Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fair Enough

Baburam Bhattarai's suggestion that the NC and the UML should join the current government and that joint government should make all changes necessary to make elections possible, and only then for him to hand over government leadership to the NC was a fair one. But the NC insisted that government leadership be handed over first. That smelled of foul play. To me it felt like the NC wants to grab the PM's chair so as to not bother with holding elections at all. That would have been a nightmare situation. I am glad that has been avoided.

Now the president has no option but to pass Baburam's election related ordinances as a reward to his having made all efforts to forge consensus. It is that or it is Baburam all the way to April 2014. I don't like the idea.

Looks like the Madhesi Morcha came to the rescue. It is because the Madhesi Morcha is much more interested in federalism than even the Maoists. The Madhesi Morcha smelled rat.

Elections In April 2013 A Must
Beyond The Three Parties
Agreement Close
Former Chief Justice Ram Prasad Shrestha
The Asteroids Are Key To Unlocking The Gridlock
The Anti Federal Alliance (AFA)

Present govt should be given national structure: FDRA
With the decision, political crisis in the country has further deepened. ..... "The meeting concluded that if the present government fails to gain national structure, the government's leadership should be given to one of the parties from the alliance."
Deal at threat as PM, Dahal rift widens
the PM's move in the afternoon was a payback as the party boss had declined his early request for a one-on-one in the morning. .... Some leaders urged Maoist Cabinet ministers to quit the Bhattarai government en masse if “Bhattarai continued to violate the party decision” for an early poll. The meeting entrusted Dahal to hold “serious dialogue” with his deputy and urge him to uphold the party's decision. ..... Leaders from the Bhattarai faction, however, said the party's first priority should be transforming the incumbent government into a national consensus one and the second to seek a prime ministerial candidate within the coalition should consensus elude for Bhattarai's continuity. A leader close to Bhattarai said Dahal is exerting pressure on Bhattarai to quit, which he said is against the party's decision. ...... PM's Political Advisor Devendra Poduel said the party has plunged into a dispute after Dahal tried to hand over the government leadership to the NC without a package deal among the parties.
Ring Road upgradation from next March
the road improvement project will upgrade the current four-lane road to eight lanes with a four-lane carriageway that will also include a two-way relief road, two-way bicycle track and two-way pedestrian path.
'SLMM to support party committed to past pacts'
Unity govt under Bhattarai best option, says ruling alliance
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