Monday, July 30, 2007

I Agree With Prachanda On Republic And Proportional Election

The UML wants completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly.
The Maoists want completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly.
The left parties want completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly.
The Sadbhavana wants completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly.
The MJF wants completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly.
The Janajati want completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly.
The Dalit want completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly.
The Deuba Congress wants completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly.

The Koirala Congress alone stands against completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly.

The UML wants a republic.
The Maoists want a republic.
The left parties want a republic.
The Sadbhavana wants a republic.
The MJF wants a republic.
The Janajati want a republic.
The Dalit want a republic.
The Deuba Congress wants a republic.

The Koirala Congress alone stands against a republic.

A republic was the primary call of the April Revolution that has no parallel in world history. The streets were not clamoring for a House revival or even a constituent assembly. The streets were hot for a republic.

Between them the UML and the Maoists have the numbers to claim stake to the Prime Ministership right away. But instead a frail, sick Koirala is Prime Minister.

These are three glaring examples that Nepal is not a democracy. The majority opinion in the interim parliament is for a republic, and for completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly. But that opinion ends up not being the decision. Why? Because there is no democracy in Nepal. That's why.

(1) Declare Nepal a republic right away.
(2) Declare that completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly will be held.
(3) Make Madhav Nepal the Prime Minister who will lead the country to elections.
(4) Make Ram Raja Prasad Singh the first president of Nepal. The first president has to be a staunch republican. It can not be Koirala. Koirala is not a republican. It is only fair that if a Pahadi will be Prime Minister, a Madhesi will be President. Ram Raja is also the person who all armed Madhesi groups wanted as a leader. This step will expedite the process of bringing peace to the Terai.

The UML and the Maoists have it in their powers to bring about these changes. And if they hurry up and do it, we can still have elections on November 22.

This is the only way.

If you don't declare the country a republic right away, the monarchy as an issue will sap too much energy during election time. All energy needs to be focused on the people and their issues, not the king. The primary debate during the election has to be about the shape and form of federalism.

I agree with Prachanda 100%.

He does not need to walk out of the government. He does not need to launch street protests. All he has to do is form a strong alliance with the UML. The small parties will fall in line. Koirala Congress will be forced to tag along.

Holding completely proportional election is also a way to make sure the communist votes do not get divided and thrown to waste.

िगिरजालाई पदमुक्त गर

In The News

Prachanda proposes launching "People's Revolt" NepalNews Concluding that the elections for the Constituent Assembly (CA) is impossible without announcing republic and adopting proportional representation based election system ... their revolt will be of peaceful nature ... more the transition phase prolongs, lesser role they will get to play
Deuba disgruntled over delay in congress unification expressed serious dissatisfaction over the progress of congress party unity process and said his patience was “running thin”. .... “If we are to unite the party, it should be done at the earliest, other wise NC-D will go for campaign on a war-footing.” ...... has been waiting for the call from the NC for the past four days. “But there has been no call as yet

Maoists warn of closing down Kavre and Sindhupalchowk over Dolakha issue NepalNews condemned 'anti-republican move by the Dolakha administration
UN comes to the rescue of flood victims the UNFPA has provided food and non-food items to 1,000 flood victims in Mahottari ..... UNICEF has provided emergency supplies, which include water purification tablets as well as flocculent powder to purify water for some 30,000 people in the flood and landslide affected areas in Banke, Bardiya, Dhanusha, Mahottari and Rautahat

PLA defector claims 1000 combatants left camps in Nawalparasi NepalNews The former platoon commander also accused the Maoist party of misusing the funds provided by the government for the upkeep of the PLA men. ... “Major portion of the government money is spent on other purposes of the party. The comrades have not got the Rs 3000 salary allocated by the government,” reports quoted him as saying. Kusum whose UNMIN registration number is 006 escaped from the camp Sunday night. .... anybody suspected of planning to flee the camp is subjected to torture. Most of the combatants living in the camps prefer employment in foreign contries to any rehabilitation option.
Lawmakers criticise, govt employees protest against YCL activities
Army chief faces 'grilling' after returning from UK
Maoist central committee meeting begins at party chairman Prachanda's residence in Kathmandu .... The central committee meeting will finalise the party's strategies and agendas for the upcoming extended meeting to be held for the first time since the party came into open politics. The extended meeting will be attended by over 1600 party leaders. ..... The previous extended meeting held in India had taken important decisions on the party's war tactics.
YCL cadres vandalise DDC office, LDO's home
MoF cancels passports of 34 willful defaulters
Issues and Challenges of Electoral Reforms in Nepal the Constituent Assembly (CA) election keeps on getting postponed in the country (since more than five-and-half decades ago). .... they treated elections as the only available non-violent approach for societal transformation. ...... hold CA polls in a peaceful, free and fair manner. ..... the cost-per-vote in CA election is li kely to shoot up to N Rs. 107. ..... gun, gold and goondas. .... the CA election, if conducted in free, fair and fearless manner, could bring a new lease of life to the nation; while failure to do so at the scheduled date might invite larger catastrophe to the nation.
New TV channel on the block Sagarmatha TV .... 18-hour a day transmission
Works at DAOs come to a halt; Maoists defend YCL action against Dolakha CDO

Govt Stepping up Security in East Tarai Himalayan Times APF election security base camps have been established in each constituency in Siraha, Saptari and Sunsari districts and additional security arrangements have been made in Siraha and Saptari districts .... A total of 104 persons involved in criminal activities have been arrested along with 19 weapons and bullets recently
561 youths leave Nepal a day for foreign jobs
Home Ministry Vows Action, Maoists Warn Indefinite Dolakha Bandh Maoists, demanding withdrawal of a case against their local leader under the Public Security Act for mistreating an RPP leader last week, had attacked DAO and CDO and clashed with the police in Charikot, the district headquarters, yesterday. At least 30 persons including 7 policemen were injured in the clash. To protest the attack on CDO, all government offices and schools in Dolakha remained closed today. Police have arrested at least 35 Maoist cadres for involvement in the incident. Twelve Maoists were arrested yesterday, while 23 more were arrested today, district police office said. CDO Thapa vowed to take strong legal action against the people involved in the attack. Meanwhile, Maoists have given the local administration 5 pm deadline to free their arrested cadres, withdraw case against their leader Bishal Khadka and provide treatment to their cadres injured yesterday. Addressing a press conference at Charikot, the Maoists threatened an indefinite district bandh if their demands were not met by the deadline. The Maoists have also demanded the release of motorcycles, mobile sets and cash police had seized from them.

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