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Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Former Chief Justice Would Be Least Controversial

The president should go ahead and appoint him. But polls can not be taken to November. They have to be conducted by June.

Ram Baran Yadav Should Go For It
Former Chief Justice Ram Prasad Shrestha
A Non Political PM?
A Non Political Cabinet Of Technocrats

Now or never: Dahal to opposition parties
Nepalis can now get foreign loans of up to $200,000
Read Shah Rukh Khan's article which appeared in Outlook Turning Points 2013
Bollywood's Shah Rukh Khan in spat over Muslim remarks

WorldLink introduces faster Internet

Dahal says his party ready for sacrifice
UCPN (Maoist) concludes district-level convention in 50 districts

Prez renews consultations with major parties
UDMF forms taskforce for people's mobilization
रामशरण महतसंग-23.01.13

Nepal risks being blacklisted: US envoy
UDMF no to alliance with UCPN (Maoist) for polls
Oppn parties unveil protest plans in valley

UCPN (Maoist) GC: Dahal's quest for regaining past strength
Watch your mouth, Koirala tells Dahal
NSU asks NC to hold GC in April
Jha assures resumption of closed factories
जसको नेतृत्व पनि स्वीकार्य: दाहाल
कांग्रेससहित ५३ दलले आयव्यय विवरण लुकाए
मैले प्रधानमन्त्री बन्छु भनेर ठट्टा गरेको : दाहाल

Businesses stunned as ruling party launches extortion drive
The business community has long demanded that donation campaigns launched by political parties be governed by law, with a cap on donation amount.
Clash looms as Maoists, oppn gear up for show of strength in Dailekh
NC won't bow to Maoist threats: Koirala

UDMF divided over continuing in govt

Dahal lays claim to PM post
Dahal hatching conspiracy to become PM
भट्टराईकै सामू दाहालले भने, 'प्रधानमन्त्री हुन तयार छु'

अध्यादेशको औचित्य छैन: संविधानविद्
दलहरुबीच सहमति भएर चुनावी सरकार बने धारा १५८ को बाधा अड्काउ फुकाउ प्रयोग गरि अड्किएका सवै विषयको गाँठो एकैपटक फुकाउने आफ्नो योजना रहेको राष्ट्रपतिले आफू निकटहरुसँग बताउने गरेका छन्। .... संविधानमा सन्तुष्ट भएमा राष्ट्रपतिले अध्यादेश जारी गर्न सक्ने उल्लेख छ।
Maoists ready for utmost flexibility over polls: Dahal
Bhattarai maintained that opposition parties were fearful of fresh elections and lambasted them for seeking power without winning elections. "There is no history in any country of an opposition party being handed the government leadership without holding elections," he added. He vowed to hold elections in May at any cost.
TRC to address cases related to insurgency: Minister Pun
an ordinance related to formation of TRC which is pending at the president’s office. .... around 32 countries have already formed TRC
DPM for law that bans protests at industries
increasing incidents of extortion in the pretext of raising funds for political parties have threatened the business community.
China becomes Nepal's fourth largest importer
more than 250 percent rise in exports to the northern neighbor..... massive commercialization of medicinal herbs farming in western parts of the country, sharp rise in demand for medicinal herbs, and hide and skins from mainland China .... China emerged as the fourth largest export market for Nepal after India, the USA and Bangladesh over first five months of 2012/13. ..... Yarshagumba is the major medicinal herb exported to China .... China´s liberal trade policy and positive impact of trade fairs between the two countries helped boost Nepal´s trade with the world´s second largest economy. .... Top five exports to China Medicinal herbs (+478%) Animal Hide and skin (+376%) Wheat flour by (+203%) Metal statutes by (+406%) Carpet by (+479%)
US interest in CPN-Maoist increases: Baidya
"It is possible to form separate joint fronts -- nationalist and federalist. But bringing them in one place will be a very big challenge"
Party ready for CA revival or fresh polls: Dahal
In a long and fiery speech against the opposition parties .... "Those against the decision to transform the country into a secular and federal system are trying to turn the clock back. So be prepared to fight such elements” ..... Dahal claimed that the CA was dissolved without producing the new constitution as NC and CPN-UML stood against identity-based federalism. ..... “They accepted federalism but not its essence.” ..... Dahal also accused NC and UML of betraying him and his party by not keeping their "promise to agree on the disputes in constitution writing within couple of days after the Maoists leaders would help integrate former Maoist combatants into the security agencies." ..... He claimed they [Maoists] took a bold decision to integrate the former combatants even as there was strong protest within his party. ..... "NC and UML leaders clearly said that there will be a bloodbath in the CA if the disputed issues are floated in the full House for voting," he said. He argued that the opposition parties stood against putting the issues to vote sensing that there was a two-thirds majority in favor of identity-based federalism.
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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Dealing With The CPN(M)

Peaceful Protests

All peaceful protests should be allowed, encouraged, welcomed. BRB should be very welcome to holding talks and negotiations. After all, these are people he personally knows. Staying engaged is key.

UCPN(M): Best Candidate

The UCPN(M) is best positioned to deal with the CPN(M). It is the political responsibility of the UCPN(M) to make sure the CPN(M) does not fall by the wayside and go the way of an armed insurgency.

In Agreement

I agree with Baidya and Badal that turning Nepal into an India like republic was never their goal. Where they are being ignorant is in not realizing that is an important milestone. It is a big achievement that needs to be protected and nurtured.

Turning Nepal into a multi-party democracy of state funded parties is the right answer to the Baidya-Badal deviance. At that point any future revolution becomes unnecessary. Then you contest elections to get into power to do good by the people in terms of generous education and health programs, aggressive job creation programs and a selective partial ownership of corporations as necessary. You actually work to cure poverty instead of simply getting the poor to rally behind you in endless sacrifices with no concrete achievements.

Will it be peaceful way or armed struggle?
"Our struggle programs will be through the people´s movement. I cannot say what would be our compulsions. If forced by the government or the situation, we will be ready for a people´s revolt or people´s war," said Pampha Bhusal, party spokeswoman, when asked what would the party´s political line be. .... The party has invited representatives from fraternal parties in various countries including USA, China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Canada, Italy and India. The inauguration program will be held at the Khulamanch on Wednesday and processions will converge there from seven different points in the capital...... The CPN-Maoist declared the UCPN (Maoist) as ´neo revisionist´ and Dahal and Bhattarai as ´red renegades.´ .... around 3,500 UCPN (Maoist) leaders and cadres joined the CPN-Maoist on Tuesday. General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa welcomed them at the party head office at Buddha Nagar.
Thousands take to street in protest against PM
India has set 'evil eye' on Nepal's sovereignty: Baidya
Mohan Baidya admired China for respecting Nepal’s sovereignty while accused India of setting an ´evil eye´ on it. .... the chairman demanded that India scrap ‘unequal’ bilateral treaties that are threat to Nepal’s sovereignty. “We are in favor of fresh treaties with India, acceptable to both,” Baidya said. .... his party will never compromise with American imperialism and Indian expansionism ..... Despite uprooting monarchy and declaring the state as secular, the people’s aspirations are yet to be fulfilled, the chairman said.
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Monday, December 31, 2012

The State Of Nepali Politics: A Diagram

There are two broad camps: there are the federalists, and there are the anti-federalists. Within the federal camp there are frictions. The CPN(M) competes with the UCPN(M). The FDF competes with the UDMF. But then the federalist Social Democratic Party competes with the Nepali Congress, and the Federal Socialist Party competes with the UML. Perhaps it is unrealistic to seek complete unity among federalists.
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

3 Point Package Deal

  1. On January 5 a new all party government in the leadership of Sushil Koirala is formed. It includes the NC, the UML, the UCPN(M), the CPN(M), the UDMF, the FDF. The UML gets Home, the UDMF gets Defense, the UCPN(M) gets Finance, the CPN(M) gets Sanchar, the FDF gets the Foreign Ministry. The rest of the ministries are fairly distributed among the six constituent groups. There is a Deputy Prime Minister from the UCPN(M). 
  2. This all party government on January 6 passes on to the president all election related ordinances that the president promptly approves. These details are agreed to before the all party government is formed. There are 240 directly elected MPs, and perhaps 101 elected through the proportional mechanism for a total of 341. 
  3. Elections must be held by the end of May 2013. If elections are not held by then, Sushil Koirala must resign. Such is the agreement. 

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