Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Maoist Reaction To Democratic Victory: Not Right

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Nepal Maoists reject king's address, announce blockades
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Maoists reject Nepal King's call
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Nepal opposition ends protests, but Maoists reject king's ...
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Nepal opposition ends protests, but Maoists reject king's ... CBC News, Canada
Nepal opposition ends protests, but Maoists reject king's ... 940 News, Canada

This is not right. The seven party alliance worked out a 12 point agreement with the Maoists by making a constituent assembly also part of their agenda. That is the meeting point. Now the seven party alliance has worked out the first step. This is a good thing, the first step towards a constituent assembly. This first step also was part of that 12 point agreement.

There was no formal alliance between the SPA and the Maoists, the 12 point agreement is an understanding. The April 6-9 program was a SPA program. The Maoists supported it from outside, and once it really took off beyond the wildest imagination of the SPA and the Maoists, both rushed to take credit. The BBC interviews of Girija and Mahara on the 10th were the high point of that tussle.

But now the program has been called off by the SPA, and that is it. The SPA is on to its victory rally, and the Maoists are going to have to call off their blockade, or they would be blockading the government of the seven party alliance. And if that happens, the SPA will rightfully break up with the Maoists.

The Maoists are about to spoil the broth. They should not do it.

The king has formally endorsed the SPA roadmap. He has formally endorsed the constituent assembly idea. The SPA did not ask for anything else. The SPA has not abandoned the 12 point agreement.

I hope the Maoists are not out to prove Moriarty right. Because if they are then the Maoist-Democrat understanding comes to an end, and the global powers will resume their military aid to the SPA government. And Nepal will see a new round of war. Why would we want that? Why would the Maoists want that?

The Maoists don't have the option to pull a Lenin or a Mao. They don't have the option to use the democrats and the king against each other.

The king has finally come around to the constituent assembly idea. Why will the Maoists now want to abandon that plank? Because if they are going to organize a boycott of the Girija Koirala led SPA government, what message are they sending to the democrats?

I don't care much for the Maoist ideology, but there can be no compromise on human rights, not with the king, not with Prachanda. Prachanda is no royalty. He might as well not pretend.
But Maoist leader Prachanda said that the seven parties had committed "another historic mistake" and encouraged the people to continue their protests until the parties declared elections for an assembly to write a new constitution.
I think it is a welcome move on the part of Prachanda that he is cautious, that he wants to make sure there will be elections to a constituent assembly. But a blockade is not how you do that.

18 Days Of April Revolution: Victory

Prachanda should not try too hard to rain on the democrats' victory parade, or he makes that same constituent assembly less possible.

The Maoists have said they are going to continue blockading the capital city and the district headquarters. If this is their cynical way of suggesting the people came out in the streets because basic supplies went short, he is grossly mistaken. He is also being disrespectful of the people who came out into the streets. The people marched for freedom, not out of basic desperation.

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BBC Nepali Service

माधवकुमार नेपालसंग-25.04.06
डा. बाबुराम भट्टराईसंग-25.04.06

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Anonymous said...

While I share some agreement with your analysis, how does a nation suffer from a Tyrant like Gyanendra, finally get a mass movement ready to end the monarchy, back away and dance like happy slaves when the "Master" allows the most corrupt PM EVER to return to the chair ?

Please let us not have a contest, I respect your efforts and views.
Michael VanDeVeer