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No To Royal Dictatorship, No To Maoist Dictatorship, No To Mafia Dictatorship

Some things to note.
  1. Organized crime can be controlled.
  2. What we are seeing for the most part in the Terai today is organized criminal gangs who have been kicked out of Mumbai who have now formed bases in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
  3. The Nepal Police can learn from the Mumbai Police.
  4. When these criminas enter a town for the first time, it is very important for them to kill some non-complying wealthy businessman in a very public way. It makes their extortion work much easier in the aftermath.
  5. A specialized branch inside the Nepal Police will have to be constructed to deal with organized crime. That branch will also have to work to deal with the organized crime in Kathmandu valley and other places.

On The Web: How Criminal Gangs Operate In Mumbai Kenya: How to Stop Criminal Gangs Invading Our Cities cities are, and will increasingly become, the sites of disaster and conflict in the 21st century, and that the urban poor will be the main victims...... cities are becoming the preferred battlefields for both terrorists and criminals ..... urbanisation of warfare is the result of neoliberal globalisation, which has caused increasing inequalities in cities, not just between the rich and the poor but between different ethnic groups, religions and races...... "an implosion of global and national politics into the urban world"..... a general desolation of the national and global landscape has transposed many bizarre racial, religious, and linguistic enmities into scenarios of unrelieved urban terror....... young unemployed slum-dwellers get recruited into murderous gangs that hold allegiance to the fundamentalist Hindu political organisation known as Shiv Sena, which controls much of Mumbai....... Gangs in Mumbai operate much like the Mungiki do in Nairobi. They regularly extract "protection money" from the urban poor and provide a range of services to slum-dwellers in exchange for a fee, including determining which of the city's streets beggars and hawkers can occupy. Many operate in cahoots with corrupt police officers and politicians, who also demand hafta (Hindi slang for weekly bribe) from poor urban dwellers......... youthful new recruits of today don't care much for religion or politics, which makes them much more dangerous..... "an explosion of formless free-floating urban anger." ....... intensifying programmes geared towards unemployed youth and creating jobs that can absorb them. ....... When the Government is absent or corrupt, criminal gangs take over the provision of services. ....... Arrest and prosecute all corrupt Government officials and politicians and hand out stiff sentences to those found failing in their duties....... do not resort to Bush-like macho tactics.... Beefing up intelligence and security apparatus would be a more appropriate response | Daily Nation | COMMENTARY | How to stop criminal ... ORGANISED CRIME is on the rise in Chennai. Recent murders in the city have either been a fallout of inter-gang rivalry or mercenary killings...... A social worker was murdered recently in broad daylight and in public view. According to reports, the victim had mobilised public opinion against local goons and reportedly paid the price for it........ Recent killings have shown that gangsters are not just organised, but meticulous in their operations. It also gives an indication of the extent of planning that goes into the execution of a crime........ gangs have hierarchy, territorial limits, and strike strategic alliances ...... gangs indulge in various crimes like mercenary killings, robbery, theft, dacoity, bootlegging and drug peddling...... Mercenary gangs comprise hardened criminals, who murder for money and undertake criminal jobs like assaulting, disfiguring, maiming, and kidnapping of people. They loot and destroy property on assignment and their fee depends on the nature of the job and the number of persons employed to carry out the task........ gangs have organisational structure, territorial limits and a code of conduct. They possess unlicensed arms and ammunition. They use the latest communication gadgets to stay in touch with each other. They monitor the movements of the police and also their rivals. The gangs hold periodical performance evaluation and review meetings, in true corporate style to keep its members on their toes. The gangsters do their homework thoroughly and shadow their target for days before striking........... A lot of planning goes into a killing. Broadly, there are three stages of operation involved, namely surveillance, planning, organising and execution. The methods employed could be straight or ingenious. It could be shooting, stabbing or a hit and run. Total secrecy is maintained during the killing and gangsters generally wear masks to conceal identity and do not address each other by names. When they are not killing, these gangsters go as henchmen behind politicians, or caste groups or trade unions to supplement their income........ The gangs involved in committing offences like theft, robbery and burglary are equally well organised and have separate `departments' for purposes of surveillance, planning, organising and execution. The gangs have informers for collection of information, executors to conduct operation and middle agents to dispose of the stolen property. Auto drivers, taxi drivers, servants and servant maids are retained as informers. These gangs also engage some of their informers in banks, markets and cash rich places. For example, the gang would strike on receiving information that the occupants of a house are away or that there are only elderly occupants, who are soft targets for housebreaking.................. Prostitution is well organised and finely networked.... The main activities in bootlegging involve distillation, transportation and marketing........ The drug gangs operate in three layers, with the top layer comprising key members of the gang keeping themselves away from the frontline staff. ....... A separate wing should be created exclusively to deal with organised criminal gangs.............. Organised Crime Ordinance 1999. This should have tough provisions like death sentence, life term, minimum fine of Rs. 5 lakhs, permission to the police to intercept wire, electronic or oral communication admissible as evidence against the accused, long term of custody than provided in Cr. P.C......... All cases should be tried quickly and the accused should be imprisoned at the earliest. For this purpose, a court exclusively to deal with organised crime should be established...... Most witnesses do not depose before the court out of fear of the gangs resulting in acquittals for hardened criminals. Heavy security should be given to witnesses during the period of trial and also in its aftermath....... Investigation should expose investments of the criminals in various fictitious and proxy names...... The criminal-politician nexus should be broken....... sale of weapons/arms, forcible eviction of tenants, extortion..... Community policing should be organised in the neighbourhoods where theft, robbery and dacoity occur frequently..... crime prone slum neighbourhood areas should be identified and juveniles in that area should be prevented from becoming members of the criminal gangs through various welfare programmes.
The Hindu : Crime in Chennai
Indian mafia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the infamous Pashtun Mafia member Karim Lala in the 1940s, who is arguably the first real Don in the history of the Indian Mafia. ...... Mudaliar pioneered the art of cultivating official patronage for the underworld. ...... Mastan Mirza, more famously known as Haji Mastan also played a key role in structuring illegal gambling as an organised business. The first three dons were unique in that they had high standings within their own communities whose interest they looked after, each depending on their community for men and support as is the case with most Mafias...... Haji Mastan Mirza became the first celebrity gangster of the city, expanding his clout in the Bollywood. As Mastan's influence in Bollywood grew, he began to produce films and cast his mistress, an aspiring starlet into small roles. He was also known for his links with the legendary actor Dilip Kumar........ He did not know to read or write English, Hindi or Urdu....... D-Company was formed by Dawood Ibrahim, an acolyte of Hajji Mastana, and a descendant of migrants from the Konkan coast. It was amongst the most powerful criminal organisations in the world in the 80s, with many illegal and legal business ventures under Dawood's control........ the fragmentation of his criminal empire when Chotta Rajan, his lieutenant, broke away and gained support of powerful right-wing Hindu Nationalist politicians. ...... Dawood Ibrahim reportedly now lives in Karachi or Dubai...... In Mumbai, with the adoption of new police policies, crime has been going down in Mumbai and the mafia has been forced to flee the city to safer heavens. Many of its crime bosses operate from different parts of the world, controlling the Mafia within India........ Now the newest Mafia threat arises from the Northern regions of Eastern UP and the state of Bihar, which for the most part of the last five years has seen a power struggle between various groups of gangsters representing different interests and communities.......... Chotta Shakeel and Abu Salem gang, Chotta Rajan gang
528 Sandeep Pendse, The under, the over, and the middle world
InfoExport - The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Mumbai has the highest crime rate of India's major cities .... Mumbai's crowded, bustling and wealthy environment is ideal territory for criminals, who are particularly adept at bag snatching and confidence tricks. Various criminal gangs operate extortion rackets
‘My gang is not anti-Muslim’: Chhota Rajan, The Milli Gazette, Vol ... Even my gang comprises 25 per cent Muslims who want to take revenge on Dawood .... He said he would not return to India, as the legal system in the country was a sell-out to influential people..... Asked how he managed to run his underworld empire in Mumbai by remote control, Rajan said that new technology such as Internet, fax and phones were generally used. .... He admitted that he had ordered the killing of Nepalese MP Mirza Beg .... ‘I feel I should go back (to India) but I know I will not get justice. People close to Dawood Ibrahim can reach anywhere and kill me.’
Mumbai: Weather and Much More from

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