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Nutcase Baidya

Baidya says CPN-M still trains cadres in guerilla warfare NepalNews Senior Maoist leader Mohan Baidya 'Kiran' has said that even though CPN-Maoist is part of the coalition government it would be an illusion on the part of others if they think his party has stopped training its cadres in guerilla warfare. Vaidya, who is often referred to as the ‘ideological guru’ of party chairman Prachanda, made this revelation while speaking at a programme organised by Manmohan Adhikari Foundation in the capital Sunday. “The party fought a guerilla war (against the state) in the past for communist ideology… it is continuing to train guerillas even now in different parts of the country,” said Baidya. He, however, didn’t make it clear as to why the party felt the need to prepare guerillas during peacetime. Saying that the Maoist party is fully committed to constituent assembly election, Baidya opined that the election could be free and fair only if it is conducted by first announcing the country a republic through a parliamentary declaration. He further said if the monarchy and other ‘conspiracies’ being hatched against the polls are not thought of as a challenge, and if only the Young Communist League (YCL) is viewed as the main hurdle, then the polls cannot be held. The Maoist leader also stressed the need to consolidate eight-party unity for a republican front.
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This is a highly irresponsible act on the part of Baidya. This guy is a nutcase. This guy proves Maoism is an anachronism in this day and age. These utterances are proof this guy is past retirement age. He is going senile.

Nepal's peace process is a journey for the Maoists from "Power flows through the barrel of a gun" to "Power flows through the ballot box in a multi-party democracy of state funded parties." They necessarily have to abandon the former to get to the latter.

Baidya is incapable of getting past his habits of mind. He is beyond reform. He is not capable of imagining a new reality for his party and the country. He is clearly incapable of ideological synthesis.

Goal Is Ideological Fusion, Not Mainstreaming Maoists

If nutcases like Baidya get into the driving seat, Nepal is going to lose its opportunity to become the number one democracy on the planet. His own party needs to shun him for its own good. Send him back to India, send him back to exile. Let him live in peace and quiet. Let him catch up on his readings.

The Maoists talk of wanting elections to the constituent assembly. But they act to prevent the elections from taking place. The YCL misbehavior is the number one reason the elections were not held in June, and still might not be held in November. If the Maoists leaders want elections to the constituent assembly, they should reign in the YCL. Otherwise they are being hypocrites.

The YCL misbehavior is also the reason for the wide gulf between the Maoists and the UML. The YCL is preventing a left unity that would be of a great advantage to the Maoist leadership.

The YCL misbehavior has been sapping the morale and confidence of the Nepal Police. That has given rise to lawlessness, clearly so in the Terai. Organized criminal gangs from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have gone on to fill that vacuum.

And Vaidya talks of possibly more political violence. That is irresponsible, that is reckless. That talk has been made to deny the Nepali people peace, democracy and progress. The Nepali people will not put up with it.

The Maoists are going to reform and becoming major players in a multi-party framework, or they are going to become increasingly irrelevant.

On The Web

The Hindu : New Delhi News : Release of Nepal Maoist leaders from ... At least a dozen Nepali migrant groups held a demonstration at Jantar Mantar here on Friday demanding immediate release of nearly 50 Nepal Maoist activists, including some senior leaders, lodged in various Indian jails. ..... Demanding release of two prominent CPN-M leaders, Mohan Baidya (Comrade Kiran) and C. P. Gajurel (Comrade Gaurav), Mr. Pant said: "As per the historic eight-point agreement, CPN-M has decided to join the interim government in Nepal along with other parties where both the jailed senior leaders are expected to play a crucial role. Therefore they should be freed immediately."
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Baburam on Baidya’s arrest - Nepali Times There is no mystery about why Mohan Baidya was captured. It followed the triumph of our ‘People’s Army’ in Bhojpur and Beni. These incidents shattered the state’s dream of overcoming our revolution with military power. It has now failed both politically and militarily. So they have taken the last resort of targeting high-level Maoist leaders. Siliguri was an easy and obvious place to begin. Comrade Kiran was their first prey. ..... Comrade Kiran was arrested with the active role of Indian rulers. It has bared the nexus between the neo-monarchy of the post-royal palace massacre and the reactionary rulers of India who believe in an indivisible India. In some political and media circles, Comrade Kiran’s arrest was interpreted as an unravelling of relations between the Maoists and the Indian ruling class. ...... We see no reason to be ashamed of Comrade Kiran’s arrest. For international proletariats like us, there are friends and foes in every nation. We take it as our right to use the territory of our enemies for to our needs. ..... You can’t imprison revolutionary thought, it hasn’t worked anywhere.
Scoop: Nepal: People’s Third Movement In The Offing On Monday, April 30, 2007 talking with the media people in Charikot of the Dolakha district, Mohan Baidya 'Kiran’ accused the NC of conspiring with MPRF to sweep the Maoists away from Madhes (Terai).
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In The News

UML's marathon meeting concludes NepalNews The marathon meeting that began on June 24 unanimously passed the general secretary’s political paper, which stresses on massive mobilisation of party workers for constituent assembly polls, with minor changes. .... the meeting has decided to consolidate the eight-party unity and, at the same time, maintain closer ties with all left parties. ..... formed seperate committees to prepare party’s election manifesto and mobilise party workers for the November polls. ...... turned down the demand of ‘Gautam-Khanal combine’ for the 8th general convention to elect a new leadership before the CA polls. ..... divided over a proposal on barring future general secretaries from holding their post more than two terms. Gyawali said there was no decision on the issue. ...... Sixty central committee members had participated in the meeting. Banknotes likely to be in short supply after Dashain if the absence of the Governor, who signs banknotes, draws out for a long time.
Maoist leaders discuss their 'dwindling strength' and 'growing attacks' in Madhes Maoist chairman Prachanda and senior leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, on Monday, met with district in-charge of some districts of their Madhesi National Liberation Front (MNLF). The discussion revolved around the increasing attacks against Maoist cadres in Terai region at the hand of mushrooming armed outfits there. During the discussion held at Maoist office in Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, Maoist district leaders briefed the top leadership about political situation and how it was becoming difficult for them to engage in political activities there. They also raised the issue of ensuing differences among MNLF leadership. They said that as their strength is 'dwindling', the attack against them, too, has increased. The Maoist leadership assured them that they will control the situation from government as well as party level.
British PM 'orders' review on Gurkha pension; Prince Harry joins Gurkha battalion equal pension for Gurkhas at par with their British colleagues”. ..... a complete full list of discriminatory provisions, which should be changed. .... The new British Prime Minister had met the 84-year-old Tul Bahadur Pun at Downing Street, London, where he welcomed the Victoria Cross veteran. .... Pun was awarded the prestigious Victoria Cross for single handedly storming a Japanese military position equipped with machine gun in Burma in 1945. .... assured his support to Pun's cataract operation. .... The British Army currently has around 3,400 Gurkhas serving in countries including Iraq and Afghanistan, with 250 new recruits annually. .... Prince Harry joined the Gurkha battalion on Sunday, Telegraph daily reported. The paper terms the battalion as one of the most fearsome units in the British Army. .... Harry, an officer with posh cavalry regiment the Blues and Royals, is doing a spell with the legendary fighters to learn their killer expertise. He was driven to the Brecon Beacons in Wales with men of the 3rd Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles for a four-day exercise. .... He will take part in every aspect of the operation. "To all intents and purposes he will be a Gurkha," the paper said. At the end of the exercise Harry, a 22-year-old 2nd lieutenant whose own unit has gone to Iraq without him because of fears for his safety, will be presented with a honourary Khukuri.
British govt gives visa to VC veteran The British home ministry earlier denied him a settlement visa, saying that he failed to demonstrate that he had strong ties with the UK .... Pun is suffering from heart problems, asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Baidya says CPN-M still trains cadres in guerilla warfare

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