Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bush's War On Terror And King G

King G had been reading too many international news magazines, perhaps watching too much TV. On 2/1 he decided he was going to jump onto the Bush bandwagon. If Musharraf can do it. Well, Bush is in news saying King G might think he is with Bush, but that is not how Bush feels about the situation. The leaders of the oldest and the largest democracies met and talked Nepal.

A war on terror is not a war on democracy.

And the Asian Development Bank has come forth one more time to Deuba's defense. Allegations of corruption are blatantly false, the bank has said one more time.

And Norway has cut aid.

38 professional organizations have warned the government.

The common public, the kind that does not necessarily come out into the streets for political demonstrations, has started to lose patience with the new regime's non deliverance.
The house of cards has been collapsing.

The terrorism card did not work. The corruption card did not work. Now the regime is on to the time card, the patience c
ard. If only it will hold out long enough, the world will come around to it, it will get used to it. That card is even less strong than the other two cards. The Indo-US-EU alliance is not about to budge. In Nepal's case, because the country is not exactly a Pakistan or a China, strategically speaking, these powers actually can afford to talk and act idealistic, and looks like they are. The whole idea behind 2/1 was that the king can take care of internal dissent. All he has to do is get outer acceptance. Attending a few international conferences does not cut it either. There is this fundamental logjam. This political paralysis.

People like Tulsi Giri actually feel they are on the verge of a "partyless democracy." How delusional can one get!

In The News
  • Bush, Singh stress restoration of democracy in Nepal Kathmandu Post, Nepal US President Geroge W Bush and Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh have agreed that it's extremely crucial for King Gyanendra to restore civil liberties...... With regard to India's bid to secure UN Security Council seat, Bush told Singh that the USA was backing only Japan in this regard.
  • Nepali diaspora in US concerned Kantipur .... Sushil Pyakurel, ex-member of NHRC; Shambhu Thapa, president, Nepal Bar Association; and Dr Gopal Krishna Shiwakoti, human rights activist, are presently in the US .... Pramod Aryal, guest research scientist at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, said..... Chautari and Greater Boston Nepalese Community, on July 25, at Harvard University .... Pyakurel met and briefed former Minority leader Senator Tom Daschle .... understand that the king is simply trying to discredit the parties..... "If the international arms supply to Nepal stops, it would put significant pressure on the king"
  • Melamchi on deathbed Kantipur
  • Norway withdraws; ADB says no irregularites Kantipur
  • 38 professional orgs warn govt Kantipur .... warned of launching strong protest programs ... no alternative to a unified and stormy movement to safeguard their trade union rights..... Gorkhapatra Corporation Employees' Association, Federation of Professionals, Nepal Civil Employees' Organization, Nepal National Teachers' Organization, Inter-corporation Employees' Association, Inter-Bank Employees' Association, Nepal Health Technicians' Association, Nepal Nursing Association, Diploma Engineers' Association, Nepal Rangers' Association, TU Progressive Employees' Organization, Nepal Surveyors' Association and Ex-civil Servants' Organization..... Nepal Agriculture Research Council Employees' Association, Para-Veterinary and Livestock Employees' Association, Local Bodies Employees' Association, TU Employees' Association, Nepal Bank Employees' Association, Nepal Rastra Bank Employees' Association, Sanchaya Kosh Employees' Association, Rastriya Beema Sansthan Employees' Association and Nepal Insurance Company Employees' Association.... NEA Employees' Union, Nepal Telecom Employees' Association, Nepal Water Supply Corporation Employees' Association, Dairy Development Corporation Employees' Association, Industrial Estate Management Company Employees' Association, Nepal Oil Corporation Employees' Association, Nepal Food Corporation Employees' Association, Radio Transmission and Development Committee Employees' Association, Cottage and Small Industries Committee Employees' Association, Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation Employees' Association. TCN Employees' Association, JEMC Employees' Association, Agriculture Development Bank Employees' Association and Royal Drugs Limited Employees' Association.
  • Parties condemn use of force Kantipur ... will take out "harsher" protest programs in future..... the "special meeting" of incumbent and ex-lawmakers has been scheduled for July 26 at Birendra International Convention Center.
  • Student unions continue stir Kantipur .... torch rallies in New Baneswor. .. set up a road blockade in front of Shanker Dev College..... more protest programs have been planned out by eight student unions but declined to disclose any details..... the six students arrested were not released though their jail term expired on Wednesday.
  • Politics and political analysis Kantipur .... Panchayat era has been revived completely ... the 1990 movement was terminated without any definite and written document specifying the code and mode of future governance...... Politics is decided and guided by class interest, not by preaching and sermon..... the parties should go to people to earn their faith and educate them about the need of establishing genuine democracy before expecting any substantial achievement

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