Thursday, April 20, 2006


Press Release: Hamro Nepal formally launched
On the D Day of the April Revolution we announce the formal launch of
Hamro Nepal, an organization that has been hailed in the blogosphere as
"the world's first digital democracy organization." Hamro Nepal is
dedicated to the cause of Democratic Republic as its immediate goal and
will work with all individuals and organizations that might share the

For background information, please visit:
Hamro Nepal, Latest

All press inquiries are to be directed to these email addresses.:

President: Paramendra Bhagat (
Vice President: Anil Shahi (
Vice President: Sanjaya Parajuli (

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12:05 PM US Eastern

Protests on the streets in Nepal CBBC newsround (audio), UK - 7 minutes ago
Nepal Govt extends curfew in Kathmandu Zee News, India - 8 minutes ago
Possibility of King stepping down ruled out Outlook (subscription), India - 10 minutes ago Nepal today virtually ruled out the possibility of King Gayanendra stepping down for resolving the political crisis, saying he was ready to hold talks with political parties.
Police shoot and tear-gas Nepal protesters defying king and curfew Turkish Press, MI - 19 minutes ago

10:55 AM US Eastern

3 Killed In Police Firing On Anti-King Protest In Nepal, Romania - 8 minutes ago "To us, there did not seem to be any justification for the police firing. The demonstration was peaceful and was going on smoothly when all of a sudden the police began to fire." ...... Massive protests were also reported in north-eastern parts of the city at Chabahil ........ "There was no violence as both sides seemed to have exercised restraint. The protestors did not throw stones at the police nor did the police resort to baton charge or use tear gas"...... But in another rally at Gongabu in the northern part of the city, the police were reported to have resorted to firing in which at least three dozen protestors were injured. In yet another rally at Koteswore, in the south-eastern part of the city, a rally participated in by thousands confronted the police who were not allowing them to enter the curfew area within the city. According to Kantipur Television, the confrontation was continuing Thursday late Thursday afternoon. ....... big protest demonstrations were also organised Thursday at Palpa, Pokhara and Mahendranagar in western Nepal, Birgunj in southern Nepal and Jhapa in eastern Nepal.
Nepal's king may relent as more die The Age, Australia - 14 minutes ago
Protest over king leaves four dead Guelph Mercury (subscription), Canada - 18 minutes ago
Fresh curfew amid Nepal violence BBC News, UK - 24 minutes ago
Four activists shot dead in Nepal Times of India, India - 30 minutes ago The four protesters were killed in Kalanki in western part of Kathmandu after security forces opened fire and baton charged tens of thousands of demonstrators, sources close to the Nepali Congress (Democratic) said. With this, the number of those who lost their lives in the 15 day-long general strike has climbed to 15.... Four protesters were killed in Jhapa in eastern Nepal yesterday. One woman was fatally wounded in Nepalgunj and another in Chitawan while Pokhara, Kavre, Rajbiraj, Dhanusha, and Nawalparasi reported one death each.
Protesters killed as Nepali police open fire Independent Online, South Africa - 32 minutes ago
Nepal King told to hold "genuine" dialogue with parties Outlook (subscription), India - 34 minutes ago
King offers PM post to Bhattarai, India - 45 minutes ago However, Bhattarai, a former prime minister of Nepal, turned the offer down..... thousands of protestors defied the shoot-at-sight order and marched towards the Narayanhiti palace, state broadcaster Radio Nepal reported...... reports of clashes in Kathmandu's twin city Keertipur and neighbouring districts of Bhaktapur and Kalanki....... Diplomats, journalists and human rights monitors have not been issued passes allowing them onto the streets as they have in the past......... Opposition leaders were meeting Thursday at an undisclosed location to decide if the rally should go ahead despite the inevitable risks attached to breaking the curfew......... Ten Nepalis, including the four on Wednesday, have been slain by security forces since the opposition launched a general strike April 6......... The Defense Ministry said two people died, another Nepali official put the toll at four, and a UN official said it was five. ...... "The events show how desperate the present royal regime is. It is becoming paranoid," said Dhruba Adhikary of the independent Nepal Press Institute. "The movement is getting popular, it is expanding and growing."..... "If we are faced with violence tomorrow, we will burn the palace," Ankil Shrestha, a 22-year-old student, said Wednesday. "The king will die."
Indian envoy goes, thousands march for king's ouster(ROUNDUP), NY - 47 minutes ago
Nepali police shoot at protesters Channel 4 News, UK - 1 hour ago

1:47 AM US Eastern

Agitators defy siege, Nepal set for a showdown CNN-IBN, India - 13 minutes ago
Protesters gather near Nepali capital Radio Australia, Australia - 16 minutes ago
Nepal forces to shoot curfew violators on sight Times of India, India - 20 minutes ago
Kathmandu under strict curfew to cool protests Baku Today, Azerbaijan - 20 minutes ago

12:59 AM US Eastern

Nepal capital deserted, protesters gather outside, UK - 48 minutes ago
Nepal troops patrol streets with shoot orders International Herald Tribune, France - 30 minutes ago
Defying curfew, hundreds come out on the streets of Nepal Hindu, India - 32 minutes ago
Nepal capital deserted, protesters gather outside Hinesberg Journal, Canada - 10 minutes ago
Nepal capital deserted, protesters gather outside The Kindred Times, Utah - 10 minutes ago
Protesters breaking curfew in Nepal The Age, Australia - 11 minutes ago
Nepal capital deserted, protesters gather outside The Westfall Weekly News, Canada - 11 minutes ago
Protesters breaking curfew in Nepal, Australia - 12 minutes ago
Defying curfew, hundreds come out on Nepal streets Hindustan Times, India - 14 minutes ago
Nepali king continues consultation with political leaders Xinhua, China - 16 minutes ago
Nepal capital deserted, protesters gather outside, New Zealand - 18 minutes ago
Security forces open fire at pro-democracy rally Washington Times, DC - 22 minutes ago
Troops patrol Nepal capital's empty streets, Canada - 26 minutes ago
Nepal capital deserted, protesters gather outside Swissinfo, Switzerland - 25 minutes ago
Student leader hardsells protests, India - 31 minutes ago
Nepal troops patrol streets with shoot orders International Herald Tribune, France - 34 minutes ag0

Democracy for Nepal says (Politics In The Zeros)


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Hi Patrick.

Thanks for the note.

There is much that can be done.

(1) Express moral support.
(2) Spread the word.
(3) Help get media attention.
(4) Email, call your Senators, Reps.
(5) Contribute online. See at top section of the blog.



--- Patrick Klauss wrote:

> Dear Mr. Bhagat,
> It was a pleasure to meet you at the rally earlier this week outside
> the United Nations. I am sorry to hear about the most recent events
> in Nepal today in the news.
> Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you with
> your advocacy.
> Best regards,
> Patrick Klauss, Esq.
> Berd & Klauss, PLLC
> 44 Wall Street, 12th Floor
> New York, New York 10005
> Tel: (212) 461-7152
> Fax: (212) 655-9245


Anonymous said...

i absolutely agree.

Anonymous said...

hey man, you becoming really popular-look at the daily hits on your page. alrite now, what next? give us some leads. break narayanhiti gate and storm the palace of appointment of a new prime minister? martial law or constituent assembly?