Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Mutual Attraction: King G And Tulsi Giri

This king's fundamental inclinations are ultra-right. His actions speak lound and clear. The kind of people you feel comfortable with says a lot about who you are, what your priorities are, the segment of the political spectrum you occupy.

His top choice was Tulsi Giri, the person who helped Mahendra dismantle democracy in 1960. This is not even a monarchist. This is an ultra-right ideologue. If he were a monarchist, he would have stomached the limited liberalization of the Panchayat by Birendra. But instead this joker left the country, he got so offended.

Giri's allegiance is not to the crown, but to an isolated segment of far right ideology. Perhaps it is that same segment that King G occupies. And hence the meeting ground between the two.

King G is not that innocent. He is for an activist monarchy, and militarization. Democrats offend him. That is his track record.

I am for Tulsi Giri speaking his mind. I don't expect him to change his thought patterns, but I do want him to reveal the same as much as possible. This is necessary to wake up the lethargic democrats. Before you can make your counter moves, you have to know what it is you are dealing with.

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In The News
  • Giri’s attack on constitution is part of a conspiracy: RJP chief NepalNews “There should have been immediate clarification from the chairperson of the cabinet [His Majesty King chairs the cabinet] over Giri’s attack on the constitution of 1990. It’s surprising that there hasn’t been a word yet .... There is conspiracy behind this. This indicates that the state itself is actively working to destroy the constitution. What keeps the chairperson of the cabinet mum when a responsible member of the cabinets goes on attacking the constitution?” ..... the government’s silence on the issue could ‘invite disaster’, leading the people and the political forces to choose their own path...... Dr Giri’s Biratnagar address left no room for confusion as to who is leading the ultra-rightist political coterie in Nepal. “This makes clear who is behind the ultra-rightist movement in the country.”
  • US ambassador meets Koirala the first meeting of the US ambassador with an opposition political leader in the context of the Maoist truce and the intensified agitations of the seven-party alliance
  • NBA files contempt of court case against Dr Giri accused Giri of speaking against the apex court and its Justices ...... contemptuous as he accused the honourable Justices of being influenced by the political parties
  • Thousands take part in peace rally
  • Consumers’ body flays intervention in community forests The “people’s governments” of the Maoists in districts have been pressuring for donations and while the government side is also charging extra ‘revenue’ and has even set up security camps in community forests ..... the directives, which are yet to be implemented fully, the provisions of sharing benefits of ‘mutual forest’ - 25 percent revenue to forest management committee and 75 percent to the government fund whereas it is the other way round in the case of community forests – is unfair. “This is a ploy of the government to make people slaves”..... there are more than 14,000 ‘community forestry committees’ in Nepal and 113,991 hectors of forest area is managed by these committees. In this movement, around 854077 people from 1574029 households have participation.
  • Leaders rap Dr Giri's statement "This is an anti-constitutional, irresponsible and outrageous statement from an unconstitutional official" ...... "It is the grumbling of foolish autocrats." ...... 'a blatant attack on the constitution, press freedom and people's sovereignty'. .....
  • Govt. attorney pleads against incumbent ministers an interesting development, government attorneys have demanded that the Supreme Court (SC) name two ministers in the cabinet, Home Minister Dan Bahadur Shahi and Assistant Minister for Education and Sports Senate Shrestha, as convicts on charges of corruption..... anti-graft constitutional body claimed that Shahi, along with the then minister for agriculture Padma Sundar Lawati, had direct involvement in the smuggling of chemical fertiliser from India, causing revenue losses worth billions of rupees...... The CIAA has claimed that the accused were involved in an embezzlement worth more than Rs. 40 billion.
  • NBA Files Case Against Tulsi Giri Himalayan Times, Nepal
  • Contempt of court case against Giri Kantipur Online
  • Thapa Flays Giri's Remarks Himalayan Times
  • Tulsi Giri’s Firm Finally Clears 20-yr-old Loan Himalayan Times, Nepal
  • Nepal lawyers take king's deputy to court:- Webindia123, India
  • Resurrect constitution Kathmandu Post, Nepal
  • Parties making noise for republic on foreigners’ instigation Gorkhapatra, Nepal
  • Maoist violence still on; villagers, students abducted
  • King planning autocratic constitution: Nepal Kantipur ..... accused the King of planning to draft a new constitution to ban the political parties. ...... the King, after being isolated from the national and international communities, was trying to establish an “autocratic constitution” to restrict the activities of the political parties...... the recent remark made by Cabinet Vice-Chairman Dr. Tulsi Giri was a deliberate expression of the King’s opinion, Nepal warned that the institution of monarchy would come to an end if efforts were made to bring in such a constitution...... “Giri has exposed what’s going on in the King’s mind...... Giri is the King’s puppet, he dances to the King’s tune.” ..... the Maoist problem could be resolved only through a constituent assembly, Nepal, however, argued that the United Nations, not the King, should take initiatives for the same..... the seven-party alliance was doing serious homework on holding talks with the Maoists, Nepal said, “We have been holding frequent talks with them [Maoists].”..... the recent remarks made by Dr Tulsi Giri on the country's constitution are a bad omen for the country's future politics....... had criticized the commission for welcoming the three-month unilateral truce announced by the Maoists...... the government should at least call back the security personnel in the army barracks if it cannot reciprocate the Maoist truce, Giri said in Biratnagar, "How appropriate is it for the government appointed commission member to speak like that?"

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