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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Finding Middle Ground

red balloon
Dahal returns from China; says dialogue is UCPN-M's priority, not protests NepalNews

Bringing the parliament back to normal is of fundamental importance. People's duly elected representatives should get back to work. The Maoist blockade of the parliament has lasted too long.

Three Things To Worry About

I don't see the Maoists picking up arms again. That is a very remote possibility. Prachanda has made it absolutely clear if anyone is going to the jungle, it is going to the NC and the UML, not the Maoists. He can not be clearer.

The second thing to worry about is if the Maoists accept multi-party democracy or not. There also I am positive. There are still ideologues in the Maoists party who unapologetically talk of a one party communist republic, but then we also have royalists in the country. That does not mean the monarchy is ever coming back. I am not worried Nepal might end up a one party communist republic.

What does worry me is the degradation of the political culture. And there we have plenty to worry about. If the Maoists maintain their ideological confusion on multi-party democracy, the country will suffer.

Will The Madhav Nepal Government Last?

As long as he has a majority in the parliament, Madhav Nepal will continue as Prime Minister. And as long as the Maoists keep acting like maybe they still fantasize about a one party state, the 22 party coalition will likely remain intact. The novelty has worn off. The Maoists are not the untested stock they used to be. In power they showed themselves to be not that different from the Congress and the UML honchos. Prachanda's nepotism put Koirala to shame. And the Maoists are fast acquiring the image of obstructionists. At this rate I don't think they will do well at the next scheduled parliamentary elections.

There are some things that could see an end to the Madhav Nepal government. If the Sujata Koirala episode goes out of hand inside the Nepali Congress, or if the Madhesi parties become disaffected with the NC and the UML, this government could get derailed. But both those are conditional upon the Maoists making the other parties feel like they are for democracy and a multi-party culture after all. Threatening an agitation to bring down this government is not the multi-party way.The Maoists instead need to be working the parliamentary arithmetic to see if they can rework it in their favor. Their best bet might be to make all the right noises on multi-party democracy and try and wean away the Madhesi parties by promising a unified Madhes state from Rapti to Mechi rivers encompassing all the Terai districts in that belt as was the case in their original map.

Ending The Deadlock

中文(简体)‬: 胡锦涛照。Image via Wikipedia
Whether or not Madhav Nepal continues as Prime Minister is not that important. What is important is that the current political deadlock comes to an end. There is a need for a compromise position. Prachanda is wrong in suggesting Ram Baran Yadav made an unconstitutional move. It was Prachanda who made a series of unconstitutional moves. But there is a political need to give Prachanda a face saving exit. And that would be for the ruling parties to agree to amend the interim constitution to (1) more clearly define the roles of the Prime Minister and the President, and (2) make it possible for the Vice President elect to take his oath in Hindi.

Ideological Fusion

Nepal has become a curious meeting ground for the two major ideologies on the planet during the past century. It is unrealistic to expect the Maoists to totally give up and come along to the western democracy ways. Instead an ideological fusion has to be sought. Nepal has to be turned into a multi-party democracy of state funded parties. That step is what will finally put our fears about the Maoists to complete rest. After that there will be no revolution, only elections.

Dahal returns from China; says dialogue is UCPN-M's priority, not protests
Bhattarai floats three options for ending deadlock
Maoist gen secy expects political breakthrough after Tihar
Deuba unhappy with Sujata’s promotion to DPM; Sujata ‘warns’ NC leaders against trying to change govt
Maoist chairman Dahal meets Chinese President Hu Jintao
PM Nepal says Maoists have kept their lust for power after being greeted with black flag
NC leaders wash dirty laundry in public, accuse party president of whimsical behavior and nepotism
Legislature parliament, CA committees take recess for Tihar, Chhath
Big three form taskforce to give way out to political deadlock
Oli for amending peace accord
Parties agree on flexible constitutional amendment procedures, but differ on national symbols
Kalikot reels under food crisis
Big Three agree to settle differences on new constitution
NC leader claims party will seek clarification from NC president on Sujata's promotion
'Katawal could get important responsibility'
Maina Sunar's father found dead in mysterious circumstances
Army chief pledges cooperation in implementing NHRC recommendations
Three-party meet inconclusive
Khanal says FM Koirala's promotion has not put govt in tight rope
PM China visit likely in November
Chinese top political advisor vows to enhance ties with Nepal, dubs Dahal's visit 'positive and far-reaching'
Don't compromise on Prez, army issue: RJP chair Thapa
Detailed discussion of draft statute begins 
Runaway PLA men arrested with arms
Norwegian support to the discharge and rehabilitation process
Dr Bhattarai again claims Maoist-led govt after Tihar
Maoists submit amendment of NC-UML consensus draft 
Army will accept the decision of the Special Committee: CoAS Gurung
BoK introduces Visa Credit Card 
CPN-M slams Defence Minister's remarks
Rehabilitation of disqualified combatants starts
Khanal hopeful of early breakthrough
PM Nepal wants statute drafting process to move in full speed, visits Army HQ
Maoist chairman Dahal leaves for China
Dahal, PM Nepal meet Koirala separately; no consensus in sight yet
Yadav predicts trouble for govt
Disqualified PLA men to be discharged
Dahal to leave for weeklong China tour Sunday
Efforts to end deadlock through consensus is still on: PM Nepal
Maoists to continue protests to uphold 'civilian supremacy'
NC CWC goes against Koirala's order; decides to hold Mahasamiti meeting
Obama bags Nobel Peace Prize
EU Troika meets President, Speaker; stresses timely constitution drafting
PM greeted with black flags in Pokhara
Sub-committee hands over draft of constitution to CC
Khanal for parliamentary debate on president’s move
Etihad to fly daily to Kathmandu 
Khanal confers with PM Nepal
'Seven BPKIHS doctors resign due to lack of security'
PM, ministers take a detour of Kathmandu on a tourist bus
House resumes after Dashain recess but no end to obstruction
Defence Minister for revision of peace accord
Maoists may even table impeachment proposal against Prez: Dr Bhattarai 
Dahal says party's 'new proposal' to resolve political deadlock
Consensus by Wednesday, says PM
Poudel hopes Maoists would agree on NC-UML draft
Arke Fly to directly connect Nepal with Europe from tomorrow
FM Koirala meets PM Nepal, assures NC's full support to the govt
Maoist 'defectors' likely to loose MP status 
CA member Rai fined NRs 5 million
Dahal says he didn't propose Koirala as PM
Second-rung NC, Maoist leaders express dismay over party chieftains' antics
PM Nepal meets Maoist chairman
Koirala, Dahal hold secret talks at former royal aide's house
Matrika to form army
RJP chief blames major parties for stalemate as he leaves for New Delhi
UML hosts tea reception; top leaders hope to end deadlock soon
UCPN-M to make more efforts to end deadlock
Maoists show black flags at President Yadav
Top leaders hopeful of breakthrough within few days
Dr Bhattarai blames NC, UML for deadlock
Big three fail to reach consensus
UCPN-M not to budge on its stance on 'civilian supremacy'
Saturday's three-party meet to finalise draft of consensus
Consensus a must for drafting constitution on time, says President Yadav
Party chiefs spell consensus to end violence
President, PM discuss prevalent politics
Sushil to run for NC president
Big three arrive closer to consensus 
Khanal, Dahal discuss ways to end deadlock
Dahal meets President Yadav to end current political deadlock 
NC-UML for joint proposal to end House deadlock
UCPN (Maoist) deputes team to talk with other parties
'Constitution-writing ought to be prime basis of political consensus'
Maoists decide to be more flexible 
President, PM, ex-King, offer Tika to people
Deadlock will end soon, says Koirala
Political consensus vital for peace process: PM
No debate on president’s move, says PM
UML-Maoist meet concludes positively
Dahal hopeful of ending deadlock shortly
UML to start talks with UCPN (M), NC from Friday
TMLP chief takes a swipe at Koirala's views on federalism
UML gen secy blames Maoists for deadlock
Defense minister instructs NA headquarters to resume recruitment
Khanal hopes for breakthrough after Dashain
Maoists to table 'no confidence' motion if compromise does not emerge by Oct 7
UML forms team to hold talks with parties
NSP (Anandidevi) tables constitution amendment bill
Dahal claims Madhesis are withdrawing support to govt
Koirala opposes 'latitudinal division' of the country
CoAS Gurung says army will maintain its 'professional autonomy'
No revolt after Tihar, Maoist leader says
Khanal confers with Koirala
Maoists pelt stones at Irrigation Minister's vehicle
'Maoists shouldn't breach understanding with political parties'
CA chair calls for end to deadlock
UCPN-M hails 'successful protests'
Australia-based Nepalis worried about situation in Nepal
CA members file note of dissent against clause allowing govt to seize land above ceiling
Big three to meet Monday
Govt forms panel to assess damages during insurgency
PM Nepal praises 'heroic acts' of NA, says it has always accepted civilian supremacy
Maoists not to return seized land
Unlike India, China is benevolent towards Nepal: Mahara
PM meets President Yadav
Army chief briefs PM
NC, UML leaders reiterate their position on Maoist demand
Dahal warns NC, UML not to ignore demand for civilian supremacy
Proposal passed by CA committee allows govt to seize land above ceiling
PM Nepal meets Koirala
Maoist cadres clash with police as they try to disrupt Minister Pandey's programmee
Dahal warns of 'decisive revolt' after Tihar
NC to seek clarification from ministers; expels rebel candidates in CA polls
JTMM-Jwala declares month-long 'ceasefire'
UML chairman downplays internal dispute
Industrial Security Force on the cards
Four parties boycott PHSC meeting
Dahal for constitution amendment to 'rectify' President's move
Court issues suspension order for army officer involved in Maina Sunuwar case
CIAA recommends action against nine police officers including IGP over parka deal; cancels tender
Govt sanctions 250 million for Kathmandu-Nijgadh fast- track
NEA seeks 100 MW more electricity from India  
Maoist chairman meets Chinese officials in Hong Kong
Pressure cooker bomb found, disposed near supermarket
Three parties meet again; solution still out of sight
Protests meant to topple govt, says Maoist leader
Maoists pelt stone at PM as he addresses TU convocation
President calls for end to violence
National security policy forwarded to cabinet
Three party meeting on House deadlock inconclusive
Combatants under state, says Minister Shrestha
UML VC hints at change in govt leadership
Political consensus to institutionalise democracy: PM
Prez Yadav in Pokhara; says violence has no place in democracy
Nepal to lag behind in meeting its poverty reduction target: UNDP
Another bomb found near Jha's residence
Maoists beat up UML leader
States to get right to self-determination except for secession
Sujata cannot at all become Prime Minister: Dr Mahat
Maoists try to disrupt PM's programme in Biratnagar; over dozen injured in police action
Socket bomb found near VP Jha's residence
CA begins discussion on Judicial System
Bogati says Maoist-led national govt only succor to nation's problem
PM Nepal stresses on consensus and understanding among parties
Ranabhat elected President of University of London Student Union
Arrested Maoist lawmakers, party workers released
ANNISU-R shuts down higher secondary schools
Maoists pelt stones at FM Pandey
Maoist-led govt possible if there's consensus: Pokharel
Time ripe for decisive revolt: Maoist chairman
Narayankaji says his party will concentrate on constitution writing
Pandey rules out timely statute by sidelining Maoists
PM claims Maoists assured him of conditional support for coalition govt  
Maoist students announce indefinite closure of HS schools
Delay in writing new statute will be disastrous: Khanal
Two more ministers inducted into cabinet
Dr Bhattarai puts civilian supremacy as precondition for national govt  
Maoist leaders raise war cry; vow to bring down UML govt
French parliamentary delegation meets former PM Deuba, warns rift between parties might adversely affect constitution making
Violence can escalate if army integration issue not taken seriously: Bhattarai
Govt-Maoists agree to discharge disqualified PLAs
Maoists putting the peace process in peril: Oli
UML proposes for 13 states; youth leaders call for CC meeting  
Maoist leader says UML govt unable to complete integration process, hopes better terms with new NA chief
NC acting chief admits lack of democratic culture in his party  
Speaker asks PM to take quick initiative to end House deadlock
PM Nepal urges his party leaders to end blame game  
'Ruling coalition not serious to end deadlock'
Dahal meets NC president
Gurung is new Army chief
UML chairman thinks 'rightists' are trying to create rift between major parties
Deuba hints Maoists out to end independent judiciary
UML 'suspends' Youth Force activities
Constitution-drafting timetable amended again
NC PP urges Maoists to allow House proceedings  
Police, Maoist cadres clash in Syangja
Dahal rules out ending house deadlock
Prez Yadav says violence and killing has no place in a democratic society
PLA reshuffles commander postings
Maoist black flags greet Prime Minister
PLA not ready to discharge disqualified combatants unless govt introduces 'package programme'
Ruling Madhesi parties deplore decision to clip VP's perks
Maoist-led national govt soon: Bhattarai
Only 12 out of 110 armed groups political: Home Ministry
PM Nepal meets Koirala
Govt claims its honeymoon was successful
Maoist combatants to be brought under the command of Special Committee
Maoists deny involvement in attacks against Indian priests
Seven MJF (D) lawmakers withdraw support to govt
Nothing can bring down govt, claims PM
Security plan aimed at taming criminal groups: Home Minister
NC president proposes Dy PM, CA member for daughter
Indian Bhattas start temple duty amid Maoist protest; Indian ambassador visits Pashupatinath
NWPP proposes Dang Valley as Nepal's capital
Govt withdraws annuities given to Paramananda Jha
CA committee finalises revenue sharing under federalism
Maoists propose dividing country into 13 states; UML, NC yet to table proposal   proposing 13 states. ..... second expansion to the proposed states by the party – from nine to 11 during CA elections and with two more addition in the latest version. ....... three-states based on regional division – Seti-Mahakali, Bheri-Karnali, and Madhes and the rest based on ethnicity – Tharuwan, Magarat, Tamuwan, Tamsaling, Newa, Kirat, Limbuwan, Kochila, Sherpa and Bhote/Lama. ........ During CA elections, the party had proposed 11 provinces after splitting Kochila from Limbuwan and Abadh from Bhojpura. This time, the party has added Bhote/Lama in the western and Sherpa in the eastern mountains. The proposal has merged Awadh, Bhojpura and Mithila regions to call it Madhes province. .......... autonomous localities within the autonomous provinces based on ethnicity. Seti-Mahakali region will have two such localities, Bheri-Karnali two, Magarat three, Tamuwan nine, Tamsaling 12, Kirat five, Limbuwan eight, Kochila nine, Madhes four, and Tharuwan two. ........... protected regions for tribal groups such as Raute and Kusunda. ..... four geographical and administrative units.  They are Ridhi, Tamakoshi, Narayani and Bijayapur. ..... the geographical and administrative units will be governed by the central government. ........ transform the existing 3,914 village development committees into 800 to 900 districts so that people will have easy access to the district headquarter.
Maoist cadres pelt stones at PM's convoy
Govt won't last long if PM makes wrong moves: Koirala
PM calls for more efforts on women rights
'PM's property details untrue'
Strike by ethnic communities cripples life across the country
Two priests appointed in Pashupati
NA refutes reports about acting CoAS' secret meeting with Maoist top brass
New ministers sworn in; VP Jha's Hindi oath-taking episode gets a re-run
Revenue collection soars by 52 pc  
Estranged teenager blocks highway for his girlfriend
Cabinet likely to be expanded today
Maoists agree to end House deadlock on condition
PM hints at cutting annuities to VP Jha  
CC starts its business on writing constitution
Formation of industrial security force falters
Protesting family members of martyrs held after 'mass suicide' threat
YCL atrocities continue
Madhesi leaders meet Koirala over oath row
Khanal says VP Jha's snub to SC has invited new crisis; MJF chair thanks Jha for his stand
Jha's position as VP defunct
Maoists form 'Shadow Cabinet'
Maoists decide to intensify agitation
KJWP leader arrested in connection with Friday's bomb attack
Jha embarrasses govt, President's office as he skips oath ceremony
Strike cripples life in Terai
VP Jha snubs Cabinet request; says he will consider re-taking oath only after constitutional amendment
Oli challenges party top brass to take action against him
NC general convention in March next year
Gachchhadar for a consensus govt
Blast outside VP Jha’s residence; one injured
MJF chairman to VP Jha: Better quit than to retake oath
Nilambar Acharya elected CC head
YCL thrash teachers in Gorkha  
‘Judges can be nominated from outside judiciary service’
UML trying to patch up differences between Maoists and NC for timely statute: Khanal  
Oli sees no alternative to current govt
Serious consequences if SC order on VP Jha case implemented, Madhesi parties warn
Big three fail to reach consensus on CC chair
Carter Center calls for national unity govt
Linguistic rights activists suggest VP Jha to take oath in Maithili
Govt's top priority is maintaining peace and security: Home Minister
Leaders of indigenous communities throw their weight behind VP Jha
Minister Mahato issues direction for smooth and fair supply of goods  
200 complaints against Maoist leaders
Dahal suggests VP Jha to resign
PLA breached peace accord: UNMIN
FM Koirala appears before NC Parliamentary Party, again says she skipped India trip due to illness
NC, UML cadres behind Maoist cadres' killing in Dhanusha, Taplejung: UCPN-M
UML chief describes VP Jha's Hindi oath-taking as unfortunate, stresses on unity to avert disaster
Govt bans Tharuhat activities in Dang
Maoist activist dies in mob fury
Koirala, Dahal agree to form high-level mechanism 'very soon'
PLA combatants arrested with weapons
Home Minister urges parties not to provide sanctuary to criminals
Dahal hints at withdrawing protest if parties agree to debate Prez's move in House
Revenue collection exceeds target  
MJF chief describe PM Nepal’s India visit as failure
Businessmen shut down Sindhuli demanding security
NC president hosts tea reception; urges leaders not to hype Sujata's case
Govt set to distribute tax ID
Special security plan will prevent bandhs and blockades: Home Minister
Dahal claims PM Nepal’s state visit is ‘shameful’
Government launches largest-ever tree-plantation campaign
Sujata had bought new wardrobe, got haircut for her cancelled India trip
Maoist chairman claims new govt will be formed soon
Govt preparing to import more electricity from India
Nepali engineers meet in London
UML-led govt will survive full term: Deuba
Dahal hopeful for a 'Maoist-led national govt' soon
Manpower export declines by 21 percent
UML govt wants to derail peace process: Maoist chairman
NRNA reiterates dual citizenship against NRN Identity Card  
Yadav stresses unity among political forces
Maoist chairman Dahal returns from Europe
Cabinet expansion deferred; FM Koirala expecting promotion to DPM
Maoist demand ill-intentioned: PM Nepal
Switzerland opens embassy in Nepal
Justices working in Terai districts to get security guards
House obstruction continues
CA completes deliberations on legislative structure; goes to indefinite recess
PLA men assault villagers
Maoists tell PM not to sign Pancheshwar agreement
Maoists continue House obstruction   

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The NRN Debate: It Is A Global, Online World

(sent to

Over the past few days I have read with great interest the raging
debate on the NRN question at the NepalNews website. Rabindra Mishra
and Krishna Sharma have come to it from two tangential angles. I have
also followed the ongoing NRN conference in Kathmandu through the
online media outlets with great interest. I wish the NRNA made and put
online full fledged videos of all the key speeches. It is so easy and
inexpensive to do.

Two words answer most of my curiosities on the topic: internet and
globalization. The world has changed fundamentally over the past
decade. You could argue it has turned upside down this past year with
a black man in the White House. Is that a slap to 500 years of world
history? The churns of digital technology and globalization have
affected Nepal and Nepalis as they have peoples everywhere. I receive
calls in New York City from some of the tens of people from my
homevillage near Janakpur, Nepal, who are in Malaysia and the Gulf
states. I might have taken the American college route to
globalization, but they also flew. Recently when I spent a few days
with MP Jitendra Sonal of the Terai Madhesi Loktantric Party in New
York, he found himself talking to an informed person who skimmed
through the news headlines on Nepal most mornings. For the first time
I got to meet Madhav Nepal in New York, but he has been calling me a
friend for a few years now. The physical distance of tens of thousands
of miles and the fact of never having met did not hinder. I got to
meet Pradip Giri at an event in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York
several weeks back for the first time. I had long admired him, but
that was my first time meeting him. People were puzzled he talked
about me so many times in his speech that day. He has been on my
mailing list. I have long admired both Pradip Giri and Baburam
Bhattarai. Their intellects astound me.

I have not been to Nepal in years. Some people argue that is a good
reason I should not be commenting on Nepali politics. To them I say,
there are astronomers who have never been to planet Jupiter. I know
Nepal. I care about Nepal. I think about the country daily.

Rabindra Mishra's weakness is to not realize or respect that talk
itself is action. I long to see the day when I can get the Nepalis in
New York City to start talking about immigration issues as they affect
their lives right here in New York and in America. The Irish
immigrants could vote in Boston 150 years ago upon arrival, and before
getting legalized. Why can't the Nepalis today? That question is not
being asked.

But concrete action is important, and Mishra's very own Help Nepal
network is a good example of the good work the global Nepalis can hope
to do with modest contributions of time and money. I have sponsored
the education of tens of Dalit kids in my homevillage the past several
years. True, I have not needed a dual citizenship to do that. But it
is not either or.

The Chinese economic miracle of the past several decades could not
have been possible without the active role played by the Chinese
diaspora. A dual citizenship regime would similarly free up the global
Nepalis in their efforts to put Nepal on the China-India track. The
leadership role will have to be played by the duly elected leaders in
Nepal, there is no doubt about that. But the global Nepalis are needed
to lubricate the incoming flows of capital, technology and ideas and
skills from the global pool to the Nepali playground. India did it.
Nepal should do it. It makes fundamental sense. You could send people
from my homevillage to Malaysia or you could bring foreign direct
investment into my village and create jobs there so those people no
longer have to go to Malaysia. Nepal can not dream of ambitious
infrastructure and industrial undertakings if it does not go for dual
citizenship. To put it absolutely bluntly, an economic revolution in
Nepal is not possible without dual citizenship for the global Nepalis.
I am confident the new constitution will have the appropriate

A necessary byproduct of globalization is that people will move
around. People from Nepal will go to other parts of the world. People
from other parts of the world will want to move to Nepal to live
there. And all that is a good thing. One great growth industry for a
country like Nepal could be retirement tourism like India has been at
the forefront of medical tourism. You would build communities where
retired people from rich countries could come spend the final decades
of their lives. They might barely get by on the money in their own
countries. In Nepal they could live large on the same. And the entire
time they could stay connected, having weekly video chat sessions with
their grand kids far away.

Brain drain is a colonial era phrase. It has to be retired. Today
there is only mobility, of capital and technology and people. We want
a world that pours a trillion dollars into microfinance. We want a
Nepal that is peaceful, and vibrant, and democratic, a Nepal where
Nepalis and non Nepalis alike get to contribute to rapid economic
growth. The global Nepalis are going to play a key role in that.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Gold Coins Gain

Physical gold is back in vogue, thanks to the global economy being in bad shape. It is time to have gold.
Gold is back in vogue for a reason. Don't get left out. Physical gold might be one way out of the ongoing economic turbulence.

What are your other options?

Ride out the storm the smart way.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Federalism Could Be A Tool To Recolonize The Terai

Rhino from Nepal
CA panel lists jurisdictions of center, federal states Republica Provincial governments will look after provincial railways, highways, courts, provincial development projects, health services, land management, land revenue, protection and use of language, culture, script and religion of the region, forest and water resources in the province, agriculture, livestock development, trade and commerce, transport management, production and sale of alcoholic items, among others...... the local government will be responsible for primary and secondary level education. ....... National and interstate environment management, use of forests, wild animals, flora and fauna, mountains, water resources and national parks that spread across the provinces have also been included in the concurrent list.
Highways have to be maintained at both the federal and state levels. The major arteries in the country will have to stay under federal jurisdiction. The proposed East West railway line can not be the property of the future Madhes state. That will have to stay in federal jurisdiction. The same will have to apply to all the big hydroelectricity projects. The big rivers of Nepal are national property and belong to all Nepalis equally. If we do not make that clear in the constitution we are going to have major river disputes in the future between the states.
NC Leaders Snub NC Prez's Call
PP Leader 'threatens' To Withdraw Support From Govt
Republica The Nepali Congress (NC) Parliamentary Party has strongly protested ..... Poudel threatened to withdraw support to the coalition government if he disregarded the party´s institutional decision. ..... None of the senior NC leaders except ministers representing the party in the government attended the swearing in. ..... Koirala had given indications that he would look for an alternative government if Nepal failed to promote his daughter to DPM. ...... He had asked Sujata Koirala to help mend the schism within her party and prolong the current government as the NC PP and CWC were against her becoming DPM. 

Maoists propose amendment to draft resolution Republica
Chances of consensus slim: Dr Bhattarai  
Dahal 'assured' of end to deadlock by Oct 20
Govt plans to make judges' assets public 
Maoists attack NC rally, 5 critically injured

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