Friday, April 28, 2006

Undercurrents Of A Counter-Revolution

This is a curious assemblage of people rallying against the idea of a constituent assembly. That assembly is what this revolution has been about. That assembly is what will bring peace and democracy. I don't know what this crowd is thinking.

In The News

First HoR session: PM Koirala proposes for constituent assembly NepalNews
Oli to lead CPN-UML in the new government
Nepali people’s verdict acceptable to India: Yechuri
Change is in the air: Maoist leaders address public meeting in Kathmandu

Maoist leaders at Khulla Manch Kantipur Publications
First meet of reinstated HoR concludes, Koirala's proposal to hold CA elections registered
Constituent assembly excellent avenue: US
Senior bureaucrats for Karki's ouster
ँसंविधानसभा पहिलो एजेन्डा’
अमेरिका संविधानसभाप्रति आशावादी
खबरदारी सभा
माओवादी अभियान सहरमा
माओवादी नेता सार्वजनिक
संविधान सभाको मार्गचित्रबारे अन्तर्त्रिया
आज सिंहदरबार घेराउ
सात दलका एजेन्डा मान्न निर्देशन
मुख्य सचिव नहटाए काम ठप्प’
युद्धविराममा शान्तिपूर्ण आन्दोलन'
राज्यले पनि युद्धविराम गर्नुपर्छ’
जनमोर्चाद्वारा खबरदारी सभा
प्रधानमन्त्री कोइरालाको जिम्मेवारी
घाइतेको कलमबाट
संविधानसभाको अभ्यास
अब आठ दलको मोर्चा
अन्तरिम शासन विधान जारी गर

Nepal Strife Has Little Impact on Villages ABC News
Nepal House extends hands to Maoists Daily News & Analysis, India
Parliament in Nepal Convenes After 4 Year Break Zaman Online, Turkey
Mao, Nasser & Nepal Monsters and, UK
Norwegian minister to visit Nepal to push talks, India
Nepal parliament weighing constitution rewrite after first meeting JURIST


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