Monday, April 17, 2006

30 Minutes With Amrit Bohra

30 Minutes With Amrit Bohra

It has been impossible for me to get through to the likes of Gagan Thapa and Girija Koirala. Gagan never picks up his cellphone, Girija's number is permanently busy. Gagan probably does not have the time to be checking his email.

But I was able to get through to Amrit Bohra twice yesterday. We talked at length.

I basically talked this: क्रान्ितलाई नबुझ्नु, बुझ पचाउनु.

I also requested that they set up a bank account and send me the account number for the Seven Party Alliance. He said he will promptly do that. He also gave me a contact number for the MaHa fund.

I inquired upon Khimlal Bhattarai. Bohra said he was in jail.

Bohra himself is underground.

"I will take a bath after the country becomes a republic," he said. "Na khane thegan chha, na sutne thegan."

Bohra came across as extremely approachable.

5 of the 6 martyrs are from the UML. Bohra noted that.

Time To Go For The Kill

Go for it. Go for one decisive hit.



January 9, 2006

Hey Gagan.

This is a private channel of communication just between you and me. This web folder is protected from the search engines.

I just talked to Kashish and Sarahana at length. Anil Shahi is looking at the propaganda project. He also has some substantial financial pledges from some key people.

I am convinced the FM idea is unnecessarily expensive, and unnecessary at this point in time. We need to focus totally on pamphleteering.

I am also very concerned about the dirty politics you are being subjected to by the powers that be in your party. As you know, I am not a Congressi. But as an outsider it is so obvious to me they are hurting their party. But that is not my concern. My concern is they are hurting the movement. And that personally offends me and us at this end. No individual in the movement is larger than the movement itself. The whole circus almost reminds me of the unfair cards I got dealt to by my school and college administrations. But stay true to yourself. That is what makes Gagan Gagan. If you let go of Gagan to make these people happy, you lose too much in the long run. I think you are a pragmatic person with good people skills. It is just that you are idealistic, and you are smarter than these folks. You actually read! But we are with you because you are with the movement. But there is only so much we can do also. But that little we very much intend to do. And we are going to do our very best to strengthen you internally within the democracy movement. The rest I believe you can figure out yourself. I truly believe your best contributions to the country will be made after democracy has finally arrived.

So this is the idea.

Anil Shahi -----> Paramendra, Sarahana, Kashish -----> Gagan Thapa -----> Gagan's nationwide network (about 10 layers) -----> The People

And I think you should frankly ask for things like money for your phone bills. Do not be shy. You honor us by asking. Because this is not about you. This is about the movement. You hurt the movement by not making and receiving all calls you need to be making and receiving.

In short the idea is to give you money so you can make alive your nationwide network. 62 of 75 NSU district chiefs threatened to resign over you. Weave them all into an underground network. And use that network to engage in some massive nationwide pamphleteering. You are a human being. You use your right to free speech to talk your republican talk. Similarly you and all your NSU friends have a right to free assembly. You can rightfully organize. This is not against the Congress. This is not against the formal NSU. This is parallel to them and they asked for it.

Everyone below you needs to stay underground. And people only need to know the one layer above them, and the one layer below them. Kashish will also help with production and distribution when he is in Kathmandu in February, but none other than you needs to know of his involvement.

Basically the first pamphlet is a pamphlet that explains to people why Nepal needs to become a democratic republic. You do the writing. And you make sure it reaches every town, every tole, every village. It should not go in anyone's name. The end reader should not know this is Gagan Thapa. This is for safety purposes. You get the credit and place in history after the movement is over.

Safety is key. That is the number one concern. A successful movement is the number two concern. If you live, you live to fight another day. Safety is about the movement. So do all you have to do. Frankly do not trust anyone. Have a tight circle of a few key people. Use this degrees of sepatation thing. That way you are effective. You are already a brand name. People do not necessarily need to see you and shake your hand. This is time for some clandestine work. They just need to hear your words. They just need to feel your presence. Show some superior organizational skills.Learn from Jung Bahadur. Noone ever knew where JB spent his nights. Except for his few bodyguards.

This (1) helps the movement (2) bypasses those in the NSU and the NC who are bypassing you, but without hurting the movement or those organizations and (3) this could end up in a political party if these dons push you too much, but that will only be the final weapon, perhaps it will never be used, even if it is used it will only be your decision. I respect your commitment to your party, it is just that I want you to know you do have another option so you don't feel weak compared to these people who are inferior to you politically.

So start work on the pamphlet. Stay in touch with Kashish. Be frank about your personal financial needs. No need to be shy. Build your nationwide network. Stay safe.

I will be talking to Anil soon.

We will use the paper pamphlets to reach the ground in Nepal. And we will take the same material online for the diaspora. Unicode stuff. We will use the internet also for Nepal. We can create more mirror sites than they can ever block.

On to victory. The horizon is crimson.


April 12, 2006

Gagan. I wrote to you last time this way on January 9. Now I write as the President of Hamro Nepal. I am worried. Andolan selauna lagyo. The Nepali Congress looks set to waste this revolution as well. I am really worried. But this revolution can be saved. You and I need to establish a private channel of communication between us. This is what I am suggesting.

  1. You become the founding president of Hamro Nepal, Nepal chapter. Right now this is an organization. This might as well become a political party down the line. You are old enough. 40% of the people in Nepal are less than 14 years old.
  2. You go underground. We can not afford to have you arrested. But do establish a clear chain of command, in case you do get arrestd. But it is important, very important, that you don't. Establish safe houses across the valley. Come online so we can voice chat as much as we want: MSN Messenger, Google Talk. Phone tap hunchha.
  3. Goal: Democratic Republic. Through an interim constitution, revolutionary parliament. Method: non-violence.
  4. We will introduce a headband. It will be black in color, in white will be written Hamro Nepal. These are members. These are people who will perform no act of violence. No throwing stones, no nothing. Two conditions for membership: (1) Rs. 10 membership fee, (2) Commitment to a Democratic Republic. And all our members will be organized in a 10-10-10 pyramid. We should be able to go five deep in Kathmandu. So you are sitting atop an organization 100,000 strong.
New Year ma raja le bomb khasalne maile dekhi ra chhu. Mero Sansar ko Umesh Shrestha lai palace bata New Year card pathaune phone call ai sakyo. I think that is a hint to me. He will say things that will be an attempt to confuse the seven party alliance.

This revolution needs one face to come around to. You have to be that face. That is what I am saying.

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