Sunday, December 30, 2012

Socialist Democratic Party: Welcome

Adivasi Janajati Awakening
The Janajati Party
Finally A Janajati Party
10 States

New Janajati party announced
The new party has Chaitanya Subba, Jyoti Dunuwar, Bal Kumari Budamagar, Pasang Sherpa, Dalmardan Karki, Nima Gyanzen Lhyolmo,and Kumar Rai as its top leaders.
Ethnic leaders, activists unveil new party
The leaders who failed to join earlier announced Ashok Rai-led Federal Socialist Party, citing their ideological difference with them, announced new party amidst a function in the capital today, a month after the establishment of Rai-led party. ....... Chaitanya Subba, Pasang Sherpa, Krishna Bhattachan .. Kumar Rai .... a 7-member presidium and 52-member working committee. In the presidium Chaitanya Subba, Pasang Sherpa, Bamkumari Budhamagar, Dalmardan Karmi, Nimagyaljon Hyalmo, Jyoti Danuwar are the members
Janajati to declare new party
The new Janajati party which is reported to have 53-member ad-hoc committee, is reported to be led by leader Chaitanya Subba.
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