Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gagan Thapa Arrested Again

This is sacrilegious. This borders towards blasphemy.

The polarization in the country is likely to shift from autocracy vs. democracy to republicans vs. the Giri-Bishta-Shaha alliance.

Tulsi Giri has a point, it is a choice between monarchy and democracy. A king who has made it very clear that he feels underemployed, possibly unemployed, as a constitutional monarch is the first one who offered that choice. A politician who contests elections is more involved than a "constructive" monarch. Go the full length!

Be seen and heard. Go on television and announce an end to your illegitimate regime.

The Monarchists have taken the lead. It is time the democrats started singing the same tune, that it really is a choice between the monarchy and democracy.

Suddenly the Maoist overture for a firmer alliance has gained new currency.

The democrats need to move beyond what they have been saying so far. Don't push me, or else. Or else what?

Or else what? Time to articulate.

The Giri-Bishta-Shaha alliance seems to think the names Deuba and Thapa rhyme with each other. Arrest Deuba, then go arrest Gagan Thapa.

Message: Gagan Thapa is not alone.

The countdown has begun.

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In The News
  • Gagan Thapa to face sedition charges Kantipur Online, Nepal July 27 ... former general secretary of Nepal Students Union, was arrested by plainclothes security personnel from Anamnagar this morning .... taken to the Special Court at Babarmahal in the afternoon where the police authorities demanded a seven-day detention to investigate the sedition charges .... accused Thapa of shouting slogans against the monarchy in prohibited area at Ratnapark that was organized by Citizens’ Movement for Peace and Democracy on Monday...... This incident shows that the absolute rule is weakening day by day,” Thapa told journalists after coming out of the Special Court...... “If sedition charge is labelled against those who are fighting for democracy and people’s rights, then there is no alternative but to go for decisive people’s movement,” he said...... Thapa also called on all students and youths to go against such “absolutism” for the establishment of a “New Nepal.” .... transferred him to Hanuman Dhoka Police Station this evening after being interrogated at Ward Polic Office in Tinkune ..... This is the second time Thapa is facing the sedition charge. In December 2003, the government had labeled Thapa with the same charge for shouting anti-monarchy slogans in a student rally. The government had taken back the charge following increasing violent protest by the students.
  • Student Leader Gagan Thapa Arrested Himalayan Times in custody for seven day under the Offence Against the State Act-1989..... A three member bench of judges Govinda P Parajuli, Rana B Bam, and Bhoop Dhoj Adhikari .... Police picked up Thapa from his Maitidevi residence at around 9:15 this morning. He had just returned after meeting Pradeep Poudyal, vice-chairman of Nepal Students Union who is being detained at Ward Police Office in Singh Durbar. Thapa had been taken to Ward Police Office in Tinkune for interrogation.
  • Nepal king under fire over coup BBC News, UK Former US Senator Tom Daschle has launched a scathing attack on Nepal's king ..... called for the release of ousted former PM Sher Bahadur Deuba .... said all political prisoners must be freed and urged the king to scrap a controversial corruption body. .... As he made his statement, security forces re-arrested a prominent student leader, Gagan Thapa..... Daschle led the Democrat Party in the US Senate for 12 years ..... He stressed he was not speaking for the US administration, which has called on the king and political parties to work together ..... the parties sidelined by the king should remove what he called corrupt people from their ranks and offer a blueprint for change...... urged the Maoist guerrillas to end abduction, extortion and violence..... Daschle's most blistering criticisms were aimed at the royal palace...... the former senator said, corrupt people and convicted criminals should have no place in the royal-led government ..... Daschle said the authorities must release all political prisoners
  • Youth leaders demand clear agenda Kathmandu Post, Nepal Jul 24 The new generation leaders of the country's mainstream parties, on Sunday, alleged that lack of clarity among their leaders about monarchy and democracy is further prolonging problems.... Student leader Gagan Thapa, said the root cause of the present problem was feudalistic structure of Nepali society, and claimed that it would continue until progressive forces come together against the feudals.
  • Student Leaders Get 10-day Custody Himalayan Times, Nepal Jul 15

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