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Violence Is No Solution In the Terai

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िगिरजालाई पदमुक्त गर

By now I have proposed about a dozen different maps for federalism for Nepal. My latest map divides Nepal into three states: Terai, Eastern Hills, Western Hills. This is what I stand by. My formula for division of power between the four layers of government - central, state, district, village/town/city - is based on the idea of one person one vote, and so it does not matter how the states are divided.

Proposed Constitution

The Bahun parties that had to be pushed by the Madhesi Kranti to accept federalism in principle have been utterly unwilling to do two things: (1) propose a map for federalism, and (2) propose a power distribution formula. And so they end up coming across as fundamentally dishonest. They come across as people biding their time to throw the concept of federalism out the window.

Armed Madhesi groups like Jwala's do not take orders from nonviolent groups like the MJF and the Sadbhavana. They are in the Terai what the Maoists were in the hills starting out. They are not like Maoists, they are Maoists. Jwala takes orders from the MJF and the Sadbhavana as much as Prachanda aligned with the UML and the Congress during his violent heyday.

There is much lawlessness in the Terai. Violent political groups, Maoists, and criminal gangs from Utter Pradesh and Bihar, as well as local criminal gangs have filled the vacuum created by an absent state. The state has not been delivering its basic law and order responsibilities. That might even be deliberate on the part of the Pahadi establishment to punish the Madhesi masses who dared to write the second chapter to the April Revolution.

Two Options

There are two options. One is to deal with the violent Madhesi groups the way the state dealt with the Maoists. First a military solution was blindingly sought. After 14,000 deaths and twice that many suicides, finally the political parties, out of power, decided to seek a political solution. One wishes the leaders could think a few steps ahead and decide on a constituent assembly as a meeting ground years before they did. But the Congress and the UML were utterly hostile to the idea for as long as they could.

Girija Will Kill Another 40,000 Nepalis

The government seems to be prepared to repeat the mistake all over again. First they will send in the Armed Police Force. That will not work. Then they will break the UN peace accords and send in the army. That will not work. Then they will say let's try peace talks. The first casualty of such thinking will be the elections slated for November. And that perhaps is the plan, because if there are no elections, Girija gets to stay on as Prime Minister. Maybe that is the whole idea.

Another option is to engage all Madhesi groups in respectful dialogue like with the Maoists. That is the only right option. These Maoist breakaway groups in the Terai are inherently political in character. In that sense they are no different from the Maoists.

We have done it before. Let's do it again. Let's talk.

तराईमा िहंसाको राजनीितक समाधान छ

According to government figures, one third of the people in Nepal are Madhesi, and one third of the people in the Terai are of hill origin. To have all of Terai as one state in a federal Nepal makes perfect sense. It is okay to agree to that state before the elections to the constituent assembly.

  1. Release all their prisoners.
  2. Take back all cases.
  3. Put all their soldiers into cantonments.
  4. Agree to hold completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly. There should be only one rule. Every third name on a party's list must be female.
  5. It is a basic human right to peacefully organize. It is okay to have Janajati and Dalit parties.
  6. Go for elections in November.


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In The News

White gold Kunda Dixit Nepali Times Brace yourselves for a flashflood of new hydropower projects ...... one area where the government has been moving with uncharacteristic speed in the past year is in licensing new hydropower projects. .... most of the prospective new investors in Nepal’s rivers are private Indian companies. .... Upper Karnali (300 MW) and Arun 3 (402 MW) ..... Upper Marsyangdi 2 and 3 (246 MW) ..... 250 MW Naumure Dam in Piuthan West Seti (750 MW) .... Upper Tama Kosi 2 and 3 (482 MW). ... north Indian grid, which already has a shortfall of 5,000 MW at peak periods. ..... Regime change in April 2006 was a watershed in bringing investors back. ..... Indian companies' interest in Nepal picked up after the Power Summit in September 2006, which brought together developers, contractors, creditors and insurance companies ..... Some 14,000 MW worth of projects have been put on offer exclusively for export to India. Eleven foreign companies, most of them Indian, are in various stages of the bidding process. ..... The parliamentary committee is said to not be satisfied with the 30 percent free equity and the 7.5 percent free power it is to get from the projects and wants more. ....... Because joint river projects have become so politically sensitive in Nepal, India is trying to get private firms involved. ....... issues of royalty, free electricity, free equity as well as handover period. Members are under pressure to probe if Nepal is selling itself short out of desperation. ...... NC MP Ananda Dhungana says: “We are not against the projects per se, but we want the government to be transparent ....... misgivings about India getting regulated water from power projects in Nepal for free ... Water Resource Minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki argues that electricity is not a “resource” and that regulated water also benefits Nepal. ..... After nearly 11 years of often-tortuous negotiations, West Seti is now set to go ahead with investments from SMEC (26 percent), the Asian Development Bank (15 percent), Nepal government (15 percent), India’s ILFC (15 percent) and Nepali investors. Negotiations are underway with two Chinese banks for the loan component. The other complication left to iron out is an original deal on 10 percent free power that West Seti was supposed to give to Nepal, but which was later negotiated to four percent of profit.
Worlds within worlds fantasy is, in effect, simply a state of hyperreality. .... The American Library Association listed it the ninth most frequently challenged book of 1990-2000. .... Death, child sexuality, and agnosticism .... critics who doubt the ability of children to meaningfully grapple with strong ideas and emotions.
The unrepentant state The YCL’s extortion of a hapless poplace by violent methods was being met with retaliation in kind throughout the tarai. Alarmed, the YCL’s Maoist mentors convinced their cabinet colleagues the threat to peace came not from young communists but madhesi renegades. Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula, seen as a Maoist fellow-traveller, agreed. ...... In the coming days, the Maoist militia and the police force could be working together to enforce law and establish order in the tarai. This has implications for the explosive communal relations between hill and plains-dwelling Nepalis. Mahara and Sitaula are treating a political problem as a law and order issue. ...... Kathmandu still hasn’t realised that the tarai is a qualitatively different crisis from the Maoist insurgency. In the ten-year war, educated, indoctrinated, motivated intellectuals from a bourgeois background designed and executed the so-called ‘People’s War’ with military precision. Funding procedures were established early. ....... Safe houses were maintained in Nepal and India, communication and logistics functioned efficiently. The chain of command was strictly enforced. Within a decade, Prachandpath had become a cult with fanatical followers. This is why Pushpa Kamal Dahal could bring his flock into the mainstream with relative ease. ...... The tarai uprising has grown from the ground up. It has no clear ideology, no universal leader, and no apparatus of command and control. ... —Jwala, Vishphot, Nagaraj— . ...... other than a vehement dislike for his former comrades in the Maoist ranks, Yadav isn’t too clear about the cause he aims to advance. ..... The apparent lawlessness in the tarai is a result of the imperfect politicisation of madhesi grievances. Competing ideologies of class, equality, and identity have lost meaning in a region where every major party—except Sadbhabana—appears as communal as the state in composition and outlook. .... Girija Prasad Koirala might find it hard to take, but his government has no relevance, it inspires neither faith nor fear in the tarai anymore. What will the Nepal Police and the Armed Police do with such an angry and alienated population? ....... “All possible measures” to ensure security in the tarai should focus on listening to longstanding grievances. A determination to correct institutionalised discrimination needs to be displayed. National leaders should ask for forgiveness for past injustices. ..... The cost of enforcing an ‘armed peace’ in the tarai is too high to be even contemplated seriously, and the price of establishing ‘just peace’ too low to be ignored.

Pay Tax to Tarai Govt, JTMM-J Tells Siraha DDC Himalayan Times The Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha (Jwala) will not allow the Siraha district development committee (DDC) to execute its plans unless it pays tax to the Tarai government, Siraha in-charge of the JTMM-J Tufan Singh Bidrohi said. The JTMM-J will not "recognise" any contracts unless the DDC pays tax to the "Tarai government", Bidrohi said. ...... The JTMM-J will take action against non-Madhesi staffers of government offices based in the Tarai region if they do not leave the region immediately, he said. Bidrohi said that the Siraha-Saptari executive committee of the JTMM-J had, in a meeting held at an undisclosed place recently, decided not to recognise contracts and plans undertaken without payment of tax to the "Tarai government". ..... warned non-Madhesi staffers working in government offices in the Tarai to immediately leave the Tarai region, warning them of "physical action" if they do not leave the region at the earliest. ...... formed a unified command to counter the government's security plans. ..... The JTMM-J claimed that the command under the coordination of Siraha-Saptari military in-charge Shaitan Singh has 207 militiamen equipped with modern weapons. The militiamen were trained at an unidentified location in India ........ 2,000 soldiers of the JTMM-J's liberation army were taking part in training in different parts of India to hinder the constituent assembly (CA) polls slated for November 22. ...... Singh told this daily that the government had ignored them even after they came to talks table after declaring a ceasefire. "Now we have no option left except to disrupt the CA polls"

...नत्र चुनाव हुँदैन’ Kantipur
गणतान्त्रिक मोर्चाको प्रस्ताव
एकताको आधार गणतन्त्र

Train Maoists: Deuba urges Prachanda Kantipur The policy of republic system can be a new basis for the two-party unification, speakers opined. .... Chairperson of NC-D wing Nepal Women Association Uma Adhikari, Dr Minendra Rijal, Bimalendra Nidhi, among other leaders, underlined the need for pro-republic policy.
King should abdicate to pave way for republic, says Nepal his party was already on the republican path and added, “If the Nepali Congress (NC) too adopted a similar approach then the king would possibly abdicate.” .... the ninth Central Committee meeting of the NC decided to adopt the line of a democratic republic .... “When the Nepali Congress fully and finally adopts the republican system, then the eight-party alliance would be a major democratic-republican front.” ...... his party was officially ready for the CA polls. He said that the eight parties should now organize a mass gathering in the capital and move towards the polls united.
Nepal’s political paper ‘revised’ "General Secretary's perspective of Maoists was wrong and majority of leaders objected." ..... the meeting concluded that the Maoists were a democratic republican force. Strangely, however, the redrafted political paper has dubbed Maoist "activities" as ultra-leftist. ..... edrafted paper has conceived only two forces -feudal force represented by the royalists, and democratic republican force represented by all eight ruling political parties. ..... CA Poll Central Mobilization Committee - includes all party Standing Committee members, chiefs of the party zonal committees and heads of the party's sister organizations. The committee will formulate policies and strategies so as to secure majority in the CA poll.
CA poll to be held at one go
Govt allocates 1.3 million for Tamu Museum The construction of the museum- first of its kind in the country- began last year with an estimated budget of 11.2 million. Initially, the cost was met by donations and financial support from the ex-Gurkha servicemen.
Brahmin And Chhetri Tyrants In Nepal the Maoist style leadership is a carbon copy of Hamas in Palestine, who are in government and they still shut down the nation, kill people, kidnap, murder, extort etc. .....
Brahmins and Chetris control the leadership of this red flag party. ..... Nepali Congress carries the longest history as a democratic party and this party has ruled more than 90% of Nepal’s democratic period. ..... Take a look at the people who control the Non Resident Nepal organisation, the famous global Nepali diaspora assembly. ..... When 10% whites controlled 90% of the farms in Zimbabwe, we know what happened. ..... Less than 30% Brahmins and Chetris enjoy more than 80% portfolios in: Bureaucracy, Scholarships, Business, Media, Army, Police, Customs, and Judiciaries etc. Let’s start to stop this communal outrage from today to give a better future for our glorious nation.

दादाहरूको दबदबा राजधानीका ँडन’ हरूको भित्री कथा समातिएकामध्ये शशी नेपाली काङ्ग्रेस प्रजातान्त्रिकनिकट नेपाल विद्यार्थी सङ्घ -नेविसङ्घ) रसुवाका अध्यक्ष हुन् भने महेन्द्र नुवाकोट जिविसका पूर्वउपसभापति । उनीहरूविरुद्ध प्रहरीले सार्वजनिक अपराधमा मुद्दा चलाउन खोज्दैछ । तर, तिनलाई छाड्न पूर्वप्रहरी प्रमुखदेखि प्रजातान्त्रिक काङ्ग्रेसका केन्द्रीय सदस् यसम्मले व्यापक दबाब दिइरहेको एक प्रहरी अधिकृत बताउँछन् । शशीका समर्थकहरूले विरोध जनाउन टायर बाली राजधानीका सडक अवरुद्धसमेत पारेका थिए । .... काठमाडौँमा एउटा यस्तो भूमिगत संसार छ, जहाँ उद्योगी-व्यवसायी, उच्चपदस्थ अधिकारी-पेसाकर्मी, धनाढ्य वर्गलगायत समाजको ठूलै वर्गमाथि 'डन' का नाममा हुने दादागिरी बढ्दो छ । सिक्काको अर्को पाटो पनि छ, उद्योगी-व्यवसायीले सुरक्षा, राजनीतिज्ञले शक्ति, दुई नम्बरी गर्नेले सञ्जाल र प्रहरी स्वयम्ले सूत्र विस्तारका लागि यिनै दादाहरू परचिालित गर्ने हुँदा 'दादागिरी' राजधानीमा एउटा पेसाकै रूपमा फस्टाइरहेको छ । ..... संस्थागत दादागिरी भने पञ्चायतको अवसानसँगै चर्चामा आएका मिलन गुरुङ -मिलन चक्रे) र उनकै प्रतिद्वन्द्वीका रूपमा चर्चामा आएका राजीव गुरुङ -दीपक मनाङ्गे) ले सुरु गरेका हुन् । ..... यतिबेला काठमाडौँका टोलटोलमा हैकम जमाइबसेका छोटे दादाहरू मिलन र दीपककै उत्पादन हुन् । सुरुवाती दिनमा मिलनको मुख्य आधार क्षेत्र महाराजगन्ज थियो भने दीपकको ठमेल । विस्तारै गोङ्गबु, चाबहिल, बाफल, सुन्धारामा मिलन र कान्तिपथ, सोह्रखुट्टे, सामाखुसी, कालीमाटीवरपर दीपकको सञ्जाल फैलियो । ....... मिलनको दाबी अनुसार, अहिले उनीसँग करबि तीन दर्जन 'प्रतिबद्ध' र तीन सयभन्दा बढी सहयोगी केटाहरू छन् । त्यस्तै दीपकसँग दुई दर्जन प्रतिबद्ध र तीन सयकै हाराहारीमा सहयोगी केटाहरू रहेको उनीनिकट स्रोतको दाबी छ । प्रतिबद्ध केटाहरूको घर, परविारसम्मको खर्च बेहोर्नुपर्छ यी दुई दादाहरूल ......चेलाहरूको गुट परविर्तनकै कारण यी दुई समूहबीच पटकपटक 'ग्याङ् फाइट' हुने गरेको छ । ...... अहिले मिलन प्रहरीको थुनामा छन् भने दीपक विदेशतिर फरार । ..... यी दुई समूहबाट अलग्गिएका केही दादाहरूले आफूलाई भिन्न रूपमा उभ्याउने कसरत पनि गर्दैछन् । ..... धमाधम खुलेका म्यानपावर कम्पनी, सहरीकरणसँगै बढेको रयिल स्टेटको कारोबार आदि दादाहरूको आम्दानीको स्रोत बन्यो । यस्ता कम्पनीले मासिक ५० हजारदेखि पाँच लाख रुपियाँसम्म बुझाउँछन् दादाहरूलाई । यस व्यवसायमा धेरै 'लफडा' हुने भएकाले व्यवसायी स् वयम् संरक्षणका लागि आफूहरूसम्म आउने मिलन बताउँछन् । भन्छन्, "कसैले 'हजुर मेरोतर्फबाट यति सहयोग लिनूस्, कुनै सहयोग चाहिए गुहारुला' भनेर पैसा दिन्छ भने कसले लिँदैन ?" ........ दादाहरूका अनुसार, लाखदेखि अर्बौंमा कारोबार गर्ने उद्योगी-व्यवसायीले पनि आफ्नो व्यापार-व्यवसायको संरक्षणका लागि कहलिएका दादाहरूकहाँ साप्ताहिक रूपमा पैसा पुर्‍याउँछन्, जसलाई दादा-संसारमा 'हप्ता' भनिन्छ । कारोबार, व्यापारको प्रकृति हेरेर एक व्यवसायीबाट साप्ताहिक रूपमा १० हजारदेखि १० लाख रुपियाँ र त्यसभन्दा बढी उठ्ने एक दादा बताउँछन् । ....... राजधानीका करबि एक दर्जन बालुवाखानीमा उनीहरूको प्रत्यक्ष/अप्रत्यक्ष संलग्नता छ । तीमध्ये काँडाघारी, बल्खु, दक्षिणकालीको बालुवाखानी दीपक समूहको नियन्त्रणमा छ भने मूलपानी, धापासी, टोखा, जोरपाटीको मिलनको । राजधानीमा घरहरू तीव्र निर्माण भइरहेकाले बालुवाको अत्यधिक माग छ । यस् ता बालुवाखानीबाट एक सिजनमा कम्तीमा २० लाखदेखि एक करोड रुपियाँसम्म आम्दानी ....... "दादाहरूलाई ५० प्रतिशत वा २५ प्रतिशत सेयर र कमाइ अनुसारको हप्ता नदिई डान्स, डिस्को रेस्टुराँ चलाउनै सकिन्न ..... मासिक एक करोडभन्दा बढी ..... एक ट्रक रक्त चन्दन तिब्बत नाकासम्म पुर्‍याइदिएबापत पाँचदेखि २० लाख रुपियाँसम्म कमाइ हुने एक दादा बताउँछन् । राजनीतिकर्मीहरूले दादाहरूलाई चुनाव, आमसभा, जुलुसजस्ता कार्यक्रमका बेला मात्र 'सम्झने' हुँदा तिनबाट आउने आम्दानीलाई त उनीहरू भैपरी मात्र मान्छन् । बरु नेताहरूबाट राजनीतिक संरक्षणचाहिँ खोज्छन् र धेरै हदसम्म पाउँछन् पनि । ...... मिलन चक्र ... प्रदीप नेपालका 'धर्म साला' ..... त्यस घटनापछि भारत र पोखरातिर लामो समय लुकेका थिए मिलन । पछि युवराज पारसले फोन गरेर मिल्न भनेपछि राजीव र उनले वसुन्धरास्थित सहन्साह होटलमा भेट गरी मिलापत्र गरेका थिए । ....... "शरणमा आएका जति सबैलाई साथ दिनुको परण्िााम भोग्दैछु म," ३४ वषर्ीय मिलन भन्छन् । ..... नेपाल तरुण दल, मनाङ शाखाका पूर्वअध्यक्ष दीपक राजावादी एकता परष्िाद्को केन्द्रीय अध्यक्षसमेत रहिसकेका छन् । सुरुमा काङ्ग्रेसनिकट दीपकको पछिल्लो समय राष्ट्रिय प्रजातन्त्र पार्टी -राप्रपा) अध्यक्ष पशुपतिशमशेर राणासँग हिमचिम सार्वजनिक रूपमै देखिन्थ्यो । ...... यतिबेला उनी आफ्नी कान्छी श्रीमतीसँग हङ्कङ्मा बस्छन् । .... ०५५ सालतिर साथीभाइको सङ्गतले दादागिरीमा तानिएका काङ्ग्रेसनिकट ३३ वषर्ीय काजी गोङ्गबुको बुल्स बार र बागबजारको महफिल -हाल टप सोगर्ल) रेस्टुराँका सञ्चालक हुन् । यसबाहेक अन्य दुई-तीन रेस्टुराँ र एउटा बालुवाखानीमा समेत उनको सेयर छ । ....... काङ्ग्रेस नेता अर्जुननरसिंह केसीनिकट 'घैटे' ०५६ सालको निर्वाचनमा उनलाई सघाउन नुवाकोट नै गएका थिए । तर, केसी पराजित भएपछि उनीविरुद्ध काङ्ग्रेसबाटै विद्रोही उम्मेदवारी दिएका महेन्द्र थिङ्लगायतमाथि तरवार चलाएर चर्चामा आएका थिए घैटे । ...... बितेका दुई वर्षभर िराजधानीको धनाढ्य वर्गमाझ सर्वाधिक आतङ्क मच्चाउने कुनै समूह छ भने त्यो यही स् पाइडर ग्रुप नै हो । ...... उनले कम्तीमा पाँच दर्जन व्यक्तिहरूबाट पाँच करोडभन्दा बढी रकम असुलेको प्रहरीको अनुमान छ । एक हत्या, दुई हत्या-प्रयास, अवैध हतियार, जाली राहदानीलगायत दर्जनौँ मुद्दाका अभियुक्त सन्दीप यतिखेर भारतको मुम्बईमा रहेको हुनसक्ने ...... पाटनका दादा तथा तरुण दलका केन्द्रीय सदस्य मीनकृष्ण महर्जनको हत्या प्रयासको अभियोग ..... भीम गुरुङ ः नेविसङ्घका केन्द्रीय सदस्यसमेत रहेका भीम चाबहिल क्षेत्रमा सक्रिय छन् । घैटे र काजीसँगै उनीमाथि पनि कमल भण्डारी र विष्णु लामाको हत्या प्रयासको अभियोग छ । ...... कालीमाटी तरकारी बजारको 'हप्ता' पनि उनैकोमा पुग्छ । .... टेण्डी शेर्पा ः अमृत साइन्स क्याम्पसको स्वतन्त्र विद्यार्थी युनियनका पूर्वसभापति टेण्डी एमालेनिकट अनेरास्ववियुका केन्द्रीयस्तरका नेता थिए । ..... दुई परस्परविरोधी समूहलाई कुरा लगाएर, उचालेर भिडाउने र त्यो मुद्दा मिलाउने नाममा दुवै पक्षबाट पैसा असुल्ने वा फाइदा लिने गरनिे कामलाई भनिन्छ, मान्डुले । दादाहरूका अनुसार, खासगरी प्रहरीहरू नै मान्डुलेका निर्देशक हुन्छन् । यदाकदा नेताहरू पनि संलग्न रहन्छन् । ........ दीपकको समूहलाई भगाइसकेपछि मिलनले आफ्ना सहयोगीलाई छिनेको हात बोक्न लगाए र लागे शिक्षण अस्पताल, महाराजगन्जतर्फ । विज्ञानको विकासले उनको हात जोडियो । ...... "पहिले पनि मिल्न खोजेको हो, प्रहरीले नै उचालेर जुधाइदियो," मिलन स्वीकार्छन्, "दीपक र म मिल्यो भने त हाम्लाई कसले छुने ?" ..... पछिल्लो समय मिलन र दीपकले प्रहरी हाकिमहरूलाई पैसा दिन छाडेको र उनीहरू जेल परेका बेला पछिल्लो पुस्ताका दादाहरूले प्रहरीलाई पोसेका ...... "एसपी ढकबहादुर कार्कीले त्यही विषयमा बार्गेनिङ् गरी पक्राउ पर्नुअघि मसँग तीन लाख लिए ।" ..... हनुमानढोकाका जवान प्रेम तामाङको मोबाइलबाट हिरासतमा रहेका एक दादा कबिन शाक्यले एक व्यापारीलाई धम्क्याएर पैसा मागेको ..... हत्या वा हत्या-प्रयासमा मुछिएकाहरू पनि पीडित पक्षलाई धम्क्याएर बयान फेर्न लगाई केही धरौटी बुझाई साधारण तारेखमै छुटेका दर्जनौँ उदाहरण छन् । ........ 'एरेस्ट टू जेल' .... प्रहरीको अपराध अनुसन्धान विभागले केन्द्रबाटै विशेष टोली खटाएको ..... यसबेला राजधानीमा जबरजस्ती पैसा असुल्ने र त्यसका लागि अपहरणसमेत गर्ने गतिविधि ह्वात्तै बढेको छ ...... "आफैँले पत्ता लगाएर पीडितसम्म पुगे पनि उनीहरू केही बताउनै चाहँदैनन् ।" ..... एक सहयोगी ६० लाख रुपियाँ लिएर सुइँकुच्चा ठोकेपछि सङ् कटमा परेको यो समूहका चार प्रमुख सदस्य जेल परिसकेका छन् ..... भारतको दिल्ली पुगेर २३ दिनको कसर तपछि गत चैतमा स्पाइडरका चार सदस्यलाई प्रहरीको विशेष टोलीले समातेर काठमाडौँ ल्याएको थियो । ..... उनको समूहले डाक्टरहरू मधु घिमिरे, सत्तिश बजाज, सत्तिश मोर, रामप्रसाद पोखरेल, असर्फी साह, उपेन्द्र देवकोटा, भाटभटेनी सुपरमार्केटका मीन गुरुङ, मीन केसी, शर्मा एन्ड कम्पनीका रमेश शर्मा, कलाकार हरिवंश आचार्य, उद्धव पौडेल र वैदेशिक रोजगार व्यवसायी सङ्घका महासचिव हंसराज वाग्लेलाई समेत धम्क्याएको थियो । ..... समूहले विभिन्न व्यक्तिबाट उठाएको ६० लाख रुपियाँ लिएर उनी सिङ्गापुर हुँदै अपि|mकी मुलुक सेनेगल पुगेको बुझिएको छ ।

अनि म कम्युनिस्टबाट काङ्ग्रेस भएँ प्रधानमन्त्री गिरिजाप्रसाद कोइरालाको आत्मकथा अनि, किसुनजी र म फेडरेसनबाट अलग भयौँ । म काङ्ग्रेसको सक्रिय राजनीतिमा लागेँ । .... एकरात हामीले निर्णय गर्‍याँै, भोलि बिहान ७ः१५ देखि आन्दोलन सुरु गर्ने । आन्दोलन सुरु हुने दिन म छतमा बसेर के हुन्छ भन्ने हेररिहेको थिएँ । .... बोल्न थालेँ, "मजदुर भाइ और बहनो !" यति भनेपछि एक शब्द बोल्न सकिनँ । त्यहीँ एक जना 'सोसलिस्ट' कार्यकर्ता थिए । उनले नै 'सभापतिले यो भन्न खोज्नुभएको' भनेर मेरा तर्फबाट खरर भाषण गरे । यसरी म मजदुर -सङ्गठन) को सभापति चुनिएँ । ... मैले नोना भाउजूसँग भनँे, "भाउजू, बोल्न नजानेर आज मेरो ठूलो बेइज्जत भयो, के गर्ने ?" उहाँले भन्नुभयो, "मसँग एउटा उपाय छ- एउटा ठूलो ऐना राखिदिन्छु, त्यहीँ हेरेर भाषण गर्नुहोला ।" मैले त्यही ठूलो ऐनामा हेरेर भाषण गर्न सिकेँ । ..... त्यो कार्यक्रममा बीपीले एक घन्टा १५ मिनेट बोल्नुभयो तर सुवर्णजीले पाँच मिनेटसम्म एक शब्द बोल्न सक्नुभएन । मैले बीपीतिर हेरेँ । उहाँ सुवर्णजीले किन बोल्न सक्नुभएन भनेर पसिना पुछ्दै हुनुहुन्थ्यो । ...... म जदुर आन्दोलन चलेको २१ दिनपछि राणा सरकारले काठमाडौँबाट पठाएका सेनाले हामीलाई पक्राउ गरी बडाहाकिमकहाँ लगे । त्यहाँ मजदुरहरूले घेराउ गरे । ..... धनकुटाबाट हिँडाएर हामीलाई -प्रधानमन्त्री) पद्मशमशेरको दरबार -विशालनगर, काठमाडौँ) मा ल्याइयो र एउटा सानो रूखमुनि राखियो । त्रिचन्द्र क्याम्पसका एक-दुई विद्यार्थीहरू साइकल चढेर हामीलाई हेर्न त्यहाँ पुगेका थिए । यस्तैमा दरबारका एक जना मानिसले अपशब्द प्रयोग गर्दै भने, "यस्ता मानिसलाई यहाँ नल्याएर कहाँ लग्ने त ?" बीपीले उसलाई एक चड्कन लगाइदिनुभयो । दरबारका मानिसलाई पिटेपछि त हलचलै मच्चियो ।
रहस्य विदेशयात्राको एक वर्षमा करिब दुई दर्जन माओवादी नेताहरू विदेश भ्रमणमा
दृष्टिकोण ः प्रदीप गिरी गान्धीजीले संसदीय व्यवस्थालाई निन्दा गर्ने क्रममा 'वेश्या', 'दलाल' जस्ता फोहोर शब्दसमेत प्रयोग गरेका छन् । .... गान्धीले सहज उत्तर दिएका थिए ः व्यक्ति सर्वोच्च एकाइ हुनुपर्छ । व्यक्तिबाट गाउँले योगदान पाउँछ, गाउँबाट जिल्लाले, जिल्लाबाट राज्यले पाउन सक्छ । वास्तवमा गान्धीको धारणा त राज्य नै चाहिन्न भन्ने थियो । .... जवाहरलाल नेहरूले समेत गान्धीलाई उपहासको पात्र सम्भिmन्थे । 'तपाईंको विचार बिलकुलै काम लाग्दैन' भनेर उनले चिट्ठी लेखेका दस्तावेजहरू नै छन् । .... माक्र्सले चाहिँ २० वर्ष पुस्तकालयमा पसेर सांसारकि राजनीतिलाई फर्केर पनि हेरेनन् । .... आजको एक्काइसौँ शताब्दीको क्रान्तिले नयाँ कार्ल माक्र्स खोजिरहेको छ । नयाँ महात्मा गान्धी खोजिरहेको छ । .... नेकपा माओवादी पनि भनिरहेछ ः भारत र चीन दुवैको 'मोडल' नक्कल नगर्ने । माओवादी मात्र होइन, लोकतन्त्रको नयाँ मोडल चाहिन्छ भनेर म पनि भन्दैछु । सारा नेपाली जनता यही भन्दैछन् । ...... माओवादीहरू बारम्बार भन्दैछन्- पुरानो व्यवस्था भएन । संसदीय व्यवस् था मात्र होइन, माओको जनवाद पनि भएन, स्टालिनको कम्युनिज्म पनि भएन । खासगरी स्टालिनको त उनीहरूले धेरै आलोचना गरेको पाइन्छ । तर, समस्या के छ भने उनीहरूसँग पनि नयाँ व्यवस्थाको मोडल नै छैन । ...... सङ्घीय राज्यको सिद्धान्त अनुसार जहिले पनि माथिल्लो निकायभन्दा तल्लो निकायसँग बढी शक्ति/अधिकार हुनुपर्छ । .... एउटा केन्द्रीय संसद् चाहिन्छ, जसको नाम जनसभा वा जे राखे पनि हुन्छ तर त्यसको सार फेर्नुपर्छ । ...... अहिलेजस्तो मन्त्रिपरष्िाद्को अँध्यारो कोठामा निर्णय गरी संसद्मा ल्याएर छाप लगाएर हुँदैन, कानुनको स्रोत तल्लो निकाय हुनुपर्छ । ...... एक्काइसौँ शताब्दीमा नयाँ शासकीय मोडलको आवश्यकता छ । आजको सम्पूर्ण राजनीतिक विमर्श त्यसैमा केन्दि्रत हुनुपर्छ ।
कोही मधेसबाट लखेटिए, कोही हिमालबाट डोल्पाको आफ्नै विद्यालयबाट अरू तीन जना र आसपासका विद्यालयबाट समेत मधेसी मूलका शिक्षकलाई हटाइएको छ ।
सशस्त्रको तराई-तयार कुनैबेला माओवादी विद्रोहलाई ठेगान लगाउन खडा गरएिको सशस्त्र प्रहरी अब माओवादीकै प्रस्तावका आधारमा तराई क्षेत्रमा विशेष सुरक्षा व्यवस्था कायम गर्न सक्रिय हुनेछ । ... तराईमा सबैभन्दा बढी आक्रमण खेप्दै आएको नेकपा माओवादीले मन्त्रिपरष्िाद् बैठकमा विशेष सुरक्षा व्यवस्था अपनाउनका लागि प्रस्ताव ल्याएको थियो । "अपराध नियन्त्रण गर्न प्रभावकारी रूपमा सुरक्षा संयन्त्र परचिालन गर्न निर्देशन दिएको छु," सरकारका प्रवक्ता तथा सञ्चारमन्त्री कृष्णबहादुर महरा भन्छन्, "कस्तो सुरक्षा संयन्त्र निर्माण र परचिालन गर्ने भन्ने गृह मन्त्रालयको जिम्मेवारी हो ।" .... सरकारले विशेष शान्तिसुरक्षा व्यवस्था गर्ने निर्णय गरेको भोलिपल्टै अर्थात् असार १९ गते नवलपरासीमा काङ्ग्रेसका दुई कार्यकर्ताको हत्या भयो । नेपाली काङ्ग्रेसका गोबरी यादव र नेपाली काङ्ग्रेस प्रजातान्त्रिकका बेचई यादवको हत्या माओवादीहरूले गरेको आरोप पूर्वगृहराज्यमन्त्री देवेन्द्रराज कँडेलले लगाएका छन् । त्यसो त असार २० गते जनकपुरमा कृषि फारमका जेटिए राजकुमार जोशीको हत्या तराई जनतान्त्रिक मोर्चा -ज्वाला) समूहले गरेको छ । ...... गठबन्धनभित्रका दलहरूमा आपसी आशङ्का बढ्दै गएको छ । विशेष गरी शान्तिसुरक्षाको प्रश्नमा गृहमन्त्रीको सबैभन्दा आलोचक नेपाली काङ्ग्रेसभित्रै छन् । ..... प्रधानमन्त्री कोइरालाले माओवादीलाई 'साइज' मा ल्याउन सेनासँग सम्बन्ध बढाइरहेको देखिन्छ । ...... २५ हजार .... संविधानसभा चुनावका लागि देशका सबै दुई सय ४० निर्वाचन क्ष्ाेत्रमा सशस्त्र प्रहरीको एक-एक टुकडी राख्ने निर्णय सरकारले यसअघि नै गरसिकेको छ । ती पनि तराईमा नै धेरै केन्दि्रत गरनिे ..... कटवालले सङ्केत गरेको 'आतङ्कवाद' र 'अतिवाद' माओवादी र तराईका सशस्त्र समूहहरूतर्फ परलिक्षित रहेको बुझिन्थ्यो । .... दुई सेना -माओवादी सेना र नेपाली सेना) नगाभिउञ्जेल नेपाली सेना राष्ट्रसङ् घको निगरानीमा छ । सेनालाई देशको शान्तिसुरक्षाबारे बोल्ने अधिकार छैन ।"

MPs decry arrest of their colleague NepalNews MP Biswakarma was detained by the police from Singhdurbar south gate as he was leading a group of Dalit agitators who had organised a sit-in demanding that the government enforce fully Proportional Representation based electoral system
ADB delegation in Kathmandu to discuss Melamchi project
NSU convention hits a snag
Pranab Mukherjee says Maoists should abide by peace accord reports about increased high-handedness of the Young Communist League (YCL), Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee has asserted that the Maoists ought to abide by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).
Unidentified gang murders college teacher
Journo missing since eight days; unconfirmed reports say he's been killed
“A country wedged in between two giants, Nepal needs a strong state to preserve its independence” the very unusual idea of the Interim Constitution (somewhat ambiguous in the text) that the old government stays after the election of the constituent assembly seems to be untouched. ....... Real PR (rather than the nonsense spoken about in Nepal) does not guarantee ethnic pluralism, but makes it more likely by setting up low thresholds for party representation, and therefore the formation of new parties. Thus e.g. a Dalit party would have been possible to form, electing Dalit representatives controlled by that party rather than the heads of the big parties of today. ....... civil pressure should have concentrated on the essential point, rather than the issue of pictorial representation that will not lead to the desired result. ...... the question is not only what kind of federalism, ethnic or administrative (I side anyhow with administrative models) but also what division of powers, and how much power do the units have in the determination of national policy. ...... it just gave itself the power by 2/3 vote of those present (148-2) to do by 2/3 vote of those present what it always could have done by the very same 2/3 vote of those present. ..... The Maoists, squeezed by the Madhesi, needed republicanism as a mobilizing device, now rather than later. ...... They could both declare victory to their supporters, and the Maoists could go on agitating that the provision be used, while Congress continued to delay. Absolutely nothing changed. ...... the Maoists have much to gain from becoming a powerful reformist party of the left .... who knows if ethnic dissatisfaction will again erupt in a really dangerous way. If it does, then none can afford to disarm. ....... Nepal has a weak government, and a constitution made by elites that does not have democratic legitimacy .... government is unpopular but nearly irremovable, and many groups do not feel represented at all .... the Maoists engaging in a bidding competition with some ethnic militants. ....... The Interim Constitution stipulates that each bill relating to articles of constitution will have to be passed by two-third majority by the CA (except of course the one regarding the issue of monarchy, which can be settled by simple majority). How practical is this provision especially given the increasingly divisive politics? ....... A constitution should not be the law of the majority, and a fair rule requires a consensual process – therefore good faith bargaining, and fair compromise. ...... The longer it is delayed however, the more the antagonisms are allowed to become very sharp, the more difficult it will become to come to an agreement on the basic issues.
Dalit families left homeless as forest officials burn down homes
King, royals not to receive state allowance in upcoming budget

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