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Tehelka Interview With Baburam

The impression I get is the Napali Maoists will set up a democratic republic even if they were to come to power on their own. But that is what Baburam thinks. Is that where they collectively stand? I am not so sure. Prachanda's definition of a democratic republic in the past has been as imaginative as King G's definition of democracy. So one has to be wary.

On the other hand, the democrats are being of disservice by not engaging the Maoists more directly. Talks do not mean you have gotten into a working alliance. Talks can mean as little as that you have opened up a channel of communication.

There is also a trust issue. As long as Prachanda does not reinstate Baburm as second in command and head of state inside his organization, I will continue to be distrustful. Because Prachanda's decision to put Baburam under "protective custody" was a major mistake. That mistake can be corrected by putting Baburam back where he was in the organization before.

But that is of secondary importance to the democrats. What is of primary importance is to maintain the lead if possible. The movement will have to be more innovative than holding a mass meeting here and a rally there.

By now the Maoists are no longer talking of a ceremonical monarchy. They want the monarchy out. Period. That new line is a loss to the Monarchists who did not see wisdom in going for a Constituent Assembly.

The democrat line should be No Constituent Assembly Without Maoist Disarmament.

And the other day there was a bomb explosion within the compounds of Singha Durbar. Is it possible the Maoists have infiltrated the RNA ranks that they could get that close to the Prime Minister's office? Well, for now, it is Tulsi Giri's office.

In The News
  • Interview With Baburam Bhattarai Tehelka ..... In an e-mail interview with Ajit Baral ..... Even foreign observers have acknowledged that revolutionaries control the entire countryside and the State authority is confined to the capital city and district headquarters..... the appeal of the seven parliamentary parties to the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) issued on June 18 and the positive reply of the CPN(M) to it on June 19, there are strong chances that a common front will be forged soon to fight the autocratic monarchy on the basis of a common minimum programme...... the leadership of the party, army and State should not be centralised in one person as happened in most of the socialist countries in the past.... when the Central Committee of the party in August 2004 sought to centralise the leadership of the party, army and state in a single individual, it was bound to raise a serious debate in the party...... not true that action was taken against me for making public my differences with Comrade Prachanda..... a case of a serious ideological, political dispute wrongly sought to be settled through administrative or organisational means by the politburo..... all these years we attempted to learn from the mistakes of Stalin, particularly on the question of handling inner-party contradictions, and now the party has repeated the same mistakes and I have become its victim...... My point of view is presented in the 13-point letter and the ‘note of dissent’, the essence of which is learning from the mistakes of Stalin and going beyond Mao particularly on the question of building a new type of party, army and State. I am happy that we are now attempting to go back to the days of Lenin and practising his well-known formulation of “freedom of criticism and unity in action”...... In tactical terms contradiction of the Nepalese people with the monarchy is sharper now than with the Indian ruling classes and any confusion or vacillation on this question will cause great harm to the revolution. There is no need to read more than this in our current tactical line vis-a-vis the monarchy and the Indian ruling classes. .... we view India in class terms and not as a monolith. Hence when we talk of India, we do not see only the Indian State and the ruling classes but also, and more so, the revolutionary and progressive Indian people and different democratic and progressive political parties. Our India visit should be seen in this light. We are not asking for anybody’s mediation but the goodwill of all for the ongoing democratic struggle in the country. ..... We prefer that the conflict be resolved without any external mediation. However, we understand that a stable solution will require the goodwill of all major international players, particularly our immediate neighbours India and China...... we see no necessity and possibility of any peace talks with the king. The need of the hour is total abolition of the feudal autocratic monarchy and proclamation of a democratic republic in the country.
  • Full Democracy by Surendra Devkota
  • Most Corrupt District UWB Top ten corruption-reported districts: Dhanusa (31), Humla (27), Bara (21), Rupandehi (19), Siraha (17), Morang (16), Sarlahi (15), Saptari (14), Rautahat (13) and Parsa (12). (Figures in parentheses: average number of corruption complaints at DAOs during six years from 1998/99)
  • INSN And Samudaya Blocked In Nepal UWB Sarahana from wrote: “Democracy or not, it should be evident to anyone who understands societies and humans that in this day and age, you make your case strong by presenting strong arguments, not by silencing your opposition. As long as you silence non-violent opposition, your motives will always be questionable, and no matter how well your intentions may be, such enforcements always work against your position.”
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  • 6 RNA cells to probe human rights abuses Kantipur Online, Nepal Gurung said that the Maoist attack across the country was not escalating in the past few weeks.... In fact the army have been launching security actions at Maoist concentrated areas.... Gurung said that the Maoists have killed at least 24 civilians so far after Chitwan carnage last month.....Gurung also said that 4460 Maoists were killed since the breakdown of ceasefire in August 2003. He assumed that around 860 more might have been killed and 360 others injured.....The army spokesman said that 503 security personnel had been killed during the same period. A total of 2771 Maoists have surrendered to the security forces across the country
  • Nepal's media says govt threatening it Hindustan Times, India Nepal's largest media group, which has been critical of the royal government, today said unspecified parties have threatened to bomb its newspaper offices.
  • US official to visit Nepal Himalayan Times, Nepal Tim Rieser, an aide of US senator Patrick Leahy
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  • The Renewing of Socialism: An Introduction Monthly Review, VA the danger to the world of not countering the mantra that “there is no alternative” to capitalism is now too great, given persistent problems of economic stagnation, the growth of empire and war, and the threat of ecological collapse..... Fourier wrote that “under civilization [i.e., capitalism] poverty is borne of super-abundance itself.” In industrial capitalism’s place they advocated far-reaching reform in factory conditions, education, the situation of women, the relation between town and country, etc...... more revolutionary movements arose from the practical struggles of industrial workers themselves ..... a systematic critique of capitalism ....
  • 'Domestic violence seriously affecting pregnant women' Kathmandu Post, Nepal
  • Parties to hold talks with Maoists Kathmandu Post, Nepal Leaders of the seven agitating political parties, on Thursday, said they would hold dialogue with the Maoists to bring the rebels into the political mainstream irrespective of threats from the government and cautioning from foreigners..... "I will hold open dialogue with the Maoists," said Girija Prasad Koirala, former prime minister and Nepali Congress president, adding, "I am ready to face a jail term if our initiative to stop the killing of innocent people everyday becomes unacceptable to the government." ...... Hinting at direct threats from the government and indirect pressure from Indian and US leaders to avoid holding dialogue with the Maoists..... Nepal claimed that there was no possibility of "patch-ups" with the palace under the present circumstance due to the monarch's refusal to remain merely as a ceremonial head of state. "The longer the situation continues, the slimmer the possibility of our talks with the king..... Nepal argued that there was no alternative to holding constituent assembly elections.... Pashupati Shumsher Rana, chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party, however, suggested that the parties should not reach hasty conclusions. "Leaders, especially Koirala and Nepal, should demonstrate adequate patience and a sense of responsibility at this critical juncture," Rana said. "Dialogue between the king and pro-constitution forces is essential to overcome the present crises. Otherwise, the result will be devastating."..... Upper House Vice-chairman, Ram Prit Pasman.... C P Mainali, chairman of United Left Front
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  • Swiss put human rights at center of UN reform International Herald Tribune, France one country is playing a surprisingly crucial role in the process..... Switzerland's proposal to replace the Human Rights Commission, a discredited UN body, with a more powerful panel has quietly received support, from officials including Secretary General Annan and such countries as the United States .... Switzerland can play a role that many larger countries cannot ...... human rights and international law are important counterweights to power politics .... It pressured Nepal this year to accept UN observers and has been a leading critic of U.S. policy at the Guantánamo Bay detention center..... proposing a human rights council in Geneva to replace the Human Rights Commission .... still follows its 400-year-old policy of neutrality, which means it has refused to join such military alliances as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.....
  • ANNISU(R) calls off educational strike Himalayan Times, Nepal
  • A Very Special Police ZNet, MA “human rights, along with democracy and social justice, are one of the best prophylactics against terrorism.”
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  • Maoist bomb wounds 16 in western Nepal ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland
  • India discussing an ‘Action Plan’ to deal with the Maoist, Nepal initiate land reforms, build roads and communication networks and create job opportunities
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  • Ghisingh goes to Delhi The Statesman, India
  • Blast near Nepal parliament Calcutta Telegraph, India Nearly 10 Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) soldiers were injured in a mysterious blast which occurred inside their barracks at the parliament complex (Singha Durbar) ..... RNA’s public relations wing claimed that a cooking gas cylinder exploded inside the kitchen of the barracks, people living near the parliament claimed that the explosion was so powerful that it rattled the window panes in buildings nearby. They said that a thick plume of smoke was visible a kilometre away and a strong smell of explosives emanated from the site......
  • Alliance with King only if takeover is undone: Gautam Himalayan Times, Nepal
  • Decoding Political Developments by Jana Sharma NepalNews as Girija Prasad Koirala, Baburam Bhattarai and Surya Bahadur Thapa end their political pilgrimages to New Delhi ..... RAW is modeled after Britain’s MI 6 and the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency. But unlike its Western cuisines, RAW has often a decisive say in the “world’s largest democracy.” ..... 1977 ... one of its agents Rabinder Singh – allegedly “cultivated” by the Americans – abruptly showed up in Kathmandu to defect to the United States..... Reading the reference on Sikkim in 1970s is like reading something on Nepal today. RAW prepared necessary grounds for India’s direct military intervention in the former Himalayan kingdom...... the Khampa insurgency smashed by the Royal Nepal Army on the eve of late King Birendra’s February 1975 coronation......
  • The RCCC member terrorizes businessmen in Birgunj NepalNews haphazard raids being carried out by a team of the controversial Royal Commission on Corruption Control..... already raided over two dozen business firms in Birgunj. He has also visited government offices like land revenue, transport, electricity and asked for documents the staff were dealing. Local officials said the Commission had asked with them details of those who had become millionaire overnight.... At one occasion, he said he would be investigating into the cases related to ‘fly-by-night millionaires.’ On the very next occasion, he said he would also be investigating into transfer of school teachers as well as VDC secretaries who had not completed their projects...... Bijay Sarabagi, president of the Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), “Agencies like customs, internal revenue and revenue investigation department are already operating in Birgunj. Now RCCC is here. (We don’t know) towards how many agencies do we need to be accountable. If the situation persists, we will have no option but to give up businesses.” ...... Khati had led an anti-corruption rally in Birgunj some one and half years ago with the help of controversial businessmen like Bhola Shah, Rajnish Sindhi and Dipak Manange.’..... An official with the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) said, “When you don’t have to follow rules and regulations then you are free to do whatever you like.” ...... Khati said the RCCC had to be constituted as the CIAA and special court had failed to discharge their duties .....

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