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"Robin Hood Im Internet"

Robin Hood im Internet

Inconsiderately everything to commentate to be allowed, constitutes the attraction of the Web log letter. That is everywhere in the world like that. But the consequences for the large flap are most different: German Blogger gets if necessary bad comments. Blogger in Nepal against it get murder threats. For example Umesh Shrestha. "we loose-became already many of your sort. One was found recently in the river ", stood recently in krakeligen letters in a threatening letter to the Blogger, which does not shrink from itself on mero to criticize the autocratically dominant king Gyanendra. The monarch is not the only opponent of democratically thinking Blogger in Nepal: Many of them write down also against the Maoists. Those want to fall the monarchy - and proceed extremely brutally.

Between the fronts the population and the pressefreiheit suffer. The Royalisten controls many media and arrests already times the president of the critical journalists' federation. The Fantasie - we say times a specialist in the Nepalese information Ministry - is enough, in order to paint itself, how freely the media of the country report. Blogger try to fill the gaps and outwit the government. Now and then succeeds them - so for example enclosed in February 2005, when king Gyanendra set the government off, itself to the exclusive ruling power appointed and proclaimed the state of emergency - a ban on news. "after the coup of the king there was one week long a Blackout with telecommunications. After it Blogger were short some the few sources, around pieces of news by the place of the happening to gotten ", say Paramendra Kumar Bha gat, which supports the democracy movement in its homeland from New York with

Many Nepalesen abroad read Blogs like these, in the country only few. Outside of the capital Katmandu hardly gives it InterNet connections; more than half of the Nepalesen are illiterates, estimate the Foreign Office.

Still one year ago the computer expert of the Nepalese government confounded Blogs with enamels. The officials looked up in the meantime. Blogger are now supervised. "an anonymous caller threatened my family. They mailen me also. The army can arrest me at any time and everywhere ", writes Krish naprasad Dhungana of blogger.nepal. "I have large fear."

The organization "reporter without borders" ranks Nepal among the "15 enemies of the Internets" world-wide: "Blogger, which commentate politics, are at constant pressure of the authorities." The Web log writers continue to fight nevertheless for democracy. Blogger Bhagat, full time as activist actively, says at the telephone, he cannot differently. It has fear, everything could still more badly come into Nepal. Anarchy could break, the country off in a half year failure go and a mass exodus to India begin. The fact that it reaches only 250 humans with its Blog on good days does not prevent it. "what am I to do? That is my country."

German Journalist Lena Brochhagen Inquires

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