Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Video Blogging The Movement

I just saw this video clip at the Samudaya website: NSU 10th Convention, August 15-17 . This is just so amazing. I hope some of us are also going to video record the September 16 rally here in New York City. I hope many more events in Nepal get video blogged, especially street demonstrations.

Video blogging takes the movement to a whole different level. Events are not local anymore. You choreograph the event, you record it on video, and you put it online: people who were not there in person feel very much like they participated.

The world has to experience the movement for the movement to make maximal impact.

I mean, I am not particularly proud of the violence shown in the video clip. This is supposed to be a non-violent movement. Coming out into the streets for democracy is important. But it is also important to stay non-violent. Why? Because that is what is more effective.

Digital photos help greatly. But video blogging takes it to a whole different level.

Much Polarization

The king has tried the democrats' patience too much. And he not only has no remorse, he keeps on keeping on. There was a time when the king could have gone for a Constituent Assembly with the NC and the UML campaigning for a constitutional monarchy. That time is passe.

My efforts at peace went nowhere at the New Yorker hotel. The various factions are unyielding. And the king has to take the major blame since he is the one who can take initiatives for reconciliation but is not.

The movement is going to snowball over the next few months. And if it does, as it will, the Maoists will happily extend their ceasefire, if that is what it will take.

Unilateral Ceasefire

Such a brilliant move on the part of the Maoists. They need to pat themselves on their backs until they might ache. Brilliant politically and militarily.


So if there is this major surge for a Democratic Republic, what will the end look like?

The king seems to think if the movement really gathers storm, he can always invite the party leaders for talks and then play mindgames with them. I think he is fooling himself. He does not have that option. Too much water has flown down the Bagmati since the last time he tried that and succeeded.

The Supreme Court could always revive the House. Then the king's regime comes crashing down. That is my preferred way. First knock off the RCCC. Then revive the House.

If that not be coming, the movement shows signs of turning into a full-fledged revolution, because the king has not shown one sign of yielding. He is marching to his own solitary tune. He could shun the world - a big if - but what about the domestic audience?
  1. He is reduced to being a citizen and a businessman.
  2. He loses all his property. Then do what?
  3. He has to leave the country. Go where?
  4. Worst case scenario.
What about the king? How could he turn up the heat? Does he have the option to impose martial law? He could always do the foolish thing, but if he goes that route, he might create a certain violent end for himself. Why would he want to do that?

The police and the army are not on his personal payroll. The king himself is on the Nepali people's payroll. There will come a point in the movement when the police and the army will desert the king. And then where does he go from there?

The other day I was in Jackson Heights. And there are all these diaspora Nepalis with personal contacts inside the army, and these are many senior officers, and the clear message from the officers is, you shoud not think of us as the king's men, don't count us out. The rumor mills are churning.

Journalists making small talk with some police officers facing the demonstrations reveal of at least some conversations where the officers are hoping the general masses will show up in large numbers and so there can be a quicker resolution.

I keep thinking, why is this guy so intent on limiting his options? What is he thinking? What is he trying to gain that he is so intent on losing all he has? Maybe he does not know any other way. Like the Robert De Niro character in the movie Heat.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Do Pramananda Bhagat can assure that king is only the barrier to all these worst scenario. What about parties and about the moaist. Aren't them to be blamed? If one do not blame them then more worst scenario may come after king leave the country. one thing please understand maoist will swallow the parties when they get the right time. Neither security forces are happy to handshake the political parties. Remember it carefully..

Do you have any options what king should do now? Just easily leave his throne because of maximum of 2000 mobilisation.

Try to understand king is the single person and parties are in numbers. If parties feel that they have good support then why they are following maoist's and students' footstep. Don't they have their own identity? If they are that much proud of their movement, then we don't think they need support of the maoist and student of the age 17-23 years. They can lead the mass rally of quater or half the population (2-5 lacs people) of the valley directly to the Palace and put the demand to the king. But that is also not there. Yes, king should give powerback to the people today or tomorrow. But that also doesnot mean to give to the filthy leaders and innocent people killers.

Anonymous said...

The problem in this democratic movement is ONE COMMON VOICE. None of the people have the same tone. A lot are confused, even the educated ones are. Everyone has their own intepretation of democracy, freedom and good governance - though all are saying the same thing from different angles. Here I guess civil society could play an excellent role and a vital contribution to a new nation building. There is no one particular leader that is bringing all the forces together. We are focusing and waisting too much of our time analysis who did what wrong. We need to put the project plan to-gether with a time estimation and execute the program quickly - before it's too late. This is at urning point, uniting juncture for all Nepalese all over the world to provide their positive contribution. This revolution is not against only KING and his supporters. This revolution is against the tyranny, corrupt system, violence and every evil connections to humanity. Every steps of the mission need to be transparent and accountable to the people we are focusing to.

The prime focus should be to establish a sound frame-work that would satisfy the common people first. Ask them what they need? What kind of system, education, economic stability they need today? The civil society should not get involved in the dirty politics and neither the students. It's such a pathetic movement to visulaize that all innocent Nepali Students are involved in politics and taking sides to the politicians. First of all the Politicians need to have a job to support them. Politics is not a profession - it's a service. NOT a begging bowl. All the so called leaders need to understand carefully.

Secondly, people need to be empowered is this new game we are invisioning. Thisnk of a system where there should be no more arguments within ourselves for at least 100 years. Otheriwse every 15 years 10000 people are being killed - and is that good in any ways? Civil society need to focus on every possible doors to educate the people all over the world, Those who are good at international affairs should focus on convinsing International players such as Indian Chinese, UK, USA and UN Diplomats. There should be equal emphasis on peaceful negotiations with King, Maoits and party leaders. Civic society should be non-alligned and should focus on humanity, harmony, National Unity, zero tolerance on killings, building educational system building, generation of economical stability, refrained from international and neighbour dependencies. At the same time find out ways to create more jobs to the common people.

- Loktantra Jindabaad - let peace prevail in Nepal and this earth. Let's pray Lord to guide us to make right decision to follow the path of wisdom.