Friday, April 14, 2006

Interim President: Madhav Nepal

Interim President: Madhav Nepal

I am for democracy. I am not for class prejudice. Just look at the numbers. After the vertical split in the Nepali Congress, it is no longer the largest party in the country. A recent Himal survey (Himal Survey) also showed the UML has the widest public support of all political parties.

Then it is also a matter of ideology. Madhav Nepal and his party have been for a Democratic Republic for months now. Girija Koirala, Sher Bahadur Deuba and their parties are not yet officially for a Democratic Republic, although they are not explicitly opposed to the idea. The first president of the country has got to be a staunch republican. Beyond that it is basic arithmetic. The person leading the largest party gets it.

The king and Madhav Nepal have the option to switch places. The king could go to jail. Narayanhiti is to be the presidential residence and office.

As president, Madhav Nepal will also be the Commander In Chief of the Nepal Army. Of all political leaders in the seven party alliance, Madhav Nepal worked the hardest after 1990 to try and get the army to come under the people's thumb. He has the will and the skills to tame the army. That is a futher qualification.

Girija's health is failing. The job of an interim president is going to be physically demanding.

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Home Minister: Bamdev Gautam

Bamdev Gautam has the inner steel we will need in an interim Home Minister. Anyone else less staunch will not follow up on the revolution's promise to bring the villains, the fascists of this regime to justice. A lot of top guys in the police right now are to be fired. Many are to be sent to jail.

Bamdev is best positioned to offer true homage to the fallen martyrs, and the countless injured and illegally imprisoned.

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Rapid Action

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Bharat Mohan Adhikari Is In Town

Why am I staking a claim to these two names? Because we need clarity. As soon as the revolutionary parliament takes shape, a lot will have to happen in the first few days, in the first week.

And I am also offended by the class prejudice of those who think the Nepali Congress is the largest party when the fact on the ground has so clearly changed.

I expect the UML to win the next parliamentary elections. The Nepali Congress is a largely spent force, ideologically speaking. It has not offered any cutting edge idea in a long time. Today's cutting edge idea would be a Democratic Republic. But the Nepali Congress is not there yet.

Democracy means one person, one vote, regardless of class background. And if you don't believe that to be the case, maybe the Maoists have a legitimate point or two.

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Interim Vice President: Ram Chandra Poudel

To be fair to the Congress. It, after all, is the second largest party.

Follow The Money

Bringing to justice the fascists in power today for their human rights abuses will not be enough. We also have to confiscate all the money they have looted. A Himal report said something to the tune of Rs 50 arab has gone missing since the king started ruling directly. The king has been thinking he won the lottery or something.

This Revolution Has To Conclude In April

Hence the name April Revolution. The people who expect the king to change his mind are being unrealistic. There is the big feudal, which would be the king, and then there are the mini feudals, many of them are in the Congress. Many of them still have this fantassy that somehow the 1990 constitution will come back to life like Jesus did.

Physical Escape

The king is going to try and engineer physical escape as a last resort. We have to try and prevent that. But if we fail, we should at least work in concert with the foreign powers to freeze his foreign bank accounts. All that money belongs to the people. All that money has to come back to Nepal.

Chitwan, First Republic

Chitwan was the first district to declare itself a republic. I think we have to honor that by shifting the capital from Kathmandu to Chitwan. They earned it. I must have seen this coming. In my proposed constitution, that is what I propose.

Proposed Republican Constitution 2006

There are also other reasons why. Chitwan has a central location in the country. It can be more easily accessed by people in all parts of the country. Unlike in Kathmandu, land is plentiful in Chitwan. It could grow to be a really big city down the decades. It could become the Shanghai of Nepal. Kathmandu has serious limitations. You can get endless supplies of drinking water from the Narayani. Kathmandu is too thirsty. Kathmandu is polluted. All the exhaust fumes from vehicles stay in the valley. Chitwan does not have that problem.

The king's army is primarily based in Kathmandu. That is not true of Chitwan. The revolutionary parliament will be safer in Chitwan.

जनता, पुिलस, सेना एक होउ

यो आन्दोलन अब क्रान्ित भइसक्यो। राजतन्त्र फाल्ने बेला आइसकेको छ। आमूल पिरवर्तनको समय आइसकेको छ। राजा फािलन्छन्। सेनाका २०-३० जेनेरलहरु फािलन्छन्। प्रहरीका मािथल्ला २०-३० व्यिक्त फािलएलान्। ती मध्ये कित जेल जालान्। बाँकी सरकारी मशीनरी त लोकतािन्त्रक सरकारको मातहत आउने हो।

This has to be our new slogan: जनता, पुिलस, सेना एक होउ.

Physical Protection For The Revolutionary Parliament

My first choice is to win over the police and the army, all except the top perhaps 20-30 people in both outfits. For that we have to act proactively. One would be to train our street protestors to seriously curtain, and possibly totally stop stone throwing. Instead we should gather in large numbers and make small talk with the police out in the streets. And we have to engage in massive pamphleteering targeting all the foot soldiers of both the police and the army.

What would such pamphlets say? One, that it is not the king who pays their salary, the people do, out of their pockets, literally. Two, this is an illegal regime, all its orders are illegal, you are not obliged to follow any of them. Three, the top people in both outfits will lose their jobs. A lot of people in junior leadership positions will be promoted to fill the vacuum, and so this revolution should make career sense. Four, following orders that violate human rights are against international law. Five, democracy will be good for the police and the army. Five, the revolution will bring the civil war in the country to an end. Army and police personnel can hope to go back to days when they did not lose lives serving. And so on.

Befriend the police out in the streets. Even the Home Ministry civil servants are with us. Before an earthquake, the birds take to the skies. They sense it coming.

Okay To Lobby Patrick Leahy, Okay To Lobby Laloo Yadav

There can not be double standards between one power and the other.


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Anonymous said...

Paramendra Ji,

I kind of get why you chose Madava Nepal as interim president. But as far as I know he is the person with not much popularity in UML. Also he decided to go and join King's cabinet.
I would think Narhari Acharya would be good option. Gagan Thapa should also be in cabinet, he is so far the most true leader of Nepal. Sadly he is too young and inexperience for presidency but if he continues like this he will be one day.

BBMSS said...

Dear Nepali,

We are tired of NC, UML and Maoist and Not sure about Ram raja singh

Lets move above these political parties and select clean and very good man as a president of Nepal who could lead the country and transform the life of Nepali People in a reality. Man like KUL GAUTAM

This man has everything needed to become a President of Nepal;

* Politically Neutral
* Experienced
* Respected
* Served as Assistant Secretary General of UN
* Not Corrupt
* Internationally known
* Expert of Planning
* Build good relation with our neighbours and international community
* Attract international Funding
* And this list goes on .................

See here what he has achieved here: