Monday, April 10, 2006

The King Set To Declare Date For Elections

Beloved Peoples Of Nepalland.

One fine morning, as I was roaming by the Phewa lake in Pokhara, I heard shouts. It looked like people were out in the streets. Although I could not see them, as I like to stay well protected, I could hear them. As you all know, it has always been the tradition of the Shaha dynasty to listen to the people, I there and then decided that if people are out demanding democracy, it must be because I have not yet declared the date for the parliamentary elections that I promised the day I took over the reigns of power from an incompetent Deuba. I am for democracy, as are the people. The kings of Nepal have always been with the people of Nepal, something that one would be hard pressed to say about the all and sundry politician characters, especially the so-called student leaders who deprive our hard working students of their right to read books quietly.

Some foreigners say this king does not understand democracy. If I don't understand democracy, why did I organize one set of elections, and will organize another? Which king in world history ever did such a thing? This king understands democracy. Let it be loud and clear.

I am a well informed man. You can not run a country if you are not well informed. Gorkhapatra has good coverage of national and international news. So I have been aware of the hooliganism that seems to have taken over a few street corners in a few small towns in this small, unheard of country. Phikar not. The hoodlums will be taken care of.

I know what the people want. The people want peace, the people want democracy, and I intend to give them both, but my point is you can have only one at a time. I might be an incarnation of Vishnu, but I also have limitations. There are always some goonda types who will take advantage of the peace loving people of Nepal. We are a brave people and a great country, but look around, even among us there are some bad characters. But do not be afraid of them. Law and order is the first priority of my government. I have issued clear orders. Round them up, beat them up, arrest them, engage them in some chemical warfare, throw tear gas, let them have bronchitis when they grow old. And if nothing works, shoot a few of them. Make an example of a few smartass bastards. That will teach them a lesson.

You tell me. Am I to look after the welfare of the 27 million Nepalis or a few hundred, a few thousand - okay, lets say even a few hundred thousand - hoodlums? You tell me. Should I be with the people, or should I worry about the so-called human rights of these few hoodlums? If you give these goondas an inch, they will then want a mile. I am telling you.

I have a personal motto I have lived by all my life. I will break, but I will not bend. These people are trying to bend me. Who do they think they are?

Long story short. Stay tuned. The date for elections will be broadcast at midnight tonight. If you miss the announcement, you will not get to blame me. You will have only yourselves to blame. Bush talked of War On Terror, I talked of War On Terror. Bush talks of personal responsibility, I am also going to talk of personal responsibility.

May Lord Pashu Bless You.
Long Live King Prithvi, who by the way is our George Washington.
Me? I am Abraham Lincoln. I liberated 27 million Nepalis from Deuba. Remember February 1st?

BBC Radio

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अवज्ञाको दमन तीव्र
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जाग्दैछ आन्दोलन
विशेष ः संविधानसभा-बहस १७ अग्रगमन पक्षधर राजनीतिक शक्तिहरूबीच साझा आधार बन्दैछ संविधानसभा

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