Wednesday, April 17, 2024

17: Modi

Stumbling Into Goldilocks The economy’s resilience in the face of high interest rates is harder to explain, although a driving force may have been immigration: Slow population growth was one popular explanation of secular stagnation, so an influx of working-age adults may have been just what we needed.

Monday, April 08, 2024

Solar Eclipse

Happy 20th Anniversary, Gmail. I’m Sorry I’m Leaving You. Closeness requires time, and time has not fallen in cost or risen in quantity.

Israel Is Making the Same Mistake America Made in Iraq
Dr. Bob, 75, Knows Aging’s Toll. He Wonders if Biden and Trump Do. Dr. Bob Ross cares for the aging residents of Ortonville, Minn, even as he wonders whether he, and the presidential candidates, are up to all their tasks......... The conversations at the heart of an election cycle were the same ones unfolding inside Bob’s office: What were the best ways to slow the inevitable decline of the human body? How did aging impact cognition? When was it possible to defy age, and when was it necessary to make accommodations in terms of decision-making or professional routines? These were the questions he asked his patients each day, and also himself....... “If your body’s healthy, that helps keep your mind sharp.” ........ “If you’ve seen one person at 80, you’ve seen one person at 80,” Bob said. “There are a million different versions of growing old.” ....... One of his brothers served 20 years in the Army and then was killed in a motorcycle crash .......... The nephew who once ran a lemonade stand in Bob’s front yard was now a doctor and the hospital’s chief executive; a student he mentored in high school had become his colleague as the first female physician in Big Stone County. He’d delivered more than 1,500 babies over the years, at least 100 of whom had grown up to work alongside him at the hospital. ........... the inevitable reality of what happened to an aging human body. The frontal cortex of the brain started to shrink over time, which led to slower recall, shortened attention spans and difficulty multitasking. Heart valves and arteries stiffened with age, which forced the heart to work harder and increased the likelihood of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Spinal disks flattened and then compressed. The metabolism slowed. Muscles contracted, skin bruised, bones weakened, teeth decayed, gums receded, hearing diminished, eyesight deteriorated — and it was normal. It was entirely and inescapably normal. .......

“My preference would be that Joe’s gone, Trump’s gone and give us two new, viable options,” Bob said.

........ “Our minds and our bodies aren’t built to last forever,” he told Mary. “There’s no use pretending otherwise. We all get our turn. We grow old and we die.”

Israel Has No Choice but to Fight On
Help Ukraine Hold the Line
Trump Is Financially Ruining the Republican Party Multiple state parties have been plagued by financial troubles, including in Arizona, Michigan and Georgia — battleground states that could easily decide not only the presidential race but also control of the Senate and House. But time and money are being wasted on Trumpian drama

How Does Dev Patel Become an Action Star? By Directing Himself.
Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ Opens at No. 1 With the Year’s Biggest Sales

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Jay Sah: Reporters Club Nepal

Why China’s confidence crisis goes unfixed In 2024, to acknowledge public gloom is to doubt Xi Jinping ........ In truth, lots of ordinary Chinese worry that the ship of state is drifting, rudderless. But this cannot be admitted without seeming to doubt Mr Xi, the great helmsman. In the China of 2024, that is simply not allowed.

How China stifles dissent without a KGB or Stasi of its own A secret policeman on every street ...... The system fights crime and defends the party’s monopoly on power: no clear line separates these two tasks. ...... China’s surveillance state, it turns out, is hiding in plain sight.

Three big risks that might tip America’s presidential election Third parties, the Trump trials and the candidates’ age introduce a high degree of uncertainty

Infatuation, kids, adultery: marriage is the theme of the Oscars Together the nominees sketch a composite picture of marriage. Here it is

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Cashless Society To End Corruption In Nepal

Reflections on a Trump-Biden Rematch

Go Behind the Scenes of All 10 Best Picture Oscar Nominees In these videos, directors walked us through pivotal scenes from their Academy Award-nominated films.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Stakes Out Distinctive Stance in Trump Case The justice distanced herself from the majority, saying it had gone too far, and from the three liberals, saying their tone sent the wrong message.

Why It’s So Challenging to Land Upright on the Moon Two spacecraft have ended up askew on the lunar surface this year. It is easier to tip over in the weaker gravity on the moon than you may imagine.

No One Has Ever Read Genesis Like This The Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Marilynne Robinson delivers a riveting interpretation of the Bible’s first book.