaders who are at the least below 40 years of age.

(Ms. Adhikari is working as a Researcher in a Kathmandu-based organisation working for Nepal's transition process. Please send your comments to

Girija Bahun Baje Dumbass

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Gaur: The Organized Crime Angle

Best Option For All: Elections In June
Banning MPRF: Not An Option
Homework For Om Gurung
Survey: Nepalis In New York City
Sarita Giri: Madheshi Movement In Defense Of Democracy And Madhesi Nationalism
Hamro Nepal, ANTA Press Releases On Gaur Incident
Om Gurung
Gaur: Prachanda's Reichstag Fire?
Gaur: The Madhesi Gongabu
PM, Defense, Finance: Congress, DPM, Home: UML, DPM: Maoist
Magar Event
Mainstreaming Maoist Tendencies In The Madhesh

What happened in Gaur should never have happened. And it should not be allowed to repeat. And a thorough investigation has to be conducted. And the guilty have to be brought to book.

There is some speculation criminal gangs were involved. There is talk criminal gangs have been active in those parts of the country for a long time now, that all political parties have worked hand in glove with them, Bihari style. Such a revelation would be a good thing.

There are a few possibilities.

(1) The Maoist and the MPRF cadres clashed, and the violence was not preplanned. It was impromptu. It happened on the flash. People in the leadership could not have known.

(2) The JTMM-Jwala, JTMM-Goit, Terai Cobra, Madhesi Tigers were the ones. They acted independently, and foresaw an opportunity in the impending clash, and they cashed on it.

(3) Indian criminals were hired by royalists to make hay of the situation.

(4) Organized criminal gangs on both sides of the border worked in collusion and independent of any political organization.

(5) Local criminal gangs who were used to having their say locally went overboard and did not realize that.

(6) Crime rules in Gaur. Crime has ruled in Gaur. The uncertainty of the political transition period means the criminal elements have had much more room to play. This was the underworld's way of making its presence felt upon the local people. You kill a few, you scare many for a long, long time.

(7) Maoists refusing to act like a political party, and instead acting like a parallel state that engages in extortions and abductions has led to a climate in the country where similar acts performed by criminal elements, organized and petty, do not even make the news. They have become backgrouns noise. Those criminals came home to roost in Gaur.

All these scenarios look bad, some more so than others. But the Nepali people have a right to know what happened. The local people know, and they are willing to talk. The government has to listen.

Law and order is a fundamental responsibility of the state.

It is extremely irresponsible when a political party acts like it were a criminal gang.

It is extremely irresponsible and wrong when criminal gangs can buy off the local police and the local politicians. The state has to belong to its people.

Gaur is a symptom of a much larger underlying problem that grips the country. The law and order situation is not good at all.

Dealing With Organized Crime

Petty criminals are one thing. But organized crime is a whole different ball game. When Bobby Kennedy became Attorney General in the US, organized crime was not even recognized, although everyone knew it existed. He changed all that.

How do you tackle organized crime? You use the petty criminals. When you catch them, you don't totally focus on punishing them. Instead you use them as a way to get the big dogs. You offer leniency and possible freedom and witness protection to the petty criminals if they will help you get to the big dogs.

Cross border cooperation is also essential. And it is important to make sure there is no nexus between the criminal bosses and the political bosses. Such political bosses have to be punished just like they were criminal bosses, because that is what they are.

Maoists engaging in extortions and abductions are nothing more than criminals and they must be treated just the same.

Elections In June Will Help

The country has been in a political limbo. Elections will alleviate the uncertainty. A stronger, more legitimate govenment will be born out of an election. That government can do a better job of law and order.

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In The News

MJF activists clash with police in Rajbiraj; over dozen arrested NepalNews The MFJ took out rallies in inner parts of Rajbiraj Municipality after the police intervention.
House passes two election-related bills
Maoists in two minds over joining interim government
Revoke the ECDC, says Sharma
Is election to Constituent Assembly possible? provision has been made in the directive principle of the interim constitution 2007 that the election will be held by mid June....... only after the elections of the constituent assembly can all other major political and social problems facing the country be solved ..... Congress, the ruling party, has become functionless ...... As the date of the constituent assembly is nearing, threats to the people are also increasing. ..... The election should have been held way back in September/October. Why it was delayed cannot be understood. Are not all eight political parties responsible for that? Even now, captured properties have not been returned. People displaced by the 12-year-long conflict have not been able to return to their homes. Thus, there is no environment of election of the constituent assembly. When no candidate can go to the people and no voter can fearlessly cast his/her vote for the party whom he/she prefers, how can we say that the election of the constituent assembly can be held in its proper time?

UML bitter over NC attitude; Mahara says alliance in difficult spot NepalNews the UML leaders accused the NC of trying to hijack the whole credit of last year's People's Movement. .... While the PM is learnt to have said that his party wants to hold defense, home and finance portfolios, the UML has said it should be given one of those. .... "The alliance has come to a difficult point. We will return to the streets if we cannot go ahead together"
EC preparing necessary directives for holding CA polls the Election Commission (EC) is drafting around two dozen directives. ..... The directives are related to duties of election officers, counting officers and others things.
Parliament passes motion condemning Gaur massacre
Four parties tussle over plum portfolios
Gaur limps back to normalcy; another suspect of Wednesday massacre held
NC-Democratic makes its finances public Nepali Congress (Democratic) became the first party to make its income-expenditure statement public and submit it to the Election Commission. The party has stated that in the fiscal year 2062/63, it earned Rs 8 million and spent Rs 7.6 million. The audited statement says that it received Rs 2.2 million as donations and the rest it earned through levies, membership fees and so on. Other parties are yet to submit their audited financial statement to the EC in accordance with the Political Parties Act.

Nepalese Americas Council
2036 S. Church St., Murfreesboro, TN 37130, USA
NAC Since 1991 Web:

March 25, 2007

For immediate release Dr. Ambika Adhikari:
Mr. Mukesh Singh:
Mr. Sagar Onta:

The Nepalese Americas Council (NAC) is deeply saddened by the Gaur tragedy in Nepal on March 21, 2007 where more than 29 people were killed and many more injured. NAC expresses is deepest condolences to the families of the victims and prays for the peace of the departed souls.

NAC expresses its strong condemnation for these heinous acts of violence. On behalf of all its member organizations, NAC notes with grave concern the continuing violence and loss of lives and properties in Nepal. NAC calls for an immediate and impartial investigation into the Gaur incident and to bring the perpetrators to face the full force of law.

NAC believes it is the primary responsibility of the government to promote democratic practices, protect human lives, preserve human rights, and provide security to every one, including the women, Madhesis, Dalits and Janjatis, so that they can fully exercise their democratic rights. In turn, all citizens have the responsibility to refrain from violence and respect the rule of law. NAC urges Nepal Government to remain vigilant in providing security to all its citizens, in particular, to those who are more vulnerable.

NAC appeals to all the agitating parties to fully commit to democratic ideals and process by completely renouncing violence and embracing peaceful means to advance their political agenda. While strongly supporting the ongoing peace process and the legitimate demands of all the under-represented groups including the Madhesis and Janjatis, NAC implores all the political groups including the CPM (M) and MPRF to join in negotiations with the government to reach a national consensus on critical issues like the future structure of the state, measures to address the demands of marginalized groups, and ways to hold the Constituent Assembly elections on time. NAC calls upon the Nepali Diaspora and Nepal’s friends and well wishers to support the peace process and to denounce any form of violence and injustice.

Dr. Ambika Prasad Adhikari
President, NAC
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Undersigned NAC Member Organizations

America Nepal Friendship Society (ANFS), New York
America Nepal Society (ANS), California
Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA)
Association of the Nepalese in the Midwest America (ANMA)
Association of Nepali Terain in America (ANTA)
Florida Nepalese Association (FNA)
Friends of Nepal – Los Angles (FON-LA), CA
Greater Boston Nepali Community ( GBNC), Boston
International Nepali Literary Society (INLS)
Kaligandaki Friendship Society (KFC), Washington, D.C.
Liberal Democracy Nepal (LDN)
Nepalese Association in South East America (NASeA)
Nepa Pasha Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA)
Nepal Cultural Society of B.C. (NCSBC)
Nepal Seattle Society (NSS)
Nepal Community Network of Canada (NCNC)
Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNA)
Nepalese Society of Texas ( NST), Dallas
Nepalese Association of Houston (NAH, Houston)
Nepali American Public Affairs Council (NAPAC)
Nepalis and Friends Association (NAFA), Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada
Nepali Youth Organization (NYO), Washington, D.C.
Nepali Women's Global Network (NWGN)
Rocky Mountain Friends of Nepal, (RMFN) Denver
Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students - North America (SEBS-NA)
27 March22:33Nepal (
34.27 March22:45Infocom Pvt. Ltd., Nepal
35.27 March22:53Infocom Pvt. Ltd., Nepal
36.27 March22:56Infocom Pvt. Ltd., Nepal
27 March23:05Nepal (
40.27 March23:19Infocom Pvt. Ltd., Nepal
41.27 March23:21Infocom Pvt. Ltd., Nepal
42.27 March23:22Infocom Pvt. Ltd., Nepal
28 March00:31Nepal (

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Best Option For All: Elections In June

परमेन्द्र भगत नामका नटबरलालबारे

It will be best for all parties concerned in Nepal to hold elections in June.

25 Reasons To Hold Elections In June
  1. The last time we had one was in 1999. It has been almost a decade.
  2. Who elected the current parliament?
  3. The sooner the monarchy goes the better. And it will go during session one of the constituent assembly.
  4. Once the monachy is abolished, most of the conspiracy theories will fly out the window.
  5. Once the monarchy goes away, the assembly can focus on the key issue of federalism.
  6. The people are going to say a big no to Maoist dictatorial tendencies at the polls.
  7. It will be a hung parliament. No single party will attain majority.
  8. The Maoists will emerge the third largest party, if that.
  9. A newly elected parliament will bring forth a government that will do a much better job in the law and order department.
  10. All old and new political parties will get to know their true size.
  11. The Terai now has half of all elected seats, after the Gaur incident the Home Minister's resignation issue has switched to becoming a Maoist issue and is no longer a MPRF issue, and Om Gurung's recent hostile interview to Kantipur shows there really is no Madhesi Janajati alliance, so sticking to the completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly for the sake of the Janajatis is no longer valid for the Madhesi Movement.
  12. The MPRF and the NEFIN and all similar outfits will be forced to become political parties or they will stand to be sidelined for lack of mass support, or an unwillingness to test their mass bases. The MPRF as a party will do very well at the polls. Any party that does not go to the Madhesh with a clear agenda of a Madhesh state stands to get wiped out of the Madhesh.
  13. Announcement of a poll date will force the two Congress factions to come together, which might be a good thing for the anti Maoist alliance.
  14. Announcement of a poll date will force all parties to come up with a concrete map for federalism and the power distribution between the center and the states.
  15. Maoist excesses will be a good reason for the people to desert the Maoists at the polls. The Nepali people are smart. They will teach the Maoists a lesson.
  16. Work on a new constitution can begin.
  17. On the campaign trail, many debates and discussions will take place.
  18. All ethnic and gender and other grievances will move from street protests and strikes onto the campaign trail.
  19. Girija gets to retire in style. He needs the rest. It's been half a century for him.
  20. A new generation will take over the Congress leadership. That will be a good thing.
  21. The Sadbhavana (Anandi) will grow dramatically in size. That party spent the 1990s saying Sadbhavana Age, Madhesi Pichhe. The Madhesi Movement has been Madhesi Age, Sadbhavana Pichhe. Let's hope the two converge for the polls.
  22. Hopefully a Janajati Party will emerge, and the Janajati will stop begging from the Bahun parties, and instead do it themselves.
  23. After the election, according to a new law, each party in the country will become state funded. How much money you get depends on how many votes you earned. That will make Nepal the number one democracy on the planet.
  24. State funded parties will be more prone to internal democracy. That will be a good thing. Parties with internal democracy will be more inclusive in terms of ethnicity and gender.
  25. It's about time.

40 Reasons Why The Three Forces Should Come Ar0und To My Proposed Constitution
100 Reasons To Revive Parliament
1000 Multifarious Uses Of Article 127

Banning MPRF: Not An Option
Homework For Om Gurung
Survey: Nepalis In New York City
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February 3, 2007

परमेन्द्र भगत नामका नटबरलालबारे

- दिनेश आचार्य

एकजना छन अमेरिकाको न्यूयोर्कमा । आफुले आफैलाई बुद्धिमान घोषणा गर्दै आफु बिदेशिनुलाई ब्रेन डर्नको सज्ञा दिने त्यो सख्श अरु कोही होइन अनाबश्यक रुपमा तपाई हाम्रो ब्यक्तिगत मेल अकाउन्टको यनबाक्स फुल गर्ने हिन्दु अतिवादी र तराईको शान्त नेपाललाई भारतीय भुमन्डलमा मिलाउने प्लानका सेवक हुन-परमेन्द्र कुमार भगत ।

उनी हरेक दिनजसो दर्जनौ मेल दुनियाका हजारौ मेलबक्समा पठाउछन् । कुनैबेला नेपालको प्रजातान्त्रिक आनदोलनलाई सहयोग गर्ने नाममा काठमाडौंको आन्दोलनको फोटो किन्ने भगत अहिले हरेक दिन पहाडिका नाउमा बिद्वेश उराल्दै मधेशीका मनमा घृणाको बीउ रोप्न उद्यत छन् । अर्थात उनी पहाडी र मधेशी नेपालीबीच माराकाट गराएर साम्पर्दायिक हिसाको बिउ रोप्न चाह्छन । किनभने यो उनको मालिकको आदेश हो ।

भारत नेपालमा के चाहन्छ ब्वासोले गाइको बाच्छालाई मायाले सुम्सुमाएर कन्याउदै मुटु कलेजो झिकेर खाएजस्तो गर्ने प्लानमा छ । नेपालमा हिसा बढेपछि बिचरा भन्दै सुमसुमाउन आए जस्तो गरि तराइलाइ आफ्नो भागमा मिलाउने र को दीर्घकालिन रणनीती पुरा गर्ने एजेन्ट हुन उनी । उनीमात्र होइन उपेन्द्र यादव हृदयेश त्रिपाठी र जयकृस्ण गोइतहरु पनि त्यही हुन । जो आफुलाई नेपाली भनाउन समेत चहदैनन् ।

हिजोसम्म श्री ५ को सरकार हुदा उनीहरुले जनआन्दोलन भाग २ मा कहि पनि मधेशका नाउ उच्चारण गर्न परेन । राजाकै शाशनमा मस्त भए । किनभने अहिलेका राजा भारतीयकै ज्वाई र नातेदार अनि उतैबाट आएका थिए । तर अहिले जब नेपाली जनताको ुनेपाल सरकारु भयो उनीहरुलाई नेपाली भन्न लाज लाग्यो र मधेश सरकारको नारा उचाल्न थाले ।

केही समयअघि सम्म मधेशी र लोबतन्त्रको नारामा ब्लग लेखिरहेका उनी एक्कासी नेपालबिरोधी र भारतसमर्थक भएर निस्किए । उनी नेपाली पासपोर्टकै आधारमा अमेरिकामा बसिरहेका छन् भलै भारतीय कृपादृष्टिले पालिएका किन नहोस । तर आफुलाई नेपाली भनाउदा लाज लाग्छ रे । मधेश छुट्टै देश हो रे । नेपालीहरुले त्यस देश हडपेका हुन रे । उनका पछिल्ला लेख पढ्दा यस्तै लाग्छ ।

काठमाडौंका नेवारले नजानेर किम्बदन्ती वा जोक्स बनाएको ‘मनु मखु मडिस्या ख’ लाई ठुलो मुद्दा बनाएर आर्टिकल लेखे । पहाडिया भनेका मान्छे नै होइनन र उनीहरुलाई खत्तम गर्नुपर्छ भन्ने उनको आशय झल्किन्छ ।

वास्तबमा यो फलाम तातेको बेलामा हिट गरेजस्तै हो । तराईमा सयजना मान्छे अगाडि लगायो हजार जना पारीबाट सय रुपैया दैनिक दिएर ल्यायो । नत्र काठमाडौमा लाखौ मान्छे उत्रदा जनआन्दोलन २ मा किन तराईमा मान्छे सुन्यप्राय थियो राजतन्त्र बिरुद्ध ११ बर्ष जनयुद्ध हुदा पहाडमा जसरी क्रान्ति मौलायो तराईमा लुटेर खानेहरु मात्र बढे किन हुन त तराईमा पुरानो डाका सस्कारले गर्दा पनि माओवादीमा लाग्नेहरु लागेका थिए लुट्न नपाउने भएपछि जनतान्त्रीकमा लागे । राजा फाल्ने आन्दोलनमा चाही नलाग्ने अहिले ठुृलो क्रान्तिकारी कुरा गर्ने भगत जस्ता कथित नौटंकी अनुहारहरु धेरै छन् यहा । उनी कहिले आफु नेपालमा राजनीति गर्न नफकर्कने कुरा गर्छन त कहिले अमेरिकामा सबैले नेपाल गएर राजनीति गर भनिरहेको लेख्छन ।

परमेन्द्र भन्ने मान्छेले एकपटक अनौठो कुरा गर्यो । सारा सार्क क्षेत्र एउटै रास्ट्र हुनुपर्ने प्रस्ताब राख्छन । यसको अर्थ के हो हिन्दुस्तानले भन्ने गरेको सारा भारतबर्ष एउटै देश होओस भनेको होइन पाकिस्तान बंगलादेश देखि नेपाल र भुटानसम्म भारतमै गाभियोस भन्ने उनको आशय हो कि होइन यस्ताले तराइको आन्दोलन हाकेको दाबी गरेका छन् । के यो कहाबाट सन्चालित हो यसै थाहा हुदैन

अमेरिकामा उनी कसरी पुगे यहा के काम गर्छन उनी बेलाबखत नेपालमा पत्रिका र इन्टरनेट साइट चलाउनेहरुलाई अलिअलि रकम दिएर भारतीय लाइनका नेपाली नेताहरुका। अन्तर्बातार्ता लिन लगाउछन् । यता केही पैसामा बिकेर पत्रकार भनाउदाहरु भारतकै दलालीमा बोलेको कुरा छाप्छन । उनको धन्दा यस्तै छ । आफुलाई महान बनाएर आर्टिकल लेख्दै दुनियाका मेलमा बिना अनमति बग्रेल्ती िलंक पठाएर उनले दुनियालाई दुःख दिएबापत क्षतिपुर्ती तिर्नुपर्दैन अमेरिका बस्नेलाई त यो थाहा हुनुपर्ने उनले अरुको मेल आइडी कसरी थाहा पाए प्राइभेसी ल अनुसार त कारबाही हुन्छ आफु बिदेशिदा ब्रेन ड्रेनको घोषणा गर्नेलाई त थाहा हुनुपर्ने ।

गगन थापासित अकंमाल गरेको फोटो खिचाउदा आफुलाई भाग्मानि ठानेर आर्टिकल लेख्नेले अहिले तिनै थापाहरु अर्थात पहाडेहरुका बिरुद्ध बिषबमन गर्दा कस्तो लाज नलागेको । साइटभरी आफ्ना नानाभातिका फोटो राखेर प्रचार गर्ने भगतले लेखेका अग्रेजीका भाषण कतिजना तराइबासीले पढ्छन त्यो उनलाई के मतलब भगतले त त्यो भाषण आफ्ना मालिकहरुलाई देखाएर पैसा झार्नका लागि हो । साच्चै तराइका लागि सबेदनशील हो भने त कलैयामा आएर जुलुसको नेतृत्व गरुन न । सोझा गरिब मर्ने भगतहरुचाही अमेरिकामा बसेर तर मार्ने

पहाडिया र मधेशीको साम्प्रदायिक सदभाब भडकाएर मान्छे मार्ने खेल हुदैछ । यदी त्यसो भयो भने नेपालको इतिहासमा पहिलोपटक लाखौ मानिस मारिन्छन । देश बिखन्डन पक्का हुन्छ । भगतहरुको मास्टर प्लान यही हो ।

जनअधिकार फोरम भनेको भारतीय दुतावासबाट रकम ल्याएर सास्कृतिक कार्यक्रम गर्ने गोष्ठि गर्ने र एक दुइटा प्रतिबेदन छपाएर मधेशीको नाम भजाउदै पैसा कमाउने एनजिओ होइन यो कुनै पार्टी हो जसले बिचारको आन्दोलन गर्छ त्यहा बसेका नेताहरुको कुण्डल हेर्नुपर्छ कहा कहाबाट सन्चालित छन यसै थाहा हुन्छ ।

उपेन्द्र यादव काठमाडौंको बानेश्वरमा एकजना राजावादीको घरमा भाडामा सायद सित्तैमा बस्छन् । किशोरकुमार बिश्वास भन्ने मण्डले जो सद्भावना पार्टी छाडेर दरवारहुदै भारतीय क्याम्पमा पुग्यो उनी पत्रकारहरुको फोन नम्बर सकलन गर्दै आफ्नो नाम बजाइदिने अनुरोध गरिरहन्छन् । अर्का आफुलाई महासचिब बताउनेचाही उपेन्द्र यादबले बोक्ने ९८४१-४३५७७१ नम्बरको मोबाइल उठाउछन र आफ्नॊ नाम उल्लेख गरेर समाचार लेखिदिन र आफ्नै अन्तरवार्ता लिइदिन करकर गरिरहन्छन् । उनका अन्तरवार्ता लिन मानेन भने उपेन्द्र यादवलाई सम्पर्क हुनै दिदैनन उनी ।

अस्ति भारतको गणतन्त्र दिवसका भारतीय दुतावासमा भएको पार्टीमा फोरमका नेताहरु कसरी कानेखुशीमा मग्न थिए त्यो कुरा सहभागि यो पंक्तिकारलाई थाहा छ । राजेश अहिराज जस्ता नटबरलाल पत्रकारहरु पनि त्यस दिन एक लाख भारुको पुस्तक पुरस्कार लिदै चलमलाइरहेका थिए ।

Source: Hamro Blog

Banning MPRF: Not An Option

A cooloff period is understantable. Gaur happened, and if we were to allow scenarios where the MPRF and the Maoists end up clashing, we might see more violent incidents, and that will not be in the best interests of the country. So I am not getting too worked up that the Home Ministry has prevented the planned mass meets of the MPRF following Gaur. These were planned before Gaur happened. The Maoists had planned condolence meetings to coincide with each of those. That was a recipe for further confrontation.

But this has to be a cooloff period at most. This should not be an excuse to do the undemocratic thing of preventing the MPRF from doing its political work. Peaceful protests are a democratic right. Besides what the MPRF has been spearheading is a Madhesi civil rights movement.

There is intense speculation the constituent assembly elections will have to be postponed due to the poor law and order situation in the country and the continued Maoists excesses. The Maoists have continued with their extortions and abductions. They have continued with their climate of fear. They have formed a parallel police force. They continue to see themselves as some kind of a parallel state. Worse, they act like a criminal gang. This Maoist misbehavior has been the single biggest reason why the law and order situation in the country is so poor. If the constituent assembly elections will be postponed, the Maoists will be the reason why.

The seven party alliance seems to be sleepwalking. They have been appeasing the Maoists. The SPA has not felt the need to ask Prachanda as to why he has not complied by the peace agreements. There has been no political counter action to the Maoist excesses.

The Madhesi Movement has filled that void. The Madhesi Movement has done what the seven parties should have done, but have not, and that is to confront the Maoists politically head on. The seven parties have failed to stand up even for their own cadres.

The SPA needs to see an ally in the Madhesi Movement. Banning the MPRF is out of question.

Gaur: Prachanda's Reichstag Fire?

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Nepal Urges Govt not to Defer CA Polls
Himalayan Times, Nepal
A small, shrinking centre Nepali Times The UML and the NC have considerable influence in Gaur. ...... But both parties appear paralysed on their very home turf. Like other central tarai border towns, Gaur has become the battleground for collisions between the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum and the CPN-M. ...... The Maoists were the victims this time. But there is no telling which way the wind will blow if the situation deteriorates further—the Maoists have over a decade of experience running an effective armed insurgency. ...... the loyal royalists of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Nepalese Industries, and the Nepal Chamber of Commerce ..... During the insurgency, banks deserted the countryside citing security concerns. This week they closed their ledgers in cities. ...... Conspiracy theories are attractive during uncertain times. It’s convenient to blame the disturbances in the tarai, the disruptions in the Valley, and the murmurs of dissatisfaction in the midhills on palace strategists, as Pushpa Kamal Dahal does publicly. It’s also tempting to see ghosts all around Baluwatar, as Baburam Bhattarai does in his newspaper columns. But if the monarchists were that smart, the Maoists’ Bahun Brigade would probably still be in the jungles. Palace strategists are the beneficiaries, rather than the instigators, of anti-democracy eruptions all over the country. .... The Maoist politburo will have to come down heavily upon cadres who create avoidable confrontations such as the one in Gaur. Maoist MP Prabhu Sah did not have to announce a rally at the same time and place as Upendra Yadav’s appearance. No hotel owner in Kathmandu needed to be roughed up. Hisila Yami helps no one by condoning such acts in parliament. ...... The UML and the NC must reassert themselves. There may not be an apparent collusion between the regressive right and extreme left, but the middle ground is shrinking rapidly. Civil society must rally behind political parties again, despite their deficiencies. Weakened parties are an open invitation to extremists. .... Meanwhile, Mr Prime Minister, could we please have some governance?
50 Maoist cadres missing since clash in Nepal Zee News, India The missing Maoists might have fled the incident site in Gaur district to save their lives, the national news agency (RSS) said quoting Maoist local commander Vindheshwor Ray Yadav.
MPRF Grieves Over The Killing Of 28 People In Rautahat In Nepal All Headline News

High-level intl body must head Gaur killings investigation: MPRF Kantipur the MPRF further accused the Maoists and the police of joining forces to disrupt its mass meeting today. ..... the loss of lives in the gaur incident was a result of the home minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula's "incapability".
Conspiracies to prevent interim govt formation underway: Prachanda
Madhesi Student Front severs ties with MPRF The agitating Madhesi People's Rights Forum's (MPRF) wing Nepal Madhesi Student's Front (NMSF) has announced its split from MPRF. ..... A two-day meeting of the font's central committee at Saptari's Rajbiraj on Friday decided to sever ties with the forum stating that its activities were non-political. .... front chairperson Keshav Kumar Jha slammed the forum's Madhesi agitation as "heading astray" and accused forum chairman Upendra Yadav of conspiring against the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections in cahoots with royalists. ...... Jha has further accused Yadav of sacking individuals with "political character" and replacing them with royalists in the MPRF's central committee, of engaging in games to "protect the king" in the name of religion and vandalizing statues of litterateurs and democratic leaders under the palace's directions during the Madhesi movement. ..... Concluding that the MPRF could not liberate Terai in the real sense since it had directed the Madhesi agitation into a personal vendetta, and engaged in manslaughters and unnecessary clashes with the Maoists, NMSF released announced a formal severance of all its ties with the forum.
Launching action against MPRF unjust: Chitralekha Yadav Deputy Speaker and leader of Nepali Congress Democratic (NC-D) Chitralekha Yadav Saturday said that actions should not be taken against both the leaders and cadres of MPRF. .... Yadav stressed that the government should take steps towards fulfilling the demands put forward by MPRF adding that it is not just to take actions against people protesting with genuine demands. ...... Yadav further blamed the government, claiming that violence had risen in the country due to the “conspiracy” hatched by the government to suppress the Terai movement. ...... She also maintained that the home minister’s resignation was essential in order to resolve this problem.
India to help nab Gaur assailants As speculations of an impending Maoist retaliation against the bloody attack spread in the area, locals in and around the district headquarters are terrified. Terror-stricken pepole fear even to come outside their houses. The situation is Gaur is yet to see normalcy.
Internet subscriber growth unimpressive the number of Internet and e-mail subscribers had reached 49,887 in the first half of the current fiscal year compared to 48,000 of similar period last year, meaning only 1,887 new customers had subscribed to the service in the period of last one year. ....... Almost all of the 31 ISPs operating in the country are providing services to customers of urban centers, mostly Kathmandu ...... Internet, which not only contains a huge reservoir of information, but also bridges the gap between the outer world and our society and is instrumental in helping small business
Don't mistake our leniency for weakness, caution Maoist lawmakers the Maoist legislators demanded the government declare those killed in Gaur incident national martyrs. ..... Maoist leader in parliament Krishna Bahadur Mahara demanded that the open border with India should be sealed and the government confiscate the arms distributed by the government to retaliate against the Maoists. ....... Mahara warned the seven parties not to perceive the Maoist leniency as a weakness and accused the Nepal Army of being involved in a "conspiracy". .... Stating that Nepal cannot move ahead unless the alliance between the seven parties, king and Nepal Army is broken, Mahara accused the 'international forces' of intervening in the seven-party alliance.
दिल्लीमा विरोधसभा करिब पा“च सय उपस्थित सभामा समितिका वक्ताहरूले दरबार, भारत र अमेरिकाद्वारा पालित मधेसी जनअधिकार फोरमका कार्यकर्ताबाट आफ्ना साथीहरूको हत्या भएको भन्दै फोरमलाई प्रतिबन्ध गर्न माग गरे ।
रौतहटमा मारिएका १८ को अन्त्येष्टि
ँचुनाव हुन सक्दैन’ राष्ट्रिय प्रजातन्त्र पार्टर्ीीे शुक्रबार बसेको केन्द्रीय समितिको बैठक .... बैठकले माओवादीको व्यवहारमा परिवर्तन नआएको भन्दै अध्यक्ष्ँ पशुपतिशमशेर राणालाई गृहजिल्ला जा“दा रोकेकामा आपत्ति जनाएको छ ।
दामनको गोरेटोमा
वर्गवादी पुष्पलाल र जातिवादी पुष्पकमल मोदनाथ प्रश्रति ...... म नेवारबाट नेपालीमा परिणत भई मार्क्सवादतिर लागेको व्यक्त ..... चैत २ गते नेवा मुक्तिमोर्चाको दोस्रँे सम्मेलनमा प्रचण्डले भने- पृथ्वीनारायण शाहले काठमाडौंमा हमला गरी सुसंस्कृत र समृद्ध नेवार समुदायलाई विस्थापित गरी एकात्मक सामन्ती राज्य चलाए । त्यसैले राजसंस्थाको अन्त्यका लागि यहा“को नेवार समुदाय नै जाग्नर्ुपर्छ । यो अरूले ढालेर ढल्दैन, उपत्यकाको नेवार समुदायले नै निर्ण्ाायक प्रहार गर्नर्ुपर्छ । ..... अहिले उनकै शिक्षाबाट जन्मेका सन्तान माओवादीका लागि ग“गटाका बच्चाजस्तै भएका छन् । ...... प्रचण्ड भन्दै थिए- तर्राईका यस्ता फुटपरस्त सशस्त्र गुटहरूलाई म टुप्पीमा समाएर घुमाउन सक्छु । तर त्यहा“को असन्तोषको डढेलो माओवादीको बलबुताभन्दा बाहिर त गयो गयो, सिंगै राष्ट्रका लागि गम्भीर समस्या बन्दै गयो । आफैंले दीक्ष्ँित गरेको अवर्गीय युद्धकौशल आफ्नै लागि यदुवंशी संग्रँमको रूपमा देखा पर्दा माओवादी नेताका तालु सुक्न थालेका छन् । ....... बन्दुकले तर्सर्ााका गाउ“हरूमा व्यक्ति व्यक्ति पक्डेर, चुटेर लाखौंलाख झार्न र नदिए मार्न सहज थियो । देशभरिका दर्ुदान्त घटनाहरूमा पनि चुइ“क्क नबोल्ने उद्योग व्यवसायी वर्ग आफ्नो अंगमा आक्रमण हु“दा एकताबद्ध अरिंगालको गोलोझैं खनियो । ..... अब कति दिन चल्ला बन्दुके हुल गएर धम्काइ र चुटाइले चन्दाको नाममा लाखौं करोडौंको लुट गर्ने जंगली राज ...... माओवादी नेताहरू देशभरि मनपरि कुट्ने, काट्ने, लुट्ने, मार्ने धन्दा चलाएर अहिले संसद्मा लस्कर लाएर आएका छन् । उनीहरू अहिले जंगलको राज सहरमा पनि एकछत्र चलाउन चाहन्छन् । नेताहरू संसद्भित्रै हतियारका धम्की दिन्छन् । प्रचण्डले हजारौं हतियार र ठूलो युद्ध चलाउने जनशक्ति बाहिरै भएको धमास दिन्छन् । सम्झौताअनुसार शिविरमा पसेका तिनका सैनिकहरू जङ चल्नासाथ राष्ट्रसंघका स्टिकर टा“सेका बन्दुक बोकेर सडकमा निस्कन्छन् । कसैलाई मार्नु र प्रचण्डका मुखबाट दर्ुइ अक्ष्ँरको 'माफी' शब्द चुहाउनु दाल-भातजस्तै भएको छ । आफ्नो निम्ति कुनै नियम, कानुन चाहि“दैन । तर आफूले समेत निहु“ खोज्ने र हेप्ने गरेको 'मधेसी जनअधिकार फोरम' या 'गोइत', 'ज्वाला' आदि समूहलाई प्रतिबन्धित र दण्डित गर्नर्ुपर्ने कुरा हुकुमी शैलीमा उकेल्छन् उनीहरू । आफ्नो गल्ती र उग्र प्रवृत्तिले जहा“जहा“ गडबडी, झडप या हत्या हुन्छ, त्यहा“ दरबारी षड्यन्त्रको आक्ष्ँेप फ्या“केर बरी हुन चाहन्छन् उनीहरू । मार्क्सवादी दृष्टि र वर्गीय नीति त्यागेर बल र बन्दुकको आडमा जातिवादी राजनीति खेल्नुको परिणाम के कस्तो हुन्छ भन्ने कुरा माओवादी नेताहरूले जति चा“डो बुझ्यो त्यति चा“डो समाधानतिर लम्कन सक्छ देश ।

Top leaders resume discussion on interim govt, CA polls NepalNews Koirala held a meeting with Prachanda for an hour
Police arrest six suspects of Gaur incident Ram Janam Das, Raghunath Mahato, Babloo Raut, Oyanath Raut, Lalbabu Paswan and Binod Raut ... Gaur is yet return to normal life. Shops remain shut, industries are closed and education institutions have not been opened. Very few vehicles, especially smaller ones, are seen plying in the streets.
UML Gen Secy doubtful about timely CA polls Koirala and the Maoists have, however, been stressing that CA election should be held within mid-June.
MJF programmes banned in some Terai districts; curfew in Siraha The Home Ministry is learnt to have instructed local administrations in some Terai districts to prohibit Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) from holding any programme. ..... the Ministry has instructed local administrations in Rautahat, Siraha, Jhapa and Morang districts to prohibit any MJF programme ...... In Siraha, the Chief District Officer Shashi Shekhar Shrestha has ordered curfew in Golbazaar area in Asanpur VDC between 10 am and 6 pm on Saturday. ..... The curfew has been imposed coinciding with MJF's scheduled mass meet in Golbazaar on Saturday..... In Morang, the district administration has clamped prohibitory orders for four days beginning Saturday. The orders ban any kind of gathering, protest or sit-ins. The MJF planned to hold a mass meeting in Biratnagar on Saturday. ..... On Friday, the administration did not allow MJF to hold its mass gathering in Jhapa district. ..... the Ministry has ordered to keep a close watch on the activities of MJF
Gatherings banned in Biratnagar; Rautahat CDO recalled The MJF had planned a mass gathering and the Maoists had planned memorial service for those killed in Gaur in the city for Saturday.
OHCHR asks police for further investigation into Maina case
Abducted Tharu leader resurfaces, says he was enticed to incite unrest Roshan revealed after he resurfaced that the abductors said they will organise riots till Hindu state was restored in Nepal. He said they also threatened to kill leaders of seven parties and Maoists. ..... He said that he fled from the clutches of his abductors – who he said included both Nepalis and Indians – by luring two guards who were posted to held him captive with huge cash offerings. He said he was kept in a house somewhere in Indian border village of Paliya. ........ Roshan is said to be the highest-ranking Tharu leader within the Maoist organisation
Kalimpong logs on to the world the Kalimpong residents are crazy about IT facilities through which they can remain updated about the world events. ..... more than eighteen cyber cafes are operate here ..... "Especially the youths of the age-group 15-30 years are found at the Internet Cafes where they seem to be lost in the cyber world of entertainment." ...... Each of these cafes see around 40-50 visitors per day ...... These visitors, mostly students, basically use the Internet for receiving and sending mails. Chatting is most popular, casual or serious. Besides, they also search for e-books, look for current news, download and play games. ...... "I find the Internet really amazing, interesting, informative entertaining and is easier and better than traditional communication media like newspapers or radio." As interest towards Internet grows, young people are casting aside papers, magazines, radio, and even television. ....... The cafes charge around IRs 40 to 50 (NRs 64 – 80) per hour ...... less than 25 percent of the people in Kalimpong can afford to subscribe to Internet connections at home. ..... E-mail has become the key part of communication for all offices and schools, big or small.
Bones suspected to be that of Maina Sunuwar exhumed