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The Fascists In Kathmandu

The crackdown is a naked violation of a fundamental human right: the right to peaceful assembly. This is unacceptable.

Final Act: Disobey The Curfew
April 6,7,8,9, April 16,17,18,19, April 26,27,28,29
Even If The Worst Fears About The Maoists Are True
Write To Bush, Condi Before Possible Clampdown
यो सडक ितम्र्ो हो
Kamal Thapa Is A Nazi
Kamal Thapa Going Jail, Kamal Thapa Chukkie Pissing

Himal Survey Has A Republican Message

Himal Survey

The choice is between an unconstitutional monarchy and a republic. The Nepali people have made it very clear they will opt for a republic between the two. This monarch has made constitutional monarchy unimaginable.

75% of the people have been opposed to his direct rule since 2/1.
95% of the people say the situation in Nepal is bad/anarchic/frightening. The largest proportion of the people blame the king for the bad situation.
90% want dialogue as the legitimate political outlet.
85% are opposed to the idea of parliamentary elections.
75% are opposed to the idea of an unconstitutional monarchy.
Over 70% of those who have heard of the 12 point agreement think it is positive.
50% want outside parties to facilitate.
Only 20% think the 1990 constitution is okay.
Less than 20% votes in the municipal polls.
20% think the king's parlimentary elections are possible.
67% want the new constitution to be made through a constituent assembly.
67% think what we have right now is an absolute monarchy.
65% of the people are opposed to the idea that the parties have been sidelined by the king.

The survey says 50% of the people want a constitutional/ceremonial monarchy. Those are not people against the idea of a republic. They are people who are disapproving of the absolute monarchy we have in the country right now.

The Himal Survey is a clear indication the country is ready for a republic.

Movement Or Revolution

The difficulties and challenges of organizing a movement and getting people out into the streets can not be underestimated. But the king has really been trying the patience of the democrats. The movement has to turn into a revolution.

In The News

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US condemns arrests of leaders Kantipur Publications
NHRC urges govt to put Pariyar's shooters on trial
Buses barred from plying to capital
Dozens of political activists detained from demonstrations
Supreme Court could revive parliament: Palace's Hindu friend


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5 April02:46Tohoku University, Japan
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5 April07:58University of Missouri, Columbia, United States
5 April09:54University of Alberta, Canada

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