Thursday, September 29, 2022

29: Mahabharata

We Know Shockingly Little About What Makes Humanity Prosper Patrick Collison calls for a new “science of progress.” ....... one of the most important thinkers now in Silicon Valley — certainly, one of the most quietly influential, someone who is forging and traversing an intellectual path that a lot of other people are now following. ....... There just was no market rapid advance in human living standards. It’s only in the past 10,000 years, and then practically in the past few hundred — just an eye-blink in the time human beings have been on Earth — that things kept changing, usually for the better. And the question is, why? ....... Why isn’t the study of progress in a wide multidisciplinary way a more common and central discipline? ....... you’ve made the argument that science — all science — is slowing down, that we’re putting more money and more people into research, and we’re getting less and less out of it ....... .

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