Monday, April 17, 2006

Mero Sansar Video Clips 6

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Bhojraj Bhat 1
Bhojraj Bhat 2

Mero Sansar Video Clips 5
Mero Sansar Video Clips 4
Mero Sansar Video Clips 3
Mero Sansar Video Clips 2
Mero Sansar Video Clips


17 April14:34Raritan Valley Community College, United States
17 April14:58Arizona State University, Tempe, United States
17 April15:00AMD, Austin, United States
17 April15:12Dept. of Defense, Washington, D.C., United States
17 April15:19TurkTelecom, Turkey
17 April15:40Kent State University, Kent, United States
17 April15:41Cornell University, Ithaca, United States
17 April15:59The University of Arizona, Tucson, United States
17 April16:17California State University, Los Angeles, United States
17 April16:23Comcast Communications, Dale City, United States
17 April16:28Graceland College, Lamoni, United States
17 April16:32LaGuardia Community College, New York, United States
17 April18:03Bates College, Lewiston, United States
17 April18:04Arcor Internet-Produkte, Germany
17 April18:25The J. Hopkins Med. Inst., Baltimore, United States
17 April18:41Computer Sciences Corporation, Australia

17 April18:50Michigan Technological Inst., Houghton, United States

17 April18:51Sprintlink, Reston, United States
17 April19:00Cabletelca, S.A., Spain
17 April19:33The Boeing Company, United States

17 April19:34West Virginia Network, Morgantown, United States
17 April19:36Cablemas, Mexico
17 April19:44Colgate University, Hamilton, United States

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