Friday, April 21, 2006

King Of India

King's Address: Old Wine, Old Bottle

To the million and a half people who poured into the streets of Kathmandu on Friday, to the 15 who have lost their lives, to the hundreds upon hundreds who have received serious injuries, to the thousands who have been arrested, to the hundreds of thousands who have come out into the streets in every village, every hamelt, every town, every city in Nepal, the king's address on Friday was too little too late.

But the brown sahibs in Delhi rejoiced. They claimed democracy is now back on track in Nepal. The political prisoners still languish in jail. The barbaric attacks on peaceful demonstrators continue. Two leaders got arrested at the airport on arrival. The king has not fired his illegitimate cabinet. The king continues not to recognize the seven party alliance as the legitimate political force in the country.

But India is feeling good.

It's been over half a century when India got rid of its hundreds of little kings and princes spread across the country. Looks to me like the Indians have started missing them. Guess what, if they want a king, they can have this king. The Nepali people have had just about enough of him.

India is a predominantly Hindu country. And who knows, the BJP might come back into power. Some of the right wing sister organizations affiliated with the BJP worship this monarch. They have every right to do so. That is why I say, they may have this king. The Hindu supremacists deserve a king who never met a human being he did not think was his inferior. He snubbed the goras like no Indian freedom fighter ever did. The Indians just might like that.

Get rid of your president. The king of Nepal is on his way to India.

He is so rich, he won't need your salary. Besides you could not pay him if you tried. He is used to paying himself five times more than the President Of The United States and 2500 times that of the Chinese president. If you want to snub China, you ally with this king. That is the lesson for the Indians.

House Revival Through Supreme Court Decision

India is a future superpower, or so many believe, so I believe. But it is not a superpower today. It is too involved with the immediate South Asian region to have the time to meddle with the far corners on the planet. Nepal is at the center of India's world. Ever wonder how the Indian ambassador to Nepal ends up Foreign Secretary, and vice versa. Nepal is one country where India really matters, and India knows it. They might not give two hoots about India in Moscow, or in Washington DC, or in London, or Paris, or Cairo, but Kathamandu is warm and nice.

People claim no two countries are as close as India and Nepal, not Canada and America. The British and the French don't even like each other. India and Nepal are so close they share an open border.

And so India sent Karan Singh, a former Raja himself. Many republicans in Nepal thought this was a subtle Indian hint to the king that he should follow in his Indian relative's footsteps and look forward to life as a dignified citizen. Were they wrong! The Indian Foreign Ministry brown sahibs knew one better. They are going to stick to their twin pillars. One is the Ashoka Stambha. Another is the king of Nepal. Love for royalty dies hard. The most ardent republicans want the king to help them attain their goal. Such is the grip royalties have over gullible politicians.

If India were to adopt this king, the Indian billion just might like it. Some say the king is a unifying force in Nepal. God knows India needs some of that. A country that large, with such diverse populations spread over such a large landmass, with so many different ethnic insurgencies going on all at once, who better than the king to bring them all together?

The king might like that arrangement also. This is an ambitious man. Nepal is too small a country for him. He needs a bigger stage to play. And who knows, he just might manage to impose an emergency on India also, and unlike Indira Gandhi, might even pull it off.

Have you seen the steady stream of foreign dignitaries at his doorsteps, pleading that he restore democracy? If he could pull such a stunt as King of India, that alone will turn India into a global superpower. Forget software, forget collect calls.

And so I say, Gyanendra Shaha, King Of India. India, you can have him.

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I saw this article on Nepal:

Nepalese Protesters Dismiss King's Pledge Of Democracy
By Justin Huggler

King Gyanendra of Nepal made a desperate attempt to save his throne as
hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Kathmandu
yesterday calling for his overthrow


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Good Post, Even Indian don't like the way our Politician behave

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