Sunday, July 24, 2005

Shambhu Thapa On Radio Dovaan

Radio Dovaan July 24 Program Minute 26:15, Minute 43:50
Shambhu Thapa At Bichar Bimarsha Samudaya Audio 34 minutes, 59 seconds July 16th
Shushil Pyakurel 16 minutes, 12 seconds
Gopal Siwakoti 12 minutes, 53 seconds

I managed to ask two questions:
  1. The seven parties have finally come around to the idea of a Constituent Assembly, which is to say they now agree the 1990 constitution is dead. But the demand that the 1999 parliament be revived is to suggest maybe that is not so. Don't you think their sticking to the revival demand is what is hampering mass participation in the movement for democracy?
  2. Like the king looks regressive to the Bahun democrats, the Bahun democrats look regressive to the DaMaJaMa. What do you think of that?
Thanks Radio Dovaan for hosting, but I found the answers rather dissatisfactory. Thapa clearly belongs with those who think the 1990 constitution somehow needs to be preserved, the civil war be damned. That thinking stands in the way of social justice.

It is like with these NC, UML types you almost have to read their names backwards to get a feel for where they are coming from.

This was the first time I listened to this radio program. Is this the only Nepali language radio in the US? I think their presentation was pretty impressive. Good thing they archive their shows, so people can access the programs on their own schedule, and from wherever in the world.

They might want to present themselves as some kind of a portal for audio content on the web in the languages of Nepal. Just a thought.

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