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Interim Monarchy, Interim Army, Interim Parliament

Interim Monarchy, Interim Army, Interim Parliament, Interim Government, Interim Local Governments, Interim Constitution, Interim Judiciary

Global Voices Online: Nepal: Another Round Of Talks

A constituent assembly is what we have agreed upon. That assembly will draw Nepal's next constitution. The state will be fundamentally restructured. And so when we are talking of interim arrangements, we are paying our respects to the constituent assembly.

All organs of state power are interim because the country is headed for a constituent assembly. Only the people have the power to reshape and make them permanent.

I don't think a lot of people appreciate how big this thing going on in Nepal really is. This is one for world history. This is of global import.

What happened in April was magic.

If eight million people from all towns and villages had come out into the streets over a period of 19 days in China, which has a population of 1.3 billion people, that would have been remarkable. But Nepal is 27 million.

The April Revolution is not there yet, but it might as well go down into history as one of world history's three or four big revolutions.

Not So Fast, Indian Communists
Nepal As A Cutting Edge Democracy

There are clear parallels between the acts of the revived House in Nepal and that of the parliament born out of the French Revolution. The monarchys is being chipped away without any bloodshed, without any street agitation.

Revolution Has Moved From Sadak To Sansad, It Has Not Stopped
Nepal Communist Party (Progressive)

Nepal, for the first time in its history, can hope to have a global foreign policy.

April Revolution, April Convention
Exporting Revolution

The April Revolution might as well launch the Asian Century. That is how much is at stake for the constituent assembly. The assembly's responsibility is to give Nepal a constitution that would turn it into the number one democracy on the planet, nothing less.

Politicians all across the spectrum in Nepal have fed on western writers, be that Marx or Jefferson. It is time to push the envelope, to think outside the box. It is okay for Nepal to take the lead on democracy, to do something new that no other democracy might have done before.

The constituent assembly elections have to feel like one big festival. The day people turn out to vote has to feel bigger than the April Revolution itself. The eight parties have to agree on things they agree on, like free speech, and then take the entire country to class on that one. Where they might disagree, the people will decide.

The election campaign has to be a happy feeling for all involved.

I am optimistic with the way things are going, although I wish things were going a little faster. But the democratic process that hopes to be inclusive and listens to all concerned will by definition be slow. And that is okay.

A New Nepal Has Been Born

What happened in April surprised everyone involved. That is the magic of it.

I got to meet Senator Tom Daschle the evening before. I thanked him for the trip he made to Nepal. I told him it made a huge difference. And he said misty-eyed, "That country is very special to me."

Tom Daschle

Nepal gives hope to the Nepalis in Nepal. Nepal gives hope to the Nepali diaspora. Nepal also gives hope to progressives everywhere, including in America. And it is because of the April Revolution. Something really big happened in Nepal that month.

The people who came out into the streets deserve to feel good about it for as long as they live.

And so when we have minor hiccups during the peace process, we have to let our minds be flooded with our memories of the April Revolution, and all the chips will fall in place. That is how powerful the April Revolution is.

Something holy happened. Something amazing happened.

My friend Robert Mayer puts it well at his blog. See below. Publius Pundit.

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