Friday, October 29, 2021

फ्रांस जस्तो क्रान्ति भनेको रगत बग्ने भनेको होइन

फ्रांस जस्तो क्रान्ति भनेको जनआंदोलन को बलमा तीन तहको चुनाव स्वीप गरेर, केंद्रीय संसद मा ६५% बढ़ी सीट जितेर, सरकार बनाएर, संविधान को पुनर्लेखन फ़ास्ट ट्रैक मा, राज्य को पुनर्संरचना फ़ास्ट ट्रैक मा। नेपाल सेना राख्ने नराख्ने, राखे सैनिक संख्या एक लाख राख्ने कि ३०,००० मा झार्ने, गृह युद्ध का दौरान खड़ा गरिएको सशस्त्र प्रहरी लाई बाई बाई गरेर जनता को शिक्षा स्वास्थ्य मा लगानी गर्ने। न्यायपालिका को पुनर्संरचना। एकै पटक ५०० न्यायधीश फाल्नु परे फाल्ने संसदले। सरकारी सेवा जति डिजिटल बाटो जनता को घर घर पुर्याउने, कर्मचारी संख्या दुई तिहाइ घटाउने। प्रथम १०० दिनमा यति काम फत्ते गरेर देश लाई लगातार २० वर्ष २०% आर्थिक बृद्धि दर दिने बाटोमा लाने भनेको हो। गाउँ गाउँमा मेस संचालन गर्ने ताकि एक जना पनि कोही भोको नरहोस। 

पृथ्वी नारायण को सत्तारोहण बाट गन्ने हो भने शाह शासन १०३ साल, राणा शासन १०४ साल, त्यस पछि १० वर्ष नौटंकी, बीपी को डेढ़ वर्ष को अपवाद बाहेक, तर लोकतंत्र जोगाउन नसक्नु बीपी को गलती हो। ३० वर्ष पंचायत चल्यो, ३० वर्ष त अब लुटतंत्र पनि चल्यो। माओवादी को १० वर्ष पनि लुटतंत्र नै थियो। 

जनता सड़कमा आउँछ तर लाठी लिएर आउँछ। दशौं लाख को संख्यामा अब सड़कमा आउँछ। अहिलेको रूलिंग क्लास दाढ़ी खौरीए जस्तै सफाचट। सीके राउत अंशुवर्मा का उत्तराधिकारी। 

Dr. CK Raut: Media Appearances

विवेकशील वाला हरु ले उपत्यका मा जनमत को झण्डा किन नउठाउने?

विवेकशील वाला हरु ले उपत्यका मा जनमत को झण्डा किन नउठाउने?

रविन्द्र मिश्र भनेको सत्यानाश। विवेकशील वाला हरु ले उपत्यका मा जनमत को झण्डा किन नउठाउने? जनमत ले जनकपुर मा जे गर्दैछ त्यो काठमाण्डु उपत्यका मा मिलन रंजु हरु ले किन नगर्ने? साझा तेल र विवेकशील पानी हो। त्यो कहिले बुझ्ने? कि रविन्द्र सँगै सती जाने? कुरेर बस्ने? उमलेको पानी मा बसिरहने? 

विवेकशील ले जनमत सँग एकीकरण गर्ने हो भने काठमाण्डु को अब को मेयर विवेकशील को। उपत्यका को १० को १० सीट विवेकशील को। सुशासन। 

Facebook: October 29

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य, 5G, उर्जा

News: October 27

Top general: China's hypersonic missile test "very close" to a "Sputnik moment"

Once again, the U.S. has failed to take sweeping climate action. Here's why The brothers have given over $145 million to climate-change-denying think tanks and advocacy groups between 1997 and 2018. The Kochs were joined in their efforts by Exxon, which has given nearly $37 million over the same time to spread climate misinformation....... Think tanks that had thrived thanks to millions of dollars in grants from the oil industry labeled the climate bill "cap-and-tax." Conservative media picked up the idea that the legislation was a tax and amplified it. The Senate leadership understood over time that the bill would fail. In the end, it didn't even make it to a vote on the Senate floor. ...... Manchin is the top recipient in Congress of donations from the oil and gas industry.

Hillary Clinton aide describes sexual assault by a senator

Letitia James Isn’t Saying Whether She’s Running for Governor. But She Is Hiring. Ms. James, the New York attorney general, has recently recruited several advisers and fund-raisers ahead of a possible run for the state’s top office. ..... Ms. James is gearing up for a high-profile, competitive race — rather than focusing on her current run for re-election as state attorney general. .....

her potential to be the first Black female governor in America.

Her hires also reflect an intense focus on fund-raising.

India slams China's new boundary law amid border tensions

Zuckerberg's power makes him untouchable Outraged activists, pundits and lawmakers are demanding Zuckerberg take responsibility — the fish rots from the head down, after all. But holding Zuckerberg accountable is much easier said than done. ....... Facebook's tiered stock structure makes ousting Zuckerberg practically impossible. Although he owns less than half the company's stock, the class of shares Zuckerberg holds vote with much more power than common stock. ........ Facebook's structure is uniquely murky, even among tech companies ........ Some have proposed an entirely new regulatory body focused on tech giants.........

the vast majority of Facebook's ad revenue comes from small businesses who can hardly afford to leave.

....... Washington won't be able to suddenly resolve the regulation issues, and Wall Street isn't going to turn its back on a money-making machine. Critically, the 3 billion people using Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook aren't going to turn the apps off on principle. For many, those apps have become vital tools for communication, synonymous with the internet itself.

Democrats Hammer Out Novel Plan to Tax Billionaires and Corporate Giants New proposals would fund social and climate programs by tapping billionaires’ unrealized gains and by ensuring that the biggest companies cannot avoid income taxes altogether. ........ a transformative cradle-to-grave initiative to vault a stagnant working class into prosperity ......... a 15 percent minimum tax rate on corporations based on the profits they report to their shareholders, not what they show to the Internal Revenue Service. ........... For the first time, billionaires would face a tax on the unrealized gains in the value of their liquid assets, such as stocks, bonds and cash, which can grow for years as vast capital stores that can be borrowed off to live virtually income tax-free. ....... Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts and a longtime proponent of creative measures to break through the tax avoidance strategies of the rich. ......... Under the plan, companies with at least $1 billion in profits — about 200 publicly traded corporations — would no longer be able to escape income taxation altogether. The 15 percent minimum tax would also bring the United States into compliance with the standard recently set by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to try to root out tax havens. ....... Senate Finance Committee aides singled out Amazon, which over the last three years reported $45 billion in profits, including a record $20 billion last year, but paid an effective tax rate of 4.3 percent. In 2018, they said, Amazon did not pay any federal income tax. Senator Angus King, independent of Maine, estimated the minimum tax would raise $300 billion to $400 billion over 10 years.......... Under the plan, Congress would impose a one-time tax on all the gains in value of tradable assets held by billionaires from the time they were initially purchased. That first hit would be huge, since men like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Elon Musk of Tesla and Jeff Bezos of Amazon sit on vast shares of the companies they created, which initially had a value of zero.

To Tax Billionaires, Democrats Should Keep It Simple One senator’s plan to tax unsold assets each year is complex and potentially illegal. A tax-at-death system that President Biden proposed would be easier to carry out........ Billionaires are able to pay low effective rates because the tax code only requires them to pay capital-gains taxes when an asset such as a business, stock or real estate is sold and the income is realized. For this cohort, those assets are where the bulk of their money is,

and they often borrow against their holdings to fund their lifestyles.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

जनमत पार्टी के भ्रष्टाचार विरोधी आन्दोलन का पहाड़ी पुर्वाग्रही मीडिया द्वारा ब्लैकआउट कब तक (भ्रष्ट मीडिया)

केपी ओलीलाई धक्का : प्रभु साहले नेकपा ब्युँताउने, ५१ सदस्यीय कमिटी तयार साहले बनाउने केन्द्रीय कमिटीमा दुई दर्जन बढी पूर्वसभासदहरुको नाम समावेश हुने स्रोतको दाबी छ । ........ आइटी आर्मीको ब्यानरमा प्रदेश २ मा विभिन्न कार्यक्रमहरु गरेका उनले यसमार्फत सातै प्रदेशमा नेटवर्क बनिसकेको बताउँदै अब देशैभरि नेकपा पुनर्जाग्रित गर्ने लाइन लिएको स्रोतले बतायो ।

पारसलाई भेटेपछि भरतमणि लेख्छन्, ‘शुभचिन्तक थिएँ, प्रशंसक भएँ’ शोमा पुर्व युवराजको गेटअपका लागि उनले दुई बर्ष तयारी गरेका थिए । स्वतन्त्र मानिस भएर कसरी बाँच्न सकिन्छ भन्ने एउटा उदाहरणको रुपमा शाह पाएको बताएका पौडेलले नक्कलका लागि शाहको बोलेको सबै भिडियो, हाउभाउ, नृत्य, रियाक्ट लगायत सबैको अध्ययन गहिरिएर गरेका थिए । ....... प्रस्तुतिका कारण पुर्व राजपरिवारबाट प्रशंसा समेत पाएका थिए । प्रस्तुतिपछि चौतर्फी चर्चा बटुली रहदा पौडेलले भने मिडियासँग शाह भेट्ने अवसर नमिलेको र भेट्ने चाहना रहेको बताएका थिए । सेमिफाइनलमा शाह भेट्ने चाहना राखेका भरतको उक्त चाहना विजेता बनेपछि पुरा भएको छ । उनले केही दिन अगाडि शाहलाई भेटेका हुन् । ...... ‘साच्चै नै भन्ने हो भने उहाँ साह्रै रमाइलो साथी जस्तै हुनुहुँदो रहेछ ।

कर्मचारीहरू आन्दोलित, पेनडाउन सुरू त्यसको विरुद्धमा आधिकारिक ट्रेड युनियनले प्रदेश २ भरि नै एक सातासम्मको आन्दोलन कार्यक्रम सार्वजनिक गरेको नेपाल मधेशी निजामती कर्मचारी मञ्चका महासचिव बेचन महतोले बताएका छन् । ....... एक सातासम्म पेनडाउन गर्ने र कालोपट्टी बाँधी विरोध जनाउने बताउँदै महतोले भने, ‘कर्मचारीमाथि दुर्व्यवहार गर्नेलाई कारबाही भएन भने अझ सशक्त आन्दोलनको कार्यक्रम घोषणा गर्नेछौं ।’

Facebook: October 26

Instant economics A real-time revolution will up-end the practice of macroeconomics The pandemic has hastened a shift towards novel data and fast analysis Few predicted $80 oil, let alone fleets of container ships waiting outside Californian and Chinese ports. ......... Today prices are rising faster than expected and nobody is sure if inflation and wages will spiral upward. For all their equations and theories, economists are often fumbling in the dark, with too little information to pick the policies that would maximise jobs and growth. ......... The world is on the brink of a real-time revolution in economics, as the quality and timeliness of information are transformed. Big firms from Amazon to Netflix already use instant data to monitor grocery deliveries and how many people are glued to “Squid Game”. The pandemic has led governments and central banks to experiment, from monitoring restaurant bookings to tracking card payments. The results are still rudimentary, but as digital devices, sensors and fast payments become ubiquitous, the ability to observe the economy accurately and speedily will improve. That holds open the promise of better public-sector decision-making—as well as the temptation for governments to meddle. .............. America’s gnp estimates date to 1934 and initially came with a 13-month time lag.

In the 1950s a young Alan Greenspan monitored freight-car traffic to arrive at early estimates of steel production.

Ever since Walmart pioneered supply-chain management in the 1980s private-sector bosses have seen timely data as a source of competitive advantage. But the public sector has been slow to reform how it works. .............

The financial crisis would have been a lot less harmful had the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to near zero in December 2007, when America entered recession, rather than in December 2008, when economists at last saw it in the numbers.

.............. Patchy data about a vast informal economy and rotten banks have made it harder for India’s policymakers to end their country’s lost decade of low growth. The European Central Bank wrongly raised interest rates in 2011 amid a temporary burst of inflation, sending the euro area back into recession. The Bank of England may be about to make a similar mistake today. .............. today’s star economists, such as Raj Chetty at Harvard University, run well-staffed labs that crunch numbers ........... More machines and objects are being fitted with sensors, including individual shipping containers that could make sense of supply-chain blockages. Govcoins, or central-bank digital currencies (cbdcs), which China is already piloting and over 50 other countries are considering, might soon provide a goldmine of real-time detail about how the economy works. .......... Good data during crises could let support be precisely targeted; imagine loans only for firms with robust balance-sheets but a temporary liquidity problem. Instead of wasteful universal welfare payments made through social-security bureaucracies, the poor could enjoy instant income top-ups if they lost their job, paid into digital wallets without any paperwork. ...........

The biggest danger is hubris.

With a panopticon of the economy, it will be tempting for politicians and officials to imagine they can see far into the future, or to mould society according to their preferences and favour particular groups. This is the dream of the Chinese Communist Party, which seeks to engage in a form of digital central planning. ...... no amount of data can reliably predict the future. Unfathomably complex, dynamic economies rely not on Big Brother but on the spontaneous behaviour of millions of independent firms and consumers. Instant economics isn’t about clairvoyance or omniscience. Instead its promise is prosaic but transformative: better, timelier and more rational decision-making.

Facebook’s rumoured name-change reflects ambition—and weakness The company is more than a social network. It also has a reputation problem Nearly 3bn people use its products every month. ........

It has launched a digital wallet (Novi) and may yet offer a currency (Diem).

........ Mr Zuckerberg expects people eventually to associate his firm more with the “metaverse”, a virtual space for work, play and more, than with social media. This week Facebook said it would hire 10,000 people to work on the metaverse. ........ In 2015 Google set up Alphabet, a holding company for the search engine and its many side projects. Under this model, Facebook would become just another app within a wider family, albeit by far its biggest earner. ......... the Facebook brand has become tarnished. The social network is blamed for stoking everything from teenage anorexia to insurrection at the us Capitol. .......... Normally, a brand facing a reputational crisis might dump its unpopular ceo. But Mr Zuckerberg’s position is unassailable, which may explain why he would want to dump the brand instead.