Wednesday, July 26, 2006

April Revolution, April Convention

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Queens, New York City
Every April now on
April 6, 7, 8 for 2007
Friday 7 PM to Sunday 11 PM
11 PM to 11 AM: No events
7 PM - 11 PM: Stage Events

Chairperson: Paramendra Bhagat
President: Chandra Prakash Sharma
Hosted by Moonlight

Chief Guests: Upendra Mahato, Jiba Lamichhane. We requested, they agreed.
Chief Host: Kul Chandra Gautam. We have not had a chance to discuss this with him yet, but I am sure he will agree if he can make the time. In some ways he is the most accomplished Nepali on the planet. For future years, this has to be someone who lives in New York City.
Special Guests: Manisha Koirala. She is the most recognized Nepali face on the planet, and that has to be honored. Again, she has not been approached yet. There will be a few others. Perhaps Aditya Jha, the Nepali Sabeer Bhatia.

Core Committee: About a dozen. The Dirty Dozen. They will do much of the work, and will get paid.
Volunteers: Close to a 100 to assist the Dirty Dozen.

Friday Night. Inauguration Ceremony. A sampler of Saturday and Sunday nights. Awards given out. Chieft Guests and Special Guests honored.
Saturday Night. Cultural performances by all the ethnic groups in Nepal.
Sunday Night. Top Concert outside of Nepal. Also awards ceremony.

Goal: To turn this into the top ethnic event in New York City in terms of quality.

Guest Country: Zimbabwe. A country that deserves an "April Revolution."

Dress rehearsal: Dashain Block Party.

  • VIPs.
    • Two Chief Guests. Chief Host. 6 Award Recipients. VVIP. Free buttons.
    • Leaders of the top organizations in America. VIP.
    • VVIP, VIP, Volunteer buttons bigger than rest.
  • Organizations.
    • Participating Organizations.
    • Star Organizations. Members elected its president directly some time during the past year. Number of members is public.
    • Superstar Organization. The best organization based on membership size, transparency, vibrancy, impact, internal democracy.
  • April Convention Awards to people in Nepal. $1000 plus cash award, two way airfare, and lodging, fooding, sight seeing.
    • Politics.
    • Entrepreneurship.
    • NGO Sector.
    • Social Justice: DaMaJaMa.
    • Journalism.
    • Entertainment.
Stay tuned for details.

$35 per person, 10 years and older. Will cover all events. Security guards will ensure noone without buttons are allowed to any of the events.

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