Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Solidarity Rally DC

UN Rally



to show our


With Nepali People for


Venue: Capitol Hill South Lawn (Facing Mall)

Time: Noon – 3 pm

Date: Friday, April 21, 2006

Metro: Union Station, Smithsonian, L’Enfant Plaza

We will also be doing a fund raiser during the rally to pay for the medical care of the victims of recent demonstrations in Nepal.

For further details, please contact:

Rajendra Oli: 703-931-1480

Prem Sangraula: 703-356-3874

Dr. Balaram Aryal: 301-448-3452

Bashanta Shrestha: 703-528-4848

Ron Sitoula: 301-266-0023

Madhavi Karki: 703-421-7725

Surya Gautam: 571-331-2078

Prakash Rai: 703-243-8950

Lekhnath Bhandari: 703-527-6754

Subhash Joshi: 703-569-0968

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 05:03:34 -0700 (PDT)
From:Send an Instant Message "Shyam D. Karki"

Subject: RE: NAPAC UPDAE: Join The Mainstream and Have Your Voice Be Heard
To:"bansha moktan",,,, Send an Instant Message,,
Dear Banshaji,
Thank you four kind words and support. Please spread the word so that the democracy struggle becomes successfull in Npeal. it's our country. If we don't care, who will.
Warm regards,
bansha moktan wrote:

Dr. Shyam Sir,
I became very glad to reading your press note. That is what every Nepalese
organization should express solidarity to the historic and populer movement
of Nepal to restoration of complete ( Loktantra). I think there will be very
effective if we could organize a protest demostration in every part of the
USA against the autocratic regime in Nepal.

Bansha Lal Tamang

>From: "Shyam Karki"
>Subject: NAPAC UPDAE: Join The Mainstream and Have Your Voice Be Heard
>Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 17:59:33 -0400
>Nepali American Public Affairs Council
>(Join The Mainstream & Have Your Voice Be Heard)
>Baltimore, MD 21087
>April 18, 2006
>Press Release
>Nepali American Public Affairs Council (NAPAC), an organization
>dedicated to bring more Nepalis to the US mainstream to promote
>the interests of Nepalis in the USA and Nepal has been following
>the recent developments in Nepal with serious concerns.
>While, the Nepali people have been bravely practicing their fundamental
>human rights by staging peaceful protests against the authoritarian
>rule and the antidemocratic measures of the current regime, the
>government has sown its barbaric nature by using all kinds of
>repressive measures including the severe beatings and shooting
>of demonstrators and bystanders. Nepali communities all over
>the world have expressed their solidarity with the peaceful demonstrators
>by mobilizing international support and raising funds for the
>immediate medical treatment of the injured demonstrators.
>Now the time has come to be more active in support of the democracy
>struggle and we work all together in exposing the atrocities
>and barbaric nature of the regime and isolate it from the international
>arena, With this in view, the NAPAC appeals to all Nepalis living
>outside Nepal to pledge to do the following;
>1. Boycott all formal functions and activities of the current
>regime including activities of its embassies and consular offices.
>2. Exclude all members of the current regime including officials
>of the embassy from any formal activities of Nepali community
>3. Resign from any government organizations including advisory
>and honorary appointments. Write to other foreign nationals who
>have been serving as Honorary Consuls to immediately resign their
>positions if they do not want to be associated with the current
>4. Send letters to all international governments and organizations
>requesting severe sanctions against high officials of the government
>and security officials accused of violating human rights of peaceful
>demonstrators and supporters of democracy movement. Sanctions
>will include restrictions in travel and freezing of bank accounts.
>We appeal to all Nepalis and Nepali community organizations herein
>the North America and all over the world to endorse and implement
>it as a token of solidarity with the Nepali people struggling
>for democracy at great risks to their lives.

Appeal to Boycott Nepal King’s Embassies and Missions Aboard

Dear Friends and Friends of Nepal,

As you are all aware of, thousands of peaceful demonstrators have been victims of brutality perpetrated by the royal government of Nepal. At least eight demonstrators have been killed by security forces and hundreds of people are sustaining bullet injuries and many have been baton-charged and injured. Yet, more and more Nepalese people are taking to the streets, risking their lives and committed to continue the demonstration until the king’s brutal regime ends and the full-fledged democracy is established.

It is regrettable to see that when people are trying to make their protests as peaceful as they can, the authoritarian government of Nepal led by King Gynanedra is all set to suppress the popular uprising at any cost. There is evidence that security forces of Nepal have been ordered to infiltrate protest groups to make the demonstrations violent by deliberately provoking the protesters. At the same time, there is also evidence that the authoritarian, undemocratic and hand-picked government of Nepal has provided a huge funding and directed its overseas embassies and missions to sabotage the international support for Nepal’s ongoing movement for democracy by supplying wrong information to the international community. For example, we have credible information that some missions have briefed the foreign governments that security forces of Nepal have been forced to use excessive force because of so called Maoist infiltrations in the demonstrations. We strongly believe that the Nepalese embassies and missions, which are currently directed by the government led by King Gynendra that doesn’t represent majority of the Nepalese people, are working to consolidate the king’s brutal regime and weaken the ongoing pro-democratic movement of Nepal.
Thus, the Democratic Youth Council in USA (NDYCUSA), in solidarity to the ongoing movement in Nepal, would like to appeal to all the organizations of the Nepali Diaspora and the members of Nepali Community in the US and other countries to boycott the programs organized by Nepali embassies and missions and events, where the representatives from the embassies, missions or the Nepal government, have been invited. We urge all of you to boycott these program and events until a full-fledged democracy is established in Nepal. We hope that your boycott would contribute significantly to the end of king’s tyranny and brutality in Nepal.

Sincerely yours,
Anand Bist
Nepalese Democratic Youth Council in USA

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