Saturday, September 10, 2005

Down With The Monarchy

In the way the king has reacted to the unilateral ceasefire by the Maoists, he stands exposed. This is a feudal autocrat who belongs in the dustbins of history, outside Nepal's soil. There is no escaping blame. As the self-appointed chief executive of the country, he is directly responsible for the police brutality against the peaceful demonstrators, and the military brutality all over the country against the defenseless. This is Milosevic with a crown on his head. Milosevic perpetrated ethnic cleansing. Gyanendra's armed men are known to target low caste families, for one.

This is a man who has looted the state treasury. This is a man who has relentlessly militarized the country. This is a man with a fundamental character flaw. This is a man with no hope, no outlet.

This man is a dictator.

In his endless diatribes against the political parties, he has echoed his dictator father Mahendra, and his dictator brother Birendra, and his murderer nephew Dipendra, his dictator grandfather Tribhuvan and his bloodhound ancestor Prithvi. His entire lineage is polluted. His is a family that gives Nepal a bad name, always has.

This man is fundamentally disoriented. He is incapable of understanding peace, democracy and progress. His mind is not healthy. His very constitution is questionable.

Sure there are sycophants with different last names than his who are part of his mafia structures, but they are little flies hovering rotten food. They too stand to be punished. But the primary task is to clean the garbage. You thoroughly clean out the garbage and the flies are much too easily taken care of.

This man is pig-headed. His obstinacy he misunderstands to be resolve.

The mistakes the democrats made was mostly made in 1990, not after. The democrats let these villains go free. They should not ever have been let free.

The choice for Nepal and friends of Nepal is between autocracy and democracy. This hoodlum says it is between terrorism and peace, if is, he is the one who is the ultimate terrorist. He has been terrorising 27 million people for months now.

Enough is enough.

And it is not for India to decide if the UN may engage itself in the peace process in Nepal or not. These brown sahib bureaucrats and politicians in Delhi who never really managed to throw their mental sackles of the colonized and continue with their mental slavery are blind to the fact that the UN is the only way they could ever really truly become a global power. I feel sorry for them, but they may not get in my way nevertheless.

I don't know if the UN will get involved, maybe they will not be necessary. But that is a question for the Nepali democrats.

For now I urge the Maoists and the democrats to work towards forming an alliance of steel. It is time for a total showdown, time for a confrontation. It is a fight to the finish. Time for peace talks have long since passed.

The dictator has squandered all his opportunities. He is not going to get anymore.

On to a republic. And a total, progressive democracy.

And I strongly urge the UN human rights officials in the country to actively document all the atrocities committed by the RNA. This guy is going to the Hague.

In The News
  • Over 50 demonstrators detained in New Delhi NepalNews
  • UN Special Rapporteur on Torture arrives in Kathmandu
  • Company headed by Dr. Giri pays back Bank loan
  • RCCC withdraws its appeal Spokesman of the controversial Commission, Prem Raj Karki, had filed an appeal at the Supreme Court against its own verdict to give clean chits to former prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and six colleagues from his cabinet on charge of ‘misusing’ money from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund....... The RCCC withdrew its appeal after Attorney General Pawan Kumar Ojha advised the Commission not to appeal against its own decision.
  • India’s big ‘No’ to UN involvement in Nepal Kantipur During a recent New Delhi visit of United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan’s Special Advisor Lakhadar Brahimi, New Delhi rejected suggestions that the United Nations provided its good offices in the resolution of nearly a decade old Maoist insurgency in Nepal....... Brahimi was in New Delhi for four days around Aug. 29-Sept.1, and the top UN diplomat held extensive consultation with India’s External Affairs Minister K. Natwar Singh, Secretary Shyam Saran and other top officials in the government ....... During Brahimi’s Delhi stopover, another senior political advisor to the UN Secretary General Samuel Tamrat, who has visited Nepal several times in recent times; and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal, Ian Martin, was also here for consultations........ “It [that the three top UN officials involved in Nepal’s conflict were in Delhi at the same time] was more than just a coincidence” ........ After meeting External Affairs Minister Singh, Brahimi seemed a “little puzzled” to know that India does not want UN’s involvement in the resolution of Nepal’s tri-polar conflict ...... not immediately clear what kind of third party mediation, if at all, Delhi favoured for resolution of the bloody conflict ..... growing multiparty clamours for UN involvement in the conflict resolution. ....... Hailing from Algeria, Brahimi also has experiences of dealing with other conflict hotspots like Iraq and Sri Lanka.
  • Maoists appeal int’l community Prachanda, has appealed international communities including the United Nations to exert pressure on government for establishing peace in the country. ...... accused the government of starting a conspiracy to sabotage the unilateral ceasefire announced by his party....... Prachanda also claimed that security forces have intensified attacks on Maoist cadres in Bardia, Kanchanpur, Jajarkot, Dailkeh, Udayapur, Taplejung and Kaski district among others...... “The attacks on our cadres, who are in the active defense positions, are aimed at compelling us to breakdown the ceasefire”
  • Over 100 students abducted in Myagdi
  • King cancelled UN visit to focus on restoring peace: FM Pandey
  • 98 kms of road constructed last year
  • ANNISU-R shut down 9 more schools in Udayapur
  • FNJ urges Annan to discuss Nepali media crisis
  • Over three dozen leaders detained
  • NHRC requests govt not to use excessive force
  • Nepali guerrillas move affects 15,000 students in eastern Nepal People's Daily Online, China The government, with the support from World Bank, has begun the transfer of the management of state-aided schools to the School Management Committee, a body of local people
  • UN expert visiting Nepal on torture issue People's Daily Online, China ..... a fact-finding mission starting Saturday ....... The special rapporteur will submit a comprehensive written report on the visit to Commission on Human Rights at its 62nd session in 2006.
  • A Royal Taming Outlook (subscription) Last week was arguably Nepal's most tumultuous from the time King Gyanendra grabbed power on February 1........ Nepal's monarch rescinded his earlier plan to address the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on September 16; two major political parties declared their opposition to even constitutional monarchy; the Maoists announced a three-month ceasefire beginning September 1; and the people braved police repression to voice their anger against the monarch....... His trip to New York was anyway expected to be stormy. Heads of several European delegations had been contemplating a walkout during King Gyanendra's speech at the UNGA; outside it, expat Nepalis had planned a black flag demonstration......."Where's the question of the king cancelling his trip which had never been announced," stoutly defended a foreign ministry official. ........ the king and his 56-member entourage. ..... the government had even hired a public relations person for $50,000, in the hopes of rallying international support in New York. And the state exchequer released a whopping Rs 110 million for the trip, an amount never before spent on a Nepali delegation to the UN....... With 60 per cent of the cadres of the two parties below 40 years of age, their leaders could not ignore the radicalism of the younger generation which has neither emotional nor intellectual affinity with the kingship....... Quite cleverly, Prachanda was projecting the army generals, not the soldiers, as his enemy....... the Maoists wanted an interim government to supervise elections to the Constituent Assembly, which could then institutionalise the democratic republican system........ Madhav Kumar Nepal responded, "We are one with the Maoists on the question of the Constituent Assembly." ...... As mainstream political parties and the Maoists began to move towards a common ground, Kathmandu's streets echoed with slogans of "Get out Gyanendra." These daily protests invited retaliatory police action and arrests of hundreds....... Sore over the king's refusal to restore democracy at the earliest, India indicated for the first time that it won't ignore the demand for a republic voiced by political parties. It also thought the announcement of ceasefire was vital....... "All political forces now need to work strenuously for a democratically based peace process leading to a durable negotiated solution, involving a national consensus and reintegration of the Maoists into a multi-party democracy," a EU statement issued by the British embassy here said....... the ceasefire declaration portrays the Maoists as greater votaries of peace than the king...... The declaration also helps them counter Nepal and Washington's accusation that they are terrorists. These perceptions were further bolstered with Prachanda asking Annan to play a larger role in the negotiations in Nepal—a role he is keen on...... It's difficult for them to share a platform with the Maoists who haven't yet put down their gun and who have killed scores of pro-democracy supporters in the past. "That will mean accepting the Maoist agenda and its leadership. We are aware of it," Nepali Congress leader G.P. Koirala is believed to have told his confused supporters privately. Revival of the Nepali parliament has been the demand of political parties. Its acceptance by the king could preempt the political parties and Maoists joining hands. But it would also mean the king accepting constitutional monarchy as enshrined in the Constitution. Should he not, analysts say he ought to prepare for a republican hurricane.
  • Nepal’s villagers just want peace., Nepal “We met Maoists on the way but they said nothing about a ceasefire,” says 27-year-old Bal Bahadur Rai, who arrived in Chhatara after walking along the Kosi for two days from Bhojpur district...... Even after the unilateral ceasefire announced by the Maoists, there seems to be either a lack of communication or a break down in the chain of command. Rebel road blockades are intact in the district headquarters of Pachthar and Taplejung in the east and local Maoist commanders are saying that the ceasefire statement from their leader was not clear so they have decided to maintain their blockades........ the message of Prachanda’s statement hasn’t yet filtered down to the grassroots cadre. “The Maoists themselves are not clear about the ceasefire,” adds Mahat. They don’t know if it also includes an end to extortion, abductions, school closures and recruitment....... Activists are now calling on a coalition of 25 human rights organisations to immediately start independent monitoring...... Community leaders in the east say the situation may improve only if the government reciprocates the ceasefire.......Villagers there said the rebels approached them after the ceasefire demanding 20 kg of rice and cash from each household....... concerns that security operations by the state might jeopardise the ceasefire. Security forces have been intensifying searches and on the day of the ceasefire arrested three Maoists near midnight in Hawaldarpur, 10 km outside of town. The yearning for peace is so great that even local police want the government to announce a ceasefire. “It will be better for everyone if both sides agree,” says a local policeman at a sandbagged picket in the centre of Nepalganj. But Kumar Sharma Acharya of the Nepal Bar Association says this won’t happen without pressure. “We have to step up our lobbying for the state to also announce an immediate ceasefire,” he says.

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