Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Upendra Yadav: Five Hours Of Video


Upendra Yadav 1
Upendra Yadav 2
Upendra Yadav 3
Upendra Yadav 4
Upendra Yadav 5

Upendra Yadav Was In Town
Proposed Constitution
Completely Proportional Elections To The Constituent Assembly
Banning MPRF: Not An Option
Hamro Nepal, ANTA Press Releases On Gaur Incident
Dipendra Jha: The Real Picture Of The Madhesi Movement
MPRF: A Few Scenarios
Upendra Yadav: Madhesi Martin Luther King
New MJF Strategy: Hit The State, Not The People
MJF And NEFIN Must Become Political Parties
Should The MJF Indefinite Strike Continue? Yes
Madhesi Janajati Kranti: Victory Scenarios
Madhesi Janajati Kranti: Confusion, Clarity
Madhesi Janajati Kranti: A Few Scenarios
पुरे देशको प्यारालाइज कर दो
Nepalgunj II: This Is A Repeat
िगिरजाको कुर्सी से हटा दो, सेरेमोिनयल बना दो
Two Things To Do To Prevent April Kranti III
अगर सडक पर िफर से उतडनी पडी तो
Krishna Sitaula's Resignation: Why It Is Important
Of Hindu Supremacists And Muslim Martyrs
चुनावी जंग
Upendra Yadav Interview
Madhesi, Prepare For The Second, Final Wave
Royalist, Hindu Supremacist, Violent, Anything But A Madhesi Movement
Madhesh State Now
Madhesi Legal Defense Fund, Madhesi Aawaz, Madhesi Movement II
Krishna Sitaula Not Going Risks Everything
NYC Gremlins
38 Martyrs = Go, Krishna Sitaula, Go
The New School Event: Madhesi Question: Photos 2
The New School Event: Madhesi Question: Photos
The New School Event: My Speech To Be Delivered
How Not To Get Back Onto The Streets
िवजयकी सुगन्ध अा रही है
49% Seats For Terai In Constituent Assembly Is A Fair Deal
समानता अौर अिधकार पर्याप्त नहीं हैं, हमें तो शक्ित चािहए
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat 3
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat 2
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat
Protests Will Continue, Big Time
Braindead Girija: The UML Needs To Walk Out Of This Government
Why Krishna Sitaula Has To Go
Stage Two, Stage Three
Preeti Koirala And Mainstream Pahadi Prejudice
The Army Is Going To Stay Out Of This
Madhesi Movement: Intensifying The Protest
Paudel Bahun Is Lying
Dhruba Adhikary: Your Typical Pahadi Liar
Guiding The Madhesi Movement
माघे क्रान्ित
What Is Wrong With NDYCUSA?
Sitaula Resign, Koirala Declare Madhesh State, Now
February 10: New School: Nepal In Transition: The Terai Question
The Accurately Named Krishna Pahadi
Girija Has Proven To Be A Cruel Joke Upon Nepal
Compromise: Add 45 Constituencies To The Terai
Nonviolent Madhesi Movement For Equality Or Violent Ethnic Riot
King's 3 Years, Girija's 3 Years: Not Happening
Sukhdev Shah: Terai’s Fate—Looking Within!
Pahadi Bias Colors Global Media
Butchers, Stop The Killing, You Will Get Tried
Action Plan: 5 + 5
Gyane In April: 3 Speeches, Girija In Magh: How Many?
सत्ताधारी सात पहाडी पार्टीको घैंटोमा अझै घाम लागेको छैन
Girija Koirala: Address To The Nation: Madhesi Movement Partial Victory
The Movement Will Not Stop, It Will Go To Step 2
Hamro Nepal Press Release: Only A Political Outlet To The Madhesi Movement
माघे क्रान्ित, राजावादी र िहन्दु कट्टरपन्थीबारे
Kamal Thapa Should Be Arrested, But Not For The Madhesi Movement
Madhesi Movement Invites The Dalit, The Janajati, The Mahila
The Ball Is In Girija's Court: A Response To Pramod Kantha
Gagan Thapa On The Terai
Need For A Mahila Movement
ANTA Press Release: Stop The State Terror
Stop The Shooting, Give The Speech
Feedback, NSU, USA Canada Chapter Press Release
डटे रहो
Ram Sah, Ratan Jha, Lalit Jha, Pramod Kantha: Madhesi Diaspora, Pahadi Diaspora
Why Are The Pahadis Quiet?
Girija, Give A Speech Like Gyane Did In April
Stop Shooting, Give Concession Speech, Calm Down The Streets
Madhesh Is Burning
शान्ित वार्ता क्या, िवजय घोषणा करो
8 Parties Need To Declare 205 Constituencies Of Equal Population
Madhesi Movement Is April Revolution Part 2
Look Who Is Talking
Madhesi Movement: Write To The Media
बराबर जनसंख्याबाला २०५ सीट
मधेश जल रही है
Girija Koirala Is A Crook
205 Constituencies Based On Equal Population, And Reserved Seats
New Jersey Madhesi Gathering: Photos
Madhesi Gathering, New Jersey
Prabasi Madhesi Are With The Madhesi Movement In Nepal
My Role In The April Revolution: The Butterfly Effect
Madhesi Alert, Nepalgunj Pahadi Attack On Madhesi, Raw Email, Video Footage
िफर से कह दो एक बार इन्िकलाब
पहाडी मधेशी दंगा, मधेशी जनजाित गठबंधन, र िनर्णायक, अिहंसात्मक अन्ितम अान्दोलनको खाँचो
सद्भावना रोडम्याप
नेपालमा दमजम अान्दोलनको अावश्यकता
नेपालमा संसारको नम्बर एक लोकतन्त्रको स्थापना हुन सक्छ
राजतन्त्र, बाहुनवाद र भर्ष्टाचार समाप्त पारौं
राजतन्त्र, बाहुनवाद र भर्ष्टाचार समाप्त पारौं

Madhesi Aawaz
  1. ज्वाला, गोइत, टाइगर और कोबराको चुनाव क्यों लडना चािहए (April 3, 2007) (Words)
  1. Madhesi Janajati Kranti Ka Aelan (February 25, 2007)
  2. Pure Desh Ko Paralyze Kar Do (Poem) (February 27, 2007) (Words)
  3. Sangram, Mahasangram (March 7, 2007)
  1. Maobadi Tanashahi Murdabad (Poem) (February 25, 2007) (Words)
  2. Girija Ko Kursi Se Hata Do, Ceremonial Bana Do (Poem) (February 24, 2007) (Words)
  3. Agar Sadak Par Phir Se Utadni Padi To (Poem) (February 21, 2007) (Words)
  4. Chunawi Jung (Poem) (February 18, 2007) (Words)
  5. Bijay Ki Sugandh Aa Rahi Hai (Poem) (February 7, 2007) (Words)
  6. Maghe Kranti (Poem) (February 4, 2007) (Words)
  7. Datey Raho (Poem) (January 28, 2007) (Words)
  8. Shanti Barta Kya Bijaya Ghoshana Karo (Poem) (January 25, 2007) (Words)
  9. Madhesh Jal Rahi Hai (Poem) (January 22, 2007) (Words)
  10. Phir Se Kah Do Ek Baar Inqilaab (Poem) (December 29, 2006) (Words)

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Ananta Risal said...

I heard one video of Yadavji and he sounds like genuine, simple and very inclusive. Excellent audio video cast. Thanks to Paramendra.