Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Constituent Assembly: Still The Meeting Point

I preside over an organization, Hamro Nepal, that is for a Democratic Republic. We would rather have a republic now than later. But the seven party alliance is firm on going to a constituent assembly to deal with all questions, including the monarchy. That is where also the Maoists are. If it be the constituent assembly framework, Hamro Nepal will actively campaign on behalf of a republic.

I have been campaigning within the SPA to go straight for a republic. The revolution is on. But I defer to the SPA leaders on all issues, as this one. I try my best, but then go by their decision. They are my leaders also.

It is just that I keep thinking if the king is the biggest roadblock to a constituent assembly, you might have to achieve a republic before you go for a constituent assembly. That is only being realistic.

Maoist Stunt

Why have the Maoists threatened to blow up the Kosi barrage? Do they feel like the SPA has stolen all their limelight? This is highly unnecessary. They need to stop that saber rattling. Do they have a grudge against Bihar? What is their grudge against Bihar? Is blowing up the Kosi barrage their idea of a foreign policy?

The Maoists need to stop stunts like these or they will be hurting the movement underway.

If the Maoists start acting funny now, they are going to hurt the revolution like the king never could. If they just stay out of the way, the revolution just might establish a republic soon. But for that the Maoists need to continue to behave.

Instead of threatening to blast the Kosi barrage the Maoists should focus on staying out of the way, or helping constructively. There was a recent joint statement by Baburam and Prachanda where they had a program to paint Nepal Sarkar on all government signboards across the country. That would be very helpful to do. Focus on that. Keep a firm lid on your violence, or you might disturb the revolution.

The Police, The Army Also Abandoning The King

It is only a matter of time before they do it en masse.

Army turns blind eye as Nepal protests escalate Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom

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Army turns blind eye as Nepal protests escalate Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom Jubilant Nepalese yesterday as protesters destroyed an unfinished monument to King Gyanendrathe authority of the royal regime appeared to be dissolving fast........In Nepalganj, the principal city of western Nepal, about 30,000 people marched, chanting: "Gyanendra thief. Leave the country." ....... They arrived from surrounding villages and expected to be stopped at an army camp at the edge of town. But inside the camp, protected by landmines and barbed wire, officers relaxed over cups of tea. "Why should we close the road?" said one. "It's a public road." Such insouciance will cause alarm at the palace, which depends on the army.

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