Wednesday, March 11, 2009

After Tharu Movement, Dalit, Muslim And Women's Movements

I wholeheartedly support the ongoing Tharu movement, I have from the very beginning. I go one step further to say I look forward to the Dalits, Muslims and women of the Terai similary rising up, similarly waking up to claim their due share at the table.

Neither the Pahadi parties - Maoist, UML, NC - nor the Madhesi parties have done right by the Tharus, the Dalits, the Muslims and the women.

Govt-Tharu talks inconclusive
Tharus ready to sit for talks today
Govt announces cabinet decisions to meet Tharu demands
Eighth day of Terai strike sees more vandalism

Tharu leaders reject govt’s call for dialogue
Cabinet to address Tharu demands

Monday's cabinet meeting to take 'concrete decision' on Tharu demands
PM officially urges Tharus to come for dialogue

Tharu groups turn down talks offer
Protests resume after curfew lifted in Chitwan

Maoist, Madhesi leaders speak out in favour of Tharu people
Three including policeman killed in Chitwan; curfew clamped as protests continue
Govt invites agitating groups for talks
Night curfew in Mahendranagar
Terai continues to reel under shutdown strike, curfew in Lahan

Govt to come up with separate list of indigenous groups
Life hit on second day of Terai strike

Continued strike paralyses Terai life
TKS irked as govt lists Tharus under Madhesi community, declars stir

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