Monday, April 03, 2006

Final Act: Disobey The Curfew

The preparations for the April 6-9 showdown has been superior to that for January 20. Back then, the leaders simply waited in their homes to get arrested, and there was no well-coordinated plan to counter the curfew. And the movement suffered a jolt. But this time around many second rung leaders of the seven party alliance have gone semi-underground and underground.

Even during the January 20 curfew, a few hudred people got arrested. The roaming band of RNA soldiers might technically have the shoot at sight orders, but they did not get carried out during January 20. But even if they might, disobeying any possible curfew in the largest way possible would be the best thing to do during the showdown. There is power in numbers.

A lot of leaders have gone underground this time. That is great. All it really takes is that you move out of your house and go live with one of your friends or relatives.

There is yet another thing to do: establish a "courier service," sort of. If the regime cuts the telephones, there should be people taking around written messages on bikes and motorbikes. On foot, if need be.

And there is a serious need to think the details of the possible endgame.

Conspiracy Theory: The King Dismantled The RCCC

There is a conspiracy theory going around that it was not the Supreme Court but the king who dismantled the RCCC. Those theorists claim if push comes to shove, the king is simply going to revive the House. That is how he will respond to the worst possible scenario of a large number of people out in the streets.

First, I don't know to believe these theories. And even if that happens, and the king revives the House like he supposedly dismantled the RCCC, I am fine with the idea.

That revived House will still lead to an all party government and a constituent assembly. I am not complaining.

Got Interviewed By German Public Radio

They said they are like the NPR in Germany, like the National Public Radio in the US. Their office is close to Grand Central, for that matter not far from the UN. I showed up at noon. The interview was longer than I had anticipated, it was pretty comprehensive.

"Robin Hood Im Internet"

Martina Butler interviewed me.

From: "Kleinpeter, Elke"
To: "''"
Subject: ARD German Radio Network, Interview Request
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 09:28:41 -0500

Dear Paramendra Kumar Bhagat:

This e-mail is to request an interview with you. We are preparing a report on "Blooger" in New York City.

ARD German Radio Network is the leading public broadcast system in Germany. On an average weekday, we reach about 40 Million listeners with over 50 broadcasting programs. ARD can be compared with National Public Radio in America, and we are committed to highest quality standard in journalism and broadcasting. The radio plays a vital and important part in the daily life of Million's of people in Germany, who receive information about New York through the ARD network and our correspondents.

Our correspondent Martin BUTTLER will be back on March 28, 2006 and available for an interview. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please call us at 1-212-752-9642 or e-mail us at: to arrange for the interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Elke M. Kleinpeter
- Producer -

633 Third Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel. + 212-752-9642
Fax + 212-949-4497
e-mail: 1

Good to know Umesh Shrestha of Mero Sansar got covered in the British media. The image above is the clip of that.

In The News

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3 April12:18Bentley College, United States
3 April12:19Pacific Command, United States
3 April12:25Verizon Online, Boston, United States
3 April12:53Verizon Online, Reston, United States

3 April13:10San Francisco State University, San Francisco, United States
3 April13:56CTX Mortgage Company, Dallas, United States
3 April13:56Swipnet, Sweden
3 April14:17Telenet, Belgium
3 April14:47University of Missouri, Columbia, United States
3 April14:48NTL Internet, Guildford, United Kingdom
3 April14:54Cornell Medical College, United States
3 April15:02State Compensation Insurance Fund, San Francisco, United States
3 April15:12OARnet, Columbus, United States
3 April15:34Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
3 April15:48University of Bergen (UoB), Bergen, Norway
3 April16:39Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany
3 April17:02University of Maryland, Baltimore, United States
3 April17:09Southern Methodist University, Dallas, United States
3 April17:12Pacific Command, United States

3 April17:29Florida International University, Miami, United States
3 April17:32James Cook University, Australia
3 April18:17NTL Internet, Winnersh, United Kingdom
3 April18:23Deloitte & Touche, Hermitage, United States
3 April19:05Baylor University, Waco, United States
3 April20:00University of Hawaii, United States
3 April20:22Iowa State University, United States

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Have you noticed all the visits you have been getting from the US Pacific Command lately?? Looks like some intelligence analysts are keeping an eye on your blog. Always good to have fans in high places.