Monday, July 23, 2007

Bahun Conspiracy To Hijack Constituent Assembly Elections

(1) How To Deal With The Madhesi Maoists?

How did you deal with the Pahadi Maoists? There has been a singular lack of an attitude of respectful dialogue on the part of the Pahadi government. It is almost as if they were saying Jwala and Goit have not caused enough mayhem yet.

The seven parties did not wait for the king to mainstream the Maoists. Similarly nonviolent Madhesi political parties should not wait for the government. It is not possible for the Madhesi parties to go for the elections if successful peace talks have not been held with Jwala and Goit any more than it was possible for the seven parties to go for elections under the king while the Maoists were still up in arms.

Nepal has already done this before with the Pahadi Maoists. Now the Bahuns in power in Kathmandu need to do it all over again with the Madhesi Maoists.

The peace talks have to conclude with the Madhesi combatants in cantonments, and the Madhesi goups getting ready to contest the elections.

(2) Current Cabinet Does Not Continue In Power After Elections

The provision in the interim constitution that says the current cabinet will continue in power also after the elections makes a mockery of the proposed elections. The provision that the current cabinet will nominate 17 members to the constituent assembly makes a mockery of the elections.

After the elections are over, a majority coalition will emerge. That coalition will get into power. It can be a majority government, or it can be an all party government. Or it can be a super majority of two thirds of the members of the constituent assembly.

The current provision that guarantees that Girija will still be Prime Minister regardless of the result of the election is a major Bahun conspiracy. It is fundamentally undemocratic. And this provision gives ground to the marginalized groups to boycott the election.

(3) 500 Members: Too Many Members

That is how many MPs India elects and it is a country of more than a billion people. That is close to how many House members the US has, and that is a country of 300 million people. Maybe we should go for 200 members, or maybe 300 members at most.

(4) Skewed Formula

240 members are to be directly elected. The Terai was awarded about half of those 240 after the Madhesi Kranti. But major conspiracies were hatched. The constituency of every Madhesi MP was gerrymandered in a way that they would lose.

There is also a formula for the other 240 seats to be elected through proportional representations. This second half of the formula has two fundamentally offensive elements. One is that the parties do not have to make public their lists before the election.That is unheard of. That is fundamentally undemocratic. The voters have to know who they are voting for. But no, the Bahuns have a gameplan. They want to collect the votes, and then award seats after the election as they might see fit. They will want to bring in Bahuns who got defeated in their constituencies. And they will want to bring in only subservient Dalit, Madhesi, Janajati, Mahila, people who will be so beholden to the Bahun party bosses that they will be answering to them rather than to their constituents. That is the style of the Shaha kings when they have elevated a few members of marginalized groups.

The only way out would be to hold completely proportional elections to the constituent assembly. Let there be Madhesi, Dalit, and Janajati parties. Let there be only one rule, that at least every third name on a party's list must be female. Other than that there should be no rules.

Either the Bahuns come around to this proposition, and stop trying to scare the DaMaJaMa with talk of a royal takeover, or they get ready to face the third, final chapter of the April Revolution.

April Revolution: Third, Final Chapter

The idea would be to form a strong alliance of the Madhesi, Janajati and Dalit organizations. The threat would be to shut the country down. If the Girija government agrees to hold completely proportional elections to a constituent assembly with 300 members within a week, the Nepal shutdown is called off. If the one week mark is crossed, a new demand is put forth. Before two weeks are over, Girija has to resign, a new interim government and interim parliament are to be formed. The country is immediately declared a federal republic. Upendra Yadav becomes interim president. The interim parliament will have 100 members, 50 from the eight parties, and another 50 from the agitating Madhesi, Janajati and Dalit organizations. At least one third of the interim parliament is female.

That interim government takes the country through elections to a constituent assembly.

In The News

Maoist ministers worried about personal security; NA concerned NepalNews The army also said change of the personal security personnel was a routine process. Army personnel deployed for security of the important personalities are changed every two months with notification to home and defence ministries
UNMIN to re-verify disqualified combatants of Chulachuli cantonment the UNMIN was ready to re-verify the disqualified combatants. ..... nearly 30 percent combatants had been disqualified.
PM assures to solve Kamaiya problem in three months
Home Minister leaves for India to meet his 'spiritual guru'
Maoist trade union disrupts newspaper distribution, pickets publishing house
'Nepal Defence Army' chief 'arrested' police have arrested Parivartan, chairman of a little known outfit called “Nepal Defence Army” last night from an unknown location in Kathmandu following an intense search.
Peaceful Resolution of Ethnopolitical Movement in Nepal Madhesh An Indian Nepali is granted the status of Nepali in Nepal but not a Madheshi who is being asked if he is a Nepali. ..... Madheshi people feel proud of calling themselves as Nepalbasi or Nepalese but not Nepali. ..... currently, about 36% of the population living in Tarai districts are Nepali which is mostly due to planned migration of hill origin people in 1960s and 1970s and also due to restructuring of Tarai districts in 1963 which included large areas of mid mountains and Siwaliks, about 34%, however, these areas are sparsely populated. About 96% of the Muslim people live in Tarai. ....... Ironically, the key players in the governing parties during this period e.g. Nepali Congress and UML were elected from Tarai districts by Madheshi people. The representation of Madheshi people in the national legislature in 1999 was merely 17%, and again, most of these Madheshi parliamentarians till the February 2007 showed ‘sleeping syndrome’ seldom raising the issues, concerns and the aspiration of Madheshi people who elected them as their representatives; in practice they were considered second class politicians in their respective parties. They probably feared threats of expulsion from the party for demonstrating rebellious tendencies such as raising serious Madheshi issues. Some of them even preferred to benefit personally by obeying their Nepali leaders instead. ......... Since 2006, many Nepalese scholars living in Nepal or abroad have analysed the causes of socio-political and economic exclusion, their impacts, current status and issues, and measures to mitigate adverse impacts. ...... Madhesh remained an internal colony of Khas rulers from 1768 to 1951, but the oppression and suppression continued till 2006 by Nepali people ruling the country through various political parties. ...... the first women martyrs in the history of Nepal are from the most under-developed village of Dhanusha district; the three Madheshi women belonging to Yadav community were the martyrs of 1990 revolution. ..... The mass media including the internet have helped a lot in terms of communication. A sense of identity deeply rooted in a common culture, a common history and the glorious past, as well as the memory and feeling of conquest and oppression by Nepali rulers have united the Madheshi people. Now the Madheshi people throughout the country both in rural and urban areas and living abroad are united and they very much feel the Madheshi nationalism. They are proud to be Madheshi ... Usually, the ethnopolitical conflicts cause humanitarian disasters as seen in Sri Lanka , Bhutan , Myanmar and in other parts of Africa and Latin America . If prolonged, it leads to terrorism and rebellion and provokes fruitless military intervention. ..... a separate Madhesh federal state extending from Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the west, and proportional representation in constituent assembly and in government organs. ........ brutal force was used killing over 38 Madheshi people and injuring over 800 people. .... midnight address to the nation broadcast live by state owned media .... A democratic Madhesh (Tarai region) extending from Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the west would be in the interest of India as well as the Western countries which have socio-economic and political interest in India itself. ....... In Madhesh, Forum became a big name. Sensing a big share in the forthcoming Constituent Assembly election, they registered the socio-political activist group as a political party. ........ The Madheshi parliamentarians from UML , NC (Democratic), Nepal Sadbhavana Party and Nepali Congress made an alliance to press the government for legitimising the PM’s declaration on Madheshi issues. It was a difficult job to create and stabilise the alliance, which acted against the command of their political parties especially NC, UML and NC (Democratic), which are ruled by Khas people. Consequently, about 40% of the parliamentarians (MPs) from the above parties adhered to their Khas rulers in the party and some of them were reluctant to show sympathy to the alliance and their efforts. Inspite of intense party pressure, the Madheshi MPs continued their efforts and eventually the alliance efforts were fruitful. The alliance and its activities were considered pro-Madheshi by many Madheshi and Janjati people; nevertheless it made the participating MPs closer to the Madheshi community. ......... most of the administrative offices and key development offices which make socio-economic and governance decisions in Tarai have people from hill origin. ....... Most of these groups are breakaway factions of CPN-Maoists. Currently, Janatantric Tarai Mukti Morcha (Goit), Janatantric Tarai Mukti Morcha (Jwala Singh), Janatantric Tarai Mukti Morcha (Bishfot Singh), Madheshi Mukti Morcha, Madheshi Tiger, Tarai Cobra Group, Madhesh Mukti Force, Tarai Tiger, AASK Group, Tharu Mukti Morcha, Chure Bhawnr Pradesh Ekta Samaj, Janajati Mahasangh are active in Tarai districts, and many other unknown groups are still emerging one after another. The law and order situation in Tarai region has very much deteriorated and the transport system has been very much affected due to strikes most of the weeks. This has adversely affected economic activities in Tarai region. ....... many average people doubt that the CA election will be held in November 2007 .... a) The major political parties such as NC, UML, CPN-Maoists and NC (D) fear losing many seats in CA election which they have been currently enjoying in the restored parliament and that many of the current MPs will lose their position in the forth coming election, and the thought of losing political status will distract them holding CA election in time and in a fair manner, and b) The general agitation and unrest problem in Tarai region if not solved properly in time will make the election impossible. The CPN-Maoist parliamentarians have not been elected but nominated. The NC and NC (D) fear that unless they are united as one democratic political party, they have very little chance to maintain their existing numbers. There will be many regional parties contesting in the CA election supported by ethnic communities. ................ due to self-interest of the political parties, the average communal attitudes of Khas politicians towards minority groups, and unclear ideology among many political leaders, the SPAM government is unable to resolve the Tarai unrest. ....... one federal Madhesh state from Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the west, proportional representation at each of the organs of the state, proportional representation of all excluded groups of Madhesh in constituent assembly, and reservation for women in CA poll. ........ If the NC, UML and NC (Democratic) and other political parties could have dialogue and agreement with the Maoist in Delhi , then why can they not have dialogue and agreement with agitating ethnopolitical groups in Madhesh? ...... Unlike the Janjati people of hill origin, 95% of the Madheshi people live in a distinct Madhesh ecological region and a failed military intervention could lead to separatism ...... One sensible Nepali intellectual from the UML asked me why many of the media houses and media persons are against the legitimate demands and actions of Madheshi community.
NRNA forms Saudi Arabia chapter
Goit’s men gun down Maoist cadre in Dhanusha
Deuba claims Maoists losing faith in UNMIN
Lawmakers demand demolition of Indian dams; floods affect Terai
Suspicious over their sudden change, Maoist ministers reject NA guards
Seven Maoist combatants flee camp with arms
Congress unification process may take some time
Sitaula takes back his words; Deuba favours using force to control unrest, if necessary
Dr Bhattarai wins INLS best book award

Security situation serious threat to electoral process: UN monitors NepalNews expressed concern over the provisions of Article 7 of the Constituency Assembly Members Election Act, which stipulates that once the results have been issued, the central committees of political parties will allocate winning seats from the proportional representation ballot to individual candidates. .... it could strengthen the control of the political elites and constitutes an impediment for voters to exercise their free choice ..... additional period of registration be considered in order to allow inclusion of new political parties in the process and to widen the participation of ethnic communities.
Govt to hold talks with MJF and Chure Samaj next week the talks with MFJ would be held on July 25 while Chure-Bhawar Samaj had been invited for talks on July 26.

Govt trying to bring JTMM to negotiating table: Poudel NepalNews government is making serious attempts to bring the two factions of Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM) to the negotiating table. .... the government is hopeful there would soon be talks with the two JTMM factions as it is in constant touch with them. .... the government is trying to hold talks with other groups also .... there would be second round of talks with Madheshi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) on July 25.
Efforts continue for PLA-NA integration, resuming PLA verification
Former Kamaiyas continue to protest for their rights
UML to write to EC over election symbol row
No respite from Terai violence, another Congress leader killed
Parliament approves govt decision on West Seti

No respite from Terai violence, another Congress leader killed NepalNews Tamang, who is also a central member of Nepal Tamang Ghedung Association
Compromise is the best way forward, says German Professor the importance of compromise as the essential aspect of democracy. .... Categorising compromise into two classes- lazy and clever, Professor Meyer said that while the 'lazy compromises' betray the policy objectives, the 'clever compromises' form the "prerequisites for a credible and successful democracy."

Koirala, Deuba agree to expedite Congress unity NepalNews "Girijababu and I are positive towards uniting Congress soon," Deuba told reporters after the over one-hour meeting with Koirala.
Leaders agree to make Raymajhi commission report public; talks with MJF on July 25 "In many instances, the government is functioning as if it is a one-party government. So we decided to form eight party mechanism for stronger coordination. Likewise, we also decided to make public the report of Rayamajhi commission soon," said Dr. Baburam Bhattarai ..... the next round of talks with Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) will be held on July 25. "The government will hold talks with MJF on July 25," said Anil Kumar Jha, leader of Nepal Sadbhavana Party (NSP-Anandidevi). .... The government has already held one round of talks with MJF in Janakpur.
JTMM kills VDC secretary; VDC secretaries announce nationwide strike Cadres of the Jwala Singh led faction of Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM) have killed VDC secretary Ram Hari Pokharel in Siraha district three days after abducting him on Wednesday morning. The incident has provoked nationwide indefinite strike by the VDC Secretaries Association. .... killed him by brutally slitting his throat with a sharp object. ...... The armed outfit has of late been targeting especially government employees, civil engineers and other innocent villagers of hilly origin living in terai. ...... while the government has been arranging for added security to top Maoist leadership, the rank and file of the party are increasingly becoming vulnerable to attacks in the terai region of Nepal. In a latest such incident Maoist activist Hari Pokharel was shot at by unidentified assailants in Dayanagar of Rupandehi district and was wounded in the process.
UML objects to Maoist election symbol They also urged the government to immediately start dialogue with the agitating Terai groups.
House endorses Right to Information Bill the bill was based on the norm that the state bodies should not operate in non-transparent situations.
EC registers 17 more political parties Parties registered today are: Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (election symbol - Flame held by hand), Communist Party of Nepal-United Marxist (election symbol - Trident), Sa-Shakti Party (election symbol - Taraju), Nepal Rastriya Loktantrik Party (election symbol - Topi), Nepal Jagriti Dal (election symbol - Baby sitting on mother’s lap), Prajatantrik Shanti Party (election symbol – Rice Panicle), Rastriya Janata Dal Nepal (election symbol – Lantern), Nepal Prajatantrik Yuba Party (election symbol - Cross Khukuri), Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal (election symbol – Cow), Shanti Party Nepal (election symbol – Satkon), Hindu Prajatantrik Party (election symbol – Woman), Rastriya Jana Prajatantrik Party (election symbol – Rhinoceros), Nepal Janabhawana Party (election symbol – Panas) and Prajatantrik Janamukti Party (election symbol - Comb). Similarly, Loktantrik Janata Party, Nepal (election symbol – Aeroplane), Nepali Janatantra Party (election symbol – Axe) and Prajatantrik Shakti party (election symbol – Clock) were also registered with the EC today. Almost all these parties including the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) are contesting the elections for the first time. .... the EC has so far completed the registration of altogether 54 political parties.
Bandhs called by separate outfits affect eastern Nepal Demanding autonomy of 'Limbuwan' and 'Khumbuwan' provinces before the election to constituent assembly, a general strike has been called in eastern districts .... jointly called by Sanghiya Limbuwan Rajya Parishad and Khumbuwan Liberation Front. .... nine districts east of Koshi river including Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Taplejung, Panchthar, Ilam Sankhuwasabha ..... Demanding proportional electoral system in the constituent assembly election ..... The JTMM-J is said to have imposed bandh coinciding with third anniversary of the death of their leader Binaya Mahato.
PM meets Sherchan, Indian envoy
Former Kamaiyas flay government for its 'apathy'
JTMM-Jwala cadres torch passenger bus in Bara
RPP office vandalised

15-day ultimatum Home Minister’s personal opinion: Nepal Kantipur the “decision taken in annoyance could be counterproductive.” ..... his party wasn’t going to accept the postponement of the CA elections on any pretext.
Deuba hints at early NC merger Koirala had asked him to return to the capital immediately. ..... speculations are rife that Deuba’s party will merge with Nepali Congress on July 22, coinciding with the memorial day of the party founder late BP Koirala.
Jwala Singh ask ‘Pahades’ to leave Terai within a week a weeklong ultimatum to the Pahade administrators and employees (of the hilly-origin) to quit Terai. ..... Jwala Singh said rulers and administrators of hilly-origin are unacceptable to the Madhesis, and they will face “strong physical action” if they did not leave Terai within a week. .... people of hilly-origin were terrified in the wake of the warning. ..... Singh accused the government of trying to mobilize the army against the “liberation movement” in Terai, and went on to add that JTMM army as well as the Madhesi people were ready for retaliation.
MPRF strike affects life in Gaur
9 MPRF men arrested MPRF men Amar Yadav, Ganesh Yadav, Radho Rai Yadav, Nanda Kishore Shah, Radhe Rai, Tej Narayan Yadav, Gauri Shankar Yadav, Shailendra Keshari and Rama Shankar Patel were arrested by the police. ..... According to MPRF central treasurer Amar Yadav, the MPRF had been pressing to stop the development budget allocation citing 'huge irregularities'.
JTMM-J cadres rob bank made off with around Rs 315,000 in cash. .... Three JTMM-J cadres drove in to the bank and looted the amount at gunpoint ..... the JTMM cadres entered the bank at the peak working hour and threatened to shoot the employees. .... The police only managed to reach the bank an hour after the robbery. The police post lies only half a kilometer away from the bank. ..... Commander of the JTMM-J Abhay Singh said that the looted cash would be spent on weapons.
Agitating Terai groups come down heavily on Sitaula for his 14-day deadline Calling it (Home Minister’s invitation for the talks) ‘a drama for the talks’, the Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha-Jwalasingh (JTMM-J) said that both the possibility and significance the talks are already over. ..... Stating that the king was the biggest enemy of Madhesh, JTMM chief Jwala Singh said that he would deploy his army to disrupt the CA polls. ....... The JTMM-J would come for the dialogue only for ‘a free state’, nothing else, Singh said. ..... Chure Bhawar Ekta Samaj (CBES) on Sunday set pre-conditions for the talks. ..... only if the government fulfills its three preconditions – release of its nine members who are facing murder charges, formation of a high-level committee to probe the loss of life and property of people of Pahade origin during the Madhes movement and declaring Mangal Bahadur Gurmachhane, who died in the police firing in Milan Chowk, Sarlahi, a martyr with compensation. ........ leader of the Federal Republican Front, Kumar Lingden ...... Chattan Singh, bureau command of yet another armed group active in Terai, Madhesi Mukti Tigers, said that he has understood the government’s call as a warning. “A formal invitation for the talks should not be like this,” he said. ........ their demands are still the same – the demand that the government declare Terai an autonomous region – Singh said his party would sit for talks only if the government sends a formal invitation and ensures their security for the talks.
New security details for Maoist leadership armed Maoist cadres will provide inner security while the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force personnel will provide security to the residences of the Maoist chairman Prachanda and his second-in-command Dr Baburam Bhattarai. .... also decided to register the vehicles being used by the Maoist leaders temporarily.
गौर घटना योजनाबद्ध’ गौर घटना 'योजनाबद्ध' भएको निष्कर्ष न्यायिक छानबिन आयोगले निकालेको छ । .... प्रतिवेदनले समूहलाई दोषी किटान नगरे पनि मधेसी जनअधिकार फोरमलाई जिम्मेवार औंल्याएको छ । ..... 'घटना अत्यन्त क्रूर छ,' घिमिरेले कान्तिपुरसँग भने- 'सामाजिक सद्भाव बिगार्ने काम भएको छ ।' ..... दोहोरो भिडन्त नदेखिएको र गोली फोरमको कार्यक्रमस्थलबाट मात्र चलेको आयोगका एक सदस्यले दाबी गरे । 'केही व्यक्तिलाई कारबाहीको सिफारिस गरिएको छ,' उनले भने- 'तर फोरमलाई छैन ।' २० जनालाई कारबाहीको सिफारिस गरिए पनि उनले विवरण खुलाउन चाहेनन् । प्रतिवेदनमा माओवादीको सय जना तथा फोरमका केही कार्यकर्ता घाइते भएको उल्लेख छ । ...... गृहमन्त्री कृष्णप्रसाद सिटौलाले प्रतिवेदनका सिफारिसअनुसार कारबाही गरिने प्रतिबद्धता जनाए ।
'टाइगर्स कार्यकर्ताको हत्या' जनतान्त्रिक तराई मुक्ति मोर्चा विस्फोट सिंह समूहले सिरहाको इनर्वा-२ स्थित कालिचरण चौधरीको दस बिघा जग्गा सोमबार कब्जा गरेको छ । चौधरीको १० बिघा खेतीयोग्य जग्गा, १ बिघाको आँप बगैंचा र कामल थरसमेत कब्जामा लिएको मोर्चाका अध्यक्ष विस्फोट सिंहले टेलिफोनमा बताए । पार्टीको झन्डा गाडी कब्जामा लिएको उक्त जग्गा किनबेच गर्नेलाई भौतिक कारबाही गरिने अध्यक्ष सिंहले बताए ।
नक्कली वाईसीएल पक्राउ
पर्सामा २ सय २५ मतदान केन्द्र
चुरे भावरबाट अलग्गिएको घोषणा चुरे भावर प्रदेश एकता समाजका संगठन विभाग प्रमुख एवं वार्ता टोली सदस्य सोमबहादुर लामाले सोमबार पद त्यागी समाजबाट अलग भएको घोषणा गरेका छन् । पत्रकार सम्मेलनमार्फत समाजसँग संग्लग्नता नरहेको स्पष्ट पार्दै पार्टी राजनीतिमा क्रियाशील हुने बताए । लामा एमालेका जिल्ला कमिटी सदस्य हुन् ।
मेलम्चीमा सहमति
संवाद ः उपेन्द्र यादव माओवादीसँग प्रत्यक्ष टकराव पर्न थालेपछि मधेसी जनअधिकार फोरमका अध्यक्ष उपेन्द्र यादव अर्धभूमिगत छन् । यही अवस्थामा उनी अमेरि का गएर गत साता फर्के । .... "जनतान्त्रिक समूहबाट मधेसी जनता दिक्क भएका छन् ।" ..... जहाँसम्म मधेस आन्दोलनको कुरा छ, यो नेपाली जनताले चलाएको आन्दोलन हो, अमेरिका वा भारतले होइन । ...... अमेरिकाले माओवादीबाट खतरा देखेको छ भन्नु त जङ्गलको शेरलाई खरायोबाट खतरा छ भनेजस्तै हो । ...... जब आन्दोलन हुन्छ, त्यसबाट अनेकथरी मान्छेले फाइदा लिन खोज्छन् । .... हिजो प्रतिकूल परिस् िथतिका कारण काङ्ग्रेसदेखि माओवादीसम्मका नेताहरू भारतमा बसेकै हुन् । तर, हामी भारतमा रहँदा मात्र किन नियतमाथि नै प्रश्न उठाइन्छ ? ..... नेपालका अपराधीहरू भारतमा र भारतका अपराधीहरू नेपालमा प्रशस्त मात्रामा बसेका छन् । ...... देशमा देखापरेका समस्याहरूको समाधान नेपाल देशको सार्वभौमसत्ता र अखण्डतालाई आँच नपुग्ने गरी खोज्नुपर्छ भन्ने हाम्रो मान्यता हो । सङ्घीय शासन प्रणाली र स्वायत्तता हामीले नेपालभित्रै खोजेका हौँ, नेपालबाट अलग्गिएर होइन । हामी देश विभाजनको कल्पना पनि गर्न सक्दैनौँ । मधेसमा सशस् त्र सङ्घर्ष गर्ने जनतान्त्रिकलगायतका सङ्गठनहरूको नीतिप्रति हाम्राे सहमति छैन । मधेसको विभेदको अन्त्य शान्तिपूर्ण सङ्घर्षबाट गर्नुपर्छ । नेपाल देशभन्दा बाहिर गएर समाधान खोज्नु बेकारको कुरा हो । ............ जसरी फोरमबाट जनतान्त्रिकले कुनै आशा गरेन, हामी पनि जनतान्त्रिकबाट कुनै आशा गर्न सक्दैनौँ । जनतान्त्रिकले मधेसको आन्दोलनलाई सकारात्मक तरिकाले अगाडि बढाउला भन्ने हामीलाई लाग्दैन । हाम्राे बाटो अलगअलग छ । .......... गौर नरसंहार ..... त्यसको जिम्मेवारी ज्वाला सिंहले लिएकाले त्यस घटनामा फोरम दोषी छैन भन्ने देखिन्छ । समग्रमा भन्दा गौर घटना हामीविरुद्धको षड्यन्त्र हो । फोरमलाई जनतान्त्रिकजस्तै हिंसामा उत्रिएको सङ्गठन हो भनेर देखाउन र हामीलाई मूलधारबाट अलग्याउन त्यो घटना गराइयो । ......... घटना हुँदा म त्यहाँ होइन, काठमाडौँमा थिएँ । त्यसदिन गौरमा पचासौँ हजारको 'मास' थियो । त्यस् तो मासमा कस्ता खालका मानिस छिरेका छन् भन्ने थाहा हुन्न । माओवादीले फोरममाथि आक्रमण गर्ने निर्णय नगरेको भए त्यो घटना हुने पनि थिएन । दोस्रो, दोषी प्रशासन हो । किनभने, त्यस्तो घटना हँुदैछ भन्ने प्रशासनलाई थाहा थियो । .......... फोरममा दरबारियाहरूलाई कुनै ठाउँ छैन । हाम्राे आन्दोलन सङ्घीय लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्रका लागि हो । ........ काङ्ग्रेसका दुईतिहाइ केन्द्रीय सदस्यहरूको पनि माग हो यो । गिरिजा -प्रसाद कोइराला) समेतले हामीसँगको कुराकानीमा -गृहमन्त्री सिटौलालाई) बोकेर हिँड्नुको प्रयोजन छैन भनेका हुन् । ......... गृहमन्त्रीको रूपमा उनले मधेस आन्दोलनमाथि दमन गरे, शान्तिसुरक्ष्ाा पनि कायम राख्न सकेनन् । .......... 'क्रिमिनल लिग' ले कि आचरण बदल्नुपर्‍यो कि त्यसका गतिविधि रोक्नुपर्‍यो । माओवादी यसरी नै गइरहने हो भने संविधानसभाको निर्वाचन हुन सक्दैन, लोकतन्त्र पनि रहन्न । ...... जनतान्त्रिकलगायतका शस्त्रधारी समूहबाट मधेसी जनता दिक्क भएका छन् । सबै समूहहरू राष्ट्रिय राजनीतिको मूलधारमा आउनुपर्छ । ...... हामी मूलधारकै राजनीतिमा छौँ । संविधानसभाको निर्वाचनमा भाग लिन निर्वाचन आयोगमा पार्टीका रूपमा दर्ता हुनु यसको प्रमाण हो । ..... केही मागमा सहमति भएको छ तर कार्यान्वयन भएको छैन । जस्तै- सहिदहरूलाई क्ष्ातिपूर्ति दिने, घाइतेहरूलाई उपचार गर्ने, मुद्दा खारेज गर्ने, मधेसी, आदिवासी, जनजातिहरूलाई समानुपातिक प्रतिनिधित्व गराउने आदि । ......... अहिले सरकारमा न चुनावका लागि चाहिनेे तदारुकता देखिन्छ, न त आवश्यक तयारी भएको छ । चुनावका लागि चाहिने प्रमुख कुरा भनेको शान्तिसुरक्ष्ााको प्रत्याभूति हो । यसका अलावा आन्दोलनरत पक्ष्ाहरूसँग वार्तामा बसी सहमति कायम गरेर चुनाव शान्तिपूर्ण वातावरणमा सम्पन्न गराउनुपर्छ । तर, यी काम भइरहेका छैनन् ।
सेनाको ब्यारेकबाट भागेर भारतमा प्रधानमन्त्री गिरिजाप्रसाद कोइरालाको आत्मकथा
शक्तिराष्ट्रहरूको चासो नेपालमा किन भूमिका बढाउँदैछन् अमेरिका, भारत र चीनले ?

'Koirala is behind delay in party unification' NepalNews Deuba said preparations on his part for the unification had already been completed. He said Koirala's 'inaction' has ended the prospects of party unification in the near future. .... Deuba said free and fair polls on November 22 would not be possible if government failed to control the unruly activities of the Maoist youth wing, the Young Communist League (YCL), and take the Terai rebel groups into confidence.
Nepal, Deuba rebuff Prachanda's proposal to use YCL in poll security the YCL is a sister organisation of a party that is contesting the elections it cannot be mobilised for security. .... "Except Nepal Police and Armed Police Force, no one else can be mobilised in a parallel manner during the elections," Deuba said .... the country was still under the grip of fear and that free and fair elections cannot be held unless the fear is removed.
NRNs discuss establishing new airline During the NRNA Asia Pacific meeting held in Singapore on July 14 and 15, the NRNA leaders decided they would start studying the prospect of an alternative for NAC if its services does not improve. ..... restructure the NRNA with provision of regional entity and take initiative to improve coordination and cooperation between the International Coordination Committee and the National Coordination Committees. ..... the NRNA has announced its intention to construct its own office building in Nepal. ... NRNs have expressed interest in investing in two major areas in Nepal, hydropower and tourism. ..... Over 100 NRNs from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia including NRNA ICC president Dr Upendra Mahato, vice president (Asia Pacific) Devman Hirachan, vice president of the Federation of Nepali Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCC) Kush Kumar Joshi attended the conference.
Jwala Singh dismisses Sitaula's ultimatum A statement issued by Jwala Singh Tuesday said the government was “trying to mobilise the army to suppress the Terai movement for liberation” and that his group and the Terai people were ready to tackle with the government’s security forces. ....... The JTMM splinter group also warned the hills-origin government officials based in Terai to evacuate in two weeks period and that the failure of which would result in strong physical actions.
MJF shuts down Rautahat protesting arrest of cadres the arrest of ten of its activists by the police ...... The police had on Monday arrested MJF’s central treasurer Ajay Yadav and nine other activists in Rautahat for trying to picket the District Administration Office after getting into a dispute with representatives of the eight political parties who had gathered there to discuss the budget allocated for development by the District Development Committee (DDC).
We're not compelled to obey UNMIN, says Ananta "The UNMIN only has the authority of verifying the army and determining if there are minors or not. We will not obey the UNMIN if it starts to transgress its authority and asks anarchic, irrelevant and obscene questions," Ananta said.

Poll-itical solution Nepali Times The political agitation in the tarai is being overtaken by criminal elements. The government is floundering on negotiable issues, missing chances to talk, and can’t keep up with the fluid situation. This is a serious bottleneck on the road to elections. ..... Most of the twelve armed groups identified by the Home Ministry are operating in the tarai’s highway belt ...... 76 conflict-related deaths in tarai since January. ..... in the three weeks from 15 June-5 July, some parts of the eastern tarai were closed for up to 18 days ...... Madhesi groups are willing to talk ....... Sitaula is sending out the APF to deal with groups that, even if they are armed, have a political core. Ram Chandra Poudel invites the armed groups in the tarai to the table through television interviews, but sources close to some of the groups, including JTMM-Goit, say these offers are never followed up off-screen. ......... the government talks team refused to provide safe passage to the talks to Singh and his team, who are under threat from the Maoists, or waive the murder charges against Singh. ..... there have been no meetings for over a month in part because Minister Poudel is overstretched. ...... the eroding political bases of the main parties ..... Most madhesi factions, including the armed groups, met in Patna last month to build an alliance.
“I was never for a royal revival” Moriarty
Communist quicksand CK Lal The entire line-up of challengers to the Maoists in the madhes consists of ex-Maoists themselves: JK Goit, Jwala Singh, Bisfot, Upendra Yadav. ...... Almost all visible leaders of the Chure Bhabar are erstwhile CPN (M-L), the Maoists of 1970s. Khambuan activists in the eastern hills also cut their teeth in the politics of violence under Maoist mentorship. ...... If Dahal fails to measure up, he too risks being gobbled up by the communist quicksand.

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