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April Revolution: Document Every Atrocity

Chat with Madhav Nepal

March 1
8:29 AM Madhav: How are You ?
me: oho kata bata?
tapain ghar main?
Madhav: Ma yahi chhu .
8:30 AM me: amma ma
Madhav: Ho.
me: thank you so much for reaching out
tapain ko swastha kasto chha?
Madhav: Kasto hudae cha
me: dherai chinta na garnu hola ---- hamee yata pani gear change garne phirak ma chhaun
8:31 AM Madhav: smart sanction ko lagi prayas hos
me: moral support matra diyera pugena, lobbying matra garera pugena, arthik support pani dina paryo bhanera Hamro Nepal naam ko naya sangathan darta garne phirak ma chhaun
bhai rakheko chha
8:32 AM afnai party ka neta haroo sanga ke kati samparka bhayeko chha?
Madhav: Ma bhitra bhayer garho bhae rakheko chha
8:33 AM me: phone ta chhaina hola ---- yasari chat bata bhaye pani bamdevji, KP ji adi sanga guff bhako chha ki chhaina?
Madhav: chhaena
me: tyaso bhaye ma lucky manchhe parein
8:34 AM tapain sanga yasari guff garna paunu
thank you so much for reaching out
Madhav: pahilo patak tapaae sang gardae chhu
me: message jati dinus --- i will try to send around
chat na bhaye pani email ta bhai rakheko hola
8:35 AM oho
internet pani cut off garidiyeko? phone sangai?
Madhav: Thanks for your initiative
me: desh ka lagi yati jabo pani na gare ke kura?
Madhav: Yo Bisesh system ho
8:36 AM me: hamee le yata bata je gare pani, very little compared to what you and your friends do
thik chha
yas lai gopya nai rakhnu hola
yo internet, email, chat adi ko bharpoor prayog garna parchha
Madhav: Lau pheri pachhi kura garaula
me: telephone ta sarkar le tap garchha ---- email tap garna sakdaina
8:37 AM hunchha ----- kehi chha bhane sutukka email garnu hola ---- we are working hard at this end also
Madhav: Hunchha lau ta bida hau
me: hunchha ta --- thank you -- stay healthy ---- victory hunchha nai
Madhav: bya
8:38 AM me: bye -- namaste
Madhav: good night
me: you too
online hunu hunchha bhane news pani padhnus ---
8:39 AM tyo ta garnu bhayeko hola nai
Madhav: Ok
me: stay healthy --- stay in good spirits ----- phikar not !! :-)

This regime is going down. What Nepal is witnessing is an April Revolution.

When it comes to brute force, a democracy has more power at its disposal than any fascist regime, if you think about it.

The fascists in Kathmandu have unleashed the state machiney upon the people. They are in their last hurrah. They will have hell to pay.

The key is to document everything so perpetrators can be punished. Kamal Thapa will personally pay for jail time with jail time. He has put too many people in jail for too long. He will pay for it all. It is just a matter of time.

Document everything. Justice will be done by the democratic government once it takes over.

The people have enough strength on their own. Internatinal solidarity is but a bonus. The people are going to come out into the streets, and take over power, and the people are going to punish the fascists. All those army generals who have gotten into a bad habit of feasting on the people's money will have to vomit it all out. Money will have to be accounted for. Many will face a loss of liberty and property.

This king has a fundamental character flaw. Or he would be talking. He has fled to Pokhara, now he might have to flee Nepal.

The Maoists are hung up on the constituent assembly. How radical is that? That is nothing radical. He should take it.

Or the seven parties and the Maoists would be coalescing around the slogal of a democratic republic. The country will become a republic before it goes for a constituent assembly.

There is no alternative to a mass movement. And a mass movement is sufficient unto itself.

Girija Koirala has talked of both a ceremonial monarchy and a republic. Prachanda never hijacked a plane, Girija did. Unlike many of my friends, I think Koirala will go for a republic, if the movement becomes a revolution. He is a firebrand himself. So far he has been keeping in mind the political realties. But those ground realities are fast changing.

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