Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tom Pain Has Praise For This Blog

Carnival of the Revolutions

Paramendra Bhagat (a fellow New Yorker) at Democracy for Nepal
works on strategy for his countrymen struggling to bring democracy to their troubled nation. I'm not too familiar with Nepalese politics, but what he's proposing sounds like civil disobedience along the lines of Tiananmen, but with a clearer behind-the-protest plan for structure and change. It looks like an uphill battle, given the current three-way fight between monarchists, Maoists (yikes!), and democrats. This revolution is truly a work-in-progress, and Bhagat's blog looks to me like the best way to follow it.

Tom, what can I say? I greatly appreciate this mention. This is the best explicit praise this blog has received to date. I am much obliged.

I derive satisfaction from the fact that this blog is political work, and has been a reference point for many individuals involved in the peace process in rather intimate ways. This is easily the most important political work I ever did.

Only earlier today I received an email from Madhav Nepal who leads the largest politial party in Nepal. I was rather touched by the good things he had to say about this blog. And then you show up.

Thank you.

Sugam Pokharel, Evansville, Indiana

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 08:04:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: "sugam pokharel"
Subject: Guy from Evansville
To: paramendra@yahoo.com

k cha dai, aramai hunu huncha malai ta daile birsi saknu bhayo hola...hami indian resturant ma khana gayeka thiyau ni...

ani dai ko photo haru herdai thiye...asti ko NY ko protest ko...ramro lagyo...photo herda herdai tapaiko website tira pani puge...web site pani sabai here.... tapaiko resume yek dum strong rahecha....tapaiko resume le chai yek dum impress garyo malai...

aj kal k gardai hunu huncha?....milyo bhane hamro university tira pasnu kahile kahi... la ta dai bye 1

Sonal Singh, Baltimore, Maryland

Subject: RE: nepal -democracy
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 07:45:19 -0400
From: "Sonal Singh"
To: "Paramendra Kumar Bhagat"

Dear Paramendraji,

You can defintely web-publish the two papers as long as we quote the original source as both are published in open access journals amd free for distribtion

Singh S , Dahal K, Mills E " Nepals war on human rights - A summit higher than everest"Int J Equity Health. 2005 Jun 28;4:9.

Singh S, Mills E, Honeyman S, Suvedi BK, Pant NP (2005) HIV in Nepal: Is the Violent Conflict Fuelling the Epidemic? PLoS Med 2(8): e216

I will have to request permission from the Canadian Medical Association Journal to web-publish the 3rd article
Singh S . Impact of long-term political conflict on population health in Nepal.

Let me know what I can help in your endeavour

Kind regards

Subject: nepal -democracy
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 21:29:32 -0400
From: "Sonal Singh"
To: paramendra@yahoo.com

Dear bhagatji,
I admire you efforts for democracy in Nepal through your website and blog and whole-heartedly support it

I have been doing some research on the impact of conflict and health and human rights in nepal and sending you the links


Sonal Singh MD MPh(std)
Johns Hopkins University

CMAJ_Nepal_1499.pdf CMAJ_Nepal_1499.pdf (368k)
1475_9276_4_9.pdf 1475_9276_4_9.pdf (260k)
plme_02_08_singh.pdf plme_02_08_singh.pdf (330k)

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