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The Maoist Attack On Himal

Personal Angle

Ashutosh Tiwari has been a personal and cherised friend of mine for a decade and a half now. I cherish our first meeting in Kathmandu in the mid-90s when he was home for vacation from Harvard, and I was someone applying to colleges in America. Curiously all of our subsequent interactions have been online, but that does not make the bond any less strong. Prashant Jha and I have never met, but we chat online like friends. I have admired CK Lal over time. And it gives me pride he knows of me. I have met Kunda and Kanak in New York City, although for some reason I connected more with Kanak than Kunda. I embarrassed Kiran Nepal during his NYC trip by video interviewing him for so long over a few days. You have turned me into a celebrity, he complained. Kashish Das Shrestha has had a small time affiliation with the Himal brand name. So if I have not jumped all over this act of Maoist atrocity, it is because I have had some urgent engagements locally, personally. Believe it or not, this is the first time I have read these Nepali Times articles below.

Sharp divide Nepali Times
The boundaries of federalism
"It will backfire"
(Blank Editorial)
High noon at Himal
Dahal in the dock
They do it again

This attack is outrageous, but not surprising.

Wet Dream

The idea that the Maoists will turn Nepal into a one party communist republic is a wet dream. It is not going to happen. Dahal talks of a transitional republic. I also think Nepal currently is a transitional republic. It will continue so as long as it does not have a firm constitution. Kiran talks of a people's republic. He should go ahead and talk of a one party communist republic if that is what he means by that. Otherwise the term people's republic is vague, perhaps intentionally so. Who in Nepal today is for a royal Republic, or a Hindu republic, or a republic of the landed, or a republic of the moneyed? Of course we are for a people's republic. My idea of a people's republic is a one person one vote republic. What is Kiran's idea? I would like to know.

The Nepali people just got rid of a Gyanendra Shaha dictatorship, and the dude had roots going back hundreds of years, a 100,000 strong army personally loyal to him. Who is Pushpa Kamal Dahal? Who is Kiran Baidya?

Fire, Water

Dahal keeps suggesting he can have both fire and water. You can not be both for a multi-party democracy and a one party dictatorship. You can not be both for a free press and violent attacks on journalists. You can not be both mafia and political party. What we have in Nepal right now is the Communist Party of Nepal (Mafia). The Chinese complained the Nepali Maoists were defaming their Great Leader, so they became CPN (Mafia).

CPN (Mafia), Money-Muscle

The Maoists said they were having doubts about the fundamental Maoist dictum that power flows from the barrel of a gun, so we entered into an alliance with them to throw the monarchy. But now in power they act like power flows from biceps and triceps. In the Indian shanty towns the goondas collect hafta, or weekly payments from small business owners, vendors, street hawkers. That is the mafia way. The Maoists in Nepal do the same thing. They have come up with a cocktail of a nationwide organization, a climate of fear, and the power-flows-from-biceps-and-triceps dictum to the point that the CPN (Mafia) is basically a money machine. It is not Pushpa Kamal Dahal, it is Pushpa Kamal Corleone.

It Is About The Money

Like some wise man said a long time ago, follow the money, it is always about the money. What the Maoists want is to assemble truckloads of money, from the state coffers, from private businesses. Considering they claim to be a communist party, their appetite for money seems to be limitless and healthy: that is strange. They have not shown any talent for creation or democratic distribution of wealth, but they have shown a limitless capacity for looting and lavishly spending wealth. That is not political party behavior, that is Mafia behavior.

It is ridiculous that they wish to establish a one party communist republic with money looted mafia style. That will bring forth not a one party communist republic but rather a one party criminal republic.


The Maoist dream of a one party communist republic will never be realized. Nepal will see renewed civil war before it will see a one party communist republic. Nepal will see a revived monarchy before it will see a one party communist republic. But the Maoists might do a lot of damage while trying. They will fail but after having done a lot of damage. So making sure Nepal does not turn into a one party communist republic is not enough. That is pretty much guaranteed. Nepal is not going to become one. The real challenge is to not allow the Maoists to try, not let the Maoists to do damage while trying.

Solution: Rule Of Law, Power Of Law

The most important thing to do is for the parliament to pass a law that makes it mandatory for all political parties to make and keep their finances public. That of course would apply to all the affiliated organizations as well. The non Maoists have enough votes to be able to pass this law.

Then pass a law saying organizations engaging in violent activities can be sued out of existence. Organizations engaging in extortions can be tried in a court of law. Then try organizations like the YCL, even the YF, and the Maoist sister organizations that routinely engage in violence and threats of violence.

Are there political leaders willing to pass these laws? It is not going to be easy to pass and apply these laws. The Maoists are going to want to intimidate all sorts of actors to the process. That is one thing they know to do. Such threats and intimidations can be nonviolently countered, as long there is the political consciousness to stay alert, to expose, to stay united for the common purpose of basic rule of law.

Freedom of association and assembly do not apply to groups willing to engage in violence. It is possible to sue YCL like organizations out of existence. We do not depend on the mercy of the Maoist leadership to dismantle the YCL. A judge can order it to dismantle.

The rule of law, power of law also applies to Maoists. The Maoists have every right to be for workers' rights. But those rights can't be enforced through mafia threats of force. They should pass labor friendly laws in the parliament, and get the state to implement those laws.

The Old Ways Of The Nepali Congress And The UML

The Congress and the UML keep wanting to go back to the 1990s. The idea never was to turn the Nepali Maoists into just another political party in a system like we had in the 1990s minus the monarchy. The Maoists and the non-Maoists represent the two main streams of global politics in the past century. Fusion of the two is the only way to move forward. If the non-Maoists are going to keep pushing to turn Nepal into like it was in the 1990s, the Maoists are going to keep pushing to turn Nepal into what China was like in the 1950s.

The Congress, the UML, the MJF, the TMLP, the Sadbhavana and all the rest of them are going to have to come around to saying they are for turning Nepal into a multi-party democracy of state-funded parties. They should come out for it first. And if the Maoists do not also come for the same, they should get together and topple the Maoist-led government.

You Don't Dig Heels, You Triangulate

As long the Congress and the UML will stay in the habit of digging heels wanting their old ways, the Maoists will stay lost in fundamental ideological confusion. The country will suffer.

Transition Challenges

In The News

Sharp divide Nepali Times
The boundaries of federalism
"It will backfire"
(Blank Editorial)
High noon at Himal
Dahal in the dock
They do it again

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Transition Challenges

Law And Order

Hisila Yami's call to dissolve the Maoists' YCL and the UML's Youth Force is a responsible one. Law and order is a function of the state. It is for the Nepal Police to take care of law and order. A youth wing of a political party may not engage in law and order activities. The YCL and the YF have been a fundamental threat to any feeling of normalcy in the country.

Army Integration Or Army Formation?

The phrase army integration is highly problematic. If you add the 30,000 Maoist soldiers to the 90,000 of the Nepal Army, you end up with an army that is four times the size it ought to be, and you don't end up with a Nepal Army but rather a Bahun Chhetri Janajati Army, you end up excluding the Madhesis.

The talk should not be of army integration, but rather army formation. The parliament has to prepare the blueprint for the future Nepal Army. What should be its size? What should be its ethnic composition? Its gender composition? What should be the basic criteria that the recruits should meet? The parliament has to answer those questions. Then it has to face the fact that many members of both the Nepal Army and the Maoist Army are not going to end up in the future army, just like most US soldiers who came back home from World War II did not end up in the US Army, instead many went to college, many got retrained for private sector jobs.

I recommend an army size of 20,000, and its ethnic composition has to be similar to that of the constituent assembly, and it has to be 40% female. Some of those 20,000 will come from the Nepal Army, some from the Maoist Army, some from Jwala and Goit.

So instead of debating the topic of army integration, the Maoists and the Congress should be talking army formation. The biggest challenge of that is going to moving about 100,000 soldiers into private sector jobs.


That is going to be yet another sticky issue. There also the leaders are choosing the wrong starting point. I recommend not starting with the map. Instead tackle other aspects of federalism first.

Federalism, yes or no? Answer: yes. Should we retain the 75 districts or not? I highly recommend a yes. If you get rid of the 75 districts, then you are going to invite administrative chaos in the short term. So if you keep the 75 districts, the next question is going to be, do you want ethnic federalism or geographic federalism? I recommend a three state geographic federalism, Koshi, Karnali, and Terai with three capitals Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Narayanghat. Any attempt at ethnic federalism is likely to be endlessly contentious.

Then there is the question of power distribution. What is that going to look like at the federal level? I recommend a lower house of 75 multi member constituencies of about 245 members, every third name on a party's list must be female, including the first. (Meeting Ground Between Congress And Maoists: 75 Multi Member Constituencies) For the upper house, the entire country is going to be one constituency. It would be a fully proportional election for 100 seats. Every other name on a party's list must be female. That for the legislative.

As for the executive, I recommend a directly elected president, with one person allowed a maximum of two four year terms. Briefly I thought a prime ministerial system might work in Nepal because there are bound to be many parties in existence, and no party might ever get more than 30% of the votes. But since a coalition government is also led by one person, why not encourage parties to build coalitions before the election instead and settle on a common choice, or two or three for president. A candidate must get at least 50% of the votes or there would be a runoff. And this is not the American system, because America does not have a directly elected president.

A directly elected president will allow for stability, direct democracy, and a clear separation of powers between the legislative and the executive.

Multi-Party Democracy Of State Funded Parties

This is what we have to do to make sure we get the Maoists to stop talking about a transitional republic and the people's republic. The state will fund the parties based on how many votes they earn in the parliamentary elections. And all book keeping by the parties will have to be transparent. The parties would not be allowed any other source of fundraising. I am surprised not even the Maoists have picked up this idea. This idea would make Nepal a democracy ahead of India, Britain, and America, as close to classlessness as a democracy can get, and it will retain the multi-party nature of democracy.

If we can end up with a multi-party democracy of state funded parties, and a parliament that is at least 40% female by law, the three mass movements of April 2006, January February 2007, and February 2008 will have been the French Revolution for this 21st century. Over time China and India and others will be forced to imitate Nepal.

In The News

Oli opposes army integration NepalNews
We are no fascists, says PM Dahal
Koirala urges for unity among democratic forces
Maoists to adopt ‘drastically different democracy’
A Maoist minister sees the need to dissolve YCL and Youth Force
Maoist, UML mend fences
Girija Prasad Koirala hospitalised after suffering from a bout of pneumonia
PM Dahal says NC reluctant to promote "politics of consensus"

PM discusses coalition strategy with UML gen secy NepalNews
Political committee announced, Gurung named acting chief UML will be represented by Nepal and Surendra Pandey, CPN (Maoist) by Gurung and Barsha Man Pun, Madhesi Janadhikar Forum by Upendra Yadav and Sarat Singh Bhandari, Sadbhawana Party by Laxman Lal Karna and Ram Naresh Raya, Janamorcha by Lila Mani Pokhrel and Girijaraj Mani Pokhrel and CPN (United) by Chandra Dev Joshi.
Govt forms panel to study its hydropower ambition the prospects of generating 10,000 MW power in ten years...... eradicate illiteracy within two years. The programme will take off on December 16
After China, it's US turn to send high-level delegation to Nepal
Dr Yadav attends Kirat religious ceremony
Top cop admits political intervention in police force is real the quasi-policing activities of youth groups of political parties like the Young Communist League of CPN-Maoist and CPN-UML's Youth Force
Terai armed group declares 'ceasefire' for talks
Folk singer Ram Thapa dies
'No one has moral authority to ask for return of seized property'
Terai armed group burns down passenger bus, one dead
Ruling coalition fails to court NC into special committee

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The Maoist Attack On Himal
Transition Challenges
Claiming Relevance
Simple Majority Government, Ceremonial President Ramraja
Another Seven Party Government?
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Are The Maoists Anti-Madhesi?
Non Maoist Government Possible, All Party Government Advisable
Coalition Government, But Which Coalition Partners
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Madhesi Movement: Next Moves
Nobel Peace Prize 2008: Making A Case For Nepal
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मधेसी पार्टीले सीट तालमेल नगरेको राम्रै हो
मधेशी पार्टीले तराईका दिलत र मिहलालाई िचनेनन्
पाँच बुँदा, पाँच चुनाव
मधेसी मोर्चालाई सत्तामा पुर्याउने तिरका
मधेसी अान्दोलनले अब चुनाव िजतेर देखाउनुप्रछ
िगिरजा नेपाललाई स्री लंका बनाउन चाहन्छ
Compromise हुन सक्छ
िगिरजाले संघीय सरकार के हो भन्ने कुरा नबुझेको हुनुपर्छ
माअोवादीको गणतन्त्रको माग जस्तै हो मधेस राज्यको माग
अान्दोलन िक िनर्वाचन: मधेसी र जनजाित पार्टीहरूको एकीकरणको सवाल
मधेसी जनजाित अान्दोलनकालािग दलीय पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचनको अावश्यकता
ICG: Nepal: Peace Postponed

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Claiming Relevance

A MLK Style Death Awaits Me In Nepal
Lipstick On A Pig
Jail Time
Letter To The Department Of Homeland Security
Freedom, Finally

My Relevance To Nepal Peace Process: The Butterfly Effect

There is a concrete mathematical theory called the butterfly effect. You have to have some understanding of that theory to appreciate my contribution to the Nepal peace process.

When Baburam suggested multi-party democratic republic as a meeting ground between the Maoists and the Democrats, Prachanda had him arrested early in 2005. Girija and Madhav Nepal were both opposed to the idea of a constituent assembly back then. The idea of a unilateral Maoist ceasefire in late 2005, I authored it. I am the father of the concept of continuous movement in the Nepali context. As late as March 2006 Baburam was pushing for an armed revolution by the eight parties.

And there are idiots out there who want to know why I claim I have played a central role to Nepal's three mass movements.

A Gap Of Six Months

I have been gone for six months. I just got done surveying the news from the past six months. Now I am making two claims. One, Nepal is going to have to become a multi-party democracy of state funded parties. That is the only way the Maoists are going to stop talking as if their final destination is something else. Right now no Maoist, no Democrat is pushing the concept of multi-party democracy of state funded parties. So when Nepal does become one, I am going to take some of the credit. You get to call it the butterfly effect.

New Nepal Army

The challenge is not to integrate the old royal army the Maoist army. For one, we will end up with an army that is too big. Two, we will end up with a Bahun Chhetri Janajati Army, not a Nepal Army. Unless the Maoists see this point, there is no calming down the dozen armed Madhesi groups.

The trick is to start out with the concept of a Nepal Army. How many personnel? What should be its ethnic and gender composition? Say the parliament decides on a Nepal Army that is 30,000 strong, 40% female, and reflective of Nepal's ethnic composition, then you fill out those 30,000 slots from the old royal army, the Maoist army, the dozen armed Madhesi groups, and new applicants. You have to face the fact that not all RNA and PLA people will end up in the future Nepal Army.

Prime Ministerial System: Better For Nepal

The presidential system works in America because America is a two party country. Nepal is not a two party country. I expect the Maoist vote share to go down in the 2010 elections. Nepal is going to have coalition governments for a long time to come, just like India.

Federalism: Power Sharing, Election Formula More Important Than Map

Personally I am for two states in the Terai, Tharuwan west of Rapti, Madhesh east of Rapti. And I want the following states in the hills: Khasan, Magarat, Tamuwan, Tamang, Newa, Kirat. I want Janakpur to be made the capital of the Madhesh state. We will need something between Biratnagar and Birgunj.

But more important than the final map are other issues. I think it is very important we preserve the 75 districts. Otherwise you would be looking at administrative chaos. Keping the current 75 geographic districts will be a necessary counterbalance to the proposed eight ethnic states.

The lower house has to be elected through 75 multi-member constituencies. The upper house has to be elected through party based completely proportional elections with the whole country as one constituency, every other candidate on a party list has to be female.

तराईमा मधेस र थारुवान गरी दुई राज्य हुन सक्छन
Meeting Ground Between Congress And Maoists: 75 Multi Member Constituencies

Law And Order In The Terai

The Madhesi parties won big and the Pahadi police responded by going slack on law and order in the Terai. That attitude will not lead to federalism. That attitude will lead to disintegration.

News Archives:

Continued strike paralyses life in Terai
President, VP discuss their roles
Minister holds informal talks with Terai armed groups
Army integration as per peace pact: Minister Bhattarai
CA to start work on new statute from early next week
Sitaula predicts grave risk if govt goes ahead with army integration
CA members to get Rs One million each for constituency development; budget passed
NC withdraws its protest warnings
PM tells House govt is committed to implement past agreements
Maoists, UML agree to reconstitute army integration panel
Backward castes vow to keep Terai in standstill unless demands met
Formal parliamentary democracy further marginalises the poor: PM
NC accuse Defense Minister of misleading the parliament with lies
OBCs' general strike partially hits life in Terai
NC in 'wait and see' mode; Koirala stakes claim for parliamentary leadership
We have witnessed complete metamorphosis: PM Dahal
NC president rues over lack of emotion
CA regulations finalised; silent on whip system
NC PP meeting to forge party's next course
NC memo to govt: Act on past accords, reconstitute special committee
Minister asks Prez, VP to stay away from public functions
Khanal says NC will be brought into Special Committee
Foreign Minister says there are injustices in resource-sharing in LDCs
Four parties agree to delete provision on whip in CA rules
VP Jha against party whips in CA
Stop creating further controversy over special committee: Yadav
Constitution can still be drafted in time: Sapana Malla
Special committee won't be dissolved: DPM Gautam
Opposition parties warn of obstructing CA session
Integration will be in line with the desire of combatants: Minister Sharma
PM sees threat to peace process from 'status quoists'
Koirala fears disaster if constitution not written on time
TMLP chief asks PM to include his party in army integration committee
Yadav tells VP Jha to remain content
VP Jha defends his controversial views; says parties' behavior compelled him to speak up
NC leaders express ire over special committee
Maoists, UML agree to change ToR of special committee: Rawal
CPN-Maoist, UML express rage over VP Jha's remarks
Nepal Police opts for soft approach to deal with Terai armed groups
Obama’s win is a matter of joy for underprivileged around the world: FM Yadav
Whip dispute mars formulation of CA regulations
VP Jha accuses parties of dilly-dallying over statute writing; dubs special committee as unconstitutional
Referendum 'ultimate weapon' to settle army integration dispute: Minister Gurung
Govt talks team in contact with 14 armed groups
Cabinet had no authority to form the committee: Deuba
UML strongman hits at NC, Maoists
MJF-called strike affects life in Biratnagar
Tharuhat Liberation Army is formed
UML, Maoists agree to improve relations at local level
Maoist running govt in authoritarian manner: Deuba
‘Talks with armed groups immediately after Chhath festival’
MJF against wholesale integration between NA and PLA
Maoists' apathy for consensus weakening nationalism: Koirala
Maoists, UML form high-level 'coordination committee'
Senior Maoist ministers make 'secret trip' to Chinese border town
NC leader heaps blame on Maoists
NC irked over special committee, wants the role in formulating its ToR
MK Nepal also unhappy over special committee
PM Dahal urges NC to honour his ‘flexibility’
Govt committed to timely drafting of constitution: PM
Maoists have tried to alienate us: Poudel
Govt forms five-member army integration committee
New constitution within stipulated time: Nemwang
Withdrawn cases include those related with Maoist conflict and Madhes agitation
Nepali industries have lost Rs 20 billion due to global meltdown: Chaudhary
PM meets RPP, RPP-Nepal leaders
Koirala rebukes UML gen secy for 'unwarranted advice'
Khanal advises NC to play constructive role
VP Jha complains of not getting 'any role'
Army integration is not Maoists' priority, claims Kamal Thapa
Deuba in no mood to claim NC top post at the moment
PM fears disaster if peace and statute writing are disrupted
Koirala dissatisfied with law and order situation
UML proposed to head army integration committee
Survey to connect India-Nepal border towns starts
NC launches 'revival campaign'
Koirala accuses Maoists of hitting at independence of judiciary
Thapa calls for democratic alliance
Situala warns nation might slip into civil war if PLA commander installed as NA chief
Foreign Minister lauds UN role in Nepal's peace process; calls for more development assistance
NC leader suspects Pasang could be installed as NA chief
PM meets President Yadav
Deuba again on Maoist bashing mode
Talks with Terai armed groups after Tihar: Minister Yadav
Koirala in Biratnagar to begin NC 'revival campaign'
TMLP calls off protest in House as PM assures of probe into Kapilvastu incident
Disqualified combatants to be taken out from cantonments: Prabhakar
Four party meeting fails to reach agreement on special committee
Eight injured in Janakpur blast
Gautam again warns Terai armed outfit against ignoring government’s call for dialogue
Mohan Vaidya resigns as CA member
Process starts to take Maoists off US terror list: Thapa
DPM Gautam says it is about time to ‘lose our tails’
'Maoists causing delay in writing constitution'
Koirala declines offer to join the govt
Sarita Giri elected NSP president
Koirala miffed at Maoists for 'not recognising' his contribution
Maoist, UML agree to expand cabinet
Govt transfers 102 senior officials
NSP-A splits again as rival factions go head with separate general conventions
CA prepares a schedule on constitution-making
New recruiting standards will be set for PLA's entry into army: Defense Minister
UML, too, mulling over name change
Major changes in security and administrative bodies afoot: PM
NSP-A convention kicks off in Siraha
UML to head towards presidential form
DPM Gautam says PM has asked him to take action against erring YCL cadres
Maoist leaders contradict each other on changing party name
Bhattarai tries to justify Maoist version of 'people's republic'
Not all PLA combatants will be integrated into NA, says the PM
CA polls met not all international standards: EU
JTMM-J ready for talks with govt
Dr. Bhattarai says Maoists discussing to drop their party name
PM Dahal says his party is against Mao's type of People's Republic
Foreign Minister Yadav spills the beans on army integration
Koirala downplays PM Dahal's hope for bringing NC into coalition
Parties have already reached agreement on army integration: NA chief
Khanal trashes reports that he is in minority
Three killed in Rautahat bomb blast
Foreign Minister Yadav meets S Korean counterpart
UML’s existing CC to organize general convention
NC acting Prez warns of stir against 'wholesale' army integration
President against politics of ethnicity, regionalism
Dr Bhattarai reiterates to multi-party politics
Terai armed outfit put forth precondition for talks
Rare philanthropic gesture by Mahato
NC has no plan to pull down govt: Koirala
Efforts on to establish link with Terai armed outfits: Minister
Army integration to begin soon
Minister Yadav meets Boucher
Raja, rajauta system abolished, DPM informs Mustangi Raja
NC to launch national campaign
Koirala says he wants to end 'indiscipline' in NC
Inmates who have completed one-third of sentence could be released: DPM Gautam
Oli calls Maoists' 'talks' of establishing people's republic a farce
Koirala vows to bring NC back to its pre-election form
Minor blast in Biratnagar
Maoist hardliners pressure for people's republic
Govt increases PLA salary
Poudel eyes NC parliamentary party leadership
PM directs govt's talk team to reach out to armed groups immediately
NC leaders step up rhetoric against Maoists
Nepal likely to lead political coordination committee
Demands for fresh general convention raised in CPN-Maoist
MK Nepal urges coalition partners to ensure full term of govt
Minister Poudel reiterates govt's vow to produce 10,000 MW
President to offer Dashain tika
PM Dahal presents political report at CPN-M CC meeting
Cabinet forms a committee to initiate talks with armed outfits of Terai
Armed Terai outfits ready for talks; announce ceasefire during Dashain
Defense Minister says 'new national army' after army integration; NC veep begs to differ
Home Minister adamant on imposing 11pm closing time for dance bars
Maoists talking with NA over army integration, says FM Bhattarai
Ex-King Gyanendra says he wants peace in the country
Foreign Minister Yadav meets his Indian counterpart
Ruling parties to form high-level political committee
TMLP won't allow promulgation of new statute before fresh census
Defense Minister Thapa talks about developing NA as a 'social army'
Gajurel reiterates to establish people's republic
NRN chief to fund hospital construction
PM Dahal briefs his partymen on his trip to US
Finance Minister hits at NC leadership for anti-government stance
Terai groups announce 'truce' during Dashain
FM Yadav urges intl community to address needs of LDCs
NC leader regrets UN's biasness
PM Dahal returns home; dubs New York trip as fruitful
Monetary policy unveiled, inflation termed major challenge
Peace minister assures govt will soon clarify fate of those missing during conflict
NC veep compares PM Dahal's views with that of Late King Mahendra
Terai rebels reject leadership of Goit, Jwala Singh
YCL to split for development activities: report
Former king greets fellow citizens
Security watch on Maoist CA members increased
Blast in Maoist office in Janakpur
Armed Terai groups meet in India's Bihar to discuss possible alliance
Bandh called to oppose federalism affects life
Nobody will be allowed to enter CA premises with arms: Home Minister
PM Dahal lauds UN role for Nepal peace, defends Maoist armed struggle in his first int'l appearance
Jhakri elected ANNFSU president
Control YCL: Khanal tells Maoists
NC, MFJ lawmakers disrupt CA proceedings
PM Dahal criticises int'l community for not doing enough to end world poverty
KC warns of new round of conflict in case of integration of PLA into NA
PM Dahal tries to cajole his Bhutanese counterpart to resolve refugee crisis
NA-PLA merger not acceptable: MJF leader
CA members up against armed Maoist cadres at ICC premises
INSEC concerned over Terai killings
Foreign Minister off to New York
Minister Poudel says it's possible to generate 10,000 MW in 10 yrs
Madhesh needs to be taken into confidence before reviewing 1950 treaty: TMLP chief
PM Dahal cozies up with Russian and Cuban leaders after chit-chat with US Prez
Matrika rules out leaving CPN-M
Bhutan's "Nelson Mandela" struggling with life and death in Druk regime's jail
Govt now sees Tibetan refugees as burden
PM Dahal meets Prez Bush, stresses stronger Nepal-US ties
President Yadav in Janakpur
PM Dahal expected to 'hobnob' with US Prez during dinner party
Army far from politics: COAS Katawal
Sustainable peace only after army integration: Martin
Defense Minister heading north
Socialism can be achieved through peaceful means
Parliamentary system may not be the best answer for country: UML gen secy Khanal
Gupta says it is high time terai armed outfit come for talks
Matrika's resignation approved
PM holds hectic meetings before leaving for US
SJTMM kills section officer in Parsa
Govt unveils Rs 236 billion budget; aims for seven percent growth
Party directs Matrika to apologise
Matrika charges at Gautam
New IGP vows to fight crime
Yadav's activities creating further anarchy: Minister Gurung
Taskforce to review 1950 Treaty to be formed: Joint Statement
PM for 'people's republic' in Nepal
Youth Force will take care of anarchic minister: Nepal
MK Nepal defends Youth Force activities
PM Dahal says India ready for review of 1950 treaty
Ties with India cannot be compared with others, PM Dahal tells Singh
DPM Gautam lashes at ruling parties for clashing at local level
NHRC concerned at formation of 'YCL-like' squads
Rivalry between ruling allies cripples normal life in Siraha
MJF calls off strike in Siraha after 13 days
Gurung is new top cop
Opposition parties slam govt policies
CPN-M changes responsibilities of top leaders; Pasang is PLA chief
Govt to deport illegal Tibetan refugees
One Madhesh demand will invite conflict: President Yadav
'Maoist conduct will determine govt longevity'
Continued strike in Siraha affects normal life
Nepal speaks against Youth Force
‘No need for two-third majority in parliament on West Seti’

NC's Poudel against army integration
Dispute in NC over electing PP leader
PM reiterates to return seized land
Forest encroachment by Maoists
Nepal to be chief of political committee of ruling parties
UML to strengthen Youth Force
TMLP wants state restructuring ministry scrapped
Siraha incident pits coalition partners Maoists and MJF at loggerheads
Police nab five men accused of carrying out blast at VP Jha's residence
NC warns Maoists against veering towards 'totalitarianism'
NC to hold general convention a year later
Khanal claims UML will be the largest party after next election
Govt transfers top civil servants
Committee formed for political appointments
UML CC meet passes Khanal's political report that calls for friendly ties with Maoists
Nation will plunge into disarray if new govt fails: PM
Govt drastically failed in handling tragedy: TMLP chief Thakur
MK Nepal warns Maoists to stick with understandings
Lalu's Nepal visit postponed
YCL, Youth Force agree to bury the hatchet
Maoists and other parties were not ready for consensus: Koirala
Former Dy Speaker Yadav dies
Road reconstruction will take time; FM Yadav to talk to India to solve transport problem
Lalu Yadav to initiate talks on flood
FM promises economic revolution
VP Jha defends his oath in Hindi
No action against army chief, hints PM Dahal
NC leaders accuse Maoists of heading for totalitarianism
Shake-up in the home administration and security agencies in the offing: DPM Gautam
YCL-YF showdown: UML asks cadres to show restraint
Curfew re-imposed in Dhankuta
Gautam vows to establish law and order
NC puts off general convention by a year
Ministries reconstituted during cabinet expansion
Gautam is the only one deputy PM; ministers not to enjoy perks during foreign trips
15 new ministers sworn in
Indefinite curfew in Dhankuta after YCL-YF clash
Peace process will be completed in six months: PM Dahal
PM Dahal vows to work in cooperation with pvt sector to attain high growth PM Dahal tries to allay suspicions about Maoist govt
Ruling allies agree to appoint three deputy PMs
Police shoots dead chief of Terai Army
Dr. Bhattarai piqued over efforts to downgrade his position in cabinet
PM briefs president of his Beijing visit
Cabinet expansion delayed as Maoists engage in further deliberations
Increasing competitiveness key to ensure high economic growth: Finance secretary
Small parties will join cabinet by Saturday: PM Dahal
FM Yadav talks about Koshi inundation with his Indian counterpart
Protocol row settled; UML ministers to be sworn in Friday
Charikot tense after clash between student groups
PM Dahal to induct UML in the govt
Foreign Minister Yadav leaves for New Delhi
PM shifts to Baluwatar; NA to take charge of his security
PM Dahal describes his China visit as a success; says his first 'formal visit' will be to India
Army integration within six months: Defense Minister
UML leaders from far-western region warn of revolt
NC analyses its future role; some leaders call for leadership change
NC central committee meeting begins; leaders demand special convention
Govt will survive its full term, claims FM Bhattarai
Pradip Nepal against UML joining govt
22 more cops involved in Nepalgunj mutiny sacked
PLA men flee cantonment
EC to use EVM during by-elections
Nepal will maintain equidistance between India and China, says Foreign Minister
Officials off to India to learn about federalism
YCL pickets Kalimati vegetable market
Khanal reiterates demand for second hierarchy
Maoist leader says UML could be given second position
PM Dahal leaves for China
Nationalism, republic and socio-economic change; three mantras of new govt: PM Dahal
We will not join govt if UML not given second position, says Poudel
Govt formation sows dispute in UML
Cabinet formed including MJF, UML fails to join
UML, MJF nominate their ministers
Three parties make their CMP public, cabinet to be formed on Friday
CPN (M) names four ministers so far
Maoists-UML reach power-sharing agreement; Bam Dev to lead UML team in govt
Maoist-UML meeting inconclusive
Former Indian PM sings praises of Dahal, says he 'averted disaster by integrating Terai'
PM promises to form an inclusive cabinet
'Make Hindi Nepal's second national language'
PM meets army chief
Maoist supremo's ascent to power kick-starts Indian author's career
MJF reiterates claim for foreign ministry, deputy PM
Ex-king Gyanendra writing autobiography
Chure Bhawar suspends its president
Alliance partners raise objection on Maoist decision to use PLA for PM's security
Differences within alliance mar cabinet formation process
PM Dahal to visit China to attend Olympic concluding ceremony
Minor explosion at VP's residence, one hurt
Indian leaders in Kathmandu at Maoist invitation
Alliance partners busy in efforts to finalise cabinet composition
Expanded security team to provide cover to new PM
New cabinet to have 24 members; President Yadav congratulates Dahal
Alliance begins work on portfolio division, CMP
Alliance partners to delve into nitty-gritty of portfolio division
India, US, EU and Japan congratulate Prachanda on his election as PM
Prachanda elected PM with 464 votes
Deuba loses the race, gets only 113 votes
Maoists earns support from 20 parties
NC expresses concern over 'independence' of army, judiciary and bureaucracy
Maoists mingle with alliance partners hours before assuming reins of govt
1068 Tibetans detained, freed in biggest anti-China protests
Prachanda set to be elected as the PM
UML, MJF agree to back Prachanda for Prime Minister; Deuba chosen NC candidate
Race for PM begins as parties fail to reach consensus
NC to explore option of reviving NC-UML-MJF alliance
16 fringe parties decide to back Maoist-led govt
Maoists still trying to convince NC to join govt
Prachanda meets with Khanal as race to form govt heats
Nepal thinks security-related portfolio should go to parties other than NC, Maoists
Fifty-six civil servants killed in Terai
Maoist chief says picture will be clear by Wednesday evening
UML to work for consensus govt till last minute
MJF leader Raya dies at 72
'NC has decided to sit in opposition'
NC will be pushed to opposition if it demands Defense Ministry: Prachanda
NC 'offers' govt leadership to UML
Koirala consults with Congress CA members; reiterates claim over defence portfolio
Power-sharing efforts hit a hitch, CA stirred into action
Govt defends facilities provided to ex-King
NC, Maoists cling on to their demands on Defense portfolio
Oli claims UML's leadership for new govt
Maoist chief claims his party will form govt in a week
NC decides to take initiative for govt formation
Parties haggle over plum portfolios
Talks fail, new govt to be formed by CA, say leaders
Armed group abducts three in Terai
Fringe parties for Maoist-led govt
PM meets Gachchhadar; some NC leaders want Koirala to lead new govt
Efforts to form govt intensify as president's deadline is set to expire
Govt under our leadership almost impossible: Baidya
Maoist chief miffed by PM Koirala, says his activism undermines Prez call
Indefinite curfew in Lamjung district headquarters
PM Koirala meets MK Nepal amidst speculation that he is eager for second inning
MK Nepal again offered to head statute drafting committee
Dr Devkota pays 13m to free daughter from kidnappers: reports
VP Jha flouts Supreme Court order
Parties unable to reach any breakthrough
Khanal blames Maoists for delay in govt formation
MJF calls CC meeting to discuss internal dispute
Jana Morcha upholds action against Sherchan
PM meets with leaders of smaller parties
Prachanda directs party organisation to end para military activities of YCL
Kamal Thapa accuses NC, UML of blocking formation of Maoist govt
Roads to impoverished Mugu district within two years: Govt
PLA combatants will be paid and YCL military structure will be dismantled, says KC
President gives parties three more days to form govt
Big Four form taskforce to draft CMP; Maoists to seek three more days to form govt
UML insists on consensus govt
PM Koirala lauds efforts to form national unity government
Gupta ousts Anandidevi from the party
Four major parties agree to form 'national unity govt'
Tharu-called bandh against VP's oath affects life in Terai
Bhattarai claims most parties have pledged support for Maoist-led govt
VP oath issue is 'political in nature' than constitutional: Govt
TMLP to stay out of govt
Maoist-proposed CMP fails to impress NC, UML
Parties busy in parleys as race to form govt increases
Indian PM stresses on govt of national consensus in Nepal
Victims of Maoist atrocities gather in capital for 'decisive movement'
Maoists present draft of CMP before all-party meeting
Maoists cannot form minority govt: Khanal
Maoists to discuss common minimum programme with 24 parties
Nepal records least human rights violation in South Asia
UML keenly watching Maoist efforts to form govt, says Khanal
CPN (ML) for a communist government
Maoists decide to form govt
NC leaders propose govt without Maoists
Nemwang urges Maoist to form new govt
MJF won't join govt: Yadav
Indigenous students for ethnicity based federalism
President shifts to Dhapasi
Maoists to take initiative to form the government
CPN-Masal expels Sherchan from Jana Morcha
Maoist chief meets President
Two VDC secys abducted in Rautahat
President calls on Maoists to form government
UML, Maoists drawing closer, again
New govt within a few days: Maoist chief
VP Jha says his intention was not to hurt public sentiment
Maoists, UML join forces to stop Koirala from attending SAARC summit
MJF student wing protests in Terai
Maoists to present their proposal of govt formation to 24 parties
Delay in govt formation affecting CA, says Nemwang
UML asks Maoists to apologise for 'betrayal'
NC CWC members want party to remain outside govt
Parties advise Maoists to buckle up to lead new govt
SC seeks written explanation from govt, VP Jha over swearing in Hindi
More protests against VP Jha
Dahal says 'sorry' to Nepal
Maoists to hold talks with 24 other parties
SC starts hearing on VP case
Madhesi CA members throw weight behind VP Jha; student protests continue
Maoist leader gives Prez lesson on constitutionality
Initial hearing on Veep Jha 'Hindi episode' today
Maoists to take to streets if Koirala becomes PM again
Students to continue protest against VP
CPN-M calls all-party meeting on Sunday
NC leaders divided over joining next govt
Yadav holds consultation with Madhesi leaders
President has urged us to take initiative to form the govt: Mahara
VP Jha defends his swearing in Hindi
Tharus announce fresh protests
Geography should be the first basis for federal division of the country: Tripathi
Veep Jha swearing in Hindi unconstitutional: Mahara
Case against VP for taking oath in Hindi
PM Koirala courts Madhesi parties
NRN Europe Regional meeting in Belgium
Prachanda advances three conditions to lead the government
NC-UML-MJF alliance will remain intact: K.P Oli
Nemwang elected CA chairman unopposed; urges parties to work together
First day at his job, Vice Prez Jha sparks protests after swearing in Hindi
Race is on to form new govt
President Yadav, VP Jha sworn in
Nemwang is unopposed for CA chair
UN, US, China congratulate Nepal's first prez
Foreign Ministry to start working from Narayanhity from next week
Nationality not in crisis: VP Jha
NC, MJF reaffirm support to UML for CA chair
Maoists see foreign hand in sudden political turn
MJF should be allowed to lead next govt: Gachhedar
Maoists decide not to form govt
Yadav discusses politics with PM
Maoists to make key decision on govt formation
From a farmer's son to first of republic Nepal: A short biography of Dr Ram Baran Yadav
Maoists not to join govt
New alliance will be counter-productive: Dr Bhattarai
Presidential run-off begins with Dr Yadav in a stronger position
Three fringe parties to boycott run-off presidential poll
Maoist chairman warns 'unholy alliance' could jeopardise peace process
New alliance not meant to form govt, says NC leader
UNMIN gets another six months
NC, UML and MJF to hold talks with small parties
Jha vows to work in independent manner
Chand smells conspiracy in NC-UML-MJF alliance
Jha becomes Nepal's first vice president; re-polling for as no candidate reaches 298 mark
New alliance is born; ' president to NC, veep to MJF and CA chair to UML'
Stage set for last minute reshuffling of alliances ahead of presidential polls
MJF puts forth condition for supporting Singh
Gautam accuses Maoists of ending politics of consensus
PLA cannot be integrated into any security agencies: Poudel
Parties intensify parleys over tomorrow's presidential election
Parties campaigning for presidential election
Himani, too, flies to Singapore
Candidates for president, veep file nominations; Singh stands fair chance
Parties fail to pick common presidential candidate; frontrunners are three Madhesis
UML-Maoist ties likely to break as Maoists propose Ramraja for president
Bureaucracy for offices of president , vice president set
Parties scramble to find a presidential candidate
Maoist chief meets MK Nepal amid uncertainty over presidential nominee
CIAA not to initiate action against ex-ministers
UML, Maoists to continue parleys for common candidate for
UN seeks govt clarification for UNMIN term extension
PM office ignores 49 court orders
Maoists ask NC to join next govt
Parties talking about consensus but not showing commitment: Maoist chief
Maoists, UML agree to name in two days
Thapa hopes for revival of monarchy
Nepalgunj hostage drama ends with surrender; 11 rebel cops suspended
Fifth Amendment passed; coast cleared for forming majority govt
UML receives flak for Khanal's remarks
Ethnicity-based federalism is a must: Dev Gurung
Madhesi parties boycott CA meeting
Armed forces ring Nepalgunj Riot Police Battalion
Online radio Himali Swarharu marks first anniversary
DEO dies after YCL misbehavior
Maoists blame NC for delay in govt formation
Maoists for consensus on power-sharing
Madhesi parties to boycott Sunday's CA meeting
UML gen secy wants review on govt-Madhesi Front agreement
Gachhadar becomes the parliamentary party leader of MJF
Dissatisfied NC leaders demand party convention
Prachanda fears disintegration of the country, stresses on consensus politics
Maoists responsible for formation of new govt: PM Koirala
'Ethnicity based federalism will invite division'
PM Koirala persuades Madhesi leaders not to boycott CA
UNMIN closes its offices in far and mid-western regions
Tharus, indigenous groups to continue stir against ‘One Madhes’ demand
Serious discussion is needed on federalism: RJP chief
Maoist chief confers with PM on govt formation
New govt very soon: PM Koirala
Parties begin internal discussion
Tharu bandh halts transportation in highways
Govt tables amendment bill; Madhesis boycott
Madhesi leaders spit venom at supplementary bill
NC dissidents call for special general convention
Tharu activists to continue protest, more organisations rally against 'one Madhes'
Federal system will harm national unity: Chitra Bahadur KC
Madhesi parties in internal consultations over the supplementary bill
New govt within a week: Maoist chief
Six parties reach consensus on supplementary bill
Parties resume discussions to end the Madhes imbroglio
Ten parties discuss draft supplementary bill; no breakthrough yet
'Former king living less opulent lifestyle... very few staff around'
Rajbanshis, too, rise for separate autonomous state
Three parties agree to bring new amendment bill; Madhesi parties to allow CA to function
Indigenous Tharus continue protest against 'one Madhes' demand
Ex-Gorkhas warn of stir if Maoists close down recruitment centers
Three parties decide to carry on consultations with Madhesi parties
Terai parties will suffer major set back if they oppose bill: UML gen secy
Terai based parties pushing country into disintegration: Jha
Parties head towards confrontation over Madhesi issue
Maoist CA members complain of party's 'weakened role'
'Ethnicity-based federalism will lead to civil war'
Madhesi parties conclude govt has betrayed them
Cabinet endorses supplementary bill; nominates 26 CA members
Federalism should not jeopardise national unity: Dr. Mahat
Students protest 'One Madhesh' demand, say it'll be counterproductive for Madhesis
Terai districts shut down in protest against 'one Madhesh' demand
ICG urges cooperation among parties for new govt
JTMM shoot businessman dead
Smaller parties up in arms over CA imbroglio
Big Three claim they are close to consensus
Khanal predicts ten more days for formation of new government
Shobrajs' jailhouse love blooms with 20-yr-old Nepali girl
Maoists must be ready to give fair share to other parties
Paras keeps low profile in Singapore
Maoists 'agree' to address Madhesi demands in supplementary bill
SLC in grade XII from next session proposed
Gurkhas lose UK army pension fight
NHRC asks govt to improve security situation
Three-party meeting fails to break deadlock
No end yet to CA stalemate
NC bemused over Terai parties' demands
Tharus enraged over 'Madhesisation' of Terai, announce protest programmes
Cabinet extends UNMIN term by six months
UML's Youth Force carries out YCL-style action
Make Judiciary independent: CJ Giri
Six parties agree to introduce supplementary amendment bill to resolve CA deadlock
NA court expels 'lesbian' from service
NC concludes it will stay in opposition
Three parties to hold consultations with Madhesi parties jointly on Tuesday
Don't sully characters of others; Nepal tells Maoists
Terai parties obstruct CA meeting for fourth time in a row
DNYA urges transparency in expenses of NGOs and INGOs
'One Madhesh' demand is a threat to national integrity, says Khanal
Maoist chief blames Terai parties for delay in govt formation
Former mayor shot dead in Bardiya
Fringe communist groups in India support CPN (M)
Garbage to be dumped by using force
Gupta threatens to paralyse the entire country if Madhesi demands are not met
SC quashes writ against republic declaration
CA stalemate continues
Kathmandu facing risk of epidemic as it turns into 'garbage city'
NC decides to continue dialogue with parties
Maoists, UML say no to key demands of Terai parties
Two arrested for selling fake U.S dreams
Baidya says Maoists in favour of autonomous regions
Terai parties again obstruct CA proceeding; next CA meeting Sunday afternoon
MJF chief warns of agitation if 'one Madhesh' demand not met
SPA meeting over Terai parties' demands inconclusive
Tharus, Chure Bhawar object to 'One Madhes'
PM Koirala assures Madhesi leaders of fulfilling their demands
NC considers issues raised by Madhesi parties justifiable
Previous agreements should be addressed to resume the CA meeting: Madhesi Leaders
UML gen secy says demand for single Terai province objectionable
Parties intensify internal, bilateral discussions
Outlawed group joins MJF
Parties recommend names for 26 CA members
CA meeting suspended after Madhesi party members demand withdrawal of amendment bill; next meeting on Saturday
Oli against UML’s alliance with Maoists
EC demands clarification from 27 parties
Sixty minors still inside Maoist cantonments: Report
Deuba blames Maoists for SPA breakdown
MJF for opposition leader in Security Council
Maoists willing to ditch NC and form govt through CA
Situala meets Dahal as Maoists prepare to go without NC
UML-Maoists come closer; agree to move ahead together
NC, Maoist leaders blame each other for deadlock
SC questions decision to provide facilities to ex-king
APF personnel take hold of Shamshergunj battalion repelling officers
Dr Bhattarai's 'snub' to Indian comrades
Experts suggest PM Koirala not to resign
Daylong talks end without result; parties unable to break the deadlock
UML, Maoist leaders differ on presidential candidate
Khanal blames Maoists for smearing communist image
Seven parties’ consultations underway in Baluwatar; PM stresses on consensus
Madhav Nepal sees the need for strengthening unity among parties
Thapa predicts disaster soon
Maoist ministers tender resignation at seven party meeting
Nepal seeks Deuba's support on UML-Maoist agreement
PM Koirala miffed by petty politics
Maoists and UML cosy up on power-sharing; president for UML and PM for Maoists
Parties to continue parleys
Koirala ready to step down; hints NC won't be part of next govt
Minister Yadav defends his action against Lalitpur LDO
Big Three reach consensus on army integration, constitution amendment; Maoists back Sahana as presidential candidate
Girl accused of witchcraft paraded naked in village
UML forwards Nepal’s name as presidential candidate
Local bodies closed down in protest of Minister Yadav's actions
Big three stumble over power-sharing; agree to continue talks
UML continues to lay claim over presidential post
Martin urges Nepal govt to define UNMIN's role
CA goes into indefinite recess
Powwow continues among big three
Gorkhas start talks with central government for separate state
CA meeting overshadowed by political deadlock
MJF not to join govt
Big Three meet in Baluwatar
Maoists to be rigid on their stance; no to Koirala as president
Gorkhaland movement gathers momentum
UML gen secy for left unity
Military experts caution on hasty decision on army integration
Three parties to resume talks; Maoists engage in internal consultations
No breakthrough in three-party talks
No military coup will sustain in Nepal: Ex-Fijian PM
'CPN-M will pull out of govt if tomorrow's meeting ends in deadlock'
Three parties fail to reach consensus
'Whole Terai is not a Madhesh'
Dahal, Carter to be conferred peace awards
Three parties continue discussion for consensus
Hitler's gift 'safe' inside Narayanhiti Palace
Maoist chairman invited to visit Russia
Maoist chief asks parties to help them in formation of govt; warns them of consequences
I won't plead before anyone for presidency, says PM
Martin discusses army integration issue with Maoist chairman
PM Koirala hoists national flag at Narayanhiti palace
Maoist chief rules out Koirala's name from presidential race
Two dead in Rautahat blasts; 13 injured
Khanal lays blame on the Maoists for delay in govt formation
APF man stabbed to death in busy Kathmandu street
Maoists for 'third model' of press freedom
Maoist 'positive' about Koirala as president
Maoist ministers' resignation will not be forwarded to PM for the time being
New govt will take over in three days: PM
Parties divided over army integration
Extreme leftist groups pushing country into a brink: Finance Minister
Maoists to show more 'flexibility' to end deadlock
Prachanda to visit Mao-land for 'more inspiration'
Coalition government by June 18: Minister Gurung
Indian parties form pressure group to propel Maoists to power
UML also stakes claim to presidency
Bhattarai sees UNMIN's role until NA-PLA integration
Ram Raja as presidential candidate acceptable: TMLP chief
Army's purity should not be compromised in the name of democratisation: Army chief
NC, Maoists close to reaching agreement on govt formation
NC, UML for adjustment of PLA before govt formation
Leaders give mixed reaction to ex-King's remarks
Ex-King holds press meet before leaving Narayanhiti; refutes allegations labeled against him; says he won't go into exile
SC rejects writ challenging cabinet decision
Baidya accuses NC of bargaining for power
Panel hits a snag over the issue of integration of Maoist combatants
Former palace secy meets PM Koirala to discuss ex-king's exit
Pokharel warns political parties against dividing 26 CA seats
Civil society protests govt decision to allow former royals to stay in palaces
Three-party panel reaches consensus on statute amendment
With Maoist backing Ram Raja emerges as strong presidential hopeful
Maoists will abandon Prachandapath, says Prakash
NC youths enraged over Maoist atrocities; vow to float YCL-like units
Political persons can become president, but not top leaders, say Maoists
Cabinet decides to allow Ratna to stay in the palace
Panel formed to break deadlock; top leaders to settle the issue of president
MJF against Koirala for president
Prachanda not keen to back Koirala as president; ready for statute amendment
NC, UML reach understanding on appointment of president
Structure of police agencies will be changed to suit federal system: Home Minister
NC intensifies lobbying for Koirala's 'presidential bid'; gets negative response from Maoists
12 parties piqued over 'bigger parties'
An NC leader proposes Koirala for president
Prachanda hints at further flexibility
UML for election of president: Khanal
MJF opposes making Koirala president
Two ATMM cadres gunned down in Bara
NC, UML dissatisfied with Maoist proposal
Nagarjuna palace only “temporary place of residence” for ex-King: Minister Yadav
Govt panel recommends 75-member security team for ex-King
Maoists give up claim for presidency
Mahara returns from China visit
Three parties agree to buy time; Maoists not to leave the govt
Youth wing of UML forms new youth force
Koirala urges sustained unity among parties
Govt decides to give Nagarjuna palace to ex-King
Big Three meet in Baluwatar
Leaders positive about giving Nagarjuna palace to the ex-King
NC leaders ask people to be ready for struggle
Implement past agreements with Madhes parties: Yadav
China says it respects Nepal's choice of political system
Maoist leader threatens to leave the govt
Prachanda urges Gyanendra to help the country through business
Maoists' harsh rebuttal to BJP remarks
Mahara expresses support to China's stance on Tibet-related issues
BJP sore over Nepal change
Yadav roots for non-political person as a president
NC, UML agree to make joint call to Maoists to form govt
Current deadlock due to the Maoists' lust for power: Khanal
Ex-King Gyanendra says he accepts CA decision; prepares to leave Narayanhiti
Dozen injured in Malangawa blast
Prachanda gives three-day 'ultimatum' to NC to hand over govt's leadership
13-party meeting inconclusive