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Sunday, March 19, 2023

19: Pakistan

कसरी भत्कियो तीन दलीय गठबन्धन ? नेताहरु भन्छन्– गठबन्धन अझै कायम
हरियो लसुन खाँदा स्वास्थ्यले पाउँछ थुप्रै फाइदा, धेरै रोग हट्छ
‘महिलामाथि यौन हमला’ को टिप्पणीको मामिलामा राहुल गान्धीको घरमा पुग्यो प्रहरी

जनयुद्धमा मारिएकाहरू सहिद घोषणा (सूचीसहित) राज्यबाट क्षतिपूर्ति, परिपूरण र सम्मान पाउने

He’s the World’s Most Popular Leader. Beware. With approval ratings at home of about 78 percent, Modi is far and away the most popular major leader in the world today ....... Sweden’s V-Dem Institute, in a new report, listed India not as a democracy but as an “electoral autocracy” ranking 108th among 179 countries in its electoral democracy index. ...... India used to be a correspondent’s dream, echoing with the sound and fury of strongly held opinions. But today people often clam up when I ask about Modi. Reporters Without Borders now ranks India a dismal 150th in press freedom among 180 countries worldwide. ....... in 1977, Gen. Mohammad Zia ul-Haq seized power and engineered a wave of conservative Muslim nationalism that still tears Pakistan apart. ........ India still has a federal system that gives power to the states, and that constrains Modi. ......... Modi’s extraordinary popularity rests not just on demagogy but also on real accomplishments ....... A national survey in 2020-21 was released this month and found that 21 percent of rural households still had no access to any toilet — but that’s a significant improvement from almost 60 percent having no access in 2012. ........ some 600,000 Indians die annually from this indoor air pollution ........ Modi has pushed a digital identification and payment system that brings villagers into the banking system. ........ he is very good at economic development and infrastructure projects ........ the state of Gujarat. There he was a pro-business leader who oversaw strong economic growth .

Modi’s Final Assault on India’s Press Freedom Has Begun. has already put severe pressure on India’s once-rambunctious press, with journalists surveilled and jailed and the government using strong-arm tactics against media outlets to ensure favorable coverage. But in January, draft amendments to digital media guidelines were introduced that would essentially allow the government to block any content it doesn’t like. ........ In other words, the rest of India may end up looking a lot like Kashmir. ........ Journalists are routinely summoned by the police, interrogated and threatened with charges such as income tax violations or terrorism or separatism. Several prominent journalists have been detained or sentenced to jail terms. ......... In late 2021, I spoke to a young journalist, Sajad Gul, who was being harassed for his reporting. Fearing arrest, he told me that he slept fully dressed each night and kept his shoes at his bedside — unusual in Kashmir, where shoes are customarily removed before entering a home — in case he had to make a quick getaway. He was arrested in January of last year and remains in custody. Many journalists self-censor or have simply quit. Fearing arrest, some have fled into exile overseas. The Indian government has put at least 20 others on no-fly lists to prevent them from leaving the country. ........ At least 19 journalists were killed in Kashmir between 1990 and 2018....... Still, Kashmiri journalism flowered. Newspapers and news websites proliferated, and a new generation of talented young investigative journalists brought a fresh eye to Kashmir’s problems with well-researched public-interest reporting that often boldly took on the government.

Chaos Breaks Out as Imran Khan Makes Court Appearance Supporters of the former prime minister of Pakistan have repeatedly clashed this week with the security forces, keeping the country on edge. “Show you can fight,” he told supporters. ....... The court allowed Mr. Khan, who claimed he could not enter the judicial building because of the chaos outside, to register his appearance from inside his vehicle. ....... is facing dozens of court cases on charges that include terrorism and corruption. Several arrest warrants have been issued against him after he repeatedly refused to appear in court in Islamabad. The court hearing he attempted to join on Saturday involved accusations of illegally profiting from accepting state gifts, and of concealing his assets. ......... angry crowds of Mr. Khan’s supporters that have camped out outside his home and effectively taken on the role of his personal body guards. ........ The political scene has become a game of clashing dynasties that take turns falling in and out of favor with the country’s powerful military establishment, with the victors wielding the country’s justice system against their rivals. ............. the state has brought dozens of court cases against Mr. Khan. He and his supporters have characterized the accusations as a misuse of the justice system by the government of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and by the military in order to sideline Mr. Khan from politics.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

18: Pakistan

The Lessons Not Learned From Iraq Twenty years on, the war still shapes policy—mostly for the worse...... “War is a stern teacher,” Thucydides wrote nearly 2,500 years ago. Since then, great nations have often sought to learn lessons from the wars they waged, especially bad or stupid wars. But the same can’t really be said of the United States, which invaded Iraq 20 years ago as of Sunday. (March 19, 2003, marked the start of the “shock and awe” air war.) ........ Considering its long-term effects, the Iraq invasion amounted to one the most consequential strategic misdirections in U.S. history. Yet there has been very little discussion about why that is—and why what happened two decades ago is not a history lesson at all but rather part of an ongoing class in current events. ........ The hubris and excess of the Iraq invasion—a later iteration of the “reckless audacity” that Thucydides, the Greek historian, ascribed to the warmongering Greeks in the Peloponnesian War—are still with us today, shaping our times. The aftereffects of Iraq dramatically reduced the position of the United States in the Middle East, most recently opening the way to China’s brokering of Iran-Saudi Arabia rapprochement. The unnecessary diversion into Iraq—and the drain on U.S. resources and attention that resulted from it—set the stage for Washington’s 20-year failure in Afghanistan, which left U.S. President Joe Biden humiliated when he precipitously withdrew all U.S. troops, declaring in August 2021 that he was putting an end to U.S. efforts “to remake other countries.” .

सत्ता साझेदारीबारे विश्वासको मतपछि मात्र छलफल हुने
सरकारले ल्याउने विधेयक र विश्वासको मतमा १० दल एकमत रहने
बिहारसँगको ग्रिड प्रयोग गरी भारतका राज्यहरूमा विद्युत् निर्यातका लागि मोडालिटी तय गरिने
बिना तामझाम राष्ट्रपतिको सवारी, सर्वसाधारणले पत्याउनै सकेनन् (फोटोफिचर)
सौर्य मण्डलमा सूर्यभन्दा अघि पानी थियो : वैज्ञानिकले भने – ताराबाट ग्रहमा पानी आयो

Thursday, March 16, 2023

16: Pakistan