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Monday, June 24, 2024

24: Trump

What the Arrival of A.I. Phones and Computers Means for Our Data Apple, Microsoft and Google need more access to our data as they promote new phones and personal computers that are powered by artificial intelligence. Should we trust them? ......... In this new paradigm, your Windows computer will take a screenshot of everything you do every few seconds. An iPhone will stitch together information across many apps you use. And an Android phone can listen to a call in real time to alert you to a scam. ....... the companies and their devices need more persistent, intimate access to our data than before ........ A.I. needs an overview to connect the dots between what we do across apps, websites and communications ......... this new type of computing interface — one that is constantly studying what you are doing to offer assistance — will become indispensable. ........... Because A.I. can automate complex actions — like scrubbing unwanted objects from a photo — it sometimes requires more computational power than our phones can handle. That means more of our personal data may have to leave our phones to be dealt with elsewhere. ........... But for tasks that have to be pushed to servers, Apple said, it has developed safeguards, including scrambling the data through encryption and immediately deleting it. ........ began rolling out Windows computers called Copilot+ PC, which start at $1,000....... The PCs can generate images and rewrite documents, among other new A.I.-powered features. ......... Microsoft compares Recall to having a photographic memory built into your PC.

I Know What America’s Leading C.E.O.s Really Think of Donald Trump Mr. Trump continues to suffer from the lowest level of corporate support in the history of the Republican Party......... the top corporate leaders working today, like many Americans, aren’t entirely comfortable with either Mr. Trump or President Biden. But they largely like — or at least can tolerate — one of them. They truly fear the other. ........ Not a single Fortune 100 chief executive has donated to the candidate so far this year, which indicates a major break from overwhelming business and executive support for Republican presidential candidates dating back over a century, to the days of Taft and stretching through Coolidge and the Bushes, all of whom had dozens of major company heads donating to their campaigns. ......... Several chief executives resented Mr. Trump’s personal attacks on businesses through divide-and-conquer tactics, meddling and pitting competitors against each other publicly. Scores of them rushed to distance themselves from Mr. Trump’s more provocative stances, resigning en masse from his business advisory councils in 2017 after he equated antiracism activists with white supremacists. Dozens of them openly called for Mr. Trump’s impeachment in 2021 after the Jan. 6 insurrection. ........ the successful transformation of the United States into the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer. ......... The MAGA die-hard voices that have Mr. Trump’s ear often have more in common with the far left than with the traditional Republican Party. Mr. Trump and his team are doubling down on some of his most anti-business instincts, including proposing draconian 10 percent tariffs on all imports; unorthodox monetary and fiscal policies, including stripping the Federal Reserve Board of its independence; possibly putting in place yield curve control to force interest rates lower; and devaluing the dollar — all of which would drive inflation much higher. These Trump positions have more in common with Karl Marx than Adam Smith. ............. Chief executives are not protectionist, isolationist or xenophobic, and they believe in investing where there is the rule of law, not the law of rulers. .......... That there are more Fortune 100 chief executives based in the smallest state in the nation, Rhode Island — and there’s exactly one Fortune 100 chief executive who is based there — than currently support Mr. Trump tells you how truly isolated the Republican presidential candidate is from the halls of big business.

The Tiresome Mr. Timberlake Some part of me wants to believe that if the ultimate Teflon-coated rich white dude is no longer so able to charm his way out of trouble, a larger cultural sea change might be underway......... Canceled white guys rarely stay canceled. ......... The corporations that adopted D.E.I. initiatives with such fanfare a few short years ago are retrenching, consolidating or doing away with their diversity departments altogether. Republican lawmakers are eagerly banning D.E.I. in higher education. In publishing, many of the Black editors hired with such fanfare in the past few years have lost their jobs, while Black authors continue to account for fewer than 10 percent of novels published by major conglomerates each year. Meanwhile, Roe v. Wade is two years in the rearview mirror, and Donald Trump, whose Supreme Court picks ensured its demise, is leading in the polls. ......... This past January, at a New York City concert, he announced that he apologized to “absolutely” — and here he interjected an expletive — “nobody.”

For Biden and Trump, a Debate Rematch With Even Greater Risks and Rewards The matchup on Thursday will be the earliest presidential debate in American history, and any potential missteps could linger for weeks or months. ........ a divided and angry nation. ......... Mr. Trump is now a felon, convicted of 34 counts by a New York jury. And Mr. Biden has become an unpopular president, facing deep opposition not only from Republicans but among his party’s base. ....... Both men are widely disliked by broad swaths of the nation and locked in a tight race, though Mr. Trump had been largely narrowly ahead in national polls earlier this year. ...... high prices and a tight housing market. ....... higher inflation, American entanglement in two new foreign wars and a surge in border crossings since he left office. .......... “You can tune out the news, but you can’t tune out not being able to afford groceries,” Mr. Ciscomani said. “From the border to inflation, people feel like they’re worse off today than they were three, four years ago.”

Huma Qureshi talks about Sonakshi Sinha's 'mad passionate love story' with Zaheer Iqbal, shares another wedding pic
China May Be the Ukraine War’s Big Winner Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has given Xi Jinping a way to stir trouble for the West and make Moscow dependent on Beijing.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

11: Trump

And Then There Were Two: ‘So Yappy, So Nyah-Nyah-Nyah, So Smarmy’ And there was his strange decision to accuse his opponent on the stage of “ballistic podiatry” rather than just say she shot herself in the foot......... DeSantis and Haley need to win many, many votes from Republicans who currently support Trump. Instead, the candidates spent most of the night tearing each other apart. ........ I’ve been to numerous DeSantis caucus events in Iowa, and he is better on the ground talking with Iowans than he comes across on television — looser, more comfortable and less stilted. You could hear that in the positive responses he received from the studio audience. That said, he came across as stale, disgruntled and small. His knowledge of issues seemed shallow and his foreign policy weak-kneed. A man this petty and cruel shouldn’t be anywhere near the Oval Office, especially behind the desk. We’ve already tried that.

The Case for Trump … by Someone Who Wants Him to Lose Barring a political miracle or an act of God, it is overwhelmingly likely that Donald Trump will again be the Republican Party’s nominee for president. Assuming the Democratic nominee in the fall is Joe Biden, polls show Trump with a better-than-even chance of returning to the White House next year. ...... Too many people — especially progressives — fail to think deeply about the enduring sources of his appeal ....... Arguably the single most important geopolitical fact of the century is the mass migration of people from south to north and east to west, causing tectonic demographic, cultural, economic, and ultimately political shifts. Trump understood this from the start of his presidential candidacy in 2015, the same year Europe was overwhelmed by a largely uncontrolled migration from the Middle East and Africa. As he said the following year, “A nation without borders is not a nation at all. ............. enforcing control at the border — whether through a wall, a fence, or some other mechanism — isn’t racism. It’s a basic requirement of statehood and peoplehood, which any nation has an obligation to protect and cherish. ........... Only now, as the consequences of Biden’s lackadaisical approach to mass migration have become depressingly obvious on the sidewalks and in the shelters and public schools of liberal cities like New York and Chicago, are Trump’s opponents on this issue beginning to see the point. ........... A job market is structured by rules and regulations, not just an endless supply of desperate laborers prepared to work longer for less. ............ when liberal elites insist that things are going well while overwhelming majorities of Americans say they are not, Trump’s unflattering view captured the mood of the country. .......... persistently sluggish economic growth and a plunging labor-force participation rate that had never recovered from the 2008 financial crisis. ........ There was a rising death rate among middle-aged white people and declining life expectancy at birth, in part because of sharply rising deaths from suicide, alcoholism or drug addiction. More than 12 percent of all adult males had a felony conviction on their record, leaving them in the shadowlands of American life. And there was a palpable sense of economic decline, with fewer and fewer younger Americans having any hope of matching their parents’ incomes at the same stages of life. ............. Labor-force participation remains essentially where it was in the last days of the Obama administration. Deaths of despair keep rising. The cost of living has risen sharply, and while the price of ordinary goods may finally be coming down, rents haven’t. Only 36 percent of voters think the American dream still holds true ........... If anything, Trump’s thesis may be truer today than it was the first time he ran on it. .......... “If you’re a public-health person and you’re trying to make a decision, you have this very narrow view of what the right decision is, and that is something that will save a life,” the former National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins acknowledged last month. “You attach zero value to whether this actually totally disrupts people’s lives, ruins the economy, and has many kids kept out of school in a way they never quite recovered.” ............. What about the threat Trump poses to the very foundations of our democracy? All disqualifying — in my view. .......... why so many voters are unimpressed about the “end of democracy” argument. ............ Prominent Democrats also denied the legitimacy of George W. Bush’s two elections ......... Many rank-and-file Republicans regard the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol as a disgrace and the lowest point of Trump’s presidency. But they also believe that it wasn’t so much an insurrection as it was an ugly temper tantrum by Trump and his most rabid supporters, which never had a chance of succeeding. .......... An American version of Vladimir Putin he simply is not. ........... the 2024 election will not hinge on questions of democracy but of delivery: Which candidate will do more for voters? That will turn on perceptions of which candidate did more for voters when they were in office. Biden’s supporters are convinced that the president has a good story to tell. But they also think that Trump has no story at all — only a pack of self-aggrandizing lies. That’s liberal self-delusion. ........... Excluding the pandemic, a once-in-a-century event that would have knocked almost any sitting president sideways, Americans have reasons to remember the Trump years as good ones — and good in a way that completely defied expert predictions of doom. Wages outpaced inflation, something they have just begun to do under Biden .......... Unemployment fell to 50-year lows (as it has been under Biden); stocks boomed; inflation and interest rates were low. ....... He appealed to Americans who operated in the economy of things — builders, manufacturers, energy producers, food services and the like — rather than in the economy of words — lawyers, academics, journalists, civil servants. ............ he shared the law-and-order instincts of normal Americans, including respect for the police, something the left seemed to care about on Jan. 6 but was notably less concerned about during the months of rioting, violence and semi-anarchy that followed George Floyd’s murder. ........... Does the world feel safer under Biden — with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Hamas’s and Hezbollah’s assault on Israel, Houthi attacks on shipping in international waters, the Chinese open threat to invade Taiwan — than it did under Trump? Trump may have generated a lot of noise, but his crazy talk and air of unpredictability seemed to keep America’s adversaries on their guard and off balance in a way that Biden’s instinctive caution and feeble manner simply does not. ............. Ordinary voters care typically about results. What many care less about is Trump’s purported offensiveness. .......... brokenness has become the defining feature of much of American life: broken families, broken public schools, broken small towns and inner cities, broken universities, broken health care, broken media, broken churches, broken borders, broken government. At best, they have become shells of their former selves. And there’s a palpable sense that the autopilot that America’s institutions and their leaders are on — brain-dead and smug — can’t continue. .......... It shouldn’t seem strange to Trump’s opponents that a man whom we regard as an agent of chaos should be seen by his supporters as precisely the man who can sweep the decks clean. I happen to think that’s exactly wrong — you don’t mend damaged systems by breaking them even further. Repair and restoration is almost always better than reaction or revolution. But I don’t see Trump’s opponents making headway against him until they at least acknowledge the legitimacy and power of the fundamental complaint. If you’re saying it’s “Morning in America” when 77 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track, you’re preaching to the wrong choir — and the wrong country.

One of Trump’s Oldest Tactics in Business and Politics: I’m Rubber. You’re Glue. Whenever Donald Trump is accused of something, he responds by accusing his opponent of that exact thing. The idea is less to argue that Mr. Trump is clean than to suggest that everyone else is dirty.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

11: Trump

बाबुराम पनि सत्ता गठबन्धनमै, सँगै लिएर हिँड्ने देउवाको बचन
होहल्ला भएपछि ओलीले २० मिनेटमै टुङ्ग्याए भाषण
जसपासँगै सरकारमा बसेर काम गर्न कठिनाइ छैन : राजेन्द्र महतो सांसद महतोले सरकारमा मन्त्री बन्ने कुरा र आगामी निर्वाचनको लागि गठबन्धन गर्ने कुरामा छलफल भइरहेको बताए । उनले छलफल सकारात्मक रहेको र अबको केही दिनमा नै टुंगो लाग्न बताए । उनले जसपासँग सँगै बसेर काम गरिसकेकाले सरकारमा सँगै बस्नको लागि कुनै कठिन नरहेको बताए । ........ छैटौं दलको रुपमा गठबन्धनमा जाने हो वा होइन चाँडै हामी टुंगोमा पुग्छौँ । जसपा र हामी एउटै सरकारमा बसेर जान केही गाह्रो छैन । सरकारको कुरा पनि भइरहेको छ ।’ .

तमलोपाकाे गठबन्धनबारे छलफल गर्न विजयकुमारलाई जिम्मेवारी
नितिश कुमारद्वारा बिहारको मुख्यमन्त्री पदबाट राजीनामा

Monday, September 27, 2021


Trump Had a Mob. He Also Had a Plan. As the full picture of Jan. 6 begins to come into view, I think we should consider it a kind of revolution or, at least, the very beginning of one. Joe Biden ultimately became president, but

Donald Trump’s fight to keep himself in office against the will of the voters

has upturned the political order. ................ Trump, we know, urged Mike Pence to reject the votes of the Electoral College,

with the mob outside as the stick that would compel his obedience

. “You can either go down in history as a patriot,” Trump told Pence, as recounted in this newspaper, “or you can go down in history as a pussy.” .......... this week we learned that he had an actual plan in mind, devised by John Eastman, a prominent conservative lawyer who worked with the former president to challenge the election results, a job that included a speaking slot at the rally on the National Mall that preceded the attack on the Capitol. .......... Eastman was essentially summarizing the contents of a memo he had written on Trump’s behalf,

describing the steps Pence would take to overturn the election in Trump’s favor

. ........... Eastman’s confidence throughout this memo (he dismisses potential Democratic objections as “howls”) belies his shoddy legal, political and constitutional thinking. For one, his argument rests on an expansive reading of the Twelfth Amendment for which there is no precedent or justification. The vice president has never directly counted electoral votes. .......... None of this should make you feel good or cause you to breathe a sigh of relief. Consider what we know. A prominent, respected member in good standing of the conservative legal establishment — Eastman is enrolled in the Federalist Society and clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas — schemed with the president and his allies in the Republican Party to overturn the election and overthrow American democracy under the Constitution. Yes, they failed to keep Trump in office, but they successfully turned the pro forma electoral counting process into an occasion for real political struggle............

As it happens, Trump may well run for president in 2024 (he is already amassing a sizable war chest) with exactly that board in play.

.......... If Trump is, once again, on the ballot, then the election might turn on the manipulation of a ceremony that was, until now, a mere formality. ......... Jan. 6 closed the door on one era of American politics and opened the door to another, where constitutional democracy itself is at stake. ........ the main threat to the security and stability of the United States is coming from inside the house.

Friday, July 24, 2015

कसले कोसँग बिहे गर्ने भन्ने कुरा

२१ औं शताब्दी मा लेख्न लागिएको संविधान एउटा आधुनिक राज्य को अवधारणा हुनु अनिवार्य छ। गल्फ देश को जस्तो धर्म राज्य बनाउने कुरा आउँदैन। कसले कोसँग बिहे गर्ने भन्ने कुरा नितान्त व्यक्तिगत निर्णय हो। त्यसमा राज्य को करचाप हुन सक्दैन। आफ्नो इच्छा लागेको व्यक्ति सँग बिहे गर्ने हो। कसले कोसँग बिहे गरेको आधारमा भेदभाव हुन सक्दैन। पुरुष लाई एक किसिम को कानुन, महिला लाई अर्को किसिम को कानुन बनाउन मिल्दैन। हाम्रो धर्म नै यही भन्ने ले आफ्नो धर्म फाल्ने। हाम्रो संस्कृति नै यस्तै भन्ने ले आफ्नो संस्कृति बागमती मा लगेर बगाउने। फ़ालन नसक्ने ले आफ्नो विचार आफ्नो निजी जीवन सम्म सीमित राख्ने। आफ्नो घर भित्र, आफ्नो घर को कंपाउंड भित्र सीमित राख्ने। संविधान लेख्ने ठाउँ बाट पर बस्ने। आफ्नो संकुचित बिचार सारा देश माथि लादन नखोज्ने।

बाहुन ले नेवार सँग बिहे गरे प्रधान मंत्री बन्न नपाउने भन्ने पनि लेख्दिम। अनि बाबुराम नाम को जुन समस्या छ त्यो समस्या नै समाप्त हुन्छ। न रहेगा बाँस न बजेगा बांसुरी।

मधेस का मधेसी र दार्चुला का खस र इलाम का लिम्बु को मात्र कुरा छैन। बोर्डर वारिपारि बिहेबारी भएको होइन कि त्यो हजारौं लाखों साल देखि हुँदै आएको बिहेबारी भइ राखेको ठाउँमा केही सय वर्ष अगाडि बोर्डर कोरिएको हो अप्राकृतिक रुपले। त्यो "बोर्डर वारिपारि" को बिहेबारी अप्राकृतिक र शंकास्पद होइन, त्यो बोर्डर अप्राकृतिक हो। त्यो त भयो इतिहास को कुरा, ग्राउंड रियलिटी को कुरा।

तर व्यक्तिगत अधिकार को कुरा आउँछ। आफ्नो जात मा बिहे गर्नुपर्ने, आफ्नो धर्म मा बिहे गर्नुपर्ने, आफ्नै गाउँ शहरमा बिहे गर्नुपर्ने, आफ्नै देशको नागरिक सँग बिहे गर्नुपर्ने सोंच २१ औं शताब्दी को सोंच होइन। यद्यपि आफ्नो जात, आफ्नो धर्म, आफ्नै देश मा बिहे गर्नु पनि कसै को अधिकार नै हो। तर देशको मुल कानुन नै कसले कोसँग बिहे गर्ने निर्देशन दिने किसिमको हुन सक्दैन। जसरी राज्य को आफ्नो धर्म हुँदैन त्यसरी नै कुन नागरिक ले कोसँग बिहे गर्छ त्यो राज्य को सरोकार को विषय होइन। Marriage based discrimination संविधान मा लेख्न पाइयेन।

दुनिया को नंबर एक कंगाल देश, तीन करोड़ नेपाली नेपालमा, एक करोड़ नेपाल बाहिर बसेको देश, remittance नआए collapse हुने देश ------ त्यस देशले आफु अमेरिका अनि सारा दुनिया मेक्सिको भा जस्तो स्वांग पारेर संविधान न लेख्ने।