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My blog entry $100,000 managed to generate some controversy. What I say there about possibly presiding over the ADHRN is not an attempt at a power grab, more like an attempt to try and engineer something more concrete and creative in Nepal from this end: eDemocracy, 4S Campaign, 24/7 Vigil For Democracy: Take Over Tundikhel. Concerted fund-raising efforts, disciplined messages, maximal participation, open dialogue, a broad umbrella for a host of issues and organizations.

I have received a few phone calls, I have made some. And I have weathered some inflamed online discussion threads. It is not like there is anyone voicing against the idea, but rather people unsettled at the very idea of it. There are ripples, let's say. If you are a progressive, activist kind, you might as well get used to it.

I have informed two of the officers of ADHRN. I am open to possibilities of instead having a committee within the organization. But when the sole focus is the movement for democracy in Nepal, I am not sure a committee idea might be the best one.

Whatever is to be done, it is to be done in an open, democratic and respectful way.

And if it is done, it does not escape my attention that I might end up the first Madhesi to lead a major US-based Nepali organization.

I intend to present my case. I mean, I already have an offer to participate in some capacity. But I figured, why not gun for the leadership itself? If I have the best vision, and political understanding, and a track record of proven leadership skills, and a concrete gameplan for a possible, decisive movement inside of Nepal, and the best plans to provide moral and logistical help from this end, then why not get hold of the steering wheel itself?

I would want to hand over the leadership as soon as democracy materializes inside of Nepal. Then on my involvement with Nepal would primarily be through the online think tank: 21st Century Nepal.

Alliance for Democracy & Human rights in Nepal

President: Sanjaya Parajuli, Vice-President I: Somnath Ghimire, Vice –PresidentII: Yem Rayamajhi, General Secretary: Anil Shahi, Joint Secretary: Sudeep Lamichhane, Treasurer: Radha Poudyal, Chairperson of the Board: Mirdula Koirala, Board Members: Rabin Raj Pandey, Kirshna Pokharel, Mahabir Chaudhary, Pratap Kunwar, Phurba Sherpa, Sujata Rai, Binod Roka.

Or a third way could emerge. There is a potluck picnic the Alliance seems to be hosting next Sunday. Maybe that will be a venue for some discussions and stratetizing.

I did a Google News search on the organization. It has beee news for hosting two talks programs recently. United We Blog gave the talk by Kunda Dixit major coverage.
I also did a Google search.
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cc: Sanjaya Parajuli, Anil Shahi.

In The News
  • Considerable improvement in law and order situation: King Kantipur Online
  • POLITICS-NEPAL: At War With Whom? Inter Press Service (subscription), World a succession of real and rumoured legal changes suggest the palace is planning deep-rooted alterations to the liberal democratic society .... amended law also removes affirmative-action quotas for hiring women, dalits ('untouchables') and indigenous people. .... the government has stopped placing advertisements in private media, cutting off an important source of their revenue..... threat hanging over journalists' heads ''leads to self-censorship, which in a way is more dangerous'' ...... 'In the next three years, the king will not even leave any trace of democracy, let alone strengthening it...... the new United Nations human rights office in the capital has also been talking with Maoists. The discussions centred on human rights violations....... ''He probably wants to restore the Panchayat (pre-democratic) system under a different name,'' added SD Muni .....
  • Poudel appointed Chief Justice Kantipur Speaker Tara Nath Ranabhat, who had been opposing the use of Article 127 by the King, also attended the meeting. ......former chief justice and chairman of the present constitution drafting committee Bishwa Nath Upadhyay, termed the invocation of Article 127 and the giving of the prime minister's authority to the chief justice as "unconstitutional"....."The present constitutional crisis has been created by the King. So, it makes no sense for the King to invoke Article 127 citing the same crisis."
  • NC-D takes action against 12 members Kantipur 12 party workers who were reluctant to go against Feb.1 royal takeover and Royal Commission for Corruption Control.... Mani Lama, district president of Taplejung, Keshav Kumar Budhathoki of Jhapa, Mahesh Kormacha of Okhaldhunga, Man Bahadur Chand of Darchula, Ajit Thapa, vice-president of Dhankuta..... party’s central advisors Govinda Malla and Narendra Bahadur Bum have also been disengaged from their ranks.
  • OHCHR in touch with Maoists Kantipur ... has established a channel of communication with them .... "We came in contact with local level Maoists while carrying out investigation,” the Kantipur daily reported Martin as saying Friday, “and we have already established communication with the central level." ...... human rights situation in Nepal should be looked under three categories: violations of human rights and international humanitarian laws relating to conflict; human rights situation after February 1; and long standing human rights issues such as discrimination on grounds of social and economic backgrounds......
  • Maoists torch 3 passenger buses Kantipur All the passengers were disembarked from the buses before setting it ablaze .... buses on its way to Manthali
  • King plans to rule longer than three years: Nepal Kantipur in an analysis of the King’s six months of direct rule .... Nepal also said now the political parties wouldn’t even accept the King’s proposal even if would be based on Constitution of Nepal 1990..... the talk of dialogue and reconciliation at this hour was absolutely meaningless
  • Students stage demonstrations Kantipur Irate students blocked the roads in front of Shankar Dev, Padhma Kanya and Pashupati Campus
  • Corruption rampant in autocracy Kathmandu Post, Nepal the fight against corruption cannot succeed in a country where freedoms and democracy are curtailed. Manandhar was citing cases of 160 countries around the globe to support his argument. ..... In China and Vietnam, there is a legal provision of serving death penalty to people found guilty of corruption. "Yet, corruption is very high in both countries" .... dismissed the popular assumption that corruption in Nepal increased after the restoration of democracy in 1990...... "Ever since the parliament was dissolved in Nepal in 2002, government arrears have increased abruptly," he said, adding that all arrears are not necessarily corruption, but all corruption are arrears.....the term "terrorism" is being used to discredit Maoists, while the term "corruption" is being used to discredit multiparty democracy.
  • With Interest: 'China model' is tough to copy International Herald Tribune, France Countries are like people - they also like to try out the latest get-rich-quick scheme..... China's political stability. It is not involved in any particularly active conflicts with its neighbors, and any disturbances in its region...... China's political system also gives the government enough control to pave the way for foreign investors....... The China model may smack of get-rich-quick, but it's really get-rich-slow.
  • Govt reconstitutes Social Welfare Council Kantipur Online, Nepal
  • British Gurkha champ ready to defend Deuba UK edition, India A maverick Nepalese lawyer, who has helped the British Gurkha soldiers fight against the British government and wrest equal rights, says he is ready to give King Gyanendra battle to free jailed former premier Sher Bahadur Deuba.... Gopal Siwakoti ....has offered to fight for Deuba's release in the United Nations international court in Geneva..... Siwakoti has jumed into the fray with a band of lawyers at the Human Rights Committee in Geneva...... "In 1991, Nepal ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights." "If the government violates the pact, it can be taken to the UN court directly." "Nepal's Jail Act says an accused person can be jailed after he has been sentenced by a court," he says. "But the commission is not a court. Only parliament can form a court, not the king." .... international laws require judges to be "transparent, independent and impartial"..... Siwakoti, who has the reputation of filing public interest cases, however can't go to the UN court directly since only the "victim" has such access. "But if Deuba gives the nod, we can file our case within a week," Siwakoti said. "In two months we can mobilise 100 lawyers at home and abroad who will defend him before the UN." ..... Deuba says though the probe commission is unconstitutional, he will not fight its verdict in a higher court because he feels judges are afraid to go against the king.
  • Single Visa for S Asia May be a Reality Soon Himalayan Times, Nepal
  • Melamchi-Affected Locals Issue Ultimatum Himalayan Times, Nepal
  • Religious communities urge govt., Maoists to declare ceasefire, Nepal
  • It's birthday parties vs political parties in Nepal, India .... four-year-old Hridayendra, has gun salutes and foreign dignitaries arriving in Mercedes and BMWs..... second of three children born to Paras and Crown Princess Himani..... an elder sister Purnika and a younger one Kritika
  • With the rift between the king and parties deepening, many wonder ... OhmyNews International, South Korea a question asked frequently -- but increasingly -- not only in Nepal but the world over: Will Nepal become a republic? .... there is no letup in sight. Could the unthinkable happen? ..... a perpetual state of uncertainty -- both psychologically and financially ..... there has been no positive impact of the royal takeover as evidenced by the media report, "Democracy vs. autocracy: Figures speak for themselves" ...... The king’s game plan is simple: Egged on by his backers, he is tightening his grip on the key levers of power to ensure his rule.... the needle of suspicion is pointed in one direction: King Gyanendra...... who will solve the complex trigonometric puzzle of the political parties-king-Maoists? As the abyss of difference gets wider, finding someone to do so will become more unlikely.....

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