Sunday, July 31, 2005


To: Alliance For Democracy And Human Rights In Nepal
c/o: Sanjaya Parajuli, Anil Shahi

Subject: Suggesting A Project To Provide Logistical Support To The Movement In Nepal

I am aware of some of the controversies generated by some of my blog entries to do with the ADHRN ($100,000, ADHRN). In the spirit of transparent democracy, I welcome the ensuing discussions. Talks back and forth have also helped me polish my proposal. On top of immediate organizational technical difficulties, I have bigger personal reasons to backtrack from my original suggestion that I gun for the presidency of the ADHRN.

Once democracy is established, I would not want to hold any official title with the ADHRN or any similar organization. But until then, I want to be able to provide concrete logistical help to the movement. And so, I think, the better thing would be for me to become a Project Manager within the ADHRN umbrella.

I envision an extent of fund-raising and involvement that I have not seen yet from any quarter. On the other hand, it would be a major boost to my efforts if I could make use of the ADHRN brand name and its social networks.

The project would come to an end once democracy is established in Nepal.

The basic idea that I also have outlined in the earlier blog entries is to engage in some major fund-raising at this end, to vastly expand the network, and to coordinate with the leaders of the movement back in Nepal, of the parties, professionals, students and others, so as to move ahead in the most effective way possible to achieve the goal in the shortest time possible.

All book-keeping will be kept transparent from day one as the discussions on tactics and strategies so as to ensure wide participation.

At this time I would like to request the two of you to please take this proposal over to your committee and get them to rally behind it. After that work begins.

I believe forging ahead in a transparent manner is the best way we can minimize the distractions of internal organizational politics at this end and maximize our impact on the ground at the other end.

Thank you for your time.

And I look forward to working with you.

Paramendra Bhagat

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