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रामचन्द्र झा: तराई अान्दोलनसँगै उठेका मुद्दाहरू

Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat 3
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat 2
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat

In The News

“We discussed the issue of reconstituting cabinet,” says Prachanda NepalNews Earlier in the day, Prachanda had told reporters that they will raise the issue of changing the (government) leadership if their proposals on republic and PR system are not implemented.
UML MPs criticise their leaders for divergent views The UML MPs also raised their concern that they were falling into the use and throw trap of the Maoists.
Left parties 'agree' to push for cabinet reshuffle from the past few weeks left parties are in discussions in their attempt to come to an understanding on forming a new government led by UML general secretary Nepal, who claimed yesterday that given the responsibility to lead the government, his party would hold CA polls within mid-April and bring about drastic changes (for the good) in the country within five years
NC, UML giving greater priority to polls: Poudel
Speaker urges govt to introduce strong law to deal with violence against women dowry-deaths, witch-hunting
Dr Koirala urges parties to priotise elections Koirala used most of his time to criticise the Maoists and its chairman Prachanda. Koirala claimed the Maoist have been trying to avoid the elections due to fear of getting less votes. He said federalism based on ethnicity would lead to disintegration of the country.
Maoists to assist administration in taking action against those who assaulted doctors "We are especially deeply hurt by the use of YCL cadres in a filmy-style to carry out such abduction and assault," Prachanda said. He said that YCL was 'misled' to take the action.
One shot dead in Sarlahi a medical shop owner in Arnaha VDC in Sarlahi Thursday night. ..... Tej Narayan Mahato, a resident of Arnaha-8, was shot dead by a group of about 5 people. Mahato died on the spot. ...... Police said two persons have been arrested in connection with the murder
One shot dead in Biratnagar; minor injured in blast Pawan Shrestha, 20, succumbed to bullet injuries in a firing following a dispute between the two families of Rasan Sah and Kamath Bhagat ...... One Papu Magar was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital after sustaining bullet injuries. ..... a bomb explosion that took place in Biratnagar Bus Park ..... Vesu Shrestha, 12, was injured after a stray bomb he was playing with suddenly went off.
NC and Maoist lawmakers hit back at each other NC lawmakers criticized the Maoists and its youth wing, the YCL, for continuing to seize government and private property and terrorizing people. Putting out a list of public and private buildings captured by Maoists for use by the YCL, NC lawmaker Devendra Kandel said that Maoists are running a parallel government and also accused it of not being sincere toward peace talks. ...... CPN-Maoist lawmakers hit back at NC lawmakers and warned that they would also raise past issues. ....... that the Maoists will not return the properties that it has seized so far and would also not stop capturing more lands until their demands are met. He also said that people victimized by the security forces during the insurgency continue to be neglected
Martin urges serious review on peace process implementation of commitments made to Janajati, Madhesi and other groups ....... an assessment of the implementation of the parliamentary declaration guaranteeing 33 percent of all political and civil service appointments to women. ..... include women in peace process bodies at the local and national level

NC, Maoist leaders hold meeting; fail to break deadlock NepalNews

Maoists confident on today’s parliamentary session bearing fruit NepalNews
MK Nepal claims he can change country in five years given the responsibility to lead the government, his party will bring about drastic changes (for the good) in the country within five years. .... Nepal clamped all blame on the Nepali Congress and the Maoists for failure on holding the constituent assembly elections twice. ..... he spirit of the decision was not necessarily to announce republic before polls as demanded by the Maoists ..... UML sided with the Maoists to avoid some hardliner Maoists from dragging their party to violence. ...... Asked if he wished to be successor to PM Koirala, Nepal said he doesn't.

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I think the best way to deal with the Tarai Problem is to file a case in the International Court against the "Treaty of Sagauli" as it was signed between Nepalese government, who didn't represent Madhesis and Britishers. Sueing both Nepal government/royal regime and British government will highlight the problem and plight of Madhes and bring some financial relief too.