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Leahy Amendment Says No Arms To Nepal

There is the jungle raj like in Nepal, and there is rule of law. America is supposed to be about rule of law. The Leahy amendment makes it absolutely clear the US may not resume military aid to Nepal.
Press Conference in Nepal
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Offering aid to secure some stability --

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[PDF] 06-02-22 G8 Control Arms Paper FINAL VERSION with revised ƒ

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leading arms suppliers, exporters of major conventional weapons, ... According to US law (the Leahy amendment), no US military aid may ... - Similar pages - Remove result


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arms supplies to Nepal, the UK government has provided as a “gift” the ... There is also a provision within US law called the “Leahy Amendment” that ... - Similar pages - Remove result

TIGblogs - Abukar Albadri

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BahasNepal has been placed in the rank of Sudan, Colombia, Iraq, ... “It is the success of the international human rights monitoring and Leahy amendment. ... - 22k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove result
The US did suspend military assistance. What I was talking about yesterday, was that there is a specific provision in U.S. law which prohibits us from engaging with military units that have been involved in human rights abuses. It’s called the Leahy amendment and it is one that is very careful watched. We really hope that it will raise the level of human rights sensitivity within the military.

What is this fascist propaganda that the US is set to resume military aid to Nepal?

US could restore arms supplies to Nepal: Report NepalNews
US to restore arms supplies to Nepal
Daily News & Analysis, India The difference flows out of American view of Maoists as terrorists and India's belief that the Nepali Maoists must be brought to the mainstream and should not be treated just as terrorists...... US ambassador to Nepal, James F Moriarty, has been at the forefront advocating the US policy, which is appeasing the Nepali monarch ...... “What do you gain by giving material to the Royal Nepal Army? Some more people would be killed and then the Americans will go home” ...... Camp told reporters at a press conference. “The second legal aspect is that the Leahy amendment prohibits financing security assistance to Nepal until Nepal has returned to democracy and certain conditions on human rights have been fulfilled.”

The US ambassador to Nepal does not have the option to resume military aid. He is bound by US law to not resume military aid. If anything, the human rights situation has only worsened since the Leahy amendment came into effect.

Leahy, Lion
Senator Patrick Leahy
Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat, Vermont
Senator Leahy To US Congress On Nepal

There is no official word from either the US State Department, the Pentagon, or the US embassy in Nepal on this topic. So I am inclined to treat this guff as mere rumour, probably false because there are very clear legal implications involved.

The fascists in Nepal don't deserve arms. They deserve jail time.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

यो सडक ितम्र्ो हो

घरबाट िनस्केर आउ सडकमा
पर्खाल हाम्फालेर आउ
अंकमाल गरेर आउ
कौसीबाट हाम्फाल
ढोका खोलेर आउ
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

फािसस्टहरुले देश बेच्न लािगसके
राजा नभए देश रहन्छ
देश नरहे ितमी रहन्नौ
ितम्रो घरमा अँध्यारो छ
बत्ती बाल्ने बेला यही हो
आउ सडकमा
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

आँधीबेरी जस्तै आउ
मनसुनको बर्सात भएर आउ
तर मनसुन आउनु अगािड आउ
यो आन्दोलन समयको तकाजा हो
यो वर्तमान, यो भिवष्य ितम्रो हो
त्यसैले आउ सडकमा
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

गाउँ गाउमा आउ
शहर शहरमा आउ
िजल्लाको सदरमुकाममा आउ
राजधानीमा त ओइरेर आउ
लाखौंको संख्यामा आउ
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

आन्दोलन सफल हुन्छ
सडक रगताम्मे हुन्छ
िवजयको अबीरले
दशकौंपिछ नाित पनाितले सोध्लान
क्रान्ितका दौरान ितमी कहाँ िथयौ
ितमीले भन्नु नपरोस्
ितमी कोठामा टीभी हेरेर बसेका िथयौ
अथवा बार्दलीबाट रिमता हेरेर बसेका िथयौ
त्यसैले सडकमा आउ
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

कमल थापा हावाको गोली हान्दैछन्
ितमी बोलीको गोली हान
नारा लगाउ
कमल थापा, तुल्सी िगरीलाई जेल पुर्याउ
माधव नेपाललाई जेलबाट फुत्काउ
आउ, ितमी सडकमा आउ
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

राजा नागिरक र व्यापारी भएर बसुन्
नत्र भने जेल जाउन्
मतलब छैन
मतलब ितम्रो छ
भरे बाटो कुरेर बस्न नपरोस्
ितमी रातभिर जागाराम भएर पिन आउ
एका िबहानै आँखा िमच्दै आउ
लाखौंको संख्यामा आउ
माित्तएको गोरु जस्तै िनर्धक्क भएर आउ
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

आउ, आउ
सडकमा आउ

(Poem style inspired by poet Arjun Parajuli)

हृदयेश त्रिपाठी: मधेसी समस्या र राज्यको पुनर्संरचना
संघीय गणतन्त्र
कांग्रेसले रोज्नुपर्ने बाटो
अहिंसाका प्रश्न
डा बाबुराम भट्टराईलाई शान्तिको सन्देश
डा बाबुराम भट्टराई: आन्दोलनको उत्कर्ष र त्रस्त सत्ता
मधेशी अधिकारको कुरामा पहाडीहरुको सहभागीता
प्रवासी नेपाली: "नैतिक समर्थन कायम राख्दै भौतिक समर्थन थप्ने।"
भूपि शेरचन, गोपालप्रसाद रिमाल, प्रवर जिसी
मधेशी पहचान
देशव्यापी पम्फलेटिङ
प्रहार गरिहालौं
अइ आन्दोलनमें मधेशी अधिकारके बात
लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्र नै किन?
चुनाव बहिष्कार बाहेक विकल्प छैन: सात दल

Kamal Thapa Is A Nazi

The govt. will foil the general strike: Home Minister Thapa

Home Minister Kamal Thapa

Home Minister Kamal Thapa has claimed that the four-day general strike (April 6-9) called by the Seven Party alliance (SPA) is in fact the programme of the CPN (Maoist) and said the government will foil it at any cost.

Addressing an interaction organized by the Reporters Club of Nepal in the capital on Tuesday, Minister Thapa said the Maoists had first announced the indefinite strike beginning April 6. “Upon entering into second understanding with the Maoists, the SPA preponed its protest programme beginning April 6. Hence, there should be no illusion that the four-day strike is, in fact, the Maoists’ programme,” said the interior minister.

In response to a query, Minister Thapa said the government had credible information that terrorists had entered into the capital and were likely to infiltrate the general strike and mass rally announced by the opposition alliance. “If we get hold of the rebels, even if they are found participating in the opposition rally, they will be dealt with in accordance with the anti-terror law,” he warned.

Nepal government refers to Maoist rebels as terrorists.

Minister Thapa, however, urged the opposition parties to break up their “alliance” with the Maoists and engage in constructive dialogue with the constitutional forces. He said such a dialogue could take place even if some of the opposition leaders were in jail. He did not elaborate.

The Home Minister said the government had tightened security in the capital and other parts of the country in view of the proposed protests announced by the opposition parties. He, however, claimed that violent activities had gone up in the country and morale of the Maoists had gone up after entering into an understanding with the opposition parties.

The seven party alliance has said the four-day general strike—against the last year’s royal takeover—would be peaceful and would continue unless the king gives up his direct rule. by Mar 28 06

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- Students to organize programmes in support of general strike

Today in America's supermarkets and superstores a lower middle income American has access to goods emperors did not dream of a few hundred years back. A poor American can be watching TV and still claim to be poor. Queen Victoria never got to watch TV.

This is 2006, the standards have gone higher. You do not have to subject millions of people to a Holocaust to qualify. Today it is enough that you are part of a regime that has the worst human rights record of any on the planet. It is enough that you have violated people's rights to peacefully protest and have vowed to do it all over again.

Talks are not an option. The 1990 constitution is dead. This is an unconstitutional king that can no longer be imagined even in a ceremonial role. All orders issued by this regime since 2/1 have been illegal. For the army, the police and the bureaucracy to follow the orders of this regime has been illegal, unconstitutional, illegitimate. The sooner all three stop following orders the better.

Kamal Thapa is a clown. He is set to go to jail. The revolution will deprive him of liberty and property.

Kamal Thapa is a Nazi. This guy is a fascist. He stands to be punished for the wrongs he has already committed. It is not possible to hold dialogue with fascists. His punishment will only get worse if he further elongates his list of wrongs.

The people are going to come out into the streets, and there is no force in the country or the world that can stop them. The people are not coming out to request democracy from the king. The king is irrelevant. The people are not coming out to seek dialogue. The people already know what they want. The people want a democracy that they never had. The people want to write themselves a new constitution. Dialogue? What dialogue? Dialogue with whom? You talk with human beings. These are animals.

Kamal Thapa and the rest of the clowns are going to get a Nepali version of the Nuremberg trials. There is no escaping the inevitable. The revolutionary parliament will have the powers to punish these villains.

Military crackdown is not an option. Curfews are not an option. Tear gas is practically chemical warfare upon the people, Saddam style. There are long term health impacts.

Kamal Thapa, Gyanendra Shaha, Pyar Jung Thapa, Tulsi Giri and the rest of them have the option to limit injuries to themselves. They could do some damage control. Get out of the way. The people are on the march. (The King's Clowns And The Baathists Of Iraq)

Release all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally. What that means is you release them and there will still be no dialogue. The revolution orders you to release them. That is why you are going to release them. We are not going to barter with the lives and freedom of our revolutionaries. You release them, and there still will be no talks. You don't release them, and you get a express ticket to hell.

I wish the April 6-9 program were a common program, but it isn't. I wish there were a concrete eight party alliance, but there isn't, not yet. (Needed: Dynamic Agreement, Concrete Eight Party Alliance)

There is terrorism and there is state terrorism, like there is crime, and there is organized crime, the mafia. These are mafioso. What we are dealing with in Nepal is state terrorism. The perpetrators will be punished.

Kamal Thapa, don't you dare get in the way of the peaceful protests planned for April 6-9 across the country. The monarchy's time is up. You belong behind bars.

A non-violent movement for democracy has within its powers to take legal action against you, nationally as well as internationally. And action will be taken.

Kamal Thapa Going Jail, Kamal Thapa Chukkie Pissing
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The King Is Nowhere Close To Seeing The Light

Hamro Nepal All Set To Be Launched

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180 Nepali rebels arrested in India


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28 March08:53Yeshiva University, New York, United States
28 March09:07Hood College, Lysaker, Norway

Why The Maoists Should Cease Violence

(1) The Maoists have committed themselves to the idea of a multi-party democratic republic. In that system you acquire power through the ballot box. Power does not flow through the barrel of a gun. The Maoists have to by then have emerged as a political party without an army. Otherwise they are suspect. That is step 4.

(2) Step 3 is the idea of a constituent assembly. Such elections have to be free and fair. The people are not going to be made to vote under the threat of the gun. That is a total no no. Step 3 is also about the Maoists having become a political party without a standing army.

(3) Step 2 is peace talks with the interim government of the seven party alliance. Those talks will be about political reasoning, not as to who is stronger militarily. There also it is not about the gun. One outcome of those talks is already certain: elections to a constituent assembly. Another outcome of those talks stays uncertain: what to do with the two armies. One, their partial integration. Two, full integration. Three, disband both armies. If you go the integration route, the question is should that be done before the elections to a constituent assembly, or after? The Maoists want to do it after because they feel their army will get a larger share in the integration formula. I can see why they feel that way, but that thinking is problematic. If the Maoists get 20% of the vote in the constituent assembly, they will then demand that 20% of the army should be from their side. That is precisely the wrong way to integrate the two armies. You don't want one army with two loyalties. If there is to be integration, that has to happen before the constituent assembly elections. And the less fighting there is between the two armies now, greater the chances of integration. Personally I am for disbanding the two armies.

Switzerland (07/05) The army has virtually no full-time active combat units
The New York Times > Magazine > In the Magazine: Without a Doubt
it's Sweden that has no army
Women making history today |
In contrast to Israel, Sweden has no sworn enemies and no standing army.

There are several reasons why I am for disbanding both the armies. (1) That is the quickest, surest way to ensure free and fair elections to a constituent assembly. (2) The RNA and the PLA have fought each other too bitterly for too long to ensure a smooth integration. (3) There are no Madhesis in either the RNA or the PLA. That is like neglecting half the country. (4) Nepal is not about to go to war with either India or China. (5) Nepal is a poor country. It needs to be spending on education and health.

Whether the two armies get disbanded or integrated, that process will be political and not military.

Note that steps 4,3 and 2 all are political. There are no military combats involved.

(4) That brings us to step 1. How to topple this regime and install a seven party interim government? This is where the problem lies. The Maoists have been arguing that it is not possible to bring this regime down unless it is also attacked militarily. They want the seven party alliance to wage their peaceful street protests. And they want themselves to keep hitting militarily. Actually they would prefer a "fusion" of the two. That not forthcoming, they are okay with the two-pronged strategy.

I would like to argue the Maoists have, if anything, delayed the demise of this regime by engaging in armed conflict. They have attacked with a newfound ferocity, true, but if they keep going down that path, you are looking at resumed US military aid, which might or might not be a military victory for the king, but it sure will be a major political victory.

If the Maoists as a political party without an army is the idea for steps 2,3 and 4, why do they insist on something entirely different for step 1, especially when step 1 has to happen before steps 2,3 and 4 can take place?

Maoist violence fuels the monarchist propaganda that they are the ones who will save the country from the Maoists.

Maoist violence shrinks the political space for a decisive mass agitation which is what will topple this regime.

Maoist violence makes more possible resumed US military aid. That weakens the global isolation of the king. That creates fissures in the global coalition for democracy in Nepal.

The Maoists may argue that because the king did not reciprocate their ceasefire, they have been forced back to going to violence. I thought they were republicans. Why are they so enslaved to what the king does or not? The Maoist action plan should not depend on the king. The king's not reciprocating the ceasefire hurt the king. The ceasefire hurt the king big time. That is why he tried so hard to break it. He succeeded when he managed to break the ceasefire.

The Maoists do not have to stand there helplessly. But they do have to end their offensives. And they do have the option to go on active defense.

There can be no Maoist military offensives during this decisive phase of the movement. That is what it boils down to.

I have said time and again it is very hard to do what the Maoists have been trying to do. And it does not help their process that the king is so hostile, and the seven party alliance can sometimes act like it has all the time in the world.

But all that is a reason to hasten the demise of this regime. And you do that be ceasing the violence. Make space so people can throng into the streets.

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Maoists Intensify Extortion Drive in Pokhara Himalayan Times
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Parties may reschedule April 8 rally
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Nepal turns down fact-finding request of international media The Statesman
Army role in media gagging alarms global body
ADB ties future aid to Nepal to peace, India
Polish trekkers are not with us: Maoists
Nepaleyes, Nepal
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SPA should urge UN for resolving conflict: Gautam Kantipur Online
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Hamro Nepal All Set To Be Launched

Anil and I talked earlier today. Hamro Nepal is all set to be registered and launched. Some early thoughts are as follows.
  1. Goal: Democratic Republic through non-violent militancy. The fight is ideological, not personal. The king has the option to become a citizen and a businessman. A respectful exit can be given, but only if the regime does not exhibit bad behavior towards the street demonstrators. Hamro Nepal will be actively involved in the movement to topple the current regime, to install a democratic interim government, to help the country go through a constituent assembly. Hamro Nepal keeps open the option to launch a new political party should that help achieve the goal better, faster.
  2. Membership fee in the US: $100. Equivalent/similar amounts in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia. Each country chapter to decide on the amount. The US chapter might do a second $100 round should an emergency situation arise. After the establishment of a democratic republic, the membership fee is to go down dramatically. Chapter in India, membership fee more like Rs. 100 or 200.
  3. Those who donate less than $100 are donors. $100 is a Member. A Member who finds at least 9 other Members is a Leader. A Leader who finds at least 9 other Leaders is a Senior Leader. The Senior Leaders are members of the Central Committee.
  4. The organization will not go away once the goal of a democratic republic has been achieved for Nepal. It will stick around to help the process of institution building, and help usher rapid economic growth in the aftermath. The idea is to make the best use of globalization and the internet to gather and organize Nepalis and friends of Nepal across the world. Your geographical location is immaterial, if you want you can contribute to the fullest.
  5. This is also about empowering Nepalis outside Nepal. For example, voting rights for Nepalis in New York City.
  6. Each country chapter is to stay autonomous, and is to be registered locally, although the chapters are to work in close coordination.
  7. Hamro Nepal is not a member of any umbrella organization, namely the Nepalese Americas Council (NAC) or the Non Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA). Instead it hopes to impart its culture of transparency, democracy, egalitarianism, empowerment and efficiency to those organizations, and will work in close coordination with any organization and individual, political and otherwise, with shared goals.
  8. A country chapter like the US chapter may have guest members from Nepal. These members will have to be sponsored by existing members of the US chapter.
  9. There are to be 10 City Coordinators for each of the major cities in the US. These are people who have the option to meet in person. They are to reflect gender, ethnic and caste diversities. To be voted for if consensus might not be possible.
  10. There is to be a Central Committee for each country chapter. And an Executive Committee.
  11. Members may stay open or stay clandestine: personal choice for the duration of the movement. If person A brought in person B who brough in person C, person C may not know the name of person A unless person A chooses otherwise. There are to be such vertical silos.
  12. A formal constitution is to be drafted soon.
  13. All members will be invited to join a virtual parliament. Real or assumed names may be used. All members may talk. Anyone may participate in the comments sections. Anyone may read.
  14. For lack of something better, free online polls will be used for voting purposes, to be sent out over email, and not displayed online until after the polls are closed. One IP address will not be able to vote more than once, and there would be a time limit on each such poll. And any poll that has more votes than the size of the voter pool will be automatically invalid. It is hoped the honor system will be followed.
  15. Safe houses are to be established in Kathmandu. Maximal use to be made of MSN Messenger and Google Talk.
On to victory.

I think the best thing about Hamro Nepal will be to inculcate among Nepalis across the world the feeling that geography is no longer an issue, and to help Nepails in Nepal feel those who left did not really leave. They are more present than if they could be there in person. They are more productively present.

This is to be a non-profit political organization.

Some, actually many people ask me, if you are the one Nepali in the diaspora doing the Nepal movement work full time, why are you not in Nepal? Why don't you go back?

I am committed to participation in the 2006 and the 2008 elections in the US. That is good for me and good for Nepal, I believe. Just look at one of many ideas I have been cultivating: the idea of taking all textbooks online and making them available for free, them making money from ads. That one idea could benefit Nepal more than anything else. And I can not work on that in Nepal, but I can through the instruments of US power. The news is geography does not matter. So let's focus on contributing. Don't bug me about my geographical location. I am doing just fine in New York City, more than fine.

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